Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mistress my wife and I were watching fetish porn while we’re getting each other off and we spied an anal hook being used in the vid. We both are still rather unclear about its usage in BDSM play? Care to enlighten us?

First, I need to preface this answer with the following:
1. I have never used an anal hook on a submissive nor have I had one used on me, however I have seen it done.
2. This is more advanced BDSM, harder core, for experienced players – don’t try this at home.
Okay, an anal hook is used basically for the same reason as breast and hair bondage – it’s another form of dominance. However, it also serves other bondage roles in that it is also used for restraint and pleasure. For example – I have seen an anal hook used for women to hold them still during sex. I have also seen it used on a man where his penis and testicles were bound with a rope toward his feet, and the anal hook going in the opposite direction. This is an effective way to teach a submissive patience and discipline without complete immobilization.

As to pleasure, the hook can also be attached with a rope to a sub’s collar or other movable binding (wrist cuffs, etc). During intercourse, the sub can have control over the movement of the hook causing heightened stimulation much like a dildo or a plug can be used.

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