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How do u know if you are Dom or Sub? are there any websites you would recommend to start a search on BDSM?

You don't necessarily have to be either. You could be neither, or a switch. It's not something that's set in stone. Your needs could also change based on your partner's needs.

Resources you can look into:

I need a sawhorse in my life. I gather most people construct their own but I'm no Bob Villa nor do I aspire to be. Know anywhere I can purchase one?


Seriously, equipment that you use (with the exception of something you put in your body) don't have to be something that is specifically designated as BDSM. A sturdy Craftsman sawhorse, so long as it accomodates your weight, and is safe, is a way to introduce that type of play. You can make padding for it using a blanket, etc.

You can also check speciality sellers like

I'd like to incorporate electro sex into my/our playtime. Care to provide a primer? What beginning equipment would you recommend?

I have not done or participated in any kind of erotic electrostimulation.

A primer:


How does one go about getting into the BDSM scene? As a single female, how did you get into it?

I was dating a woman who was in the lifestyle, and she introduced me to her Dom.

I would recommend that someone start in the lifestyle with someone already into it, by referral. If that is not possible, then to inquire with a local community. I've seen a lot of communities with websites, google one in your area. But as I've stated time and time again, use common sense and be very careful who you play with. People are not always who or what they claim to be.

What was the worst "punishment" you ever recieved and why? Did you consider using your safe word?

I don't ever remember receiving any kind of punishment I couldn't handle. I have safeworded, but not because of that.

What would be the best way of introducing somebody to light BDSM? In this case limits, fears etc have been discussed and the couple have reached a mutual understanding about the situation. But how

Communication is always definitely the first step, after that try adding one type of new BDSM element to your sexual experiences. Light bondage, or spanking, depending on what you're comfortable with. It doesn't have to be full immersion, just something to keep things interesting. :)

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