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Tuesday's Best 6 - 29 - 2010

Good morning, my lovelies! As you know, Tuesdays we at Twislash Unveiled strive to bring you the best slash that we can find, be it M/M, F/F, poly, or BDSM. Some of you might also know that a little thing called Real Life is making things a little crazy at the moment for a few of us, so we're strengthening our numbers. You've already had the pleasure of meeting Captain Jezebel and reading the wonderful stories she's rec'ed, as well as lovelypenguin who's been bridging the gap between Real Life and fiction. Thank you, ladies, for your contributions.

Today, though, I'd like to introduce a new member of the crew! Please welcome miss Aradi! She's rocked my socks several times over on a board we frequent, with some of her recs and insight, so I asked her if she'd like to come on board, and lucky for me (and you!), she said yes! So without further ado, let's kick off today's recs with hers. Enjoy! Oh, and please don't forget to grab your towels, because lordy, you're gonna need 'em!


When Naelany asked me to join the TU team for Tuesday recs, I was a little confused.  On one hand - squee!  On the other hand, who the hell am I to be dishing out recs around here?  I'm not a writer!  (And for the record, all the writers around here should be writing faster and blogging not-so-much.  I'm just sayin'.)  So what's my claim to fame?

Honestly?  Nothing.  I read.  A lot.  A truly embarrassing amount.  No really, I'm ashamed about it.

It's gotten so bad that I even try fics that I expect to hate.  (That's how I first learned that Slash can be good, so it can't be all bad as a life strategy.)  I find the dark fics and the quirky fics and the strange pairings.  I'll read a chapter of just about anything, even if I just plain don't see what the appeal is going to be.  That led me to my first rec...

Raw and Rosy by tuesdaymidnight

Now, going back to the "I'm going to hate this" idea... I don't get spanking.  (I don't get spanked either.  Maybe that's my problem?)  I like a well-written BDSM fic as much as the next pervert, but I just don't get the appeal of pain.  I confess I often skim those parts.  Spanking, not that it's the same as BDSM, was always worse because it brought with it absurd visuals.  Spanking made me giggle.

I saw Raw and Rosy was described as a "spank!fic" and I giggled.

Then I read Raw and Rosy.  I still don't get spanking (or get spanked), but this fic is hot.  I'm not giggling anymore.
His shoulders were slumped down, and it was obvious that he was trying to conceal his groin. I sneaked a glance, and I did not miss the unmistakable bulge that was impossible to hide in his ridiculous skinny jeans that basically clung to his body.

I tried to catch his eye, to let him know that I knew, but he kept his eyes trained away from me. I knew he could feel my eyes on him, though, because his blush continued to deepen.


I was absolutely worthless for the rest of the day. My mind kept turning over the strange chain of events that had taken place. I wasn't sure why I cared, but I was starting to become obsessed with the idea of Cullen getting off on our altercation. Was it the fighting itself? Sure, occasionally I might have gotten a little excited when in the middle of one of our countless fights, but I was a teenage guy and it was due to all the adrenaline. I had certainly never been straining against my jeans the way Cullen had been. But, if he had been hard when I had him pinned down, surely I would have noticed it, right?

No, it was when I gave him the slightly-harder-than-friendly pat on his ass that he reacted so strangely.

Then, I finally realized it.

Edward Cullen liked to be spanked.

Oh, this was too good to pass up.

I thought about all the ways I could use this to exploit my nemesis. I could make t-shirts that said, "I Spanked Edward Cullen," or, better yet, try to slowly drive him insane by giving him a pat on the ass every time I saw him.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat in study hall.


Jasper has discovered "Edward's little secret," and he wastes no time in acting on their mutual fetish.  Edward is more than willing, even if Jasper can't figure out why.  The resulting four chapters (to date) will leave you needing a fan, even if it isn't the middle of summer wherever you are.

Do I now "get" spanking?  No.  The thing is, even if I don't get the appeal of a solid pat on the ass, Jasper and Edward do, and that comes through loud and clear in this fic.  The boys want it, so badly that the JPOV shows his utter distraction on many occasions, and that is a turn-on regardless of personal paddling preferences.

Despite Tuesdaymidnight disclaimering this fic with warnings of PWP, it is surprisingly plotful.  Jasper spends almost as much time pondering Edward's motivations as he does pondering Edward's ass.  The dynamic between the two boys leaves me hoping we get a story arc that continues for many more chapters.   (Add "greedy" to my list of sins.)


What do you do when you find your girlfriend - whom you’ve been with for a while now - in a compromising position with a guy you loathe? Why, you turn to your best friend, of course! That is exactly what happens in Seeing Things, by TeamBoyLove.

Edward has just walked in on (though without being caught) his girlfriend as Jake is going down on her. Edward and his girl had never rounded second base, because it hadn’t felt right. He wanted to wait for the perfect moment, and thought she was on board with this. Needless to say, poor Edward is just a little bit upset and he goes to his best friend for advice. When he gets there, Jasper is shocked to see Edward in such a state and does his best to calm him down.

And then he suggests something that pulls the rug out from under Edward: Get a blowjob by someone she hates. Only thing is, there’s only one person that his sweet girlfriend loathes: Jasper.

Jasper, who Edward always believed to be as straight as he was. I say was, because that rug I mentioned? Well, when it got pulled out from under him, it unsettled some dust and made him question...everything. And this is where things get...hot. And a little scary. For both boys, as Jasper has never been with another guy.

Jasper immediately drops his eyes and his face is tinged a furious shade of red.

Oh. My. God.

"Jasper, you're…? I mean, it's okay with me if you are…but I'm-" My verbal spew is interrupted as Jasper swiftly leans in, clasps my face… and kisses me?

His lips are warm and his hands are warmer. He gives me a few small pecks before leaning his 
forehead against mine. "Jasper, I-", I'm cut off again as his lips brush against mine and his hands slip from my face into my hair, tugging gently. Paralyzed in my shock, I don't know how to respond. When he whimpers against my lips and tightens his grip on my hair, a red neon sign flashes repeatedly in my head.


My hands move of their own volition as they slip around his back and attempt to pull him closer to me.

I'm kissing him back. Oh my fucking God, I'm kissing him back!

As I twist my body to face him, he raises up to his knees, looming over me; his lips never leaving mine, his hands still fisted in my hair. Without giving it a second thought, I'm raising to my knees as well, matching his stance as his lips continue to slide against mine. After pulling back to try and catch my breath, I ask, "How long have you-"

"A while," he interrupts in a grating, husky voice.

What happens after they both had a taste of what kissing someone who’s right does to them? For that, you’ll have to read the whole story. It’s so very worth it. Oh, and since this was an entry for the No Bella Allowed contest, it might surprise you who Edward’s girlfriend is.

Another week, two fantastic stories, and more to come next week again! Awesome ;-)

Oh hey, almost forgot. The Plot Bunnie Contest is in full swing, so stop by and sign up! There's some boy-lovin' waiting to be written, I just know it! And I'm sure y'all can deliver, so bring it on!

And speaking of being in full swing. Don't forget to check out The Fandom Gives Back auctions that are happening right now! Some of your favorite authors are up on the block (and a few relative unknowns just waiting to be thrown in the spotlight), so why not drop by and bid on one (or more, if you're lucky enough to be able to), and get the story you'd like to see. Getting together with people to bid on someone is totally cool, so don't be afraid to bid even if you don't have a lot of money. Pooling works, my friends. FGB end on July 2nd, so better hurry up before they're sold out! Happy bidding :-)


tuesdaymidnight said...

Aw, thank you so much for the rec, Aradi! Honestly, I cannot explain the appeal of spanking, but this story (i.e. the means to the porn) just keeps coming (heh) out of my head. I'm glad you gave it a chance. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the crew Aradi <3 . Awesome rec I love tuesdaymidnight and Raw and Rosy xoxo. Love ya sweet Nae xoxo