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Tuesday's Best 10-4-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! Fall's well and truly arrived in my neck of the woods, bringing with it fog, rain, and wind. In other words: the perfect weather to bunker down, cuddle up, and reach for a steamy/sweet read or two and Aradi and I have just the thing! So let's get right on to it and see what's in store, shall we?


Slash/Backslash 3.0 winners are up, so I can finally talk about entries.  Yay!

I had many favorites (once again) because the quality of entries was so good (once again).  Bonus cookies and thanks to all the authors (once again).

It's rare that I want more from a good O/S.  I mean, by definition the story should complete in the one installment, so if it's good it should be done.  Sometimes you just want more though.  On one hand you have the pleasant mental afterglow of unanswered questions and on the other hand you have the omg what do you mean there's no next chapter, I WASN'T DONE YET.


The Tutor, by buildmeapyramid, is one of those stories that really left me wishing for more.

Don't get me wrong.  I love it how it is, in all its tortured, angst-filled glory.

The Tutor is an AH Seth/Edward story, mostly.  Seth is the live-in tutor for the Cullen's daughter.  The Cullens (Edward and Bella) are married (to each other).

(Ooh naughty.)

Seth pines (caaaaaanon) for Edward in a deliciously distracting way.  Edward is not oblivious, and has his own agenda as well.

For the most part, I watch him. I try to avoid getting caught, but despite my attempts at discretion, I know he feels it. It's been like this for months, this tension, this simmering need just under the surface of his glittering eyes and my secreted glances.

Fear laces through my middle at the thought that tonight…tonight might be the night something changes. Tonight might be the night I resist or surrender. And to be honest, I don't know if I'll even have the strength to say no.

His laugh startles me, and I look up to find his eyes fixed on me even as he pretends to listen intently to the man next to him. I see his emerald eyes darken, and I wish I could look away and ignore him, but my heart pounds with the heat of his gaze. And when he excuses himself, leaving the colleague to Mrs. Cullen, and gives me one more burning stare before slipping out of the room, I can't help but get up and follow.

Tension was present from the very beginning of the story, as was the prominent presence of Mrs. Cullen.  I swear I chanted "Oh this can't end well" for most of the story.  Seth's inner conflict was so tasty I ATE IT LIKE CAKE (and wanted seconds).

And the distinct lack of a "next" button left me a little bit weepy, which is a recommendation in itself.

Seth is adorable.  Really, it's impossible to not crush a little on a Seth that dotes on kids and has the hots for Edward Cullen.

If you like your Edwards a little bit dark and a lot of in control, you'll like this one.  He's wonderfully cryptic and commanding (and a verybad boy).  He's also inexplicably in this apparently-wonderful family (and my head just spun with glee at the verybadness of it all).

So there you have it, the winner of my unofficial “For the Love of God, Why Isn’t There More” award:  buildmeapyramid’s The Tutor.

And yes, I did rec buildmeapyramid last week as well.  I was flailing so hard over not being able to publish this rec, that I had to rec one of her other excellent fics just for the catharsis.  I feel no shame.



You know those stories that make you swoon just a little? That make you put your hand over your heart and say, “That’s so sweet.” Well, I found one such story in an unlikely place - well, unlikely to me, at least. Where, do you ask? The Dirty Talking Jasper contest of all places. Even better? It won first place in the public vote!

Okay, so if you haven’t figured out from that what story it is that I’m talking about, it’s When Can I See You Again by sadtomato. Jasper’s been out and proud for years, and as we meet him in the story, he’s meeting Carlisle for a first date - through an internet service. He likes what he sees - at first glance, at least. At the second, he starts to doubt whether he should continue with the date. Not because Carlisle isn’t hot, but because Jasper initially believes Carlisle’s still in the closet.

Still, something compels him to listen to Carlisle’s story, and when he finds out he is out, divorced, and wanting to figure things out... well, let’s just say things become much more interesting for the pair.

"Two years," he says, so quietly that I almost can't hear him.

"Two years? You've been out for two years and this is your first date?" I immediately feel guilty because Carlisle shrinks back into the booth a little. He looks almost ashamed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to react that way. I'm just... surprised."

He nods slowly, picking up his beer bottle and rolling it between his hands.

"Even after I told Esme and Edward, it still took me some time to get comfortable with the idea of actually... doing something about it." He's blushing, now.

"So you haven't... done anything about it?" I ask quietly, looking into his blue eyes. His cheeks turn a darker shade of pink, and he shakes his head slowly.

Fuck me.

Part of me wants to signal our waiter, pay the check, and drag Carlisle back to my place. I can definitely help him do something about it. Several somethings. My cock stirs at the thought of introducing him to all the things he's never done; seeing the tension in his face melt away as my lips wrap around his cock. Brushing my fingers over his cheekbones as he sucks mine, coaching him through his first blowjob. Maybe he'd keep that scarf on and I could twist my fingers up in it...

But when I open my mouth to suggest moving this date back to my place, I hear Carlisle take a slow, deep breath. It pulls my out of my head and back to this moment, this place, and I notice that his hand is trembling a little. He grips his beer bottle tighter to still his shaking fingers, but I saw that little tremble and it made me realize how nervous he is.

And I don't want him to be nervous. I want him to be ready.

Whether or not Carlisle’s ready that night, or later, you’ll have to read to find out. I for one, loved seeing the steady progression, and am very much looking forward to see how Carlisle grows into his skin.


There you have it, folks, two great tales to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful authors some love.

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