Monday, May 25, 2009

Who is behind the scenes at TwiSlash Unveiled?

Hello all! As you've read, TwiSlash Unveiled was formed by four slash lovin' Jasper fans, and we are, collectively, Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady. Who are we individually, you ask? Well, Whitlock's Girl is here to introduce you to the ladies in charge!

The Southern Belles are none other than...

Cella Cullen is the author of the awesomeness that is Raising Bella and Supernova. She and I became buds thanks to a prudish, homophobe teen boy that was trying to roleplay our favorite guy at Bittersweet Forever. *shudders* I'll forever be grateful for her recommending me to play Jasper at BSF, because it's made me grow as an author and for trusting me enough to help her with a fight scene in Raising Bella. It was so sweet and due to her recommendation at the end of that chapter my hits and visitors jumped dramatically!

Rosella Cullen/Whitlock, yes she's jumped ship and joined Team Jasper, love her pervy little heart. Rosella writes the fabulousness that is Make You Feel My Love, which is seriously fucking HOT! Although she would tell you it needs work, hence the reason she is revamping it. She's also the author of Conflicted Soldier, which is a J/B smutty one-shot with an actual plot line and potential to make it as a full on story. Both stories are AU, with vamps all the way.

Whitlock's Girl aka DZmom, yep that's me! I've only been around for a few months, but I'm loving every minute of it! I started out an entirely canon, pure fluff, All-Vamp girl and now I'm fully entrenched in an AU/AH Jasper and Bella story called Desperation and co-authoring this blog dedicated to TwiSlash. Go figure, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because it brought me to these lovely ladies and Jasper. He was seriously neglected in the books and to me, he and Carlisle have the most interesting histories of the Cullen Clan. My favorite pairings are J/B, of course, J/E or J/B/E, but only if there is slash and a non-competing J/E. LOL! I'm a picky bitch, aren't I?

and his Yankee Lady is...

Master Jasper aka Touchstone, she's a J/B and J/E shipper and one fucktabulous graphic artist. Her work is some of the absolute best I've ever seen. She's pure fucking win and if it weren't for her and her fabulous artwork, I don't think my story and the stories of many others would be as popular as they are! She's done banners for not only myself, but also AngstGoddess, Starfish422 and The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster. Her artwork is thoughtful and distinctive and absolutely beautiful. You can find her portfolio of artwork at Touchstone Art.

DefinatelyStaying, she's a whatever shipper really but prefers E/J (or J/B) and has no extraordinary talents whatsoever. She writes some of the most graphic lemons on FanFiction, and has some interesting content posted on her story blogs. Anyone up for a few boy porn videos?

So, there you have it. The crazy crew that is behind this blog. May you come to know and love us all and our work here! Oh and come join us on the TwiSlash Unveiled thread at Twilighted.

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