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Tuesday's Best 7-26-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. Hope today finds y'all well and ready for some great reads. Aradi and Conversed have found a couple of good ones and there's an announcement as well. So why don't you grab a chair, get comfy, and see what they have in store. Oh, and don't forget the usual change of panties and a towel while you're at it.


The Purpose of Life by A.J. Kelly is one of those sweet stories that focuses on the meeting and the romance and the falling in lurrrve.  This is an AU (yay vampires!) tale where human Jasper moves back with his parents in Forks, and ends up meeting the Doctors Cullen (and the rest of the coven of awesomeness).

("Wait," the crowd grumbles.  "She said it was sweet.")

(Yes, yes, it's sweet except for that whole cancer thing.)

While stories about potentially terminal illnesses are never a walk in the park, this one is obviously easier to trudge along with because we know that there could be an option open to Jasper that we'll never get in the real world.  Someone... maybe a vampire someone... could vamp him too!  He'd still have to die, but not diedie.  A brilliant plan!  It's a brilliant plan if it's offered and if it's accepted, and that ends up being the wait-and-see.  Will Dr. Carlisle and Dr. Edward manage to cure Jasper?  Will Jasper demand a vamping?

Tune in and find out!

Edward is adorable in this one because, thanks to Alice, he's known of Jasper for quite some time.  And he's been waiting very impatiently.

"I mean he was getting really annoying. Everyday he'd ask me if I had seen you, when you were coming, when he'd finally find you. I seriously considered murder," Alice said with a completely straight face that Jasper couldn't doubt. He somehow knew that Alice – if she had wanted – would have taken Edward out. "So when you finally arrived I don't think I've ever seen him so happy."

"Alice," Edward growled.

"Did you really do that?" Jasper asked Edward.

"No," Edward immediately denied. Emmett's snort from the corner, though, forced Edward to admit, "well, not that bad. I didn't ask her every day."

"Dude, you're right. You didn't ask her every day; you asked her fifty times a day. I would have fucking murdered you if I were her," Emmett said.

Edward's been waiting, and now that they finally meet, Jasper doesn't expect to live much longer.  You have to feel for the boys.  The upside is that we get a lot of Edward taking care of Jasper, and that’s always good for a warmfuzzy.

In his drowsy state Jasper felt something touching him, which was weird because he was couldn't remember sleeping with anyone. Not that his dreams were evidence of that. In fact, his dreams were filled with images of a very naked Edward. An Edward that would crawl up his body, press him down into the mattress, rock his hip against his…

"As wonderful as your dreams and subsequent fantasies are, I must warn you that my self control is already as thin as it can go. Unless you want me to fuck you, eat you, or run away, you better stop."

Jasper's eyes shot open revealing a smiling Edward. However his smile was just a bit too forced and Jasper could tell that Edward wasn't kidding about his control being thin.

"Sorry," Jasper grinned, "but I'm a growing boy and I have needs."

Warmfuzzy.  Hotfuzzy.  Whatever.

The Purpose of Life is 12 chapters and complete, so it's perfect for a summer read.  (If you don't mind a little terminal angst with your favorite iced beverage.)  Leave A.J. Kelly some love, too, because I'm an ungrateful h00r and haven't yet, but maybe I made up for it with this rec?




I like all kinds of fic. It’s not that I’m undiscriminating—far fucking from it. It’s more that I’ve been caught out by being Mrs. McJudgypants far too often already. So I’ll read a paragraph or two of pretty much any story style or pairing before making up my mind: I’ve come to love them all.

My number one source of diversity in fic absolutely has to be contest C2s, like those created each year during Pastiche Pen and AngstGoddess003’s SlashBackSlash contest.

Through contests like SlashBackSlash, I’ve found amazing fics like:

Uncomfortable by Savannah-Vee
Red Corvette by hexumhunnie311
Joy, Relief, Lust, Gratitude by SubtlePen
The Ungraceful Art of Falling by sareisle
Shifter by Adair7
Stay by avioleta

So, why am I telling you all about my poorly hidden love of slash?

This year I actually get to be Mrs. McJudgypants freals, and I CANNOT WAIT to start reading entries along with hosts, avioleta and Capricorn75, and fellow judge theladyingrey42


The brilliant thing about this contest is that there’s something for everyone.

If, like me, you enjoy unusual pairings, challenging stories and no guarantee of a HEA, you’ll find them in the SlashBackSlash contest. Alternatively, if Jasper/Edward true love stories are your bag, you’ll find lots of entries. If you like a lot of porn with your plot, it’s the perfect place to dip in and click a few links you wouldn’t usually hover your cursor over.

One example of a fic I never thought I’d read was InConceivable by Gallantcorkscrews. I’m an angst h00r, so this hilarious piece of almost-crack took me by surprise. I loved it.

When the Volturi arrive in The Cullens’ backyard, bent on breeding an army of newborns, it comes down to the vamp boys to do the incubating. Epic hilarity ensues.

Emmett feels a little out of his depth:

Maybe he should break the ice a little. Conversation was good. They could pretend they were just hanging out—and not building up to uncomfortable sex. Besides, if they were talking, he could stall for time while he figured out how to... begin...

"Begin by lubricating your fingers. Then prepare me. The sooner we begin, the sooner we'll be done, and in the midst of your artless humping, do be a gentleman and look for my prostate," came the brusque reply.”

Things don’t go so well initially for Daddy C either:

“A voice rose from a bedroom at the end of the hall. "Jasper—stop affecting me with emotions of disgust and inadequacy. No matter what, I am going to impregnate you. Now buck up, cowboy."
I’d like to say that things got a little easier once the guys were pregnant, but you know how it goes:

“ He thought things would revert to normal, but apparently, having your prick up someone's bum led to complications.”

Poor Em. Sigh. Making babies shouldn’t be so hard on a vampire. *shakes head*

InConceivable is a brilliant story that I would have missed out on reading usually, but I can’t ever get enough of SlashB
ackSlash stories. I’ll be reading every single one.

This year’s contest opens August 1st and closes September 5th, so add SlashBackSlash3.0 to your alerts for some epic reading.

Want to enter but don’t have a beta or pre-reader? Project Team Beta might be a good place to start looking. Alternatively, contact @SlashBackslash3 on Twitter and we can send up the Bat-Signal for you.

So, get ready for some great reading, or get writing! Remember, any pairing, any style, we’re easy just as long as it’s all about the boys.


There you have it, folks. As you can see, there's quite a bit in store for you over the next few months. Give writing a shot, even if you never dreamed you'd ever put pen to paper (so to speak) yourself, the S/BS 3.0 is the perfect time to get your toes wet.

Also, the results for S/BS 3.0 will be announced right here on TwiSlash Unveiled! So be sure to join in on the fun, we'd love to be able to shower our readers with some cherry-poppin' love ;-)

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Tuesday's Best 7-19-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. Just a quick entry today as my internet is down and I'm using my mobile connection. Hope you're all having a great time and are enjoying the weather, where ever you are. Conversed and I have managed to find you some goodies and we're dying to share, so let's get right to it!


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Slash Guest Author Rec - bmango

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to naelany and the rest of the TwiSlash ladies for the invite to write a recommendation. I may have gone a little overboard. *sheepish smile* Next, I have to warn people, due to the fact that ALL of the slashy fics I’ve been reading lately have already been rec’d, I’ve picked a small selection of fics (mostly het) that have me completely hooked.

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Tuesday's Best 7-12-2011

Good mornin', everyone. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer weather. It's a bit rainy where I'm at, so perfect time to snuggle up with a good read, wouldn't you say? So let's see what Aradi and I managed to scrounge up for you today. As ever, make sure to bring towels and fresh undies - you're likely gonna need 'em. 


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Tuesday's Best 7-5-2011

Good morning, folks. Hope you're enjoying the summer (or winter, I suppose, depending on where you're at?). Conversed and Aradi have found some goodies to share, so why don't we just get to it. Don't forget to bring your panties and towels, now ;-)


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Slash Guest Author Rec - ICMezzo

ICMezzo's Twislash Unveiled Guest Review

Hi everyone!

What can I rec for you that you haven't already read? Funniest stories? Best vampslash? E/C fic? Well, certainly I love all of those things, but I'm sure these lists have already been compiled at one time or another, so I decided to try a different approach.

Recently I read my first HP fanfic (Reparations, of course). No, I'm not going to rec H/D stories, but there was a moment in Reparations that I thought was just so completely perfect, that I told everyone I knew about it, whether they wanted to know or not. (For the record, it was ch 7 when Harry and Draco trade croutons for bread while Ron looks on, in what has to be the most exquisite exchange of carbohydrates ever.)