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Tuesday's Best~June 30th, 2009

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Donna's Lesbian Lovers...

St Andrew's Place
by Lipsmacked

This week, I've chosen to recommend Lipsmacked's final fanfiction, St Andrew's Place. The story starts out as a Bella/Alice/Rosalie/Leah story, but it will eventually be a Bella/Leah story. I know totally out there since Leah hates Bella in canon, but open your pervy minds and let the awesomeness of this story wash over you.

Bella moves in with Rosalie, Alice and Leah, who have explained to Bella that they are all lovers and not only need a roommate to share the rent, but with the departure of Emily their fourth, they need a new lover as well. It's a lesbian girl's wet dream come true.

It doesn't take Bella, Alice and Rosalie long to get comfortable and that's when the action starts. Oh, the action! It's just...well...FUCKAWESOME from the very first encounter! It's hot and intense and had me searching for the towel I'd forgotten. (You've been warned.)

Leah had been absent when Bella arrived, but as Bella walks into the kitchen she sets eyes on Leah, in the flesh, for the first time and she's floored. In an author's note, Lipsmacked describes Leah as "Jake from SO with tits." (If you haven't read So Obvious, you need to. It's FUCKHOT and has some hot ass girly action with Jake in the middle.) The description of Leah from Bella's POV is so beautiful that I just had to share.

Leah. Was. Beautiful. Her voice, an incarnation of sex. Her picture had done her absolutely no justice. It didn't hurt that she was only wearing a black lace boy shorts and a black tank top, but her face and her body were simply stunning. Her lips were naturally plump and wide, accented by high cheek bones. In the dim light from the television I could see the deep brown pools of her eyes were speckled were gold. Her lashes were long and thick around her almond shaped eyes. She was toned, but perfectly soft in all the right places. Her breasts were large and full and her ass, my god her ass. She would have given the Williams sisters a run for their money. Just below the line of her panties, I could see a shape inked into her skin, parts of a tattoo on the crease of her hip.
This story is only four chapters long as of now, but those four chapters were posted within six days, so don't despair she's updating very quickly and as with all her stories, her updates are well worth the wait.

Check out the Twilighted thread for pictures and discussion. Don't forget to tell them who sent you.


The Master's Boys...

Six Inches
By Rosalee Lorraine

When I started thinking of all the wonderful slash stories I could review or recommend on this blog, some of the obvious, more popular ones, of course, came to mind first. We really are in a great time of Twific for slash; as it is becoming slightly more accepted by readers. Yes, most still get squeamish by the thought of Jasper fucking Edward and not Alice (I, however, feel the opposite). There are a few slash stories out there, with little traffic, few reviews and yet, they are still worthy of our reading time. I hope that I find a few of these occasionally and that by recommending these lesser known stories, they might get a bit more recognition. This week’s recommendation is one of those lesser known stories with only thirteen reviews to date. “Six Inches” by Rosalee Lorraine is a one-shot that I would LOVE to see turned into a multi-chapter story.

Rosalee completely owned me with her Jasper. He is tentative, eager, and terrified all rolled up into one hot package. Edward was nervous, passionate, and caring, asking permission from Jasper before continuing, always putting his love before his physical desires.
My heart actually jumped with this statement:

His lips were close against my throat at he spoke, resulting in a strange, sexy, whispering sensation that made me want to pull him even closer, so that he was pressed against me, inside of me.

“No one has ever touched me the way you do.” Edward said softly.
Sigh. No, Edward, no one can ever touch you the way Jasper can. That shit is just fact. We can read and definitely enjoy other Twiguy pairings, but Jasper and Edward own the slash category.

Rosalee has done what is so hard to do one in one-shots. She develops emotions, as well as physical intimacy. Usually with one-shots, you get one or the other; the emotional declaration with perhaps, a kiss, or the quick ‘omg I love you let’s fuck’. While they do get, er, physical, this story is about so much more than sex. There are not so obvious declarations of love, loyalty and passion between Edward and Jasper, and loyalties to others brought into question. Rosalee wraps all these qualities up into beautiful, poetic phrases that you will want to read over and over again in delight.

I really cannot say enough about this story, I highly recommend reading it; and please leave Rosalee a review if you enjoy it. My one and only complaint about this story…it is only a one-shot.


Rosella's Poly Pleasures...

No Rules Tonight
by Rosalee Lorraine

I was introduced to this author just this week by one of our top Twislash authors, so I rushed right over to check out what Rosalee had to offer, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I had been told her writing was incredible, but I had no idea just how good it would be. Every word flows easily into the next and the sensual ambiance she creates starts at the very beginning, making this one-shot very enticing and satisfying.

Jasper and Edward are a voyeuristic gay couple who have decided to fulfill their fetish by sleeping with a woman...together. Of course this woman is none other than Bella. Although we tend to see this threesome often, Rosalee finds a way to represent their passionate character traits in a way to make the whole situation more connected and beautiful.

By the time I reached the more hardcore elements of the lemon I was completely sucked into the story as it all played out like a movie in my mind, making it that much more arousing. Edward pulls in some surprising behavioral components that really add to the intensity already present in this tantalizing poly slash fic and it doesn't take away from the increasing passion you can feel coming from each of them. It intensifies it.

The love and respect between all parties involved truly makes this believable too, which is always something I personally look for in a good slash story. It helps pull everything together, creating the perfect atmosphere for a passionate, sexy and satisfying threesome.

If your craving a bit more time to get to know the characters, and enjoy male slash check out her short story Sexual Healing. This story has only four chapters and is told in the third person perspective. The featured pairing is Edward/Carlisle/Emmett. I couldn't decide which I liked most!

Go ahead and give these fics a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed. Just make sure to have your towel and toy of choice ready. ;-)


Cella's Secret Craving...

The Brute
by kaiistar

Hot as fuck!

If the first three words in that list cause you to think the last phrase then maybe you have a craving for something a bit rougher this week, I know I sure do.
The Brute by kaiistar... 'wait did Cella just say kaiistar?'

Yep that's right the same writer that wrote the story I was not very fond of a couple of weeks ago also wrote this juicy little one shot. Every one has their niche and perhaps Domination Slash is hers.

The Brute is a short lemon that will help get your juices flowing. With less than one thousand words the story is very quick to dive straight into the smut, but with Carlisle barking out orders who needs foreplay?

The tale begins when Carlisle barges into Edward's room furious that little Alice has learned about their naughty play times, but how could she not know since she is a psychic. You would think the mind reading vampire would know better than to plan out his little escapades with Alice around.

That's right this short tale is all vamp so if you view Carlisle as too much of a dad to Edward when they are vamps be warned, but if the taboo of how they pretend to be father and son turn you on then go right on ahead and read.I promise not to tell.


Well, there you have it, TwiSlash Unveiled's Picks of the Week! Leave us some love and let us know how you liked the stories and the new look of the blog. We also have a thread on Twilighted. Drop in and get a little dirty with us.

Have a great week and we'll see you on Thursday when Rosella and Cella give you a new story to sink your teeth into.

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Is Slash finally getting recognized?


TwiSlash Unveiled would like to thank The Eddie and The Bellie Awards for recognizing Slash as an individual category in this summer's Bellies. It was a last minute addition and we here at TU really appreciate the Bellies for helping to further promote and recognize this fabulous genre.

The nominees for the Best Slash Bellie are...

All I Ever Knew by Manyafandom
The Trip Home by MsKathy
At the Deep End by Naelany
The Forbidden Room by DefinatelyStaying
Over the Top by Starfish422
Evading the Orbit by TrampyVampies

We would also like to crow about The Office banner being nominated for Best Banner. It was made by our very own Master aka Touchstone. She's a FUCKAWESOME graphic artist and has been prettying up Twilighted with her banners lately. Her request list is long and seemingly neverending as she's in high demand, but just one look at her work and it's easy to see why.

Please make sure that you support your favorite story and/or author by voting. Voting for the Bellies opens July 15th!

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 25th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

This week you're going to notice a bit of a change. We are sorry to be doing this, but with Yankee Lady's ever growing list of graphic art requests and the Belles' increasing writing demands, we all were feeling the pinch. So, we've decided to split the ranks and alternate Thursdays. Every other Thursday, The Master and Whitlock's Girl will review a story and then the next week, Rosella and Cella will regale you with their latest find. We hope you enjoy the new format.

This week our story is...

The Best of You
By Crash Hale

Here's the Master's thoughts...

When “The Best of You” by Crash Hale was suggested as this week’s review, I admittedly cringed a bit. Fem slash is not exactly my cup of tea, but this is one of the reasons I was interested in doing this blog, to expand my Twific genres to include not only the canon/non-canon, but the really non-canon OOC as well. So, I bravely opened up my browser and clicked on the bookmark. I was…pleasantly surprised by this little story, six chapters so far. Alice is an established fashion designer living in NYC with her girlfriend of five years, Bella, a co-owner of a tattoo parlor. While their appearances might have changed, long haired Alice and blonde Emmett, their personalities and character traits are still present; such as Bella’s ability to blush at the drop of a hat. One night, while waiting at a club for Bella, Alice meets a studly bartender, Emmett and they hit it off immediately. We quickly learn that Bella and Alice are not exclusive to each other and both occasionally, er, dick around; Alice with random guys and Bella with Edward, the vice president of Alice’s company. Alice introduces Bella to Emmett and after a few sexually charged dances and kisses between the three of them; the girls invite Emmett back to their place. He agrees, of course, thinking he just hit the lotto with these two beautiful girls willing to take him home.

What happens once they arrive at their loft, you will have to read yourself. I, for the most part am self proclaimed fem slash avoider, was not as wigged out by reading this as I expected to be. I suspect it is Emmett’s presence, making it a three-way, that alleviates some of my fear of straight on fem slash. The three of them are sweet together, flirting, bantering and even hanging out together the day after. I am interested to see how this relationship between the three of them progresses, if at all. As we know, three can be a crowd and Emmett is no small boy! If you are not squeamish about fem slash, hell, even if you are, give this story a shot. It has the potential of becoming an interesting poly between Emmett, Alice and Bella.


Donna's take on "The Best of You"...

I'm a big fan of Crash Hale's work and when I got the alert that she'd started a new story, I raced to read it. "The Best of You" is a new twist on a polyslash story. Normally, we see Edward, Bella and Jasper as the three in love, wading through the angst ridden waters of forging a triad relationship in a society that discourages anything that wavers from the norm, but not this time. This time we have Bella and Alice, best friends and lovers of five years who've created a life together with the agreement that a little dick on the side in a good thing and Emmett is the lucky guy that lands not one, but both girls.

Alice is as effervescent, bubbly and hyper as always. Her dick comes in various one night stands and hookups, while Bella, the shy, introverted one, gets a little piece of Edward whenever she needs something Alice and the toy box can't fulfill. The funny thing is, they've never their side items, keeping those to themselves while enjoying the main course together.

When Bella is late meeting Alice at a club, Alice kills the time flirting and dancing with Emmett, fantasizing about having both him and Bella in her bed. She wants them to pleasure her together and she wants to share Bella with Emmett. This is unforged territory for the girls and Emmett, as well, but they manage to get through it. Boy, do they manage. GAH! I had to take a break in my reading to find the towel.

I have a feeling, though, that there's some deeper story behind our beautiful, blonde Emmett. Grrr! The man makes me want to grab him, but I'm not sure if I want to do hug him or fuck him, or both.

Anyway, as with all Crash Hale's stories, there's a fabulous back story to each of her characters and I for one can't wait to find out each and every little nuance that makes Emmett, Alice and Bella tick.

While The Best of You is currently only six chapters long, it's got loads of promise to be an epic tale of love, lust and LOADS of hot sex and mind numbing orgasms. Oh, and don't worry, Crash Hale updates regularly, on average of once every three or four days, so you won't be kept waiting too long.

So, grab your towel and head on over to "The Best of You" and give this one a read through. Be sure to grab a bottle of water, though, we can't be responsible for anyone getting dehydrated.


See you Tuesday with four more great Slash stories!

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Tuesday's Best~June 23rd, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

It's TUESDAY and we're here with our Picks of the Week.

We love that you choose to share your time with us and hope you know just how much we appreciate the love and support you give us each day. We squee like fan girls chasing the Major when we see someone new has added a button of ours to their siggy. BUT...the biggest fangirl moment this week was when one of the TwiSlash Unveiled girls popped onto a new Edward/Jasper story and said, "We've found you" and the author and beta started gushing with excitement. They went as far as calling us celebrities. Totally felt the love and we thank you!

Also, stay tuned for a TU public service announcement following today's post.


Donna's Girly action...

Lessons in Learning by rickyc717 really grabbed my attention this week and I just had to recommend it to you.

Alice is a non-traditional college student. She's worked for one of the top fashion designer's in the world and having never attended college the fashion house sends her to school to help further her career. On her first day of class she walks into an American Civil Liberties class completely disgruntled with being there. She doesn't get politics and bemoans the fact that the political world is filled with "rich white men of America" that have no clue what the general American public want or need.

She's carted her sketchbook to class with her, but once she hears the clicking sound in the hallway she's hooked. Not in a good way at first. This class, this teacher, is the only thing standing between Alice and the Bachelor's degree she so covets. Alice seems even more pissed that she's going to be stuck with a "socially stunted middle aged woman who has no idea how to dress". Well, that is until the heel clicker walks in wearing a pair of red bottomed, stiletto heeled Christian Louboutin's.

Alice is even more intriqued with this woman as she rakes her eyes up over the Prada and Coach that accompanies the Christian Louboutin's and the beautiful vision pulling them all together, but as class begins, it's not just the vision of hotness that draws Alice to Professor Cullen, but rather her take no prisoners attitude and quick witted intellect.

Bella Cullen may be hot, but she's also vivacious and tenacious and will rake your ass over the coals in seconds. It's this passage that capture's Alice's complete attention.

It felt like she almost held a wee bit of contempt for this Michael Newton. I listened as he blathered on about something. It was getting more and more bizarre as time went on; it felt like he was talking himself in circles. Finally Dr. Cullen got off her desk and made her way over to Newton, her arms crossed posture stiff.

“Michael, why are you in this class?” She leaned over, her cleavage in front of him. It was a wonder he could even think straight with all the blood rushing from his brain.

“Umm… I like Political Science?” He stuttered out, his phrase sounding like a question. He looked uncomfortable.

“Then how is it Michael, if you like Political Science so damn much that you can’t name me a damn court case despite the fact that you’ve been in four of my classes and taken Constitutional Law? Did you think I honestly didn’t notice if you made up a bullshit case? Do you think I like to be fed shit Michael?”

Part of me wanted to laugh. The expression on Newton’s face was almost comical despite the fact that it was so serious. Dr. Cullen looked like she wished she could shoot fire out of her eyes and Mike looked like he was going to piss his pants as he slunk even lower into his chair. I found myself very intrigued with Dr. Cullen. I could already tell two things about her. One, she was very passionate about what she did and two; she was not someone you wanted to mess with.

The story progresses through the semester with Bella and Alice growing closer and closer, developing a friendship and toying with the line between friends and lovers and also with the line of propriety between a teacher and her student. Bella distances herself from Alice trying to keep from crossing the line in the sand that she knows she can't morally step across.

Once the semester ends, they can no longer help themselves and a fullblown, smut filled love affair takes flight. The smexin' is FUCKAWESOME and hotter than hell, but it was this little piece of sweetness that hooked me...

I smiled as she gushed about her new playlist. She gave me a huge smile as the first strains of Norwegian Wood began to play and took my hands pulling me from the couch.

“Dance with me.” She said as she started twirling around the room. As if I could ever refuse her especially with her warm hands still clutching mine. We whirled around tighter and tighter, our bodies moving closer and closer until we were pressed against one another. She took her hand, still in mine and stroked the back of her hand over my cheek before leaning in, touching her forehead to mine. Her eyes held desire, longing, and something I couldn’t identify. Her lips inched closer to mine and touched lightly before she moved her head to the right, her cheek to mine.

“I can’t” she whispered, pain evident in her voice. “God knows I want to, I want you so bad Alice Brandon but I can’t” She moved her body away from mine and went to sit at her desk. I needed her to know, to understand I would go to the ends of the earth for her. I walked to her desk and sat on the edge and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Bella, I want you so bad I can’t even think straight sometimes. I’ve wanted you since the beginning of the semester. I knew that nothing could ever happen while you were still my professor and that was if you would ever feel the same way about me as I feel about you. I get that. If you do feel the same way about me as I feel about you, I’ll wait. I’ll wait for as long as you need me to.” With that, I got up off the desk and headed out of the office.

This story is so well written and truly beautiful. With only eight chapters posted, there's sure to be LOADS more to come. (pun intended) Hope you enjoy it.

See you Thursday!


The Master's Boys Pick of the Week...

The Doctor’s Son
By michellemybelle202

This story has been sitting on my ‘to read’ list for at least a month now, and I finally got around to opening it up and was more than pleased at what I found in this hidden gem of a slash story. “The Doctor’s Son” by michellemybell202 started off as a one-shot, but will now be a multiple chapter story, although it is currently only two chapters. It is about a divorced Dr. Jasper Whitlock, who has recently moved to Forks, Washington after accepting a position with the Cullen Family Practice. Due to some plumbing issues while remodeling his home, Jasper is forced to find a place to stay for about a week. Dr. Carlisle Cullen offers a room at his house with his family. There, Jasper meets Edward, a medical student at Stanford and Carlisle’s son. For Jasper, it is hard on at first sight. They develop a quick friendship during Jasper’s brief stay with daily runs, and nightly dinners and conversations. On Jasper’s last night at the Cullen’s, Edward catches him fresh from the shower when he walks into Jasper’s bedroom. It is Edward’s blushing reaction that leads Jasper to take a chance, entering Edward’s bedroom later that night with the intention of just wanting to ‘make Edward feel good’. This is when things will change…for them both.

After a steamy summer romance, Edward returns to Stanford while Jasper continues this work for Carlisle. At school, Edward meets another student, Bella, and they begin a relationship. Here is where the story gets very interesting. While he and Jasper have agreed to date others, Bella is more than just a casual thing to Edward. How will Jasper react to having to share ‘his’ Edward with another woman? Not only was this story smoking hot with the physical interactions between Jasper and Edward, but the introduction of Bella came as a surprise to me, especially the close relationship she and Edward seem to share.

I am more than curious to see where michellemybelle takes this story, as there are so many options she can choose. Honestly, I am bit leery at the idea of another threesome story, as they are a difficult genre in which to succeed. Let’s admit it, it is difficult to satisfy all the ‘teams’ in a threesome story, even when not all partners are sexually involved, a group of readers are always left unsatisfied at best, royally fucking pissed off at worst (been there, done that). There have been very few stories that have been able to pull off a satisfying, not even happy, ending for everyone involved. Often a threesome fic, means the eventual introduction of a fourth character to keep the third wheel company and provide everyone with a happily ever after. Usually, though not always, this new character is Alice and she is used so very conveniently to keep Jasper up at nights, so that Edward and Bella can run off into the sunset together. Considering both Jasper and Edward are bisexual in this story, I can, unfortunately, see this happening very easily. I do hope that this story remains true to the “Edward/Jasper” slash genre and does not stray too far into that threesome danger zone. I know I will be adding this story to alerts and following it chapter by chapter to see exactly how michellebybelle pulls it off and to see which character, if any, suffer a broken heart.

Stop by the Twilighted thread and let them know we sent you!


Rosella's Poly Pick...

Over the Hill
by MademoiselleCelia

I'm keeping my word and making sure my weekly rec's are well rounded, so here's one for the wolf lovers.

It's Jacob's 40th birthday and his wife Nessie wants to give him a present that he will never forget. Jacob has always wanted to experience a threesome, but little does he know that Nessie has often fantasized about one as well.

Nessie asks Leah to help make this dream become a reality and Leah is more than willing to participate as she is still single and lacking a sex life of her own. The two wolves and the half vampire know how to get down and dirty and this storyline doesn't take long to get straight to it.

This one-shot is very well written and easy to follow. So, if you are more into the wolves than the vamps and don't mind some femslash, this will certainly get your juices flowing. I definitely felt the need to grab a towel and a toy, and you all know how much I prefer vamps. Give it a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed. And remember, I warned you...this is for the wolf lovers!


Cella's Secret Craving...

by Jayeliwood

Edward and Bella have a perfect relationship. They are a loving and kind couple with great careers and amazing friends, but when Bella’s old friend Alice invites them over for a dinner party their world is turned upset down.

Edward had no desire to attend the get together at Alice’s large estate, but he’d do anything for his sweet Bella. He had planned to have a boring night. He had also planned to forget each of the boring people he would meet there before the night was over. Of course things do not always go as planned.

Enter Jasper Whitlock, the handsome sex therapist that Edward cannot seem to keep his eyes off of. Edward drives himself insane trying to understand his unnatural attraction to Jasper.

None of it matters though when the blonde haired sex god corners Edward in the bathroom during the evening. Jasper, of course, causes Edward to question his own sexuality as well as his relationship with Bella.

Edward is positive he loves his sweet wonderful girlfriend, and decides to prove this to both himself and Jasper. That night Edward takes Bella farther than they had ever gone before sexually in an effort to prove to himself that he is a man, and not gay.

What happens when the couple receives their next invite to another party at Alice’s?

Because of cheating a boyfriend, hot bathroom encounters, and some light bondage at the end that will have you begging for release I am recommending "Unplanned" by Jayeliwood.

So go ahead and sneak off to the bathroom for a little read. I promise I won’t tell.


So, there you have it. Yet another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash recommendations from the Major's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Please leave us some lovin' and join us on the Twilighted thread.

TwiSlash Unveiled Growing Pains

It's come to our attention that our last Read, Rate and Review was received in a negative light, and we do want to address the issue.

Our goal was, and continues to be, to Read, Rate and Review stories of all quality's and sizes and inform our readers of our opinions on every piece of TwiSlash out there. That way we can help them find the stories that fit THEIR niche.

It was never our intention to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, but that is something that comes with the territory of being honest. We intended for Thursday's RR and R's to provide our honest opinions of the Twislash fics we have come across. Not all of our opinions will be positive, but they are just that...our opinions.

We do apologize to anyone that we offended and hope you appreciate the fact that we are putting ourselves out there, and opening ourselves up to bashing as well. With that in mind, we will be changing the way we handle our Read, Rate, and Review in a way that will hopefully be received with a more positive outcome.

We thank you for your continued support!

Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 18th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Yet another Thursday is upon us and that means we are bringing to you a little known slash fic and giving you our opinions on it.

First, though, I must mention that we've flipped over the dining room table and are hiding behind it, waiting for the shots to ring out, cause we know we just might piss some people off.

Second, please remember that we are here to recommend stories that are worth the effort and time and to warn away from others, via a Rosalie smack to the back of Emmett's head, if need be.

Unfortunately, this week I think we've caused poor Emmett some serious brain damage with the story that was chosen.

by Kaiistar

Jasper lost his parents, his grandmother. Edward has everything. Jasper has secrets, things that haunt him. Can Edward hold Jasper together when they come to surface, and can he hold himself together in the process? Edward/Jasper Slash AU - HUMAN


First up is Rosella's POV...

My review is going to be short, simple and straight to the point. This story is horribly written and very hard to get into, making the characters feelings and the setting very unbelievable. I didn't even get past the first chapter, which says a lot because I always give a story at least two chapters worth of reading before giving up. As far as the sizzle scale is concerned, this story gets a rating of 1 from me, DON'T BOTHER UNBUTTONING. Sorry folks, this story wasn't for me.


The Master's thoughts...

“The Awakening” by Kaiistar is a slash story about teenagers Jasper and Edward. Jasper has moved to Forks after his grandmother dies, and he is taken in by his aunt Renee and her daughter, Bella. Edward lives with his father, Carlisle, and sister, Alice. Jasper and Edward meet at school and there is an instant attraction; from here, they both admit to being gay and crushing on each other. While I originally found this story in someone else’s favorite, I now question their judgment in what they add to their favorites list.

This story could be worse. It could also be a LOT better. This author needs a beta, or if they have one, get another, because the grammar mistakes enough were to make you want to run. Along with plot lines that sounds vaguely familiar (PTSD anyone?). Also, the more I read, the more I realized that clumsy blushing, sleep taking Jasper was just Bella with a peen. Unrealistic and convenient are the first words I would use to describe this story. Unrealistic in the sense that these two TEENAGE boys are allowed to sleep together in Carlisle’s house, provided they be responsible and use protection that Carlisle provides..oh and put a sock on the door to warn everyone-which sounds a little college dorm roomish to me. Convenient because this is just one big piece of fluff and while Jasper does suffer a bit from PTSD, his recovery is quick and requires no long term medical attention. Carlisle and Renee are dating, therefore their children are constantly together. How convenient.

There some laugh out loud moments though. The first night after spending the night, Edward tells Jasper he spoke in his sleep.

“Kept hitting me telling me to round up the troops and setting out very elaborate battle plans”

Also, is EVERYONE in Forks gay? Seriously. Jasper? Gay. Edward? Gay. Bella? Gay. Alice? Gay? Mike? Bi. Lauren and Jessica remain straight. Lauren is determined to convince Edward to bat for her team again and goes about this by exposing Jasper’s fear of fire to the entire school, causing the boys to ‘come of the closet’ before they are ready. Sound familiar?

I really wanted to like this story. It’s Jasper and Edward slash! I was hopeful, but those hopes were dashed by the end of the second or third chapter (I did read the entire story). I think the author shows a bit of promise, but she needs a beta that will tell her honestly when she is heading in the wrong direction, what is working and not working…and hopefully catch a few of those unnecessary grammar mistakes and typos.


Cella's POV

Some stories are so good that you recommend them to your friends and think about them for months or even years later, Awakening is not one of them. When I was first informed that we would be reviewing this story I ran to go read the story description, and then eagerly jumped at the opportunity to engross myself in another delicious Edward/Jasper slash. How sorely disappointed I was.

The best thing about The Awakening is that the story is already complete and only fifteen chapters long so it isn't taking up too much cyberspace, but even this one good quality is ruined once you check the writer's profile and discover that the sad excuse for a slash story actually has a sequel. I will admit that the story is quiet hilarious when you first start reading it, of course that's only because the writing is so preposterous that you can't believe that someone actually posted it.

The story from what I did read was about Jasper moving into his Aunt Renee's home, who lives in the lovely rainy city of Forks. Jasper's nana has recently passed away and he is devastated, but you won't get that impression while reading the story, since Jasper's pov is a bit hard to follow. So hard to follow in fact that I personally wanted to close the story after the first two paragraphs.

Selflessly, I forced myself to read the first whole chapter, and suffered a serious migraine. There's a story out there for everyone though, and this particular one of course has its own small following even if I'll never be a part of it.

With all that said, I am giving this story a one on the sizzle scale, because let's face it if you can't get past the first chapter how can you enjoy anything? So don't bother unbuttoning ladies, or better yet don't bother reading because I'm sure you have much more entertaining things to do, such as having a root canal done.


Whitlock's Girl says...

Ok, so following Cella's review is going to be tough, I'll give it a go.

While "The Awakening" is a sweet story, albeit, a poorly written one, I can say I made it through. BARELY!

There's a lot going for this story. It has a decent plot line, serious humorous moments, but on the flip side, there are some critical flaws. It's mainly filled with poor grammar and spelling errors, but I have 3 betas for a reason people. So, I don't have much room to talk on that front, but I think, though, with an honest beta, that possesses serious grammar skills, this story could easily be turned into a readable and enjoyable piece of slash fic fluff.

So, with that said, I give this story a 1 on the sizzle scale, because of the flaws and not the story itself. If the author grabs a beta and puts in the work, I'd be happy to revisit my thoughts on the story because the potential is there.


Hope your Thursday is kept wet with Tuesday's rec's, cause The Major's Belles and Lady didn't care much for this story, unfortunately.

Sizzle Scale topped a whopping 1!

No Need to Unbutton, sorry!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Best~June 16th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Well, here we are. Another Tuesday has arrived and with it, four fabulous stories to wet your down unders with. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Up first today is The Master's pick of the week...

For my recommendation this week, did I search the internet far and wide, using all my knowledge to search fanfiction.net to find the best of best, the most intriguing and beautifully told boy slash stories written? Actually, no. I went no further than my inbox, as a link to this story was sent to me by starfish422 about a month ago. There are few stories that I will drop everything, whether I am playing in Photoshop, reading another story, writing, or posting on Twilighted. When my email dings with an alert notice for “Thank You, Elvis” by young author Klytie, programs get closed, iTunes gets turned up and IE opens with speed I did not realize my computer had. I will forever be grateful to starfish422 for sharing this gem of a story told in both Edward and Jasper’s point of views. It surprises me that with nine chapters posted this story has barely over one hundred reviews. I hope to change that-so if you go read, please leave the author some feedback.

“Thank You, Elvis” starts off canon. Jasper loves Alice. He is devoted to her and will follow her to the ends of the Earth, entrusting his life in the pixie’s visions. She leads them to a new coven, the Cullens where they are introduced to Carlise, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward. This is where the canon story stops and a wonderful story of love, sometimes unrequited, angst and passion begins. Upon meeting the Cullens, Jasper feels an immediate and almost primal attraction to Edward. To Jasper, being attracted to another man was unacceptable and intolerable, but in this case completely unavoidable. When Jasper makes love to Alice after meeting Edward, he imagines her hair bronze, her body smooth, tall and hard, her fingers long and her eyes filled with self loathing. Disturbed by his thoughts of lust, he begins to avoid Edward, quietly disappearing whenever Edward is near, becoming even more introverted and silent, pouring his energy into studying philosophy and human attraction. Their mind reading and empathic abilities make their relationship that much more intense. Edward is determined to discover the secret that he is sure Jasper harbors deep inside his mind, and apparently, heart. A simple, casual and very brief touch by Edward leaves them both shocked at the electricity that passes through them and leads Jasper puts his strategic military skills to analyze all possible explanations and scenarios for his relationship with Edward. They share a few small, intimate moments of comfort and companionship before Alice interferes, encouraging Edward to decide to leave the family in effort to escape the saddened eyes of reddish gold that will never belong to him. Before Edward leaves, he and Jasper share one last hunting trip, where a storm ignites long denied passion so intense that hard, perfect skin is marred by venom and razor sharp teeth. Edward’s loathing at their impure act forces him to flee, leaving Jasper crushed, and Alice to pick up the pieces of her husband’s shattered heart.

As with “Evading the Orbit” last week, I feel anything I write about this story will not do it justice. It is a remarkable story, written so poetically that you cannot help but feel the emotions of angst, love, and lust flow directly from the story into your heart. The thoughts of Edward and Jasper remain true to their characters, Jasper, brilliant strategically, but joyous as a school girl with a crush when Edward even glances at him. Edward, young in mind, innocent, confused and guilt ridden with the impure thoughts he has of his new coven member. This is an exquisite story of two vampires, and their undeniable attraction, both physical and emotional, to each other in a time where such attraction will no doubt cause heartbreak and loss.


Now, let's see what Rosella has in store for us...

I'll just get straight to the point with this week's rec. Fiberkitty is one of my favorite authors on FF and she never fails to write the best poly slash stories, lemons included. This particular story was written for the Pirate Talking Edward Contest, but Kitty put her own spin on this by making Jasper the man with all the booty...pun intended. It is written in third person, a first for this veteran author, but that doesn't deter her from producing another well-written slash fic.

I don't want to give away too many details, as it is a one-shot, and would spoil the story. But I will say Edward does get some Bella action, for those who enjoy canon pairings, with some Alice on the side. I am not particularly fond of canon, but that's okay because Kitty never disappoints went it comes to fulfilling my Jasper needs. And he has his fun with two ladies, at the same time of course, as this pirate's tale is told. Don't be put off by the fact that it's written in full-on pirate lingo either, because Kitty has done her research and knows just what to say.

If you're already familiar with fiberkitty's work, then you don't need anymore convincing. As for those of you who have yet to read any of her fanfics, I only have one question for you...Why the hell not?! Your panties will be wet (or your pants will tighten), your toy(s) will wear out, and your towel will most definitely be soaked. Run. Now. Read "Maid on the Shore", and while you're at it check out her other fabulous stories too! Fiberkitty deserves much love and support, so go...read and review. What are you waiting for?


Donna's girly action of the week...

After spending an entire weekend writing, editing and rewriting my next chapter, to no avail, I woke up this morning realizing something. I FUCKING FORGOT TO FIND A FEMME SLASH STORY TO REC! OH MY GOD! I'm so screwed! That was my first, second and third thoughts. I spent the entire day dredging through the black hole of horrid femme slash and finally, FINALLY, at about 11pm last night found my story.

"Skin Deep", by Isabel0329 is FABULOUS! It builds slowly, sweetly and dramatically. It features a newly on her own Alice and a mysterious Bella.

Alice spent her first year and a half of college at home. She's now transferred to a school far away from home so she can, truly, be on her own and be open in her sexuality without it reflecting on her parents negatively. She moves into her dorm with the help of older brother Emmett and as he leaves, they share a moment of tender acceptance.

Alice is subjected to the roommate from hell in Jessica Stanley. She's proclaimed herself to be Alice's new best friend and has glued herself to Alice's hip. She never leaves Alice's side and on the rare occasion that she does, it's to make out with boyfriend, Mike Newton. She often regales poor Alice with tales of their exploits and Mike's penis.

After a brief encounter with a beautiful brunette with brown eyes to match, Alice spends all her time fantasizing about the mysterious girl that she spied getting off the elevator, her very first day on campus. She's very curious about her, but when she questions Jessica, she's warned away from the beauty.

Later, Alice spies the lovely girl from her mind's dalliances in the shower. The stunning brunette sees her peeping Tom-ette and speaks only three words to Alice, further ensnaring our darling pixie in her mysterious web. Drawing Alice in slowly but surely, even after Jessica warns Alice to stay away yet again.

"Skin Deep" enthralled me, just as Bella enthralls Alice. When you finally get a glimpse into Bella's head you hurt for her and for Alice and for all the multitudes of girls that came before Alice.

What I like the most about "Skin Deep" is the tempo of the story. Like I said earlier, it builds slowly but, it also flourishes, enveloping you into the story and embracing you, dragging you in and not letting go.

It isn't a rush to the bed like some slash stories. It works its way up to the smut and OH GOD is the smut good, but that's not the driving force behind this fabulous story. The sexing is like the cherry on the sundae. It's just the added bonus and not the actual dessert.

"Skin Deep" is definitely worth adding to your read list. It's beautifully written and the pace is exquisite. Make sure that you do NOT skip this one. Also, just an FYI, this story is COMPLETE, which means no waiting for updates. Just remember your towels and maybe even a box of Kleenex.

Be sure to read and review the story and stop by the Twilighted thread and let them know TwiSlash Unveiled sent you!


Last, but certainly not least, Cella's Secret Craving of the week...

My addiction for DefinatelyStaying's stories can probably be classified as unhealthy, but honestly when she writes slash and poly tales who wouldn't be tempted to read her stuff.

This week my rec for the Twislash lovin world is Definately Staying's One-Shot "PayBack".

"PayBack" is a tantalizing tale about Bella and the sexual tension she has caused poor Jasper. It is just not fair for the empath in the house to be stuck around Bella and Edward all day long when the two are constantly arousing each other, but refusing to do anything in fear of hurting the weak little human.

Alice has the perfect solution though, and payback includes bringing both Bella and her husband some release. Trapping the human in their bedroom the couple unleash their knowledge and experience of sex on Bella with a show and tell method.

Bella is terrified at first, and longs for her sweet innocent Edward to come back and save her, at least until she starts to enjoy the experince at which point she begins moaning like a whore, and begging for more.

If you like things a bit rough, and a darker Jasper then "PayBack" is for you. Go ahead and take a peak, I promise not to tell.

So, there you have it. Another week of TwiSlash Unveiled's Picks of the Week. Please visit us on our thread at Twilighted. We'd love hearing from you. Leave us some love here as well and let us know what you think of the stories we've mentioned today.

Also, stay tuned for some exciting announcements from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady, in the not so distant future. We are working on something that's certain to get the juices flowing.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 11th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled
Thank you for joining us for our Thursday Read, Rate and Review.

As you know, today is the day that we will be introducing you to a little known piece of fanfiction and giving you our opinions on the selection. This week's selection drew mixed reviews from the Major's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady, so let us know what you think of...

by ECullenitis

Cella says...

Bella’s change has taken place in fan fiction in so many different ways it’s impossible to keep count. Sometimes the Cullen family plans out her change, other times it’s on the verge of death.

Unwrapped has to be one of the more provocative and erotic ways that Bella is turned from a human into a vampire. In this unique one-shot, drinking blood quickly turns the vamps into lust driven fiends.

We find out early on that Edward isn’t the only member of the family that craves the sweet nectar of Bella’s life, and a hesitant Edward wants to ask his Bella to not only share her blood with the rest of his family, but her body as well.

That’s right, no longer a prude Edward seems to have a thing for poly relationships, and wants the whole family to join in. Bella is hesitant to agree until Edward uses a vampire gift more powerful than dazzling to convince her to share herself.

This naughty tale tempts you with only hints of fem slash as Bella and Alice share a hot steamy kiss, and Rose allows Emmett to lick Bella’s Juices off of her own fingers. Although none of the guys enjoy each other sexually, they are definitely not opposed to sharing.

This story is well written and has Bella getting kissed, licked, touched, and fucked by all but one Cullen family member. For all those reasons and one more, I give this story the highest rating possible, and say go grab the towel.

What’s the one more you ask?

That’s easy, Jasper fucking Bella while Edward watches is always a win in my book.


Whitlock's Girl thinks...

I was very leary of reviewing this story. It doesn't include slash of any sort, but it does include a lot of sex, that, to some, would be considered deviant. Normally, sex of any sort is a turn on for me. Well, unless it is a story of incest or rape, of course, but there's just something about this story that makes me squeamish. Don't get me wrong, the sex is well written and if you are looking for a long one shot full of sex, then look no farther, cause this will do. However, if you are looking for a story or even a one shot that is realistic and has a good plot, close the browser and go back to square one, because, in my opinion, this just isn't it.

The characters, while hot, are so OOC that for me it really throws the story off-kilter and into some weird alter ego fantasy realm that does nothing for me. What turned me off the most was Edward's request of, the still a virgin, Bella, but it's followed closely by Edward sharing Bella with father figure Carlisle just moments after deflowering our favorite virgin.

I do have to agree with Cella, that Jasper fucking Bella, while Edward watches is always hot. So, that's why this Southern Belle gives Unwrapped 2 for story and a 3 for sex.

So, depending on what you're looking for, your towel may or may not be needed, but I'll leave that up to you to decide.


Rosella's take...

We are bringing the holidays back with this one-shot as all Bella wants for Christmas is to become immortal. Edward not only agrees, but also has some ideas of his own. *wiggles eyebrows* His suggestion is to allow each family member, minus Esme, a taste of Bella’s sweet blood & body. His persuasive powers guide her into making a decision that makes this story different from most. As you will see, Bella experiences her change while under the influence of intense feelings of arousal, lust and passion. Mmm, yummy!

It all starts off with Edward making love to Bella for the first time. And the way this lemon is described is enough to get the juices flowing and the fingers roaming. *smirks* Jasper is second in line, and requests a certain position, which Bella quite enjoys, even as both Edward & Alice watch from the sidelines. Bella never takes her mind off her true love, Edward, and feeds off the passion, lust and love she feels for him to make herself a better lover for the others. Rose & Em are next for the tasting, and taste is exactly what they do. By now, Bella has had several orgasms, and Emmett’s fingers have no problem bringing forth another.

Bella is under the impression that this is all cuming to an end; that is until Carlisle makes it known that he would like to bring her pleasure with a little anal stimulation. Edward joins this two-way making the final peaking moments that much better. *panting & throbbing* Gawd, I love polyslash! Now that each Cullen has tasted her, she begins her change burning with not only the pain, but the lingering bliss that follows so many mind-blowing orgasms.

If I had the chance to turn into a vampire, this is the way I’d want to do it. I might make a few adjustments to meet my own personal Jasper obsession needs, but overall this is one hell of an erotic way to be changed. I give it a sizzle scale rating of 4, which means get nekkid & finger happy. So grab your towel and make sure the door is locked because you will most definitely find yourself in quite the compromising situation.


The Master's thoughts...

When the one-shot “Unwrapped” by ECullenitis was first suggested as our next review story choice, I admit to being a wee big squeamish when I heard the term ‘orgy’ describe the, ah, plot. I know, I know, I can handle guy on guy slash and the occasional threesome but not group sex? This is indeed true. I seem to have acquired an irrational jealous streak when it comes to sharing the boys or Bella, therefore, the words “Cullen orgy” sent me into a tailspin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ‘orgy’ did not necessarily describe “Unwrapped”, a story revolving around Edward submitting to Bella’s desire to be turned into a vampire as a Christmas present to her. However, this acquiesce does not come without a request from Edward and …the rest of the Cullens. Since becoming vegetarians and denying themselves what they desire most, the Cullens have learned to quench their thirst for human blood. Yet, being around Bella daily has left them all yearning for something they have fought hard to forget. Alice has seen a vision of Bella enjoying herself physically with each of them, so Edward uses his dazzling powers on Bella to help with her insecurities and indecisiveness over being intimate, in more ways than one, with the Cullen family.

The Cullens have all requested to be included on Bella’s change, each wanting a taste of her strawberry and freesia scented blood for their own. In turn, they have offered to aide Edward in putting her into such a state of ecstasy that burning pain of the venom will be delayed. Edward, of course, is the first Cullen to be with Bella, taking her sweetly for her first time as they make love on a bed, with the remaining Cullens nearby in another room. Their lovemaking is sweet, tender and full of love. But Bella doesn’t have long to rest after, as Jasper is waiting to get some release from all the built up sexual desire in the household he has been tortured with, while Alice intends to watch and pleasure herself. Anyone who knows me, knows that I ship Jasper and Bella, therefore, I admit to this being my favorite part of the story, and Edward observing from the head of the bed made it even more erotic. Emmett, Rosalie, and even Carlise all have an enjoyable time with Bella prior to her change.

Each Cullen has a taste of Bella, drinking her briefly before sealing the wounds with their venom. True to their word, Bella is on such a high from multiple orgasms, that the change begins with a tingly feeling, rather than an excruciating burn. While this story surprised me with some of the sweet moments between Bella and Edward, I was turned off by the idea of Bella and Carlise together. I see Carlise as a father figure to Bella and their having sex was a bit incestuous to me. Brothers I can handle, fathers I cannot. Also, Edward seemed so out of character here, I had hard time imagining him agreeing to such risky and deviant behavior. I can handle OOC Edward, but this story begins canon-like, with Edward and Bella deeply in love. His sharing her, in any manner, does not seem like something Edward would do, regardless of his family ties or their call for her blood. Although, that being said, the way the entire story was written intelligent and sexy. Sure, the fuck word was used, along with some grunting and groaning, but each coupling was unique and the Cullens finally satisfying some long denied bloodlust was very concupiscent.


So, there you have it. Our take on Unwrapped by ECullenitis. We know that with such mixed reviews that it may be hard for you to decide on whether this story is worth your time, but for hopefully our reviews will help you make that decision.

As a collective, Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady give Unwrapped an average rating of 4 on the sizzle chart. So, get nekkid and finger happy, then come on back and let us know what you thought.

Also, there's a thread for TwiSlash Unveiled over at Twilighted. Cum join in the fun through the entire week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Best~June 8th, 2009


So, here we are, one week past launch day and we've got a following. YAY! We are so freaking excited. I don't know about the other girls, but I'm still filled with trepidation. I don't want to let y'all down. I'm confident that y'all will be well satisfied TwiSlash groupies this week, because I know we've hit homeruns this time around, as well.

This Tuesday's Picks of the Week are...

Whitlock's Girl recommends for your femme slash pleasure...

Me and Mrs McCarty
by Lipsmacked and OIP Em

I was a bit behind in choosing my story this week and I was getting kind of worried because like I've said in the past, femme slash, the good kind anyway are few and far between. However, I think I've found something that is freaking FUCK-TABULOUS!

Lipsmacked is one of my favorite authors. I'll read anything with her name on it because I know that she'll never disappoint and this two-shot collaboration with OIP EM is no different.

Bella and Edward have been together for several years. They are happy and thanks to Bella's friendship with Rosalie, aka Mrs McCarty, she and Edward have expanded their sexual horizons. Satisfying each other's desires, but there's something she wants that he just can't give her.

Me and Mrs McCarty explores Bella's sexual fascination with her best friend. Bella takes advantage of every opportunity to watch Rosalie, banking the voyeuristic information for use during her "me-on-me" time, which is done lying next to a sleeping Edward, funnily enough.

Rosalie isn't oblivious to her best friend's scrutiny. She knows that Bella is into her and has mentioned that Emmett doesn't share. Is she lying or is she just playing her cards close to her chest?

Well, I'm not going to give it away. You'll just have to read it yourself to find out. Don't worry though, whether they get it on or not, Bella's fantasies alone will be more than enough to get the juices flowing. Grab your towels, you're going to need them.


The Master recommends...

Evading the Orbit
By TrampyVampies

Sometimes you read a story that, from the first words, stands above and beyond anything you have ever read before. You know it will have the power to affect you so profoundly that it will settle deep in the corners of your mind, surfacing at random moments throughout the day. “Evading the Orbit,” by newcomer TrampyVampies, is one of those rare stories. This story stands apart from the others for a few reasons, but first and foremost, the “smut” will not be what drives this plotline. Unlike most other slash stories I have read, EtO dives deeply and thoroughly into the mind of a character struggling with his sexuality. I actually have difficulty writing about Orbit, as it touches me so deeply, I simply do not know where to begin. Do you start with the wonderfully slow, almost erotic pacing? The humorous, yet blatantly honest, inner dialogue of our beloved Edward? The intense details that easily allow you to feel like a voyeur?

We have read about Darkward, Domward, Geekward, and even Fuckward, and now Orbit introduces us to GayDenseward. Edward Masen, a hardworking medical student and his best friend of four years, Jasper Hale, a criminal psych major, have found themselves abstinent for a few years due to being immersed in their studies while they strive to be the best in their respective majors. Both are shy and a bit antisocial; however, they enjoy each other’s company immensely, often debating current controversial issues over meals at Angel’s.

We learn of their close friendship, their dependence on one another, the unique way they fit together. They are so in-sync that Edward grins to himself when they walk side by side, in time with each other’s steps. Through Edward’s eyes, we are told more about their relationship, Jasper, their families, and few friends. Gradually, for reasons he does not yet understand, Edward’s observations narrow to Jasper and only Jasper: the way he tucks his hair behind his ear, his changes in breathing, the fullness of his lips. Without warning, Jasper disappears from Edward’s life for a few weeks and Edward remains oblivious to why he misses Jasper’s companionship so much. Suddenly, Jasper appears on Edward’s doorstep, ready to apologize for his behavior. Edward is almost giddy with anticipation when he realizes Jasper is going to disclose an explanation for his absence.

That is, until Jasper leans over and kisses Edward. On the lips. Edward believes it is shock that does not allow him to pull away from Jasper’s grasp. Edward believes he is unresponsive as he remains liplocked with his best friend. Edward believes he is too disoriented to protest. Edward believes he isn’t “like that.”

Even though this story is currently only three chapters, the rich details in every emotion, action and thought make it seem lengthier. Edward’s confusion over his physical reactions and feelings for his best friend lead him through denial and introspection and into illumination. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy his ride of revelations along with him. I can honestly not even begin to give enough praise for this story, as the end of each chapter leaves me speechless.

I have read each chapter several times, each time noticing details that escaped me previously. It is these details that leave me yearning, begging, for more as soon as I finish a chapter. The absolute excitement over an update alert leads me to Twitter my friends immediately upon its arrival in my inbox; the rest of the day is filled with Twitters, IMs, and text messages of “OMG did you read EtO?”

Following in Edward’s example, I will leave you with a revelation of my own.

“Evading the Orbit” is one fucking awesome story.

You can also find a thread dedicated to Evading the Orbit at Twilighted. So, be sure to stop by and leave some love for the story and TrampyVampies.


Rosella's Poly Pick is...
by EllabittenbyCullen

This story is AH/AU/OOC and the title practically speaks for itself. Bella plays the part of a bad girl/sex addict and is on a mission to fuck Papa Cullen. They both are good at their own games and are constantly trying to get the other to submit and be the one begging for the other. Along the way you quickly find out Bella isn't the only one with an addiction. This is a family that shares and Esme & Carlisle are swingers as well. It doesn't matter which Cullen pairing or pairings you're into, you will find just about every combination in this fuckhawt story!

The first chapter gets you panting with desire as you not only witness some hot femslash between Alice & Bella, but you also get a healthy dose of Bigdickward & Bella too. If that isn't enough to get you hot and bothered the second chapter will surely get the juices flowing as Emmett takes Bella for a ride, or rather she rides him. His skills put her in a frenzy that has her wanting more, but she doesn't get more from Emmett. No, she gets it from Alice & Rosalie. This quickly becomes one hot ass threesome and as the Cullen boys watch they also get it all on tape. Yes, you heard me. A videotape of the girls will come in quite handy in the future too. *evil grin*

By the time chapter four rolls around I am ready to burst, and burst I do as Jasper takes the lead. In Ella's story she has Jazz playing the role of the passionate lover who puts everything he has into sex. He gives Bella the orgasm of her life & I quickly followed suit. *wipes sweat from brow* Yes, I am a Jasper lover and this Jasper is close to my heart because he is a master of pussy eating. If you still haven't come across the Cullen pairing of your choice, well no worries, there are still plenty more chapters to read.
Bella takes the lead in 'mission DILF' by surprising Carlisle while he's in an important meeting with some fellow co-workers. I won't spill and tell you what she does exactly, but it definitely puts her in the lead. Although, she doesn’t stay in the lead for long. Carlisle takes it upon himself to surprise her as well. Again, I won't say what he does, but I will say by the time the Cullen boys find them Bella is screaming, "NO please NO MORE". This is where the story really starts to become borderline 'Cella's Secret Cravings'. Especially once Edward, Emmett, and Jasper take charge as the Doms, with Bella as their Sub. Little does she know Carlisle watches the whole thing. It becomes obvious that the boys are starting to side with him and the girls don't take too kindly to it. They simply aren't playing fair. And once Esme finds out, it becomes a battle of the sexes.

I'm not going to give away any more details. All I can tell you is before you start reading this make sure you have some privacy, or your partner around, a toy or two, and an EXTRA ABSORBENT TOWEL! Panties optional? No, I'd say CLOTHING OPTIONAL! This is one fuckhawt story that will please anyone who has an extra pervy mind. Ella, I bow down to the glory that is you.

Cella's Secret Craving of the week is...

by Kaia2008

That one single word brings different things to the minds of each person that reads it. Each of us has a fetish whether we admit it or not. Some we live out, others we keep hidden in our minds under lock and key. Fetishes can be anything from a certain type of role play to a certain object the other person wears during sex.
Personally, I never realized what the fascination with tattoo fetishes were until I read a Kaia’s tempting tale. I wanted to run off to the closest tattoo parlor after reading the hot steamy sex that played out in this one-shot.
Bella and her boyfriend, Jasper have a craving for tattoos, and Bella gets turned on from the smell of the shop alone. The story starts off innocently enough with Bella watching from a hard plastic chair as Jasper receives the next part of an extensive sleeve tattoo.
Of course, the thoughts running through Bella’s head are anything but innocent. Since the naughty vixen has the hots for not only her boyfriend, but the tattoo artist himself, Carlisle.
The story plays out with sexual tension feeling the air, and just when you think you can take no more the tattoo work is done for the day, and it’s time to cash out. Our favorite fan-fiction couple could not just leave the shop to return home for some post ink sex though.
As fate would have it, their credit card is declined and they must come up with an alternative method of payment.

Taking an interesting spin on the old Taboo of having sex for money the young hot couple, offer it as a type of payment instead.

This story quickly takes a dive into one hot slash pairing with Carlisle and Jasper have some one on one time, but why take my word for it? Go grab a towel and enjoy this delicious lemon for yourself.

Between helping me develop a new fetish for ink and throwing two of my favorite Cullen men into the mix, my secret craving for this week is Bad Credit by Kaia2008. Now who wants to go to the tattoo parlor with me? I promise I won’t tell.
There you have it, this week's picks from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady.
Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Remember your towels!
Please feel free to leave comments, questions, concerns or even suggestions.
We love hearing from you.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 4th!

Welcome once again to TwiSlash Unveiled.
We are so pleased you could join us.

Today is Thursday and as you know, Thursdays are the day that we take a piece of TwiSlash and Read, Rate and Review it,giving you, the reader, our opinions on what makes or breaks the story. This week's story tops the charts. So, without further ado, we present to you...

The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink
by DefinatelyStaying
Master Jasper's thoughts...
Sagging in bonds has never been as hot as it was when we are first introduced to “The Mistress” chapter of “The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink”. The first paragraph has us gasping right along with Edward as he tries in vain to hold off his impending orgasm. We are treated to whimpers of frustration, groans of sensation and animalistic cries of orgasms from Edward, Jasper and Bella. While the “Mistress” obviously refers to Bella, we are told the story from Edward’s submissive point of view. Mistress Bella put her submissives through their paces in serving her. Edward’s and Jasper only concern was their Mistress’s pleasure; and a bit of a friendly competition between the boys ensues. Whose name will she scream as she comes? Edward, Jasper or both? This chapter was just the first of three role playing chapters exploring the fantasies of this horny threesome.
“The Headmaster” is told from innocent, or not so innocent, Bella’s point of view. After being caught fornicating on school grounds, Edward and Bella are sent to the Headmaster’s office for some, ah, shall we say, punishment. We see Edward’s cockiness in his ability to pleasure his girlfriend turned on him when Headmaster Whitlock questions this very ability. It is up to Headmaster Whitlock to teach Edward the finer points of bringing his girlfriend to the ultimate orgasm orally, which the Headmaster does with ‘mastered’ skill. Mr. Whitlock, and all his experience, ends up teaching his students a little more than expected, but it is a certainly welcomed lesson by his eager and sexually aroused pupils. Before “The Headmaster” being sent to the principal’s office never looked so good.
Dr. Cullen is determined to get to the bottom-in more ways than one- of the sexually repressed Jasper and Bella in “The Shrink”, the third, and last, installment in this three part series. I fully admit to this being one of my favorite Jasper/Bella/Edward lemons I have ever read. Not only is it told from my darlin’ Jasper’s point of view, but it holds a very special place in my heart. Jasper thinks he is uncomfortable just talking about their sex life? Well, wait until Dr. Cullen suggests that Jasper pleasure himself while Bella observes. As you will come to find out in future reviews, Jasper masturbating is my single favorite smut activity, so needless to say, I found this particular exercise in sex therapy quite entertaining. When Dr. Cullen asks Bella if it would arouse her to watch Jasper masturbate, I answered with a resounding YES! What starts out in an exploration of sexual desires ends up being one of the hottest threesomes written. Dr. Cullen proves he can certainly take care of anyone’s sexually frustrated needs.
While DefinatelyStaying uses The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink to show us that role playing can be a thrilling experience, it is the small moments – the gentle caresses, the soft kisses, the looks of love – that make Edward, Bella, and Jasper a loving and realistic partnership. If you do not feel the need to dust off the old naughty nurse uniform after finishing this trilogy, you have not given it enough attention.
Whitlock's Girl's says...
I knew within just a few words that I was going to love this story. At the very beginning of the first chapter, DefinatelyStaying has Edward balanced precariously on the edge of passion's cliff. DS writes this balancing act to such perfection that you are instantly drawn in. The juices start flowing from the first “Oh God” to the last. Jasper and Edward do everything asked of them by Mistress Bella and they do it precisely and perfectly and oh so tantalizingly delicious. Their only desire is to please her and oh boy, do they please her(me too, if I'm honest) and they continue to do so throughout this trilogy of one shots.

I, for one, would have loved to trade places with her, as she Jasper satisfied her on his desk or as she was watching Edward and Jasper masturbate. I'm sure you'll want to trade places with Bella as well, once you give The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink a read, but alas we're relegated to being a voyeurs, but thanks to DS's marvelous talents with a “pen”, the voyeur is kept quite happy.
Stock up on the batteries and the towels, because this story, like all DefinatelyStaying's stories are FUCKHOT AWESOME! Hell, you might want to call the insurance guy and up the flood insurance because this one is going to open the flood gates.

Rosella Whitlock's take...
Reading this story was like having all my dreams come true; a fantasy put into words. Why? Because personally, Jasper, Bella & Edward are my favorite pairing and the role-playing portrayed in each chapter is erotically satisfying in every way. Who wouldn’t want to be sandwiched in between those men while they pleasured you and each other? *shivers* Yes, please!
DS does a fabulous job of making sure you’re hooked from the first sentence. Starting off in Edward’s point of view, we get to see firsthand how difficult it is to hold back an “impending, no imminent orgasm.” Especially when you find out why and who is responsible for his imminent release. *wiggles eyebrows* Mistress Bella has both men wrapped around her little finger, as both are eager to do anything she pleases. Knowing Edward’s possessive thoughts and his struggle to obey his Mistress makes you tingle and throb in places you didn’t even know existed.
The second chapter is absolutely delicious because we get to see Headmaster Jasper in action. It’s no secret Jasper is my favorite character, and when he takes control and uses his mastered skills as a man who knows his way down south I cum completely undone. DS puts us in his world through Bella’s point of view and allows us to imagine Jasper’s head between our legs as his tongue and fingers dance around our lady parts. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing then having Jasper take charge and demand that Edward give him pleasure surely will. This is my favorite chapter of the three, although each has its own compelling style.
The intensity of lust and passion continues with Dr. Cullen taking charge and getting both Bella & Jasper to confront their sexual insecurities and fantasies. This is by far one of the hottest threesomes and the last sexual position is very sensually stimulating. By the end, you are left in such an intense state of arousal that if you haven’t already broken your toy or soaked your towel, you will!
Cella Cullen's POV...
Although this particular writer is well known for her controversial story “The Forbidden Room.” It is one of her newest creations that what we are bringing to light today.
After bidding $800 at the Support Stacie auction, BlueEyes32 requested a smut filled story from one of my favorite mistresses.
Although, the story is already known to DefinatelyStaying’s followers of the aforementioned story it is relatively unknown to the rest of the slash loving readers. After working hard to invest both time and batteries into investigating this story further I can honestly say that it is grade A slash material.

A nice romantic tale about a couple spicing up their love life with a little romantic role play is sweet, but DefinatelyStaying has never been known for writing sweet stories. On the contrary, she is known for shocking her readers with twists and spins you would never see coming. This story is no different, putting her own spin on the traditional role play scenarios DefinatelyStaying has caused many wet panties with her short story “The Mistress, The Headmaster, and The Shrink”.
This slash filled three chapter story is not based around the typical happily married couple, but instead involves the poly monogamous relationship of Edward, Bella & Jasper. That’s right, all my personal favorites lined up in a nice little sexual row.
Place a cherry on top and you’re in my own personal heaven.
This unorthodox triad is happily together in a permanent relationship that is unknown to the outside world. Of course, there is no drama discussed in this story, no, it is purely one big juicy lemon for fun and pleasure.
This story is about their sex lives, and of course, who wouldn’t want to know more about that? The trio is very sexually active and we get to come along for the ride and see how they spice up their sex lives. Taking turns as they play out each other’s fantasies week after week, sound familiar?
That’s probably because DefinatelyStaying is also known for her story without a plot, “Next Weekend.” Next Weekend is a smut for smut sakes tale about Edward and his wife Bella who decide to explore each other's sexual fantasies each weekend. They go as far as involving their neighbors and close friends. As the fantasies grow so does the drama.
The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink though, has this fun-loving threesome only participating in role play, and I can put all minds at ease by stating that there are no blue eyed babies or crazy stalker neighbors involved in this tale.
The best part about this role play story is how they truly get into the mindsets of their characters. You will not have to worry about the thoughts of the person you are reading from breaking away from the role they are playing and ruining the illusion, instead you have to worry about whether you might start to believe it’s really happening.
This story will truly capture your attention from the very first paragraph in which Edward is already on the brink of a massive orgasm, and keep you dripping until the very end. Don’t feel bad when your screaming for more, because trust me, you’re not alone.
So, after much research and a lot of enjoyment I can easily declare that “The Mistress, The Headmaster, and The Shrink” tops our sizzle chart and you should run not walk to read this provocative tale.
IT'S UNANIMOUS! Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady of TwiSlash Unveiled think "The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink" is FUCKAWESOME and deserving of top honors in the the TU Sizzle Chart, 5 Sparkling Peens! Grab those extra batteries and a SUPER absorbent towel or two, because you are DEFINATELY going to need them. STAYING dry isn't an option!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday's Best~June 2nd, 2009

Are y'all as excited as we are?
We are so freaking excited to finally go live with this site and can't wait to spend every Tuesday regaling you all with some awesome slash recs from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady.

This week, Whitlock's Girl recommends for your fem slash lovin...

Paper Moon
by MsKathy

When the other Belles, Yankee Lady and I were divvying up the duties at TU, I just had to have the girls. Don't think that means I don't love the boys, believe me there is nothing I love more than Jasper being balls deep in Edward (or vice versa); them kissing, stroking and loving. Both of them grunting and moaning in ecstasy...OOPS! Sorry, got sidetracked there. *Takes deep breath and ignores the pulsing pussy for a bit* Now, where was I? Oh, right. There's nothing I like more than the boys going at it, but the girls seem to have been left on the wayside and I want to fix that. I mean, really, who would know better than another girl, what a girl really wants. So, I chose to bring you the best of the best in girl on girl action. Paper Moon by MsKathy was the first story to pop into my mind once the girls asked me what I thought my first story was going to be.

MsKathy is the fabulous author of so many great stories. The Trip Home is my personal favorite of all her stories and I jump for joy and squee like a teenage girl with Jackson in sight (sorry, Rob doesn't hold a candle in my book) whenever the alert for Trip hits my inbox. Once I read The Trip Home, I had to go search out the rest of her stories, because I knew that if they were a tenth as fabulous as The Trip Home then I was going to be a happy, happy girl. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed when I found The Discovery of Bella Swan. Discovery is a great story and features some girl on girl action that is super hot, but it's got nothing on Paper Moon.

In Paper Moon, Bella, a single girl that is in need of some lovin', shows up at Paper Moon, her favorite night club, on a Saturday night dressed to the nines. She's prowling for a "soft, pretty girl she can fuck" and Alice fills the bill. PERFECTLY! .

Bella is hot to drag Alice off to fuck, but she miscalculates Alice's readiness to hop into bed. A game of cat and mouse, ensues and after some temperature raising flirting and dancing Bella gets Alice back to the house. Once there, let's just say that you need to bring out the industrial tools for this story as things not just heat up, but they reach a Tungsten boil.

According to MsKathy, while Paper Moon started out as pure smut, there is a real meaty story in there, coming out slowly. In my opinion, the turning point that makes this a story and not just a great piece of smut are these two sentences, "Somehow, in the middle of going down on her I shifted from fucking her to making love with her. It scared me until I saw the look of adoration in her eyes." Bella, the Pussy Hunter, as I think of her in the beginning of this story, has recognized a need within herself for something other than just a piece of pussy and a good fucking and has found something she knew she wanted, but wasn't actually looking for.

While the sexing is FuckHot, things don't always go smoothly for a couple of passionate girls like Bella and Alice. Learning to love again or for the first time isn't easy as there will always be ups and downs. I, for one, am excited to see where she takes these girls and how they get there and not only for the pussy throbbing sex that's to come.

Now, if you are into the boys more than the girls, then never fear, MsKathy has got you covered. Jasper is Bella's best bud and he's a hot ass bisexual man with some baggage and Edward is Alice's older brother with some baggage of his own. They are learning and loving as well and her boys are just as fucking hot as her girls.

I've got to tell you, if you don't run straight to this story and put it on alert, I'll be sadly disappointed in our slash lovin' groupies, because you are missing something that is truly wonderful and is sure to only get better once Rose and Emmett are introduced.

You can find MsKathy frequenting Paper Moon's Twilighted thread, where she answers questions and posts teasers.


Master Jasper presents to you...
By DefinatelyStaying

My first recommendation for TwiSlash Unveiled is a story by DefinatelyStaying. This outtake from The Forbidden Room immediately became one of my favorite slashy lemons between Edward and Jasper. For the first Jasper/Edward TFR outtake, we were treated to Edward’s point of view, which we hadn’t before seen in TFR. For this outtake, the cocks have turned and we are now blessed with Jasper’s version of an Edward/Jasper tryst. Sure, it starts off innocently enough, with Edward and Jasper lounging on the deck of Jasper’s boat. But then, Edward, bare-chested in only swimming trunks, is enough to make Jasper’s mind start to wander. At Edward’s prompting, he moves to sit between Edward’s legs. My stomach did flips when Edward ghosted a finger over Jasper’s abdomen and asked, “Do you want this?” Jasper’s reply was to turn and capture Edward’s lips with his own.

While we are accustomed to the urgent, animalistic fucks between Jasper and Edward in the Room, this outtake shows us a different side of their physical relationship. Their lovemaking, not fucking, is slow, sensual, and full of emotion. There is teasing, gentle caresses, tender kisses, and mind-blowing orgasms. I highly recommend giving this outtake a shot! Knowing the characters’ pasts with each other makes this outtake even more delicious, but you do not have to have read The Forbidden Room in order to enjoy this sweet moment between these two beautiful men.

Join DefinatelyStaying on Twilighted for A House of Cards, the sequel to The Forbidden Room.


Miss Rosella Whitlock brings Rosella's Poly Pleasures. This week she's gifting us with...

Just The Three of Us
by KuntryGal

I stumbled upon this story while searching for some yummy polyslash and was melted into a pool of romance and love. Kuntrygal has taken on some of my favorite characters, Jasper/Bella/Edward and molded them into a story with the perfect balance of sweet endearing romance and steamy hot lemons. If you are a sucker for the knight in shining armor bit and would love to read a poly story that truly supports equality between all partners, than this is the story for you. If you also enjoy Jasper and Edward slash you will be plenty satisfied. The relationship portrayed between them is sinfully delightful; some of the most erotic lemons I’ve read. Trust me when I say you won’t be complaining about the level of intimacy in each chapter.

Bella is a struggling college student working two jobs, living in a crappy, sleazy rat infested motel, surrounded by creepy assholes. She meets both Edward and Jasper one night while out with some friends, and all three immediately form an intense bond. Jasper & Edward have already been a couple in hiding for quite some time, but the addition of Bella in their lives opens them up to a level of comfort that enables them to express their relationship openly. Bella is her usual danger magnet, low self-esteem, modest self, and the boys help her see herself for who she really is. They wrap her up in a blanket of endearing, heartfelt, soothing words, gentle caresses and touches, all the while making sure she sees the sexy side of herself as well.

Romance isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. The sexin’ is absolutely mouth-watering. You can’t help but imagine yourself as Bella, smack dab in the middle of the boys, enjoying all the erotic pleasure she is giving and taking. You might as well forgo the panties entirely; there will be no use for them. If you prefer toys, get them ready too. You will have plenty of orgasms reading this fabulously delicious story. I know I have!

I’ve been told that a new chapter will grace my inbox very soon, so make sure to set up your alert to stay up to date. You can also find a thread dedicated to JTToU at Twilighted. Make sure to give Kuntrygal lots of lovin’ and support. Reviews make every author happy.


Cella brings Cella's Secret Cravings to life and would like you to dirty yourself up a bit with...

Dark Salvation
by Kitten Mischief

Kitten Mischief has of course been on my alert list since I first discovered Fiberkitty, and her talented writing skills. It is no secret that I’m a fan of her work, but once combined with her fanfic wife Mischief Maker1 it’s honestly a surprise that more people have not put their trust in their writing skills.

One of their most questionable stories comes to us in the form of a Dom/ Sub relationship featuring Edward and Jasper.

Dark Salvation is a tale about a broken surgeon (Edward Cullen) who is convinced to start seeing the talented psychologist, Jasper Whitlock. If only Edward had known when he first stepped into Jasper’s office what he would be getting into.

The story starts off darker than anything I have ever read before. With two deaths, slavery, betrayal, and punishments that have you squirming in yours seats it’s easy to see why some people might click away in fear.

Of course that’s not enough to scare me away. The horrific background of Jasper’s past is a necessary evil in this tale to truly understand how he views the world, and why his relationship with Edward is so precious to him.

The lemons are anything but soft and ordinary, of course that just makes them so much more enticing. From toys and positions to whose sleeping with whom you never know what you will get when your inbox declares the newest chapter is up.

This story has something for everyone. Fem/Fem, Male/Male, Threesomes, Bondage, lovemaking, you name it and I’m pretty sure it’s there, and if it’s not who knows it may very well be in the next chapter.

That’s why to start off the TwiSlash Unveiled website I am recommending “Dark Salvation” as my secret craving of the week. For those of you who are thinking you really want to read this, but are afraid that it might label you as a pervert, go ahead and take a peak, I promise I won’t tell.

Once you've caught up reading Cella's Secret Craving of the Week, head over to Twilighted and join Kitten Mischief on the Dark Salvation thread.


Please remember to check back Thursday when we will be posting our first Read, Rate and Review. It's one awesome slash story by a FABULOUS author that's sure to deliver!