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Today is Thursday and as you know, Thursdays are the day that we take a piece of TwiSlash and Read, Rate and Review it,giving you, the reader, our opinions on what makes or breaks the story. This week's story tops the charts. So, without further ado, we present to you...

The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink
by DefinatelyStaying
Master Jasper's thoughts...
Sagging in bonds has never been as hot as it was when we are first introduced to “The Mistress” chapter of “The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink”. The first paragraph has us gasping right along with Edward as he tries in vain to hold off his impending orgasm. We are treated to whimpers of frustration, groans of sensation and animalistic cries of orgasms from Edward, Jasper and Bella. While the “Mistress” obviously refers to Bella, we are told the story from Edward’s submissive point of view. Mistress Bella put her submissives through their paces in serving her. Edward’s and Jasper only concern was their Mistress’s pleasure; and a bit of a friendly competition between the boys ensues. Whose name will she scream as she comes? Edward, Jasper or both? This chapter was just the first of three role playing chapters exploring the fantasies of this horny threesome.
“The Headmaster” is told from innocent, or not so innocent, Bella’s point of view. After being caught fornicating on school grounds, Edward and Bella are sent to the Headmaster’s office for some, ah, shall we say, punishment. We see Edward’s cockiness in his ability to pleasure his girlfriend turned on him when Headmaster Whitlock questions this very ability. It is up to Headmaster Whitlock to teach Edward the finer points of bringing his girlfriend to the ultimate orgasm orally, which the Headmaster does with ‘mastered’ skill. Mr. Whitlock, and all his experience, ends up teaching his students a little more than expected, but it is a certainly welcomed lesson by his eager and sexually aroused pupils. Before “The Headmaster” being sent to the principal’s office never looked so good.
Dr. Cullen is determined to get to the bottom-in more ways than one- of the sexually repressed Jasper and Bella in “The Shrink”, the third, and last, installment in this three part series. I fully admit to this being one of my favorite Jasper/Bella/Edward lemons I have ever read. Not only is it told from my darlin’ Jasper’s point of view, but it holds a very special place in my heart. Jasper thinks he is uncomfortable just talking about their sex life? Well, wait until Dr. Cullen suggests that Jasper pleasure himself while Bella observes. As you will come to find out in future reviews, Jasper masturbating is my single favorite smut activity, so needless to say, I found this particular exercise in sex therapy quite entertaining. When Dr. Cullen asks Bella if it would arouse her to watch Jasper masturbate, I answered with a resounding YES! What starts out in an exploration of sexual desires ends up being one of the hottest threesomes written. Dr. Cullen proves he can certainly take care of anyone’s sexually frustrated needs.
While DefinatelyStaying uses The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink to show us that role playing can be a thrilling experience, it is the small moments – the gentle caresses, the soft kisses, the looks of love – that make Edward, Bella, and Jasper a loving and realistic partnership. If you do not feel the need to dust off the old naughty nurse uniform after finishing this trilogy, you have not given it enough attention.
Whitlock's Girl's says...
I knew within just a few words that I was going to love this story. At the very beginning of the first chapter, DefinatelyStaying has Edward balanced precariously on the edge of passion's cliff. DS writes this balancing act to such perfection that you are instantly drawn in. The juices start flowing from the first “Oh God” to the last. Jasper and Edward do everything asked of them by Mistress Bella and they do it precisely and perfectly and oh so tantalizingly delicious. Their only desire is to please her and oh boy, do they please her(me too, if I'm honest) and they continue to do so throughout this trilogy of one shots.

I, for one, would have loved to trade places with her, as she Jasper satisfied her on his desk or as she was watching Edward and Jasper masturbate. I'm sure you'll want to trade places with Bella as well, once you give The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink a read, but alas we're relegated to being a voyeurs, but thanks to DS's marvelous talents with a “pen”, the voyeur is kept quite happy.
Stock up on the batteries and the towels, because this story, like all DefinatelyStaying's stories are FUCKHOT AWESOME! Hell, you might want to call the insurance guy and up the flood insurance because this one is going to open the flood gates.

Rosella Whitlock's take...
Reading this story was like having all my dreams come true; a fantasy put into words. Why? Because personally, Jasper, Bella & Edward are my favorite pairing and the role-playing portrayed in each chapter is erotically satisfying in every way. Who wouldn’t want to be sandwiched in between those men while they pleasured you and each other? *shivers* Yes, please!
DS does a fabulous job of making sure you’re hooked from the first sentence. Starting off in Edward’s point of view, we get to see firsthand how difficult it is to hold back an “impending, no imminent orgasm.” Especially when you find out why and who is responsible for his imminent release. *wiggles eyebrows* Mistress Bella has both men wrapped around her little finger, as both are eager to do anything she pleases. Knowing Edward’s possessive thoughts and his struggle to obey his Mistress makes you tingle and throb in places you didn’t even know existed.
The second chapter is absolutely delicious because we get to see Headmaster Jasper in action. It’s no secret Jasper is my favorite character, and when he takes control and uses his mastered skills as a man who knows his way down south I cum completely undone. DS puts us in his world through Bella’s point of view and allows us to imagine Jasper’s head between our legs as his tongue and fingers dance around our lady parts. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing then having Jasper take charge and demand that Edward give him pleasure surely will. This is my favorite chapter of the three, although each has its own compelling style.
The intensity of lust and passion continues with Dr. Cullen taking charge and getting both Bella & Jasper to confront their sexual insecurities and fantasies. This is by far one of the hottest threesomes and the last sexual position is very sensually stimulating. By the end, you are left in such an intense state of arousal that if you haven’t already broken your toy or soaked your towel, you will!
Cella Cullen's POV...
Although this particular writer is well known for her controversial story “The Forbidden Room.” It is one of her newest creations that what we are bringing to light today.
After bidding $800 at the Support Stacie auction, BlueEyes32 requested a smut filled story from one of my favorite mistresses.
Although, the story is already known to DefinatelyStaying’s followers of the aforementioned story it is relatively unknown to the rest of the slash loving readers. After working hard to invest both time and batteries into investigating this story further I can honestly say that it is grade A slash material.

A nice romantic tale about a couple spicing up their love life with a little romantic role play is sweet, but DefinatelyStaying has never been known for writing sweet stories. On the contrary, she is known for shocking her readers with twists and spins you would never see coming. This story is no different, putting her own spin on the traditional role play scenarios DefinatelyStaying has caused many wet panties with her short story “The Mistress, The Headmaster, and The Shrink”.
This slash filled three chapter story is not based around the typical happily married couple, but instead involves the poly monogamous relationship of Edward, Bella & Jasper. That’s right, all my personal favorites lined up in a nice little sexual row.
Place a cherry on top and you’re in my own personal heaven.
This unorthodox triad is happily together in a permanent relationship that is unknown to the outside world. Of course, there is no drama discussed in this story, no, it is purely one big juicy lemon for fun and pleasure.
This story is about their sex lives, and of course, who wouldn’t want to know more about that? The trio is very sexually active and we get to come along for the ride and see how they spice up their sex lives. Taking turns as they play out each other’s fantasies week after week, sound familiar?
That’s probably because DefinatelyStaying is also known for her story without a plot, “Next Weekend.” Next Weekend is a smut for smut sakes tale about Edward and his wife Bella who decide to explore each other's sexual fantasies each weekend. They go as far as involving their neighbors and close friends. As the fantasies grow so does the drama.
The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink though, has this fun-loving threesome only participating in role play, and I can put all minds at ease by stating that there are no blue eyed babies or crazy stalker neighbors involved in this tale.
The best part about this role play story is how they truly get into the mindsets of their characters. You will not have to worry about the thoughts of the person you are reading from breaking away from the role they are playing and ruining the illusion, instead you have to worry about whether you might start to believe it’s really happening.
This story will truly capture your attention from the very first paragraph in which Edward is already on the brink of a massive orgasm, and keep you dripping until the very end. Don’t feel bad when your screaming for more, because trust me, you’re not alone.
So, after much research and a lot of enjoyment I can easily declare that “The Mistress, The Headmaster, and The Shrink” tops our sizzle chart and you should run not walk to read this provocative tale.
IT'S UNANIMOUS! Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady of TwiSlash Unveiled think "The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink" is FUCKAWESOME and deserving of top honors in the the TU Sizzle Chart, 5 Sparkling Peens! Grab those extra batteries and a SUPER absorbent towel or two, because you are DEFINATELY going to need them. STAYING dry isn't an option!


Anonymous said...

A great story, indeed! Wonderful way to start off your reviews, guys. :)

DefinatelyStaying said...

WOW. I am truly honored. Thank you so much for showcasing the story and for promoting some of the rest of my work. I am so glad that you enjoyed the story - it was a blast to write. :)

Jen said...

Great first rec...even though I've already read it (I had to fill my time between TFR and HOC somehow) I could read it over and over