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Tuesday's Best~June 23rd, 2009

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It's TUESDAY and we're here with our Picks of the Week.

We love that you choose to share your time with us and hope you know just how much we appreciate the love and support you give us each day. We squee like fan girls chasing the Major when we see someone new has added a button of ours to their siggy. BUT...the biggest fangirl moment this week was when one of the TwiSlash Unveiled girls popped onto a new Edward/Jasper story and said, "We've found you" and the author and beta started gushing with excitement. They went as far as calling us celebrities. Totally felt the love and we thank you!

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Donna's Girly action...

Lessons in Learning by rickyc717 really grabbed my attention this week and I just had to recommend it to you.

Alice is a non-traditional college student. She's worked for one of the top fashion designer's in the world and having never attended college the fashion house sends her to school to help further her career. On her first day of class she walks into an American Civil Liberties class completely disgruntled with being there. She doesn't get politics and bemoans the fact that the political world is filled with "rich white men of America" that have no clue what the general American public want or need.

She's carted her sketchbook to class with her, but once she hears the clicking sound in the hallway she's hooked. Not in a good way at first. This class, this teacher, is the only thing standing between Alice and the Bachelor's degree she so covets. Alice seems even more pissed that she's going to be stuck with a "socially stunted middle aged woman who has no idea how to dress". Well, that is until the heel clicker walks in wearing a pair of red bottomed, stiletto heeled Christian Louboutin's.

Alice is even more intriqued with this woman as she rakes her eyes up over the Prada and Coach that accompanies the Christian Louboutin's and the beautiful vision pulling them all together, but as class begins, it's not just the vision of hotness that draws Alice to Professor Cullen, but rather her take no prisoners attitude and quick witted intellect.

Bella Cullen may be hot, but she's also vivacious and tenacious and will rake your ass over the coals in seconds. It's this passage that capture's Alice's complete attention.

It felt like she almost held a wee bit of contempt for this Michael Newton. I listened as he blathered on about something. It was getting more and more bizarre as time went on; it felt like he was talking himself in circles. Finally Dr. Cullen got off her desk and made her way over to Newton, her arms crossed posture stiff.

“Michael, why are you in this class?” She leaned over, her cleavage in front of him. It was a wonder he could even think straight with all the blood rushing from his brain.

“Umm… I like Political Science?” He stuttered out, his phrase sounding like a question. He looked uncomfortable.

“Then how is it Michael, if you like Political Science so damn much that you can’t name me a damn court case despite the fact that you’ve been in four of my classes and taken Constitutional Law? Did you think I honestly didn’t notice if you made up a bullshit case? Do you think I like to be fed shit Michael?”

Part of me wanted to laugh. The expression on Newton’s face was almost comical despite the fact that it was so serious. Dr. Cullen looked like she wished she could shoot fire out of her eyes and Mike looked like he was going to piss his pants as he slunk even lower into his chair. I found myself very intrigued with Dr. Cullen. I could already tell two things about her. One, she was very passionate about what she did and two; she was not someone you wanted to mess with.

The story progresses through the semester with Bella and Alice growing closer and closer, developing a friendship and toying with the line between friends and lovers and also with the line of propriety between a teacher and her student. Bella distances herself from Alice trying to keep from crossing the line in the sand that she knows she can't morally step across.

Once the semester ends, they can no longer help themselves and a fullblown, smut filled love affair takes flight. The smexin' is FUCKAWESOME and hotter than hell, but it was this little piece of sweetness that hooked me...

I smiled as she gushed about her new playlist. She gave me a huge smile as the first strains of Norwegian Wood began to play and took my hands pulling me from the couch.

“Dance with me.” She said as she started twirling around the room. As if I could ever refuse her especially with her warm hands still clutching mine. We whirled around tighter and tighter, our bodies moving closer and closer until we were pressed against one another. She took her hand, still in mine and stroked the back of her hand over my cheek before leaning in, touching her forehead to mine. Her eyes held desire, longing, and something I couldn’t identify. Her lips inched closer to mine and touched lightly before she moved her head to the right, her cheek to mine.

“I can’t” she whispered, pain evident in her voice. “God knows I want to, I want you so bad Alice Brandon but I can’t” She moved her body away from mine and went to sit at her desk. I needed her to know, to understand I would go to the ends of the earth for her. I walked to her desk and sat on the edge and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Bella, I want you so bad I can’t even think straight sometimes. I’ve wanted you since the beginning of the semester. I knew that nothing could ever happen while you were still my professor and that was if you would ever feel the same way about me as I feel about you. I get that. If you do feel the same way about me as I feel about you, I’ll wait. I’ll wait for as long as you need me to.” With that, I got up off the desk and headed out of the office.

This story is so well written and truly beautiful. With only eight chapters posted, there's sure to be LOADS more to come. (pun intended) Hope you enjoy it.

See you Thursday!


The Master's Boys Pick of the Week...

The Doctor’s Son
By michellemybelle202

This story has been sitting on my ‘to read’ list for at least a month now, and I finally got around to opening it up and was more than pleased at what I found in this hidden gem of a slash story. “The Doctor’s Son” by michellemybell202 started off as a one-shot, but will now be a multiple chapter story, although it is currently only two chapters. It is about a divorced Dr. Jasper Whitlock, who has recently moved to Forks, Washington after accepting a position with the Cullen Family Practice. Due to some plumbing issues while remodeling his home, Jasper is forced to find a place to stay for about a week. Dr. Carlisle Cullen offers a room at his house with his family. There, Jasper meets Edward, a medical student at Stanford and Carlisle’s son. For Jasper, it is hard on at first sight. They develop a quick friendship during Jasper’s brief stay with daily runs, and nightly dinners and conversations. On Jasper’s last night at the Cullen’s, Edward catches him fresh from the shower when he walks into Jasper’s bedroom. It is Edward’s blushing reaction that leads Jasper to take a chance, entering Edward’s bedroom later that night with the intention of just wanting to ‘make Edward feel good’. This is when things will change…for them both.

After a steamy summer romance, Edward returns to Stanford while Jasper continues this work for Carlisle. At school, Edward meets another student, Bella, and they begin a relationship. Here is where the story gets very interesting. While he and Jasper have agreed to date others, Bella is more than just a casual thing to Edward. How will Jasper react to having to share ‘his’ Edward with another woman? Not only was this story smoking hot with the physical interactions between Jasper and Edward, but the introduction of Bella came as a surprise to me, especially the close relationship she and Edward seem to share.

I am more than curious to see where michellemybelle takes this story, as there are so many options she can choose. Honestly, I am bit leery at the idea of another threesome story, as they are a difficult genre in which to succeed. Let’s admit it, it is difficult to satisfy all the ‘teams’ in a threesome story, even when not all partners are sexually involved, a group of readers are always left unsatisfied at best, royally fucking pissed off at worst (been there, done that). There have been very few stories that have been able to pull off a satisfying, not even happy, ending for everyone involved. Often a threesome fic, means the eventual introduction of a fourth character to keep the third wheel company and provide everyone with a happily ever after. Usually, though not always, this new character is Alice and she is used so very conveniently to keep Jasper up at nights, so that Edward and Bella can run off into the sunset together. Considering both Jasper and Edward are bisexual in this story, I can, unfortunately, see this happening very easily. I do hope that this story remains true to the “Edward/Jasper” slash genre and does not stray too far into that threesome danger zone. I know I will be adding this story to alerts and following it chapter by chapter to see exactly how michellebybelle pulls it off and to see which character, if any, suffer a broken heart.

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Rosella's Poly Pick...

Over the Hill
by MademoiselleCelia

I'm keeping my word and making sure my weekly rec's are well rounded, so here's one for the wolf lovers.

It's Jacob's 40th birthday and his wife Nessie wants to give him a present that he will never forget. Jacob has always wanted to experience a threesome, but little does he know that Nessie has often fantasized about one as well.

Nessie asks Leah to help make this dream become a reality and Leah is more than willing to participate as she is still single and lacking a sex life of her own. The two wolves and the half vampire know how to get down and dirty and this storyline doesn't take long to get straight to it.

This one-shot is very well written and easy to follow. So, if you are more into the wolves than the vamps and don't mind some femslash, this will certainly get your juices flowing. I definitely felt the need to grab a towel and a toy, and you all know how much I prefer vamps. Give it a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed. And remember, I warned you...this is for the wolf lovers!


Cella's Secret Craving...

by Jayeliwood

Edward and Bella have a perfect relationship. They are a loving and kind couple with great careers and amazing friends, but when Bella’s old friend Alice invites them over for a dinner party their world is turned upset down.

Edward had no desire to attend the get together at Alice’s large estate, but he’d do anything for his sweet Bella. He had planned to have a boring night. He had also planned to forget each of the boring people he would meet there before the night was over. Of course things do not always go as planned.

Enter Jasper Whitlock, the handsome sex therapist that Edward cannot seem to keep his eyes off of. Edward drives himself insane trying to understand his unnatural attraction to Jasper.

None of it matters though when the blonde haired sex god corners Edward in the bathroom during the evening. Jasper, of course, causes Edward to question his own sexuality as well as his relationship with Bella.

Edward is positive he loves his sweet wonderful girlfriend, and decides to prove this to both himself and Jasper. That night Edward takes Bella farther than they had ever gone before sexually in an effort to prove to himself that he is a man, and not gay.

What happens when the couple receives their next invite to another party at Alice’s?

Because of cheating a boyfriend, hot bathroom encounters, and some light bondage at the end that will have you begging for release I am recommending "Unplanned" by Jayeliwood.

So go ahead and sneak off to the bathroom for a little read. I promise I won’t tell.


So, there you have it. Yet another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash recommendations from the Major's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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