Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday's Best 10/27/12

I know, I seriously suck. However, in my defense, I work full-time, have 3 kids, my husband is starting a new career and will be out of town for 7 weeks, oh and I went back to school full time as well. Sorry. With that all off my chest, to be perfectly honest, I totally let the blog slip my mind this week, so my rec is MIA. MizzDee is a trooper though, so here is hers. I will treat you to an extra next week. Sorry.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday's Best - 10/20/2012

Again I am keeping this short and sweet. I'm wiped. My middle child has just finished her first swim meet. OMG was that a learning experience.

Congrats to all the Slash/Backslash 4.0 winners. I remember how awesomely gratifying it felt when I won my fanfic awards. There is very little like it.


Last week we announced the winners for SBS4, and this week we’re back with reviews. Once again, thank you to all the authors and artists who participated and made this another shining example of the Twi-slash community. This week we bring you the banners awarded to our winners, and the judges’ reviews. These gorgeous banners were created by Ms_Ambrosia, artist extraordinaire. Please visit her at FicPics for all your graphic needs ;-). These banners are taller so they can be used on FFnet if so desired.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slash/Backslash 4.0 Reveals

Slash/Backslash 4.0 Reveals and Winner's Circle

Ladies and gents, I know you've all been waiting for a while to find out who's behind the latest round of slash stories (and imagery!) to come from the Slash/Backslash 4.0 contest. Well, wait no longer! The answers are right here and TwiSlash Unveiled is honored to be able to share them with you. First off, introductions:

Hosts: avioleta, Capricorn75
Judges: avioleta, Capricorn75, donnersun, Chicklette, and Prassacut

The Slash/Backslash 4.0 winners are in!  But first, let’s reveal all of the talented authors and artists who contributed this year.

Saturday's Best - October 12th, 2012

Hello my fellow Slash lovers. Connie and MizzDee are here today bringing you a couple of great recs. I'm in a rush, so enjoy. 

SLASH/BACKSLASH 4.0 contest results will be posted later today!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tuesday's Best now on Saturday - 10/6/12

Good Saturday morning my lovelies!! As a child I always watched Saturday Morning Cartoons and it just hit me that we here at TU are providing all of you with an adult version of SMC. LOL! I love it!!! Enjoy and I hope this gets your Saturday off to a great start.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apologies & an update

I'm so sorry that this week's post is late. However, in my defense, my husband was hospitalized two weeks ago with a suspected heart attack at age 37 and the job I loved has been yanked out from under my feet and I've been transferred to a new division. Needless to say, LIFE SUCKS.

With that said, when TwiSlash was started, I was a stay-at-home mother that had no problems with posting first thing on Tuesday mornings. Now, I have a three kids that catch the bus at 7am and job I'm not in love where I must be at work by 8am. Since I refuse to let this blog die, I am moving Tuesday's Best to Saturday. This way I will have Friday evenings to work on the post and it will go live on Saturday morning. I hope to see you all reading and enjoying our posts on our new day.

Much love,

Whitlock's Girl

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Special Edition: Read All About It!

Hey folks,

I'm just dropping by with a quick announcement. 

The voting polls for Slash/Backslash 4.0 are up! Have you read all the stories yet? If not, you'd better hurry because the polls close on Saturday, October 6 at 11:59pm Pacific time! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Best 9/25/12

Yes, I know I'm only about 12 hours late with the post today. What can I say? Mornings suck.

Please be sure to check out the tidbits at the end of the recs. There are some blog news and contest info there.

Without further ado...