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Tuesday's Best 9/25/12

Yes, I know I'm only about 12 hours late with the post today. What can I say? Mornings suck.

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So, I went fic diving again.

And this time one author led to another, one story to the next and I found the all time favorite author theladyingrey42 with an old O/S that was new to me.

We both played a good game of hiding it – I my lust and he his revulsion.
Deeper Waters is Edward & Jasper is all their vamp glory.

What happens when even with their powers misunderstandings come between them?
"It's wrong. What I want."

I wanted to tell him to stay out of my head, but we knew each other far too well. Alone amongst our coven, he and Alice shared the burden of always having to receive with me.

"That's why she left."

I looked up to see his eyes gazing in anguish at me. "Alice?"

"Of course." He heard my silent question, and he answered me. "She saw something she didn't want to see."
Their attraction is undeniable, the whole family feels their tension. Alice left to give them their moment, so they could finally face each other.

And I told him with my thoughts that it was all right. I took his doubt and all the loathing I had never understood and answered it with what I had.

With want. With love.

I slipped my hand down his skin until our fingers intertwined, warning him of every motion in my thoughts. Still, he let me.

I turned toward the ocean, moving fast across the sand until its warmth lapped at my feet.

And then I pulled him under with me.
What follows, you will have to read it on you own...but keep in mind we go underwater and vampires do not need to come out for air ;)

If this is not your first time reading theladyingrey42 you know she writes HOT, smexy times.

If it is your first theladyingrey42´s then go check her profile for some AMAZING fics, including Our Lives Unbound a Bella & Edward fic that will leave you panting.

Leave some love for her while you are there.

See you all next time.


Whitlock's Girl

So, I guess it's my turn and I'm still stuck with the boys of QaF. I just can't help myself when it comes to them. I think it has something to do with the fact that I hated the ending. However, I just recently ran across a beautiful True Blood poly story.

This week I bring to you Conzieu's Spin and Fall. Conzieu is one of my favorite authors, in any fandom. She weaves together truly amazing stories.She's wrote for Harry Potter as well as Queer as Folk and if her QaF stories are anything to go by her HP stories are most likely amazing as well.

Now if you're a QaF fan, Spin and Fall is going to be a HUGE step into AU territory. Brian Kinney is a TOP. It's like knowing that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. It just is. In Spin and Fall, Brian has urges that he can only deny for so long.And when the time comes, he packs his bags, leaves town, uses his middle name and always pays in cash.
Though the early signs were always the same, he always chose to ignore them.

It would start with a shift in his backroom behavior. Instead of several blowjobs a night followed by one good fuck, it shifted slowly so that pretty soon there were no blow jobs, and he was fucking two or three tricks a night. Then he started taking longer lunches, and squeezing in a visit to the baths for a lunchtime fuck. Yet as days went by, he was less and less satisfied. He then progressed to four fucks a night, plus two at lunch time, but still it seemed that as soon as he put his dick back in his pants, he needed another fuck.

It was usually around that time that he admitted to himself that his body craved something he was not giving it. What he needed, though he was loathe to admit it, even at this late a stage, was a cock up the ass. He needed to get fucked, to enjoy every queer’s right and privilege to have a dick buried in his rear end, to have his ass pounded into, to - god help him - be a bottom.
This time Brian, aka Aiden's typical bottom boy trip is FUBAR'd by the one and only JT. JT, aka Justin Taylor is young and looks even younger. He's strong, slight, smart, funny, beautiful and he throws Brian into a tailspin from the beginning.

As he was on the second half of his ride, he noticed a blond boy on the stretching mat.

He was amazingly limber, touching his toes without any visible effort, and going through some challenging yoga positions. He had a lean body, with good muscle definition and very strong glutes and quads. In other words, he was hot as fuck and had a fabulous ass. He was not at all Brian’s usual type. Brian was normally attracted to tall, well built, dark haired men, not short blond twinks, but there was something about this kid. He was pale, but not in a sickly way, and not in the “I haven’t seen the sun in eight months” way sported by most Seattleites around him. His hair was golden, his skin luminous. In his red running tights and a grey, sweaty t-shirt, he looked delectable, if hardly a day over seventeen. Surely he was older than that. All the other patrons were obviously at least of college age.
Now, I know that I've whetted your appetite, but believe me this is just the beginning. Spin and Fall is huge. We're talking many, many chapters of hot sex...

Then he stepped cautiously into Brian’s personal space, and, never breaking eye contact, put his left hand behind Brian’s neck and pulled him down in a kiss. Brian may have had six inches, twenty-five ponds and twelve years on him, but there was no doubt who was in charge here. JT’s tongue entered Brian’s mouth like conquered territory, and his right hand expertly undid the remaining buttons of Brian’s fly and gripped his dick. That hand definitely knew what it was about. In thirty seconds Brian was so hard his whole body seemed to vibrate.

Next thing he knew, his pants were down around his ankles, and his cock was in JT’s hot wet mouth, getting the blowjob of a lifetime. Brian was leaning on the window, his head thrown back, totally at the mercy of the lips and tongue that were rocking his world. He was incredibly close to coming when he found himself somehow maneuvered to the couch, kneeling on the thick rug, his now naked torso resting on the cushion. How the fuck he had gotten there and where the fuck his shirt and pants had gone was a total mystery, but there was no doubt that JT’s moist burning tongue was rimming him within an inch of insanity.

He knew he was letting more sounds escape from his lips than he ever did, and that soon he was actually begging shamelessly, but he didn’t give a fuck. One of JT’s hands came to his dick, the other played with his nipples and that tongue… god of holy fuck, that tongue was doing incredibly, disgustingly, amazingly pleasurable things in his asshole and he helplessly came, screaming incoherently, just pumping cum into that knowing palm, almost sure he was dying and not caring at all.  

and heart wrenching angst...
Justin fought them, but even with his eyes closed tight, the tears of anger escaped. He felt the impotent rage that would eat him alive if he let it roar with the blood in his ears. He took three deep slow breaths, and pushed it back. Even to his own ears his voice sounded too flat as he said, “I’m sorry, Aidan. I cannot give you what you need.”

“Not ever.”


Aidan kissed his temple, perhaps acknowledging the inevitable end of what they’d had, even as he kept his arm around Justin. Justin tried in vain to go to sleep. Instead, he memorized the sounds Aidan made, the scent of his skin, the warmth of his touch, the rhythm of his breath. Aidan’s next words almost an hour later were so soft, he didn’t jump or even flinch.

“Then I’ll take what you can give, JT.

Keep reading. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the author and her characters.

By the way, hop on over to the Slash/Backslash 4.0. I'm told there's already an entry or two. Or do one better and write an entry. I just know there's a few gems waiting to be told. Come on, join in on the fun. 
Or, if you don't feel up to writing, they also allow art in this round. Give it a go. Have fun. And spread the slash-love.


TwiSlash is still looking for a few people to help with spreading that slash-love. Job is not hard. You just tell us about your favorite stories. It's like talking to a friend, only without the filter. If you know an awesome story, but it's outside the boundaries of the Twilight fandom, that's okay. We know that a lot of you have ventured into other fandoms, and TU wants to share it with you. Just leave a comment to this post with contact info, or ping me (Whitlock's Girl) on twitter or google chat. Don't be shy. We'd love to have you!!


Stop back by next week when TwiSlash will be post a few more awesome stories. Until then, happy reading.

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