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Tuesday's Best - 9/4/12

Hello all! I can't believe it's already September. Know what that means? That's right Breaking Dawn 2 is another month closer. My only hope is that Major Whitlock makes a larger (*giggles*) appearance. Sorry for the pun, couldn't help myself.

So, this week is the very first week I'll be posting a rec in AGES!!! I'm kinda excited. I'm also very excited to be working with the new (to me)/old (to you) blood that Nae brought on board. I've read their recs and they are so amazing. It's no wonder TU is still going so strong.

Ok, enough of my babbling. On with the panty-wetting goodness we bring to you today.


 Whitlock's Girl

This week I'm going to jump back into this blogging thing with both feet and give you all a double treat. My first rec back is Unanswered Questions written Sparabella. A beautiful story that features my fave two boys - Emmett/Jasper. Emmett is the buff quarterback ladies man. Jasper is the geeky, nerd boy by day, but a rocker by night. A chance encounter between our geek and Emmett's fellow teammates brings our two heroes together in the most delicious way possible. Here's you a tiny taste...

He pulled up to the curb, putting the truck in park, and we sat in silence for a few long moments as a war raged in my mind. I wanted him to know. I wanted to show him how I'd thought and felt these past few months and what his very presence did to me.

I glanced over at him to find his eyes on me, studying me in a strange and calm manner, looking through those black-rimmed glasses and the locks that fell onto his forehead. He pulled me to him with those green eyes, and pushing all other thoughts from my head, I leaned over the space separating us and pressed my lips tightly to his.

I was first struck by how soft his lips were, much softer than they looked, but so much more powerful than any pair I'd kissed before as he pressed them into mine with a soft moan. The sound simultaneously shot two separate signals to warring parts of my anatomy. One signal went straight to my cock, demanding an attention it never had before this day, a new attention, a new need. The second signal went to my mind sending off alarms throughout every logical part of me.

I pulled back immediately, my eyes darting to his. They were now heavy with need and lust but tinged with confusion and something else I didn't recognize.

"Shit," I sighed, squeezing my eyes shut for a moment, before forcing myself to open them once more, "I'm sorry, Jasper. I...this...this isn't right. This isn't me. I'm not...look, I think I'm drunk. I had one too many drinks tonight, and I just...I'm sorry."

I forced myself to meet his gaze. The lust and want had disappeared, and in them I found something that terrified me worse than my confusion, his pain.

"So this was just a little experiment, Emmett? A stupid frat-boy dare? What, any gay guy would do? The first you stumbled across?" he laughed in a strange huff, shaking his head as my mind swirled with how to make this better, "You're no better than any of them, you know that? You say Jake is an asshole, Emmett, but you're so much worse. At least he came right out and said what he thought."

My stomach lurched violently as panic covered my senses. This wasn't right. I couldn't let this happen, not when I'd gotten so close to him, to tasting him, to wanting him so badly that I'd be willing to give up everything else for it, for him. I steeled myself. This was it. I couldn't toy with his emotions and I couldn't continue to go back and forth with my own intentions.

He kissed me back. He had to, on some level, want this as much as I did, as much as I had for the past several months. With that in mind, I made up my mind. He was who I wanted.

"No! Damn it," I sighed, making myself look into his eyes and the hurt that I had caused, "No. It's not like that. Jasper I...I really like you. I have for a long time now, and I...I don't know how to handle that, you know? I've never wanted a guy before you, and I will admit that it confuses the fuck out of me."

His eyes widened as they searched my own.

"You want me, Emmett?"

I swallowed hard. This was it; my defining moment of truth.

"Yes. It's not a joke; it's not a game. I've never felt this way about anyone, Jasper."
Yep! I'm that freaking evil. Click the link above to see what happens next. 


Hello Ladies! How´s everyone doing today? I am back in the office after my holidays and let me tell you I do not want to be here, at all. So, the best way to escape my inbox is by reading slash :)
You are all probably enjoying Labor Day weekend and sipping cocktails...so to add some fun to your weekend I'll bring you the boylove.

Here we are with an oldie, a sweet O/S written for the In the Closet Contest back in 2010.

The story is Square Peg Round Hole by teacupsNmints and it is a high-school story with a coming out theme.

Don't you all love young boys coming out and being in love? What I like the most about this kind of stories is that they have HEA.

So here we have a very shy, inadequate Edward - a boy who feels can't be himself in a society that is not ready yet to accept him.

Occasionally, in this society, a person will risk everything to hide the fact that they have less than traditional desires. So afraid of losing acceptance; terrified of what others might think. I, Edward Cullen, hide within my own skin and pretend to be like everyone else.

Square Peg Round Hole is told in a diary shape, making it very easy and entertaining to read. You see the world and Forks High from Edward´s POV with the ups and downs.

Weightlifting becomes my guilty pleasure. Guys sweating. Adrenaline flowing. Blood pumping. I savor every second, often remaining on the equipment long after the others have gone. I need to regain my composure. Weightlifting is still very much a mistake.

And with the very moment he sets eyes on the one person that will put him out of his hidden place and into the world.

He's in my Math class. Jasper. Sits way in the back. How could I have never noticed him? I try to think of a way to start a conversation when he approaches me on the way out of class. "Aren't you Alice's brother?" he asks. When I answer he just says "Sweet." What does that mean?

Alice plays the traditional matchmaking role between the boys.

While reading I have to be honest, you get that feeling - butterflies in your tummy - I guess it takes you back to you very own teen years and you remember exactly how it felt.

So go and read it, and leave some love for teacupsNmints while you are there and let me know what you all think about it.

See you next time.


In the meantime, why don't you hop on over to the Slash/Backslash 4.0? I'm told there's already an entry or two. Or do one better and write an entry. I just know there's a gem waiting to be told. Come on, join in on the fun. Or, if you don't feel up to writing, they also allow art in this round. Give it a go. Have fun. And spread the slash-love.

Also, TwiSlash is still looking for a few good people to help with spreading that slash-love. Know an awesome story, but it's outside the boundaries of the Twilight fandom? That's okay. We know that a lot of you have ventured into other fandoms, and TU wants to share it with you. Just leave a comment to this post with contact info, or ping me (Whitlock's Girl) and I'll pass it along.


Stop back by next week when MizzDee and I will be posting a few more awesome stories. Oh and to get us started down the path of our new evilness, I will be posting a rec for one of my favorite stories from another fandom.  

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