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Tuesday's Best 9/11/12

Hello all! First, let me apologize for the post being late. I know you are all used to waking up on Tuesday's to TU's Tuesday's Best, but well, L I F E got in the way. Secondly, today there is only one rec because well, I suck and I don't mean in the positive, life-affirming way that makes the Peen happy either.

Ok, enough of my babbling. On with the panty-wetting goodness MizzDee has brought you today.


Hello, my loves. You all have to know by now how much KellanCougar owns my heart. Well, that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Her new story Waiting for the Sound of Thunder is such an amazing story that lifted me up and pulled at my heart at the same time. How does she do it? Let’s read and see, shall we??


One is a shy, awkward city boy.
The other is a laid back country boy.

When they meet, a very unlikely friendship is formed.

"Who are you?"

I looked him over, seeing smart, city clothes and shoes already covered with dust. His hair was neatly combed and from what I could see, his hands were clean. He couldn't have looked more out of place if he'd tried.

I sat up and shaded my eyes.

"I'm Jasper. You moving in next door?"

"Yeah; my dad lost his job and we had to leave the city and buy somewhere cheap, mom said." He looked down for a moment and then back at me. "You're all dirty."


"Mom goes mad if I get dirty." He looked down at his feet, saw the dust and rubbed the shoes with his hands.

"Don't you have any old clothes to wear? I wear my brother's old stuff to get dirty in. You can't stay clean living here, it's too dusty."

He looked awkward.

"So – can I hang out with you?"

And that's how I met Edward.
Through the years, they became the best of friends. Always together…completely inseparable. The two had big dreams for their lives and their future; they had it all planned, but Edward’s parents had their own ideas.

At eighteen, Edward was being sent away to live and work back in the big city. It wasn’t something either of them wanted and neither could bear to say goodbye.

Under a bruised sky, out of sight of everyone with only the birds and the insects to bear witness, I stopped walking and pulled him into a tight hug. It was spontaneous and impulsive and I held onto him like a drowning man who may never see land again. He didn't resist, and I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to feel. When arms found their way around me I held on tight, struggling to hold back shameful tears. I could feel the loneliness encroaching and knew I had to endure it along with the very real possibility that he might not return at all.

"It's only three months."

It might as well have been three years.

His voice sounded choked. Neither of us broke the embrace.

"I wish you weren't going."

"And I wish you were coming with me."

He pulled back to look into my face.

"I'm coming back, Jasper. I promise."
Jasper and Edward wrote each other often, one always telling the other that they missed being together. That was until Edward’s letters changed, become less frequent and cold like they were simple acquaintances. Jasper recognized the difference and wondered what changed. It wasn’t until Jasper overheard a conversation between their mothers that he finally found out why.

Esme was overjoyed that her plan was working, and I frowned. My mom must have thought the same way as me as she asked Esme what she meant by that. Esme's bright, excited voice filled my ears as she spoke of her hopes that Edward find a nice girl there and settle down with a good, secure job in the company and his own home. The news from his grandparents made it clear that he could be successful there and was welcome to stay as long as he liked – they loved having him around.

I went cold, my heart hurting as I sat there, fist pressed to my mouth as I took this in.

They wanted him married? And living in Florida full time?

Of course they did - it was every parent's dream.

I sat down on the stair, numb, trying to comprehend the fact that next time I saw Edward it could be Christmas...

... and he might not come back alone.
For the first time in ten long years, Jasper worried about his losing Edward.


Could Jasper really lose his best friend? Has Edward already let go of Jasper and given into his mother’s dreams? Only KellanCougar can give you the answers. As always, she’s given us such an amazing story in so few words. She is definitely one of the greats. So hurry, run and read this wonderful story and all her other work to see exactly what I mean. And don’t forget to leave my girl some love. She deserves every praise we can give her. Until next time…much love to you – D.


In the meantime, why don't you hop on over to the Slash/Backslash 4.0? I'm told there's already an entry or two. Or do one better and write an entry. I just know there's a gem waiting to be told. Come on, join in on the fun. Or, if you don't feel up to writing, they also allow art in this round. Give it a go. Have fun. And spread the slash-love.

Also, TwiSlash is still looking for a few good people to help with spreading that slash-love. Know an awesome story, but it's outside the boundaries of the Twilight fandom? That's okay. We know that a lot of you have ventured into other fandoms, and TU wants to share it with you. Just leave a comment to this post with contact info, or ping me (Whitlock's Girl) and I'll pass it along.


Stop back by next week when we will be posting a few more awesome stories. And to make up for my lameness, I'll be posting along with the other girls so, a BONUS next week. Have a great week and see you all next Tuesday. 

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