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Twi Me Up Q&A - August 28th

Q. Just had a query - what is aftercare? What does this actually involve? My dh and I have been experimenting, and I like being spanked, but he got really upset a few days later when he realized I had bruises all over my backside. Is there anything we could do to prevent this?

A. Aftercare is the physical and psychological care of a submissive after a BDSM scene. Physical aftercare consists of caring for the sub for things such as lingering pain or discomfort (from physical discipline, let’s say), skin irritation (wax play), stiff or sore muscles (bondage). These are generally dealt with using massage or the application of topical medications or lotions. This type of aftercare should be done after any sort of bondage play, rough sex, anal intercourse, intense physical discipline, wax play, or any other type of edge play.

The psychological aftercare of a sub is more of a debated topic. This type of aftercare is used to reassure the Dom/me and the sub of their relationship, to reconnect, to support and nurture, and to promote trust and well-being. Some believe that this type of aftercare should be performed after each and every scene. I, for one, don’t agree. I think that it depends on the players involved, their relationship, and the type of scene. Most players would agree that aftercare is needed after some of the following:
- Scenes involving humiliation
- Scenes involving pseudo-nonconsensual play
- Scenes with intense physical or emotional elements
- Scenes that have never been performed by the players – brand new activities
- Scenes in which the submissive uses their safe word

The last one, in particular, is one of the most essential because aftercare is as much for the Dom/me as the sub. The submissive needs to be reassured that using their safe word is encouraged when needed, and the Dom/me needs to be assured that the submissive is all right both physically and emotionally, and that the trust in their relationship is intact.

In regards to your second question – there are things both environmentally and during your play that you can do to help prevent bruising:
- Increase your intake of Vitamin K (green leafy vegetables, antioxidants)
- Switch from aspirin to ibuprofen
- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun
- Apply ice to the area within the first 24 hours followed by wet heat
- Make sure to strike the fleshier parts of the body during play (buttocks away from the bone, thighs, etc.)
- Use a paddle that is light and broad rather than your hand, or a heavier implement. Use faster, more compact strokes to increase the sensitivity of the area being struck. This will allow you to maximize the sensation without injuring the affected skin.

One final remark on bruising - if you have a bruise that lasts longer than a week or so, make sure to discuss it with your physician. Bruising, even in BDSM play that does not dissipate can be a sign of a serious health issue.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 27th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. Every Thursday, The Master and I try to bring you stories that will knock your socks off. We hope you enjoy this week's story. It's a secret craving and seriously had our secret parts humming.

There are a fuckton load of announcements after the review.
Please check them out. Thanks!

And...without further ado, we bring to you...

Don't Let Me Go
by LionLambForever

Pulled from the raging inferno of Volterra, the recently widowed Isabella Newton has hit rock bottom and is the prime suspect in the arson. Worse, her past has come back to haunt her. When the firefighters who rescued her show up at her house, all she can do is cling to them and revel in their tender care. Edward and Emmett believe in her innocence and offer a gentle dominance that nurtures her lonely heart. But can this inexperienced, natural submissive gain their love forever, or are they like the other men in her past who’ve wanted to own her? AH/AU Ed/B/Em


Val, aka The Master:

Once again, we are straying, or trying to, from our comfortable box. Course, my box is slightly-okay, a LOT smaller-than Donna's, but regardless we are expanding our tastes, for lack of a better word. We decided to look for a yummy poly this week, but when all the slash ones didn't wet our appetite, Donna came across a poly BDSM goodie for us to munch on. I admit, I cringed when she said it was Edward/Bella and Emmett. Yes, my hard limit flashed before my eyes and I was about so say "NO", when she told me there was no slash between E/Em. After a huge sigh of relief, I began.

"Don't Let Me Go" by LionLambForver begins with a large dose of action when Bella is caught in a night club fire and is rescued by Emmett and Edward, firefighters. Bella is a widow, and a natural submissive, who was at the club investigating her husband's death. At first, she is accused of setting the fire, but is quickly cleared by Detective Jasper (YAY). Both Edward and Emmett feel an immediate connection, attraction, to her, to the extent of checking on her later that night after they are done working. They take care of her, bathing her and spending the night in her bed. They are gone the next morning, but not before cooking her breakfast and leaving her a note. The next time they are together, Edward and Emmett tell her they are Doms and had frequented the night club-which specialized in Dom/sub entertainment. Bella eventually tells them of her background, her childhood and marriage, informing them of Jacob, a man she was betrothed to at fifteen years old. Edward and Emmett both want to be her Dom, apparently, they are quite good at sharing and have the desire to share Bella. She agrees and some mind-blowing sex ensues.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this story is quite odd actually. Yes, the smut was good-well written, hot and sexy, but I admired the author's ability to tell the story in third-person pov. This is not, in my opinion, an easy task to do. I think it is more difficult to draw a reader in when they can't get into the story teller's head. However, LionLambForever manages to suck us in anyway-with detailed descriptions of emotions, lengthy chapters and of course smut. Even though we don't hear, or read, Edward thinking how tight Bella is, we know it anyway from the descriptions given and dialogue spoken. I have only read two other third-person povs (both by the same author) and am amazed every chapter I read how the story develops even with no real "voice."

I recommend "Don't Let Me Go" for a nice little non-slash poly with some Edward/Emmett love. The author has developed an interesting side plot, has lovely smut scenes and it is long enough to give you time to enjoy and get to know the characters. Besides, who can resist Edward and Emmett in fireman's gear-can anyone say "Firefighter Calendar?" Mmmm...Edward as Mr. June coming right up!


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl

*GIGGLES* I'm sorry! My brain is in the gutter. It's fucking 2am on Thursday morning and Val just said "box", "munch", "yummy" and "appetite in one fucking paragraph. OH, FUCK IT! Her entire first paragraph cracked my shit up and I'm still trying, two hours later, to get myself under control. Yep, it probably won't happen so you'll just have to deal. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be gushing (*giggles* I said gushing!) over LionLambForever's fuckawesome story Don't Let Me Go so, let's get back to that.

You probably recognize LionLambForever from a few weeks back when I recommended Forever My Love as a Secret Craving. Well, just as with Forever My Love, Don't Let Me Go showcases Bella (Lucky bitch! Oh shut it. You know you're thinking the same fucking thing) with two hot ass TwiGuys, only this time she gets sandwiched between Emmett and Edward, instead of Jasper and Edward. (Either way the chick just hit the fucking lottery.)

Like Val said, the sex is fucking awesome. Seriously, grab the toy box, spread that towel under you and say "FUCK IT" to the panties because there's just no need adding to the laundry pile, in my opinion.

But the smut isn't the only thing that drew me into this story. It's the authors' voices. They peg, oops, nail...OH SWEET JESUS! How come all my verbs are coming off as sexual innuendos? Anyway. The authors' manage to capture Emmett, Edward and Bella nearly flawlessly and they do it all in the 3rd person POV. Not an easy feat.

I'm with Val. I want the boys in their turnouts and carrying a hose!


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread.

Don't forget about tomorrow's Twi Me Up with DefinatelyStaying. She'll be here with a BDSM question from our pervy secret cravings readers. You won't want to miss it.

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Tuesday's Best~August 25th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The Master and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by Mischief Maker1

Every week I try to find and bring to you little known stories from fabulous, yet unheralded authors, but today's story is from an author with 22 stories to her credit. Mischief Maker1 is the author of stories such as Lick, Making Right What Once Went Wrong, and Miami at Twilight. All three of these are fabulous and are must reads and the last two include polyamory! God! I love a Poly story!

However today, I am bringing you Consequences of Wanting More. It's the sequel to You Wanted More, which is a Post Breaking Dawn story that MM1 summarizes as...

Rosalie decides she wants a baby. What happens when the human is someone called a Soul Seeker who has been looking for a vamp to change her? Will things go back to normal once the baby is born? Or will a new prophecy be revealed?

Consequences picks up several years after You Wanted More ends and while it's only three chapters in, MM1 has me hook, line and sinker with this story. Actually, the Peen and I have been trying patiently to wait for Consequences to start ever since You Wanted More ended, leaving us waiting for the apocalyptic battle that was looming on the horizon.

These two stories blend and blur the lines of the Cullen family and the wolves together, weaving an intricate story of love and survival. Mischief Maker1 has introduced us to a world where sharing and loving are a integral part of the fabric of her characters and their story. She shows us that life, love and happily ever after are not always wrapped up in a neat little package.

If you need just a taste to get you started, then check out You Wanted More: EXTRAS. This is “a selection of the odd pairings/outtakes” from You Wanted More. Be forewarned...


Just so you know, the sexin' doesn't stop with You Wanted More and Extras. Fuck, no! Consequences as some hot scenes already. Case in point...
I used my teeth, taking care not to break the skin of her clit as I tugged on it. My tongue dipped into her, swirling around, gathering up her juices, flicking her g-spot until she gushed into my waiting mouth.

I drank her like a man just coming out of the Sahara and slithered up to her, latching onto her neck with my teeth as I plunged into her. Her cries and my grunts were the only sounds that filled the air as her nails dug into my back and I could feel the blood flowing freely from the wounds. That only heightened my other senses; taking me higher and I felt her clenching around me as I came.

We both blew out breaths as she snarled and flipped me to my stomach before she began lapping at the wounds she’d put on me, drinking the blood from the deeper ones, and my cock stiffened again. This was the perk…I bled and she drank and it got me even hornier. I grasped her ankle and was on her in an instant, thrusting into her from behind as I pinned her beneath me.

I felt her nails scratching at my dick as she clawed at her clit, trying to get herself off all the faster. I growled deep in my chest and pulled her flush with my chest, lapping at her ear as I moved, slower now, the blood and lust fading just slightly.

Imagine what will “come” later!

So, if you haven't already, I suggest that you add You Wanted More, EXTRAS, and Consequences of Wanting More to your reading list. FUCK! Just put MM1 on Author Alert. You won't be disappointed with any on her stories.


The Master brings you...

by AHelm

What is it exactly about body art, tattoos or piercings that excite us? That bad boy or girl image? The admiration for doing something we might have always wanted to do, but never dared? Or do we just have a thing for skin colored deep with a variety of ink and piercings on things that should never be pierced? I admit, I am not a HUGE tattoo fan, but I certainly admire a well placed symbolic mark. Apparently, so does my thirteen-year-old daughter, who I recently caught oggling a guy with tattoos covering both arms and across his upper back. My straight laced academic and athletic over achiever-go figure!

“Ink Street” by AHelm is about Jasper, a college student who has developed a love for ink from his brother, Garrett, who was adored in his own designs, each symbolic of an event in his life. Jasper is a loner, preferring his way of life-he’s confident and direct. He also does what he wants, when he wants and who he wants. Jasper considers himself selective, fucking only those fortunate enough.

This peaceful life is turned upside down one day when Jasper spots a beautiful stranger walking down the street-the odd colored hair attracted his attention, but it was his incredible face that stayed with Jasper long after he got home later that day. He found his thoughts obsessed with the stranger-curious as to the sudden infatuation with him-there were plenty of beautiful men in New York City. Why this one? This infatuation leads to a hard on, which leads to shower , and the always wonderful shower wank.

Seriously, people, nothing better than Jasper wank. Ever. Especially when he is fantasizing about beautiful strangers on their knees before him, sucking, licking and moaning. Can we make shower wanks a requirement for all guy slash fics? Anyone?

However, Jasper looks at his wank as a means to an end. If he masturbates to the Stranger fantasy, he will ‘get over him’ and be able to move on with his life. Nice theory...if it were true.

Many of you know “Ink Street” was entered as one-shot in the Tattward and Inkbella contest. AHelm had such a great response, she decided to continue and this is the first chapter, of many I hope, of the full story. I have been lucky enough to see chapter two, and it rocks-this is a story that I think will get better and better. AHelm captures Jasper’s voice so clearly, stripping away the confident, independent man enough to see the lonely soul inside, yearning for someone to care about. She does this gradually throughout the story, dropping clues to as to Jasper’s loneliness, regardless of what he believes otherwise.

So, in case you didn’t alert it when you read it in the Tattward C2, read this chapter and clicky click that alert button-it will be so worth it.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. We have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.


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Twi Me Up - August 21st

Q: I have always been curious about the D/s lifestyle but I've never been brave enough to research on my own. I am extremely shy, bashful, name it, so I have always kept my curiosity to myself. My husband thinks the 'lifestyle' is disgusting so its out of the question for me anyway but I still would like to know about it. Needless to say, I have ALOT of questions but instead of bothering you with a 10 page email, I figured I would ask the most important ones to me. I am mostly curious as to how someone becomes a sub. How do you find a decent Dom? How do you know what to do once you find a Dom? If you could answer these questions for me I would greatly appreciate it since they have boggled my mind for the last 7 years.

A: Well, the first place you would look for a partner is at home. If you are in a committed relationship, you would talk to your partner about incorporating at least some aspects of BDSM into your relationship. If they are unwilling, then you need to respect that because sex is only one aspect of your relationship.

If you are not in a committed relationship, or your partner is okay with you having sex outside of your relationship then the best way to find someone to work with is through a referral. This is how I got started. I was dating a woman who was a sub, and she introduced me to that lifestyle. We met with her Dom, and he liked me. He took me on as a sub. Sometimes we did sessions alone, and sometimes with the other woman. The key to that relationship was that I trusted her, and after getting to know him, I trusted him as well.

If you don’t know anyone from whom you could get a referral, you can do an internet search. You have to be VERY careful with this. As I’ve mentioned before, this type of relationship is all about trust. Even just looking at it statistically, there are bound to be bad people who will want to actually hurt you. You need to be sure that if you feel uncomfortable with them in any way, you don’t put yourself in a position to get hurt.

You can play online only, or find a group in your area to work with. Remember that if you play with someone online, you have no idea who this person really is. They could be a 60 year old woman or a 12 year old boy. Even getting a picture of them is no indication. Also, they may have no actual experience which can be very dangerous for you if you decide to play with them in person. You get someone coming at you with a whip or wanting to put you in suspension and it’s something they’ve never done before – leave quickly.

If you want to play in person, you can try to find a group in your area. There are several listings online such as:

You can also google certain keyword combinations:
+BDSM +munch
+BDSM +online

REMEMBER that just because someone is with an organized group, that doesn’t automatically mean that they can be trusted or that they’re experienced. Always use your head and get to know someone. Play with them without bindings first, make sure you’re comfortable.

Finally, I can’t stress enough that you should never play without a safe word, or a signal of some sort. Hand signals, buzzers, or other such warnings should be used if the submissive cannot speak. You should also never be punished for using your safe word. If that happens – find someone else to play with.

As to how do you know what to do when you find a Dom/Domme – I’m sure he or she will love to show you. ;) Okay, seriously – it really depends on how formal you and your partner want the arrangement to be. Some people use actual contracts (which are obviously not enforceable by law, but they give a stronger sense of commitment), some just use a verbal agreement – but generally you will also talk about your expectations, your fantasies, and your limits. If you get into a relationship with someone and they aren’t interested in your limits, that’s an indication that this is someone you might not want to play with – especially as a beginner. After that, usually you will discuss STD testing and birth control methods (if you’re working with an M/F pair).

I can’t stress enough that if you are going play with someone that you are not in a committed relationship with, you need to be careful. This is not something that you want to take lightly.

Follow up question from last week:
I really enjoy your Q and A section. It is very informative. I have tried to have numerous conversations with my husband about BDSM and what I would like but he is not responsive. He believes that it is all about pain and I have tried to explain to him that it is about pleasure as well. I am looking forward to talking to him using some of your suggestions. If you have anymore suggestions to take me seriously and how to make him feel more comfortable learning with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

One thing that I would suggest is starting out with things that don't have to do with pain. If he is uncomfortable with the thought of spanking, or clamps, or anything else that might cause you pain, start off with something more generic. Ask him to bind you to the bed and tease you, or if he's more of a submissive personality ask if you can bind him. Use something less jarring like neck ties or a robe tie rather than rope or cuffs. Use a blindfold to heighten the sensations. Make sure to tell him what you like and what you don't like, and listen when he tells you. It's all about comfort levels, and expanding into new areas of your intimacy.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 19th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. So, another Thursday is upon us and Val and I are back with you to bring you...

by EmmyDoll


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl

Ok, so this review has been bugging me all day. Why? Well, words and I aren't getting along this week, at all. I think it comes from writing 4 chapters last week only to have the muse desert me in the end. Anyway, while I dealt with being a single mom all last week and trying to lure the muse back out of whatever hidey hole she escaped to, Val was a dear and found us a story for today. THANKS BABE!

So, where was I? Ahh, yes. "Lessons". Lessons are a thing we all have to experience. Whether they be lessons in life, in love or school, Lessons are a part of life that one can not escape, no matter how hard one might try. The lessons in EmmyDoll's story are lessons Edward desires Bella to learn. Lessons I believe we all might benefit from a bit.

How does he manage to do this?

By embracing the monster inside and dominating Bella. Teaching her Humility, Self-Respect and Thankfulness. All valuable lessons that I myself have had to learn in life. Unfortunately for me, though, I didn't have sexy, mysterious, intelligent, dangerous Domward spanking my ass when I stepped out of line while I learned them. FUCK ME! That would have made those lessons much, much easier to swallow.

The Bella in this story is bit...umm...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah! BRATTY! Now before you get your panties in a wad - assuming you're even wearing any to begin with - I wholeheartedly admit that Bella's brattiness annoys me,but I secretly think it's done purposely. I mean, come on! Wouldn't you push Domward's buttons if it meant you got punished afterwards? Fuck yes! In a fucking New York minute. No questions asked.

Seriously though, the story is a really good read and even though there are some errors throughout it, none of them detracts overly from the pace and tenor of the story. All I can say is live and learn your "Lessons"!


Val aka The Master

So, in order to keep with my new ‘stepping out of the box’ theme, we decided to take a little liberty with our “secret cravings” category to include BDSM that does not contain any slashy moments (at least not yet. We decided to do this because I came across a little fic called “Lessons” by EmmyDoll, featuring a lovely vampire Domward-and he was just too hot to resist.

"Lessons" is actually a sequel to “Selfish Behavior”, but you do not have to have read “Selfish Behavior” in order to understand "Lessons", as it can completely stand on its own. Each chapter is titled after a ‘lesson’ that Bella must learn for Edward. She is punished for failing to learn the lesson, or encouraged to learn it sooner, by Edward’s sessions. The first chapter, he teaches her humility, putting one’s feelings before her own, by making her compose a letter to Jacob, apologizing for kissing him. Edward tosses out her first many attempts, finally having her strip and write naked in order to concentrate on her words-to write from her heart and not what she imagines he wants her to say.

Bella’s second lesson is self respect. Edward overhears a conversation between her and Alice regarding Bella’s belief in her lack of skill when Edward teaches her to play the piano; she feels she is not smart enough to take on such a task. He canes her until she admits that she does not feel she is good enough for him, or his family. After their session, she explains her feelings on inadequacy to Edward, and his reply is that “Sometimes, it is okay to think and do what makes us feel good. This includes feeling good about ourselves”. Very poignant reply, and yet another lesson learned for Bella.

The third lesson is thankfulness. While Edward is hunting, Jake is ‘assigned’ to take Bella up the mountain. With specific instructions from Edward, Jake convinces Bella to go with him; however snowfall hinders their travels. Knowing Edward would not want him to carry Bella up the hillside; Jake pulls out a sled and a harness. See, it is handy to have wolf as your best friend!

Y’all know me by now-and my feelings on canon stories; however I am good with Edward/Bella (and there is, so far, very little Alice and no Jasper), and this story has already provided some excellent smut with more promised. The lessons are ones we should all learn, and if I was going to be taught, I want Edward as my teacher-with Jasper has his assistant.

While there is no slash in "Lessons", it contains some lovely scenes of the BDSM variety, surely enough to leave you wanting more lessons from Domward and his humble, thankful, self respecting Bella. If you enjoy Domward –and he is very Dom sometimes- then this is definitely a story to check out, alert and come back for more!


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread.


In a few weeks, Val and I along with some other fabulous TwiFic girls have a very special treat for all of you. No, I won't tell you what it is, but I will say this...

Umm...yeah. Can't tell you that either, but just trust me. You'll love it.


Voting for the TwiSlash FemSlash OneShot contest is going on. Go TwiSlash Unveiled on FFnet and support your favorites. There are some seriously FUCKHOT stories there for your reading pleasure.

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Guest Rec: Naelany

So this is me, naelany, giving you a peek into my reading list. Most of y'all know what I write by now, I think, so let's get to what has me glued to my screen when I'm not writing, shall we?

I had a Dickens of a time finding a single fic to recommend. Do I pick a slash story? Nah, the lovely Whitlock’s Girl and Touchstone67 bring you tons of the stuff already.

Do I pick AU? Hmm, maybe something like...

Bonne Foi, by Amethyst Jackson.

AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.

My thoughts:
What's not to love here. Edward's darker at first, but after meeting Bella starts to have an epiphany of sorts. There's not much to tell without giving too much away, just trust me when I say that he's worth it.

Bella, in this fic, is not quite as dense as you might think she is.


Maybe a Bella/Jasper story, like...

A Murmur of Fire in the Vein, by ElleCC (it's finished, by the way *cries*)?

One stormy Seattle night, the last person Bella expects to see appears without warning at her door. How will history – hers and his – impact their unexpected and growing friendship? AH, Bella/Jasper.

What to say about this gem of a story. I love it. Plain and simple. Jasper is broken, yet beautiful. ElleCC deals with the brokenness in a realistic, yet - I want to say beautiful again, simply for a lack of a better word – way. Bella at first doesn't quite realize what she's gotten herself into, but she steps up to the plate and handles things very admirably. Both Jasper and Bella grow, and seeing their relationship take shape is a wonder to behold.


Do I stick with good old Edward and Bella in AU/AH? Which alerts do not sit waiting in my inbox for me to finally catch up to them (trust me, you do not want to know the actual number in my fic-file. It's horrendous)?

And then of course, just pick one. Right. I can do that... then again, maybe not. I'm hoping the girls won't kill me for it, but I'd like to give you three. All E/B, AU/AH. Some you may know, some maybe not.

First, there's...

Just One of the Guys, by SorceressCirce.

Scarred by events in her past, Bella relies heavily on her best friend and roommate, Jasper. When Jasper falls in love with a girl named Alice, Bella is excited for him but can’t help but wonder – where will she fit in? Canon pairings, AH/AU, OOC

My thoughts:
Why do I love this story so much (yes, I'm a PWB – PinkieWard Bitch)? Bella is both strong and vulnerable, thanks to her past. She's also quite lonely, because of what's happened to her. Her friendship with Jasper is so strong, it'd be easy for any outsiders to feel jealous. Edward..ah, Edward. What can I say about him *grin*? He is adorably cute, very caring and, much like canon Edward, has a tendency to over think and feel himself unworthy. Unlike canon Edward though, you just want to hug him (okay, well I do...and then some) and commend him for having turned from his own not so shiny past and being there for Bella. I won't say more, this is just something you are going to have to read. I will warn you though, that it can get heavy at times, but it's so beautifully written it is well worth reading every bit of it (including the outtakes!). Give it a shot!

Second, there's...

The Lost Boys, by hwimsey.

Three young woman, three young men, a potentially haunted Victorian that's falling apart around their ears, unrequited love, and an up and coming band. Take all that, shake it up, and set it in romantic San Francisco. All human, usual pairings.

My thoughts:
This one, I love simply because... well, let's be honest here. English accented Edward, who sings and plays guitar and written in the most PD-way possible. It might seem a little odd, what with the paranormal aspect, but it's actually quite a cool fic and I drop most everything to read it when it updates. All is not always as it seems.

And thirdly, the less well known, but no less kick-ass...

Three Forks, MT, by CarminMoon.

Bella has left Phoenix and her past behind to live with her father in Three Forks, MT. She needs a new start and it just might be the place for her to find it.

My thoughts:
Bella, oh how I love her here. She's feisty, snarky, has a great sense of humor and is klutzy... on horseback.

Edward... cowboy. Horses. Need I say more?

I do? Okay then, how about Jasper? Cowboy, horses, rodeo?

What are y'all waiting for? Check 'em out ^_~.

And that's it. I think I'd best stop here, or else the girls'll have my hide. I hope you enjoy the read, and keep coming (haha!) back for more! I know TU has a lot in store yet, and I'm honored that they let me play a small part in it.

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Tuesday's Best, August 18th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The Master and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by FiberKitty

I'm a huge FiberKitty fan. I won't deny it. Actually, I normally shout it from the rooftops. I've read all of her stories. Each and every one has a very dear spot in my heart. My husband and I devoured “The Tie That Binds” together and while he would laugh uproariously at my sobbing and snotting over the story, I knew it touched him, too.

So, when I was searching out stories to recommend to all of you, I snatched up “Snapshots of Polyamory” like the prize fish it is. Like all of FiberKitty's stories, “Snapshots of Polyamory” is filled with a beautiful writing style that reaches into you and grabs hold of your heartstrings and doesn't just tug at them, but fucking YANKS those damned things until your heart is on your sleeve and you are feeling like you are right there in the story along with the characters.

The one thing you'll find missing, in “Snapshots of Polyamory” that is present in nearly every other FiberKitty story and is something else FiberKitty does fabulously well, is SMUT! “Snapshots of Polyamory” isn't about smut, smexin', lemons or any other moniker you want to give it. It's about the connection between Edward, Bella, Rosalie, and Emmett. The story is literally a series of snapshots starting from their very first meeting. It's about realizing and finding love in a less than traditional way.

BUT, the REALLY great thing about doing this recommendation was that it got me an early peek into the entire story. The day I decided to use this story for one of my Tuesday spots, I alerted FiberKitty and she offered to let me read the entire story so I would know what was coming. Can I just say, OH! MY! GOD!? You know I jumped on that like it was Jasper and he'd just arrived at my fucking front door naked and raring to go. Let me tell you, I read the entire eight chapters from beginning to end. I put off the kids' lunches until after I was done. I had to actually drive them to McDonald's to make up for the fact that lunch was an hour late and they'd survived on fruit snacks while Mama was reading. LOL!

If you don't have this story on your reading list and FiberKitty on Author Alert, you need to be disowned. I mean it. “Snapshots of Polyamory” is one of the best fanfics out there and I've read 1000's of fics.

You can find FiberKitty and the entire Snapshots fanclub on Twilighted.


The Master brings you...

by HHN

No, this not Seven Drawf’s slash, although that might be interesting, this is actually me stepping out of my slashy Jasper/Edward box. A little. A very little. But, hey, progress is progress, right? Even in baby steps. “Blush and Bashful” by HHN crossed by monitor after I asked mozzer0906 to help me do a search on , as I cannot find anything on that site to save my life. I searched for…get this… Jasper/Jake slash! I know, right? Amazing. I think I got lucky too, coming across this gem.

Blush and Bashful” is about new kid at Forks High School, Jasper Whitlock, and his attractions to Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. HHN puts a new twist on the love triangle and “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob”, as you are either friends of one or the other, not both. These two boys, enemies, rule the school. As the story progresses, we find out just why these two former best friends can no longer stand the sight of each other. Jake is openly gay, Edward is straight (wink). Jasper has not admitted to himself, or anyone, that he is gay, but he admits his attraction to both these beautiful boys. Jake openly flirts with Jasper and Edward smirks at him; these attentions lead Jasper to fantasize a bit too much in class. There is some SERIOUS UST between these three. Angela notices Jasper’s ‘condition’ and after class, asks him if his gay. Jasper admits, for the first time, that he is. The situation worsens for Jasper in gym class when he is changing with Edward and Jake nearby, both boys packing some serious heat in their undies, encouraging Jasper’s erection. When Jasper stands to leave, his erection is not tenting his boxers, but rather, sticking out of them. Embarrassed beyond words, Jasper flees from gym to his car, in his underwear. Having left his keys and clothes inside, he sits and cries by his car until Jake and Edward approach him, apologizing and explaining that no one but them witnessed his exposure. Jasper falls for Jake…hard and fast…literally. Unsure how I would handle Jasper/Jake smut, I admit to being a bit nervous when the first lime occurred. There have been only limes so far, as the boys are exploring the waters before jumping in too deep, but these limes are SOUR as FUCK. My favorite included; some nice dry and wet humping! Seriously…they are hot!

I can’t decide on the accuracy of Jasper’s voice however. He sounds a bit young sometimes, and perhaps…too gay? I know, I know, but I guess I like my Slashsper more… masculine. This Jasper is not girly per say, but he had no problem expressing his emotions or his tastes in musicals and “Steel Magnolias”; he also refers to himself, more than once, as the girl in the relationship. However, once the sex begins, the voice matures, which I loved. Above I mentioned “love triangle”, as Edward comes out of the closet, and has a past with Jake. Jasper is also physically attracted to Edward, but loves Jake… and now we know that Jake and Edward were once an item. Oh, the tangled web these three weave!

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Really enjoyed. I try to only recommend stories here that blow my mind and while I cannot say this one blew my mind, it did expand it a lot without bleaching required, and that alone is worthy of a recommendation! I totally enjoyed Jake/Jasper dynamic, and toss Gayward into the mix and you have a winner. I enjoyed the length of the chapters, the families, and extra characters and the fact that Alice wasn’t even mentioned until chapter eight or so (she is Edward’s younger sister, not friends with the gang).

If you are a HARD core Jasper/Edward slash fan, this is not the story for you…if you are soft core J/E and looking to broaden your horizons, give this one a shot, you might be surprised. I definitely was.

I even added it to my alerts.

So… proud of me?


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. We have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.


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Friday, August 14, 2009

Twi Me Up - August 14th

Q: This question is a paraphrasing of at least a dozen different emails on the same subject. The one question that everyone seems to want answered is:

I want to experiment with BDSM, but I’m afraid my husband isn’t going to be receptive – how can I talk to him about this?

A: Let me start out by saying that I am not married, nor have I ever been married. I’ve had a couple of close calls, but managed to escape unscathed. The last relationship ended because when we got to that ‘tell each other everything’ phase of our relationship, the fact that I was attracted to women and bondage kind of freaked him out. Okay, freaked him out was an understatement. I decided that I didn’t want to live my life having to hide a large part of who I am, so it ended there.

There are a few reasons that I’ve found that guys in particular may be reluctant to experiment with BDSM, and it helps when you know what you’re up against:
1. They’ve been raised in a household where sex is something that you don’t talk about. It happens behind closed doors and in one position.
2. They’ve been raised in a household where ‘kink’ is against the rules (God’s, man’s, whatever).
3. They think that BDSM happens in dark rooms where there are chains on the walls, and leather clad people beating the crap out of one another.
4. Only gay guys wear leather pants (okay, this one surprised me – I’ll admit).
5. They were raised to believe that hitting women is wrong.
6. They are afraid they are going to hurt you.

All of these are very valid (okay, maybe not the gay guys thing) concerns that someone may have about experimenting with BDSM. The first thing that you have to keep in mind, I would think, is that this is the person that you should be able to talk about anything with – especially related to sex. Second, you have to respect them, and respect their beliefs. If he doesn’t want to do it because he thinks it’s jeopardizing your souls, respect that. If you can work with him on the fact that he won’t hurt you – then, talk about it.

Here are a few things that you can try:
1. Talk about your sexual fantasies. You may be embarrassed about admitting that you want to be tied up and spanked, but really – how is he supposed to know if you don’t tell him? You’re also assuming that he’s not going to be into it – you may be surprised to hear what some of his fantasies are. They don’t all revolve around Princess Leia in a gold bikini. Not to plug, but if you need some ideas for fantasies, you can check out Next Weekend on my profile. It’s pretty much nothing but Edward and Bella living out their sexual fantasies.

2. Be specific. Lay in bed, kissing and touching, feeling comfortable with each other and talk about what turns you on. “I like it when you put me over your lap and spank me. I like the sting, but I also like being over your lap. It makes me feel vulnerable and turns me on.” This is much more descriptive than “Honey, spank me.”

3. Informally set goals that you’d like to work on. Don’t start a chore chart or anything, but say that you want to have anal sex. He’s afraid he’s going to hurt you. Talk to him about it – tell him you’ll start off small like with a finger or small anal plug. By the time you get to the point where you’re ready for it to be him, you’ll both see if that’s something you like and want to try. If he sees that it takes your orgasm off the charts, he may be more inclined to play.

4. Pick a safe word and use it. If he’s afraid that he’s going to go too far and hurt you – pick a safe word and use it. This is not just for when you’re bound. If you’re trying anal sex for the first time, and you want to stop – that word would stop things immediately without question. He has to know that you are uncomfortable or in pain, even if you don’t think that will ever happen – knowing that you can stop him immediately might help him relax.

5. Try it out on him first. If he’s hesitant to add wax play to your fun, use it on him first so that he’ll know what to expect. Remember that you need to respect his choice if he says there is something he does not want to do.

6. Keep the conversation positive. Use phrases like “I love it when you…” or “I’d love to try…” rather than “You never…” or “I wish you would just…” Make it something that you want to try together, not something you want him to do like clean out the garage. ;)

7. Put a sexually explicit item on your gift list. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas – whatever holiday is coming up, if he asks you what you’d like, give him a kinky option and see what he says. Be specific and print a picture if you can, but tell him exactly what you have in mind. “Honey, I would really like a set of mattress restraints so that you can tie me up and do naughty things to me.”

8. Respect his limits. You want him to respect yours. If there are some things that he is just not comfortable with, you need to respect that because this is only one aspect of your marriage.

Above all else, keep in mind that this is just another extension of expressing your love and affection for one another. It does not need to turn into a source of marital discord. If he were into something that you absolutely refused to do (think bodily functions for example), you would not appreciate being ambushed, shamed, or bullied into it. Find compromises and alternatives where you can. Maybe he won’t use a flogger on you, but he’ll love to do an intimate over the lap spanking.

Have fun – and let me know how it goes. If you have stories that might help other readers talk to their partners, or have a question for DefinatelyStaying – send an email to

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 13th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

As we do everything Thursday, Val and I try to dig deep into the fandom and pull forth those little known fics that we think you'll love. This week is no different than any other week. We've even managed to change it up a bit and today we bring you a Jake and Edward story.

But, without further ado, we bring to you...

Meeting Him
by xXAngle WingsXx

Author's Summary
“J-Jacob…” Jacob nuzzled his neck and gently reached a hand into Edward’s pants. “Yeah baby?” Edward shivered. “I want you…” Jacob smiled against his neck. “Prove it.” AU. All human. M for safety.


Val aka The Master:

So, once again, Donna and I were like ”omg what do we do for a story this week?”, because DAYUM if Thursday doesn’t just sneak up on our asses. So, Donna did what she does best and scoured her slashy resources and pulled out “Meeting Him” by xXAngle WingsXx. “Meeting Him” is about Jacob Black, an openly gay man-whore in high school who suddenly has his dick set on Edward Cullen. Edward has been attending the school for four years, but it is not until a growth spurt the summer before his senior year that starts to garnish him attention from others-ie Jake. They first meet, accidently of course, when Edward bumps into Jake and Jake hits on Edward and based on Edward’s blush and slight hard-on, Jake confirms that Edward is indeed gay. Edward tries to resist the charms of the man-whore, but his sister, Alice, has inadvertently given Bella some information about Edward to pass on to Jacob. When Edward is stranded on the side of the road, Jacob comes to his rescue and they decide to skip school. Jake puts his new found knowledge of Edward to good use, taking him out to lunch and then dining on Edward under the table-if you know what I mean! After, Edward realizes that all Jacob is after is his ass and he wants Edward for nothing more than a fuck buddy-which shatters Edward’s heart.

While this story has some potential and I have discovered that Gay Jacob is *not* a hard limit for me, there are some small things that could use improvement. A few grammatical errors and one or two continuity errors as well; however at this time, neither of these are enough to distract from the story itself. The voices in the story do sound a bit…young? But I am hoping that is the voice of the characters and not the author. I would also love to see some more detail. Edward is a beautiful boy and I want to read about that, as well as Jacob-his russet skin, black hair and incredible body!

The saddest part about this story is that four chapters into and I have no read the name Jasper once. Sigh.

I am not sure I will continue to read this story; I will definitely give it another chapter or two, as I am interested to see where she takes the characters. I do recommend at least giving this story a shot, if nothing else, you might learn something about your hard and soft limits. If you find out that gay Jacob turns you on as much as Jasper, then you can move on to another other slash genre!


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

Whew! We found a story that isn't an Edward & Jasper pairing that didn't make Val squeamish! My job for the week is done. LOL! (You know I love you, Val.)

Meeting Him” is a beauty and geek story with a twist. Only this time the beauty is none other than Jacob Black, who didn't even realize that Edward attended school with him until Bella pointed it out. I like that Edward is the innocent and Jacob the man-whore. It's a refreshing change from fanfic and more canon-like.

There were a few errors that I noticed, but nothing that greatly distracted from the reading. The biggest issue for me was the age of the characters or rather the maturity of their voices in the story. They sound a little young to me, but the story has great potential. I can see the story growing and expanding into a beautiful accounting of the budding relationship between Jacob and Edward.

I'll be adding this one to my alerts so I can see if it follows the Beauty and the Geek story line through to the end. I'd like to see Edward tame Jacob's man-whore ways and teach him about relationships and love. I'd also like to see Jacob teach Edward why he's so popular with the boys. EVEN THE STRAIGHT ONES!


So, what do you think you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts and be sure to leave xXAngle WingsXx some love as well. Remember to let her know we sent you!


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Best~August 11th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Just a few announcements before we get to the recommendations.

1. TwiSlash Unveiled is extremely proud to announce that two of our very own took home a Bellie. Val, aka The Master was nominated for Best Banner and was up against some very tough competition and DefinatelyStaying's fabulous story "The Forbidden Room" tied with Manyafandom's story "All I Ever Knew" for Best Slash.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and nominees on a job well done.

2. A few weeks ago the story "Closer to God" by dannie7786 was recommended to you. It's an AWESOME story, but unfortunately Dannie's FFnet account went a bit wacky and she had to delete the account and start from scratch. You can now find Dannie's stories listed under the pen name Domward's Mistress. Be sure to add her to alerts and leave Closer to God and her other stories some love, since with the move she lost all the reviews.

Tuesday's Picks of the Week

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a couple FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by Rosalee Lorraine

What's this? A slash story that doesn't star Edward and Jasper as romantic interests. OH MY GOD! They do exist. HA HA HA!

That's right. This week's recommendation by yours truly is "Echos of You" by Rosealee Lorraine. Emmett is a boxer. A damn good boxer, but like any boxer they eventually meet their match. "Echos of You" opens with Jasper, distraught and waiting in the Emergency Room lobby for news on Emmett. When the news comes it's not good. The blow Emmett took has made him lose his memory. With the loss of his memory, Emmett refuses to accept the fact that he's gay, leaving Jasper devastated.

How do they cope? Does Emmett ever accept his sexuality? What happens to their relationship? Do they find love together again? Does Emmett return to boxing?

All these questions can be answered BY READING THE STORY! So, get to it. Go read "Echos of You". You won't be dissappointed. Of course, Rosalee Lorraine never disappoints. OH, DID I MENTION THAT THE STORY IS COMPLETE? Oh, I didn't. Well it is. ENJOY!


The Master brings you...

by PolkaDotMama

Some of you may have heard of a website called “Broke Straight Boys”, which has videos of men being gay for pay. In other words, they are paid a certain amount of money to perform sexual acts on other men; they start off small with mutual wanks, working into blow jobs, and eventually fucking. There are two ways to interpret “broke” in the title. First, the boys are usually monetarily broke and in need of fast cash. Second, the boy are ‘broke’ like a horse, their ways are tamed and they are broke into performing for the director. This site is a bit of a conundrum for me. I enjoy the fascination of watching supposedly straight boys go down on each other; seeing them get hard at something they never thought they would makes you consider- is arousal for them purely physical, no matter the partner, or is there a mental challenge they have to overcome to get turned on? Then, there is the curiosity as to why they are there to begin with; what is going on in their lives that drew them to such a place, to basically sell themselves for sex-and not sex they would typically enjoy. While these videos can be incredibly hot, they can sadden you as well. Knowing that most of the boys do not want to be there, willingly or not, sometimes you can see it in their face as they are about to suck a dick for the first time. That being said, my recommendation this week is largely based on just that type of site. “Sketchbook Revelations” by PolkaDotMama is the story of college students Jasper and Edward, both art majors, and their revelations along the way toward each other.

The story begins from Edward’s point-of-view; he is already out of the closet and is open about his sexuality. Edward is meeting Jasper, his roommate and friend, for coffee, as Jasper has a confession to make to Edward. A very nervous Jasper admits to Edward that he has performed for Broke Straight Boys, not once, but multiple times. He explains how he was in desperate need of money, and started off with mutual wanks with James. When James and Jasper’s videos become a hit, they are asked back to perform more, the money amount increasing each time, eventually leading to $1500 for Jasper to bottom for James. Jasper confesses these embarrassing details to Edward because Jasper enjoyed the sex, and is now curious, and asks Edward…does this make Jasper gay? Jasper also admits he now looks at Edward differently. In light of Jasper’s revelation to Edward, Edward confesses that he has been in love with Jasper for years, but has come to realize it will never happen, as Jasper was straight. He tells Jasper honestly not to fuck him over by playing with his emotions, that his heart cannot handle that kind of heartbreak. Jasper replies with a very heartfelt and gentle kiss.

As their relationship begins to progress into the physical intimacy stage, the story gets incredibly erotic with each new discovery. Edward is a talented boy and opens Jasper’s…er, eyes, to what is possible in a relationship with a man. They have always been close emotionally, but now they are able to express their feelings out loud and with certainty. Of course, with each revelation they uncover, another problem arises. Jasper still has financial concerns, they have an upcoming art show and most importantly, they need to eventually go public with their relationship. Jasper is still in the closet, although, thanks to a hot dance with Edward, where hands were roaming and lips were touching, they have ‘come out’ to their small group of friends. However, Jasper greatly fears telling his parents, especially his anti-gay father, about his sexuality. They decide to first inform Edward’s parents of their relationship-a practice round, so to say.

I highly recommend “Sketchbook Revelations” for a few reasons. The fascination with Broke Straight Boys is addressed, and damn, if Jasper DID have a video online-yea, totally downloading that shit! PolkaDotMama also brings forth a brilliant picture of their incredible artistic talent, Jasper’s love for typography and graphic design, and Edward’s devotion for cartoon illustration. The details she expresses in their craft is evidence of an admiration for art she must share with them, and this pseudo artist appreciates the love she has the boys express for their obsessions. Lastly, she writes their story with intelligence and humor, allowing the boys true voices to shine through. They are loving, erotic, and devoted to each other. They have many issues to still overcome, ones that will certainly cause some heartfail on one or both of them. While the heartfail has been strong for me this week, drowning me actually, I am pledging my faith in PolkaDotMama to pull the boys through and have their final revelation be one of utter love with lifelong happiness to each other.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hopefully, you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. We have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

Having seen a preview of DefinatelyStaying's Twi Me Up column for this Friday, I know all our kinky followers are going to be very, very happy.


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Friday, August 7, 2009

Twi Me Up - August 7th

Q: My husband wants to tie me up, and wanted to know what kind of rope he should use?

A: The answer depends on a few different factors, actually:
- The experience level of the players involved
- The goal of the binding
- How comfortable you are with adult toy stores
- Your budget

The experience of the players involved
Different kinds of implements can be used depending on the players involved. You just starting out with your husband, playing a kinky game, may not use the same types of bondage gear as an experienced Dom and sub working in a playroom. You need to make sure that your set up is comfortable, meaning it doesn’t burn or chafe your skin, and that your circulation is unaffected.
If hubby is tying you to a bed or chair, you’re good with something like a bath robe tie, clothes line, climbing rope – something thin and flexible. Make sure to put some kind of padding (a folded washcloth for example) between your skin and the rope. Also always have a knife nearby so that you can be extricated quickly in an emergency.

You can also use bandanas, neckties, or cuffs. Remember that if you’re using standard handcuffs to use a chain around your neck for the key. You don’t want to have to call someone to get you out.

The goal of the binding
If your goal is something more complex, like a suspension, you’ll want to use slightly thicker ropes or padded cuffs. You don’t want the ropes to cut into your skin. Always be very careful with suspension and never leave the person who is bound unattended. You also need to test circulation regularly and don’t let play last too long – for beginners I would say no more than 15-20 minutes. Also – make sure that what you’re using to suspend the person from is sturdy enough to handle the weight. A standard drywall ceiling is not meant to hold an adult.

How comfortable you are with adult toy stores / Your budget
If you want to tie someone up, but you’re nervous about setting foot in an adult toy store or having that name appear on your credit card statement, you do have alternatives. Bondage can also become a very expensive hobby if you want certain types of equipment. If you’re just starting out, it doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of money upfront.

So, here are some retail store equivalents to get you through (i.e. Bondage on a Budget):

- Neck ties, bandanas, or clothes line

- Ping Pong Paddle (will give you a nice wicked sting, and a bonus – a pattern on the skin)

Nipple clamps:
- Clothes pins (the trick here for beginners is that you need to stretch out the spring first – pull the closed ends open as far as they will go, and hold until it doesn’t pinch quite as hard. Ready for something stronger? That’s why you have a whole bag to practice with.)

Spreader Bar:
- A wooden broom and two large screw in eye bolts. (Remove the bristled part of the broom and screw the eye bolts in at either end.)

Ball Gag:
- A plastic practice golf ball and a bandana (Generally practice golf balls have holes for aerodynamics – use them to thread the bandana and then secure behind the head. A bandana won’t cut into the skin as some other things might.)

- Use eye gauze to completely cover the eyes and then a bandana to hold them in place. You can also use a sleep mask, or two eye patches.

The thing to remember above all is that you only do this with someone you trust, and have confidence in. You also only do this with a willing participant. If your husband or wife doesn’t share your fantasy and doesn’t want to play, respect their wishes.

Remember, you can ask DefinatelyStaying a question by sending an email to – all questions are anonymous unless specifically stated otherwise in the email.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 6th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

As we do everything Thursday, Val and I try to dig deep into the fandom and pull forth those little known fics that we think you'll love. This week is no different than any other week. This week we've chosen yet another story featuring none other than our two favorite guys.

In Thursdays to come, (heehee, I said come...LOL) we are going to dig even deeper and try to highlight the less sought after slash stories. This may mean that I have to hold Val's hand and listen to her heave a bit, but I've read Tweet after Tweet about the slash pairings y'all are interested in and we want to give you want you want.

But, without further ado, we bring to you...

by TwitterBug

Author's Summary
When Jasper is saved by Edward he has no idea that they will develop feelings for each other. But when Jasper's ex finds out he plans to do away with Edward. Can they survive his wrath?


Val aka The Master:

When Donna was searching for a story to review this week that both of us to enjoy, she came across “Fate” by Twitterbug and we both jumped on it. Both of us have had an insane week and had procrastinated finding an appropriate story to review. “Fate” begins with Jasper’s life being saved from an oncoming car by Edward (Tyler’s van anyone?), leaving them cramped in a small space in a rather compromising position. In these tight quarters with sexy Edward, Jasper begins to get aroused; and he tries to will his erection away. Needless to say, when Edward ‘accidentally’ rubs against Jasper, Jasper realizes he is not the only enjoying their lack of space. I will say, this scene was oddly hot, fully dressed Edward and Jasper dry humping, even if not resulting in a orgasm, is win…always.

Jasper takes a chance and invites Edward on a date, which Edward accepts. While on their date, we learn that one of Jasper’s previous boyfriends, James, was possessive and physically abusive to Jasper. We also learn that Edward has had a tragic event in his past as well, although he has yet to share this information with Jasper. Near the end of their date, Jasper receives a phone call from…James. The next day, Edward is at work at the hospital and meets someone from Jasper’s past-which sets off a phone call to Jasper from a panicked Edward.

While there have not been any full lemons yet, the small slices she has given us are delightfully sour. The dry humping, and kisses have been full of UST-which is always a good thing. There are a few small grammatical errors in the story, but nothing that distracts from the plot itself. There might be a bit of cheesiness in it, but it seems to make it more endearing then annoying, in my opinion. Perhaps it is the personality she gave the boys, or if the cheesiness is on purpose or not - either way it works here. I enjoyed what Twitterbug has done so far, and I hope she can continue to develop their relationship, the James plot and some hot lemons in future chapters.


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

Like Val said, we kinda procrastinated this week in finding y'all a story, but I think that we found one that's unique with just a touch of the "Twilight" feel to it.

"Fate" was a delightful surprise. When I first opened it I wasn't too sure, but as I continued to read the more I was drawn in and the more TwitterBug piqued my interest.

At first I didn't like that the story was moving so fast, but I changed my mind when Jasper received the call from James. I'm an impatient bitch and greedy, too. Now I like that the story is moving a bit faster cause I'll get to find out even sooner what kind of trouble our boys are in for. What I also like is that the angst in their relationship doesn't seem like it's going to come from them being gay, but from an outside source. While I don't mind stories like that - I read several just like that, in fact - I like the refreshing change of pace that "Fate" seems to be bringing us.

I agree with Val about the citrusy feel to the few kisses and touches. They will get there, of that I have no doubt. TwitterBug has a gem on her hands. I can't wait to see how she polishes this one up.


So, what do you think you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts and be sure to leave TwitterBug some love as well. Remember to let her know we sent you!


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Best~August 4th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

With Summer coming to a close, we here at TwiSlash Unveiled want to warm you back up. Tuesday's Best is here with two FUCKHOT stories to sink your teeth into.


Donna's HOT new find...

by SuffocatingUnderWordsOfSorrow

Come one, come all! That's the premise of "My Boyfriend's Parents". Bella just happens to stroll into a kinky threesome with boyfriend, Edward Cullen's parents. The young, the hot, the HORNY Esme and Carlisle Cullen. This AU/AH is freaking hot. IF you can get past the squiky fact that 17 year old Bella is getting her kink on with her boyfriend's 33 year old parents.

I swallowed past that moment of squik and read on. Fuck me, I was glad I did. The smut in this four chapter story is so hot it got the girly bits happy all on its own. Give this one a shot. There are very few references about parents and none that had me so squeamish I had to turn away. If you are looking for SMUT, this one will do it for you.


The Master brings you...

by Beautiful Figment

This story was recommended to me a few nights ago, I asked myself why the hell I had not found this story before!? Although, it has more reviews then the other stories I have been reading lately, this story deserves so much more attention than it is receiving. “What I Failed to Realize” by Beautiful Figment is a sweet story about Jasper discovering something in himself he had failed to realize existed-his attraction to his friend and roommate, Edward.

Jasper, Edward, Emmett and Jake are all college students and roommates living in one house. The opening scene with Jake and Jasper playing darts was wonderful and drew me right in; of course, I am a sucker for most anything Jpov! As Jasper walks back to his room, he passes by Edward’s room and overhears Edward moaning. Jasper owes Edward a little payback for some embarrassment Edward had caused him, and Jasper stops to listen to Edward and friend-who he assumes is Bella; getting a bit turned on in the process. Edward knows Jasper is listening and calls Jasper into his room. As he talks to Jasper, Edward continues to receive a blow job under the covers by his lover. Edward, apparently not shy, half jokingly invites Jasper to join them-revealing that his lover is not Bella at all.

That is not all Edward reveals-he also reveals he is bisexual. Jasper is embarrassed and shocked that he failed to realize this before; both Emmett and Jake already knew. Unnerved by the revelation, Jasper accepts a proposition text from his fuck buddy Alice for some physical lovin’ and she comes over dressed, or rather undressed, for the occasion. While Jasper is in the middle of giving Alice oral, Edward walks in on them, inviting himself to join. Alice jumps at the offer, and Jasper does not exactly refuse. While there is no full lemon between Edward and Jasper, they do get into a compromising position, leading to orgasms for both. Afterwards, Jasper is confused, hurt, emotionally spent and quickly leaves the room.

My praise for this story is never ending. The voice Beautiful Figment has given Jasper is intelligent, witty, honest and confused. He is only beginning to come to terms with his sexuality and possible feelings for his best friend, Edward. At first he feels his own body has betrayed him, but realizes his heart is soon to follow. Her Edward is honest, confident and sexy as hell. There are so many things to still be worked out in this story; Edward’s part time girlfriend Bella, Jasper’s questionable relationship with Alice, and Jasper’s feelings, both emotionally and physically toward Edward. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Beautiful Figment has the boys handle their situations-it is guaranteed to be an enjoyable sexy ride.

There is a funny story that goes along with my reading “What I Failed to Realize”; as I said before it was recommended to me and I began reading it immediately. I get a few paragraphs into the first chapter and see mentions of Jasper and Alice fucking. I inwardly cringe but keep going; only to come across actual Jasper/Alice physical interaction in chapter four. I safe word out of the story, as Jasper/Alice sex is a hard limit for me, and the reader who recommended it to me began to guide me through the remainder of the story, giving me the ‘touchstone safe parts’ to read. I reviewed the story, explaining how I had to safe word out of chapter four and five and that I need huge warnings when Jasper/Alice sex is going be involved. You know what she did? Beautiful Figment went through chapters four and five and replaced all the “Alices” with “Bellas” and emailed them to me. Is that a devoted author or what? I got to enjoy the chapters in their completion, and it the story made more sense! So, on her promise of no more Jasper/Alice sex without warnings, I made her a banner-it was the least I could do. Also, I totally admit Alice is certainly not bad in this story; she knows something about Jasper he has failed to realize and confronts him about it, thus giving Jasper the courage to go have a much needed talk with Edward.

Read “What I Failed to Realize”, leave Beautiful Figment some love and let her know how much you don’t like Jasper/Ali-I mean how much you enjoy her story! It is truly beautiful, funny, hot and pure win!


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review.

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Guest Rec with DefinatelyStaying

Wow, a guest rec, huh?

Well, it wouldn’t be me if it were predictable, so I decided to change their rules just a little. I hope Whitlock’s Girl and Touchstone67 don’t beat me for this – or, well, maybe I do. ;) Besides, since I’m joining the blog – they can’t really kill me, can they? Yep, you heard it first here – I will be partnering with TwiSlash and penning a weekly column called Twi Me Up. It will feature BDSM Q&A, and a list of BDSM stories and resources.

So…They told me to pick out a story to rec, but I didn’t want to choose one story that I love that already has a million reviews. So, I went through my favorites decided to give you this:

Five fantastic stories with fewer than 1,000 reviews:
1. Don’t Worry About it by IDriveLikeACullen

Summary: AH The girls are best friends. They meet Emmett and Jasper in college...and of course Emmett's brother Edward. Only problem is is that Edward has some issues..

My take: Angsty Edward, supportive Bella, wet Edward, sex at the country club – it’s a great story that I read until the very end.

2. Midnight Margaritas by WriterWithABite
Summary: Late nights, break ups and margaritas lead to interesting things. Is it a start of a new romance or a just a complication? "Love is friendship set on fire"

My take: I have no idea how this never hit 1,000 reviews. Everyone knows about it, and it’s one of the best smutty Jasper/Bella stories I’ve read. Even if you’re not a J/B shipper, you’ll love this Jasper. I did – all the way to the very end.

3. The Beauty and The Geek by Vixen1836
: Edward Cullen is a painfully shy intellectual desperately in love with his quiet, beautiful classmate Bella Swan. Slight Twilight Parody. Originally written for The Sexy Edward Contest. Expanded from one-shot to novella. RATED M. AU/AH/OOC. EPOV/BPOV.

My Take: Okay, I’ll admit, the switching of the POV’s makes the story a little disjointed – but I am all for a shy, virgin, sexy geekward. Oh my. I’ve gone back and read this a few times when I’m looking for some geekward lemons.

4. Stoically Stitched by Rosette-Cullen
Summary: Bella's kept a secret that's eaten away at her. After a self-inflicted injury, she's put into a hospital that tests her strength. She'll find out who she can trust, and who she needs to stay away from. A darker fic.

My take: This is another story that I’m not sure how it doesn’t have 1,000 reviews. It’s fascinating – kind of like a Girl Interrupted love story.

5. I Caught Myself by Tallulah Remiter
Summary: “For My Valentine” Contest Entry. Years of friendship with Alice finally bring Edward & Bella together. Charlie has died & Bella contemplates a fresh start in Charlotte, NC, where Alice & the Cullens live & work. NOW CONTINUED, AH/AU, Canon pairs, LEMONS.

My take: This is the only story on the list that isn’t complete, but I’m sure once it is, it will have hit 1,000 reviews. If the light hearted romance between Bella and Edward doesn’t hook you – the freaking hot Wankward in the very first chapter will. Oh my.