Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Best~August 11th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Just a few announcements before we get to the recommendations.

1. TwiSlash Unveiled is extremely proud to announce that two of our very own took home a Bellie. Val, aka The Master was nominated for Best Banner and was up against some very tough competition and DefinatelyStaying's fabulous story "The Forbidden Room" tied with Manyafandom's story "All I Ever Knew" for Best Slash.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and nominees on a job well done.

2. A few weeks ago the story "Closer to God" by dannie7786 was recommended to you. It's an AWESOME story, but unfortunately Dannie's FFnet account went a bit wacky and she had to delete the account and start from scratch. You can now find Dannie's stories listed under the pen name Domward's Mistress. Be sure to add her to alerts and leave Closer to God and her other stories some love, since with the move she lost all the reviews.

Tuesday's Picks of the Week

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a couple FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by Rosalee Lorraine

What's this? A slash story that doesn't star Edward and Jasper as romantic interests. OH MY GOD! They do exist. HA HA HA!

That's right. This week's recommendation by yours truly is "Echos of You" by Rosealee Lorraine. Emmett is a boxer. A damn good boxer, but like any boxer they eventually meet their match. "Echos of You" opens with Jasper, distraught and waiting in the Emergency Room lobby for news on Emmett. When the news comes it's not good. The blow Emmett took has made him lose his memory. With the loss of his memory, Emmett refuses to accept the fact that he's gay, leaving Jasper devastated.

How do they cope? Does Emmett ever accept his sexuality? What happens to their relationship? Do they find love together again? Does Emmett return to boxing?

All these questions can be answered BY READING THE STORY! So, get to it. Go read "Echos of You". You won't be dissappointed. Of course, Rosalee Lorraine never disappoints. OH, DID I MENTION THAT THE STORY IS COMPLETE? Oh, I didn't. Well it is. ENJOY!


The Master brings you...

by PolkaDotMama

Some of you may have heard of a website called “Broke Straight Boys”, which has videos of men being gay for pay. In other words, they are paid a certain amount of money to perform sexual acts on other men; they start off small with mutual wanks, working into blow jobs, and eventually fucking. There are two ways to interpret “broke” in the title. First, the boys are usually monetarily broke and in need of fast cash. Second, the boy are ‘broke’ like a horse, their ways are tamed and they are broke into performing for the director. This site is a bit of a conundrum for me. I enjoy the fascination of watching supposedly straight boys go down on each other; seeing them get hard at something they never thought they would makes you consider- is arousal for them purely physical, no matter the partner, or is there a mental challenge they have to overcome to get turned on? Then, there is the curiosity as to why they are there to begin with; what is going on in their lives that drew them to such a place, to basically sell themselves for sex-and not sex they would typically enjoy. While these videos can be incredibly hot, they can sadden you as well. Knowing that most of the boys do not want to be there, willingly or not, sometimes you can see it in their face as they are about to suck a dick for the first time. That being said, my recommendation this week is largely based on just that type of site. “Sketchbook Revelations” by PolkaDotMama is the story of college students Jasper and Edward, both art majors, and their revelations along the way toward each other.

The story begins from Edward’s point-of-view; he is already out of the closet and is open about his sexuality. Edward is meeting Jasper, his roommate and friend, for coffee, as Jasper has a confession to make to Edward. A very nervous Jasper admits to Edward that he has performed for Broke Straight Boys, not once, but multiple times. He explains how he was in desperate need of money, and started off with mutual wanks with James. When James and Jasper’s videos become a hit, they are asked back to perform more, the money amount increasing each time, eventually leading to $1500 for Jasper to bottom for James. Jasper confesses these embarrassing details to Edward because Jasper enjoyed the sex, and is now curious, and asks Edward…does this make Jasper gay? Jasper also admits he now looks at Edward differently. In light of Jasper’s revelation to Edward, Edward confesses that he has been in love with Jasper for years, but has come to realize it will never happen, as Jasper was straight. He tells Jasper honestly not to fuck him over by playing with his emotions, that his heart cannot handle that kind of heartbreak. Jasper replies with a very heartfelt and gentle kiss.

As their relationship begins to progress into the physical intimacy stage, the story gets incredibly erotic with each new discovery. Edward is a talented boy and opens Jasper’s…er, eyes, to what is possible in a relationship with a man. They have always been close emotionally, but now they are able to express their feelings out loud and with certainty. Of course, with each revelation they uncover, another problem arises. Jasper still has financial concerns, they have an upcoming art show and most importantly, they need to eventually go public with their relationship. Jasper is still in the closet, although, thanks to a hot dance with Edward, where hands were roaming and lips were touching, they have ‘come out’ to their small group of friends. However, Jasper greatly fears telling his parents, especially his anti-gay father, about his sexuality. They decide to first inform Edward’s parents of their relationship-a practice round, so to say.

I highly recommend “Sketchbook Revelations” for a few reasons. The fascination with Broke Straight Boys is addressed, and damn, if Jasper DID have a video online-yea, totally downloading that shit! PolkaDotMama also brings forth a brilliant picture of their incredible artistic talent, Jasper’s love for typography and graphic design, and Edward’s devotion for cartoon illustration. The details she expresses in their craft is evidence of an admiration for art she must share with them, and this pseudo artist appreciates the love she has the boys express for their obsessions. Lastly, she writes their story with intelligence and humor, allowing the boys true voices to shine through. They are loving, erotic, and devoted to each other. They have many issues to still overcome, ones that will certainly cause some heartfail on one or both of them. While the heartfail has been strong for me this week, drowning me actually, I am pledging my faith in PolkaDotMama to pull the boys through and have their final revelation be one of utter love with lifelong happiness to each other.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hopefully, you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. We have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

Having seen a preview of DefinatelyStaying's Twi Me Up column for this Friday, I know all our kinky followers are going to be very, very happy.


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veddersgirl said...

Going to read Sketchbook Revelations now. I have the same feelings about the whole broke guys thing. On the one hand it is kinda hot seeing 2 guys together but then it is a little creepy when they are really into it.
Sitting on the fence about reading Echos of You. I don't know if I can read a Jasper/Emmett pairing. I do really like some of Rosalee Lorraine's other stories. I'm sure I'll end up reading as again I have no life except to sit around reading slash fanfic. ;)

Master Jasper said...

I feel the same with J/Em. Gay Em is one of my hart limits, I can't read it..

Whitlock's Girl said...

I have no issue with a person or person being gay or not. My hard limits seem to include story lines and plot twists.

I don't care for Alice in general, but I do not care to read her in a story, I just don't want her screwing people over. Jasper most of all.

As for Emmett being gay, I'm okay with that. I better be since I have a gay Emmett story, but I couldn't deal with an Emmett that was effeminate. I think a lot of the hang ups with Emmett or anyone for that matter being gay is that people see gay men as feminine or girly acting and that's not the case. Bisexual and gay men can be rugged and manly as well as their straight counterparts. To me, being gay is just who you fuck and not who you are. My Emmett like Rosalee's Emmett is a strong, masculine man. Rosalee's Emmett is a boxer and mine is a football coach. The hang up comes from people assuming that gay men are all fashion divas and designer whores and while some are it's not because they are gay, but rather that's who they ARE.

Okay, sorry stepping away from the soapbox. Just give an author and their story a chance. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Master Jasper said...

ITA on it is not who you are but who you fuck-but,for me, has nothing to do with Em being effeminate or not. I don't want any of the m/m slash I read to contain effeminate men, Edward, Jasper etc.
I adore Jasper, I adore Edward.... I don't adore (with nearly the same passion) Emmett, gay or not-therefore have a much harder time imagining him gay. Edward and Jasper- no problem. Why? Idk...

I have NO hangups on what type of career a gay man should or should not be in, I do not sterotype like that at all. I have known many gay men, in all types of careers, some buff and muscular, others smaller and thin. One just as gay as the other.

As we all have found out, we have our personal preferences when it comes to what we enjoy reading. Some don't safe word on Jalice sex, but I do. I dont have much time to read and want to enjoy what I do read-to the fullest extent. I *know* I would not enjoy reading a story featuring Gay Em. I have read it in the past and care not to do it again. Can't hold our preferences against us, like Gay Em, is it not who we are but what we read. ;)

K said...

I read Echos of you a while back and its amazing! Rosalee Lorraine writes awesome slash! all of her stories are wonderful. So glad you rec'd Sketchbook Revelations. I loved it!!