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Tuesday's Best, August 18th!

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Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The Master and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by FiberKitty

I'm a huge FiberKitty fan. I won't deny it. Actually, I normally shout it from the rooftops. I've read all of her stories. Each and every one has a very dear spot in my heart. My husband and I devoured “The Tie That Binds” together and while he would laugh uproariously at my sobbing and snotting over the story, I knew it touched him, too.

So, when I was searching out stories to recommend to all of you, I snatched up “Snapshots of Polyamory” like the prize fish it is. Like all of FiberKitty's stories, “Snapshots of Polyamory” is filled with a beautiful writing style that reaches into you and grabs hold of your heartstrings and doesn't just tug at them, but fucking YANKS those damned things until your heart is on your sleeve and you are feeling like you are right there in the story along with the characters.

The one thing you'll find missing, in “Snapshots of Polyamory” that is present in nearly every other FiberKitty story and is something else FiberKitty does fabulously well, is SMUT! “Snapshots of Polyamory” isn't about smut, smexin', lemons or any other moniker you want to give it. It's about the connection between Edward, Bella, Rosalie, and Emmett. The story is literally a series of snapshots starting from their very first meeting. It's about realizing and finding love in a less than traditional way.

BUT, the REALLY great thing about doing this recommendation was that it got me an early peek into the entire story. The day I decided to use this story for one of my Tuesday spots, I alerted FiberKitty and she offered to let me read the entire story so I would know what was coming. Can I just say, OH! MY! GOD!? You know I jumped on that like it was Jasper and he'd just arrived at my fucking front door naked and raring to go. Let me tell you, I read the entire eight chapters from beginning to end. I put off the kids' lunches until after I was done. I had to actually drive them to McDonald's to make up for the fact that lunch was an hour late and they'd survived on fruit snacks while Mama was reading. LOL!

If you don't have this story on your reading list and FiberKitty on Author Alert, you need to be disowned. I mean it. “Snapshots of Polyamory” is one of the best fanfics out there and I've read 1000's of fics.

You can find FiberKitty and the entire Snapshots fanclub on Twilighted.


The Master brings you...

by HHN

No, this not Seven Drawf’s slash, although that might be interesting, this is actually me stepping out of my slashy Jasper/Edward box. A little. A very little. But, hey, progress is progress, right? Even in baby steps. “Blush and Bashful” by HHN crossed by monitor after I asked mozzer0906 to help me do a search on FF.net , as I cannot find anything on that site to save my life. I searched for…get this… Jasper/Jake slash! I know, right? Amazing. I think I got lucky too, coming across this gem.

Blush and Bashful” is about new kid at Forks High School, Jasper Whitlock, and his attractions to Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. HHN puts a new twist on the love triangle and “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob”, as you are either friends of one or the other, not both. These two boys, enemies, rule the school. As the story progresses, we find out just why these two former best friends can no longer stand the sight of each other. Jake is openly gay, Edward is straight (wink). Jasper has not admitted to himself, or anyone, that he is gay, but he admits his attraction to both these beautiful boys. Jake openly flirts with Jasper and Edward smirks at him; these attentions lead Jasper to fantasize a bit too much in class. There is some SERIOUS UST between these three. Angela notices Jasper’s ‘condition’ and after class, asks him if his gay. Jasper admits, for the first time, that he is. The situation worsens for Jasper in gym class when he is changing with Edward and Jake nearby, both boys packing some serious heat in their undies, encouraging Jasper’s erection. When Jasper stands to leave, his erection is not tenting his boxers, but rather, sticking out of them. Embarrassed beyond words, Jasper flees from gym to his car, in his underwear. Having left his keys and clothes inside, he sits and cries by his car until Jake and Edward approach him, apologizing and explaining that no one but them witnessed his exposure. Jasper falls for Jake…hard and fast…literally. Unsure how I would handle Jasper/Jake smut, I admit to being a bit nervous when the first lime occurred. There have been only limes so far, as the boys are exploring the waters before jumping in too deep, but these limes are SOUR as FUCK. My favorite included; some nice dry and wet humping! Seriously…they are hot!

I can’t decide on the accuracy of Jasper’s voice however. He sounds a bit young sometimes, and perhaps…too gay? I know, I know, but I guess I like my Slashsper more… masculine. This Jasper is not girly per say, but he had no problem expressing his emotions or his tastes in musicals and “Steel Magnolias”; he also refers to himself, more than once, as the girl in the relationship. However, once the sex begins, the voice matures, which I loved. Above I mentioned “love triangle”, as Edward comes out of the closet, and has a past with Jake. Jasper is also physically attracted to Edward, but loves Jake… and now we know that Jake and Edward were once an item. Oh, the tangled web these three weave!

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Really enjoyed. I try to only recommend stories here that blow my mind and while I cannot say this one blew my mind, it did expand it a lot without bleaching required, and that alone is worthy of a recommendation! I totally enjoyed Jake/Jasper dynamic, and toss Gayward into the mix and you have a winner. I enjoyed the length of the chapters, the families, and extra characters and the fact that Alice wasn’t even mentioned until chapter eight or so (she is Edward’s younger sister, not friends with the gang).

If you are a HARD core Jasper/Edward slash fan, this is not the story for you…if you are soft core J/E and looking to broaden your horizons, give this one a shot, you might be surprised. I definitely was.

I even added it to my alerts.

So… proud of me?


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

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Anonymous said...

Val, if your wanting to paddle a little further into the Jakesper or Jascob universe, then you might want to give this LJ one a whirl. I recc'd it over on our blog a few weeks ago and I think its definitely worth your eyes.. http://twilightscribe.livejournal.com/tag/the+poet+and+the+pendulum

veddersgirl said...

I am really loving Blush and Bashful. I was hesitant at first to read b.c I thought I was a pretty hard core Gasperward lover. However, I've discovered I can read Jakesper loving. The thing I am loving the most is all the humor. I totally snorted at the “Hooray for gay!: cheer. Also was cracking up when Jasper came out to his parents and they were like Duh!! it's about time.
Great recommendation!!
Hooray for gay!