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Don't Let Me Go
by LionLambForever

Pulled from the raging inferno of Volterra, the recently widowed Isabella Newton has hit rock bottom and is the prime suspect in the arson. Worse, her past has come back to haunt her. When the firefighters who rescued her show up at her house, all she can do is cling to them and revel in their tender care. Edward and Emmett believe in her innocence and offer a gentle dominance that nurtures her lonely heart. But can this inexperienced, natural submissive gain their love forever, or are they like the other men in her past who’ve wanted to own her? AH/AU Ed/B/Em


Val, aka The Master:

Once again, we are straying, or trying to, from our comfortable box. Course, my box is slightly-okay, a LOT smaller-than Donna's, but regardless we are expanding our tastes, for lack of a better word. We decided to look for a yummy poly this week, but when all the slash ones didn't wet our appetite, Donna came across a poly BDSM goodie for us to munch on. I admit, I cringed when she said it was Edward/Bella and Emmett. Yes, my hard limit flashed before my eyes and I was about so say "NO", when she told me there was no slash between E/Em. After a huge sigh of relief, I began.

"Don't Let Me Go" by LionLambForver begins with a large dose of action when Bella is caught in a night club fire and is rescued by Emmett and Edward, firefighters. Bella is a widow, and a natural submissive, who was at the club investigating her husband's death. At first, she is accused of setting the fire, but is quickly cleared by Detective Jasper (YAY). Both Edward and Emmett feel an immediate connection, attraction, to her, to the extent of checking on her later that night after they are done working. They take care of her, bathing her and spending the night in her bed. They are gone the next morning, but not before cooking her breakfast and leaving her a note. The next time they are together, Edward and Emmett tell her they are Doms and had frequented the night club-which specialized in Dom/sub entertainment. Bella eventually tells them of her background, her childhood and marriage, informing them of Jacob, a man she was betrothed to at fifteen years old. Edward and Emmett both want to be her Dom, apparently, they are quite good at sharing and have the desire to share Bella. She agrees and some mind-blowing sex ensues.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this story is quite odd actually. Yes, the smut was good-well written, hot and sexy, but I admired the author's ability to tell the story in third-person pov. This is not, in my opinion, an easy task to do. I think it is more difficult to draw a reader in when they can't get into the story teller's head. However, LionLambForever manages to suck us in anyway-with detailed descriptions of emotions, lengthy chapters and of course smut. Even though we don't hear, or read, Edward thinking how tight Bella is, we know it anyway from the descriptions given and dialogue spoken. I have only read two other third-person povs (both by the same author) and am amazed every chapter I read how the story develops even with no real "voice."

I recommend "Don't Let Me Go" for a nice little non-slash poly with some Edward/Emmett love. The author has developed an interesting side plot, has lovely smut scenes and it is long enough to give you time to enjoy and get to know the characters. Besides, who can resist Edward and Emmett in fireman's gear-can anyone say "Firefighter Calendar?" Mmmm...Edward as Mr. June coming right up!


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl

*GIGGLES* I'm sorry! My brain is in the gutter. It's fucking 2am on Thursday morning and Val just said "box", "munch", "yummy" and "appetite in one fucking paragraph. OH, FUCK IT! Her entire first paragraph cracked my shit up and I'm still trying, two hours later, to get myself under control. Yep, it probably won't happen so you'll just have to deal. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be gushing (*giggles* I said gushing!) over LionLambForever's fuckawesome story Don't Let Me Go so, let's get back to that.

You probably recognize LionLambForever from a few weeks back when I recommended Forever My Love as a Secret Craving. Well, just as with Forever My Love, Don't Let Me Go showcases Bella (Lucky bitch! Oh shut it. You know you're thinking the same fucking thing) with two hot ass TwiGuys, only this time she gets sandwiched between Emmett and Edward, instead of Jasper and Edward. (Either way the chick just hit the fucking lottery.)

Like Val said, the sex is fucking awesome. Seriously, grab the toy box, spread that towel under you and say "FUCK IT" to the panties because there's just no need adding to the laundry pile, in my opinion.

But the smut isn't the only thing that drew me into this story. It's the authors' voices. They peg, oops, nail...OH SWEET JESUS! How come all my verbs are coming off as sexual innuendos? Anyway. The authors' manage to capture Emmett, Edward and Bella nearly flawlessly and they do it all in the 3rd person POV. Not an easy feat.

I'm with Val. I want the boys in their turnouts and carrying a hose!


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Jo said...

I liked that one.Loved E and E's relationship.

I was alarmed to read that LionLambForever's other story was lifted from an ebook, verbatim (just read that on the forum last night). What a weird thing to do!

Cullen86ers said...

I LOVED Never Let Me Go... I read it in August when y'all first posted it and I was thinking about it just the other day. I had added it to my favorites in my ff account but couldn't find it. I have subsequently spent the last WEEK looking for it. Finally remembered the blog post and found it no problem, but then ff says it doesn't exist anymore. Did it just go entirely onto twilighted or is it really gone forever... I'm actually kind of sad right now because I totally agree the sex was fuckin hot!


Love what y'all are doin here... please keep it up.

Jo and Ali

Whitlock's Girl said...

As the first comment posted, LionLambForever plagiarized Forever My Love from an ebook titled "The Reluctant Dom" and when they were caught their stories were pulled.