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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 6th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

As we do everything Thursday, Val and I try to dig deep into the fandom and pull forth those little known fics that we think you'll love. This week is no different than any other week. This week we've chosen yet another story featuring none other than our two favorite guys.

In Thursdays to come, (heehee, I said come...LOL) we are going to dig even deeper and try to highlight the less sought after slash stories. This may mean that I have to hold Val's hand and listen to her heave a bit, but I've read Tweet after Tweet about the slash pairings y'all are interested in and we want to give you want you want.

But, without further ado, we bring to you...

by TwitterBug

Author's Summary
When Jasper is saved by Edward he has no idea that they will develop feelings for each other. But when Jasper's ex finds out he plans to do away with Edward. Can they survive his wrath?


Val aka The Master:

When Donna was searching for a story to review this week that both of us to enjoy, she came across “Fate” by Twitterbug and we both jumped on it. Both of us have had an insane week and had procrastinated finding an appropriate story to review. “Fate” begins with Jasper’s life being saved from an oncoming car by Edward (Tyler’s van anyone?), leaving them cramped in a small space in a rather compromising position. In these tight quarters with sexy Edward, Jasper begins to get aroused; and he tries to will his erection away. Needless to say, when Edward ‘accidentally’ rubs against Jasper, Jasper realizes he is not the only enjoying their lack of space. I will say, this scene was oddly hot, fully dressed Edward and Jasper dry humping, even if not resulting in a orgasm, is win…always.

Jasper takes a chance and invites Edward on a date, which Edward accepts. While on their date, we learn that one of Jasper’s previous boyfriends, James, was possessive and physically abusive to Jasper. We also learn that Edward has had a tragic event in his past as well, although he has yet to share this information with Jasper. Near the end of their date, Jasper receives a phone call from…James. The next day, Edward is at work at the hospital and meets someone from Jasper’s past-which sets off a phone call to Jasper from a panicked Edward.

While there have not been any full lemons yet, the small slices she has given us are delightfully sour. The dry humping, and kisses have been full of UST-which is always a good thing. There are a few small grammatical errors in the story, but nothing that distracts from the plot itself. There might be a bit of cheesiness in it, but it seems to make it more endearing then annoying, in my opinion. Perhaps it is the personality she gave the boys, or if the cheesiness is on purpose or not - either way it works here. I enjoyed what Twitterbug has done so far, and I hope she can continue to develop their relationship, the James plot and some hot lemons in future chapters.


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

Like Val said, we kinda procrastinated this week in finding y'all a story, but I think that we found one that's unique with just a touch of the "Twilight" feel to it.

"Fate" was a delightful surprise. When I first opened it I wasn't too sure, but as I continued to read the more I was drawn in and the more TwitterBug piqued my interest.

At first I didn't like that the story was moving so fast, but I changed my mind when Jasper received the call from James. I'm an impatient bitch and greedy, too. Now I like that the story is moving a bit faster cause I'll get to find out even sooner what kind of trouble our boys are in for. What I also like is that the angst in their relationship doesn't seem like it's going to come from them being gay, but from an outside source. While I don't mind stories like that - I read several just like that, in fact - I like the refreshing change of pace that "Fate" seems to be bringing us.

I agree with Val about the citrusy feel to the few kisses and touches. They will get there, of that I have no doubt. TwitterBug has a gem on her hands. I can't wait to see how she polishes this one up.


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