Monday, August 3, 2009

Guest Rec with DefinatelyStaying

Wow, a guest rec, huh?

Well, it wouldn’t be me if it were predictable, so I decided to change their rules just a little. I hope Whitlock’s Girl and Touchstone67 don’t beat me for this – or, well, maybe I do. ;) Besides, since I’m joining the blog – they can’t really kill me, can they? Yep, you heard it first here – I will be partnering with TwiSlash and penning a weekly column called Twi Me Up. It will feature BDSM Q&A, and a list of BDSM stories and resources.

So…They told me to pick out a story to rec, but I didn’t want to choose one story that I love that already has a million reviews. So, I went through my favorites decided to give you this:

Five fantastic stories with fewer than 1,000 reviews:
1. Don’t Worry About it by IDriveLikeACullen

Summary: AH The girls are best friends. They meet Emmett and Jasper in college...and of course Emmett's brother Edward. Only problem is is that Edward has some issues..

My take: Angsty Edward, supportive Bella, wet Edward, sex at the country club – it’s a great story that I read until the very end.

2. Midnight Margaritas by WriterWithABite
Summary: Late nights, break ups and margaritas lead to interesting things. Is it a start of a new romance or a just a complication? "Love is friendship set on fire"

My take: I have no idea how this never hit 1,000 reviews. Everyone knows about it, and it’s one of the best smutty Jasper/Bella stories I’ve read. Even if you’re not a J/B shipper, you’ll love this Jasper. I did – all the way to the very end.

3. The Beauty and The Geek by Vixen1836
: Edward Cullen is a painfully shy intellectual desperately in love with his quiet, beautiful classmate Bella Swan. Slight Twilight Parody. Originally written for The Sexy Edward Contest. Expanded from one-shot to novella. RATED M. AU/AH/OOC. EPOV/BPOV.

My Take: Okay, I’ll admit, the switching of the POV’s makes the story a little disjointed – but I am all for a shy, virgin, sexy geekward. Oh my. I’ve gone back and read this a few times when I’m looking for some geekward lemons.

4. Stoically Stitched by Rosette-Cullen
Summary: Bella's kept a secret that's eaten away at her. After a self-inflicted injury, she's put into a hospital that tests her strength. She'll find out who she can trust, and who she needs to stay away from. A darker fic.

My take: This is another story that I’m not sure how it doesn’t have 1,000 reviews. It’s fascinating – kind of like a Girl Interrupted love story.

5. I Caught Myself by Tallulah Remiter
Summary: “For My Valentine” Contest Entry. Years of friendship with Alice finally bring Edward & Bella together. Charlie has died & Bella contemplates a fresh start in Charlotte, NC, where Alice & the Cullens live & work. NOW CONTINUED, AH/AU, Canon pairs, LEMONS.

My take: This is the only story on the list that isn’t complete, but I’m sure once it is, it will have hit 1,000 reviews. If the light hearted romance between Bella and Edward doesn’t hook you – the freaking hot Wankward in the very first chapter will. Oh my.


Anonymous said...

Aw, sweet! Thanks for the rec, DS ~ coming from you, that's high praise. *MWAH!*

Anonymous said...

I have loved "I Caught Myself" for a while now and am always hoping for it to catch more attention. I think that it is a great story and I can't wait to see more from it.

Tiffany said...

Hi ladies! DefinitelyStaying - I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the recommendation for Beauty and the Geek! I am so delighted you've enjoyed the story!

Tiffany (vixen1836)