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by Lovum-N-Leevum


Author's Summary

BDSM AU: Submissive Edward Mason is a tough, snarky jackass. Popular, sought after Jasper Whitlock is the dominant king of the high school. After a close encounter, Jasper is set to make Edward submit to him. But will Edward allow himself to break? SLASH


Val aka The Master:

Submit”, by Lovum-N-Leevum, was one of those stories I happened to come across while searching for something else, bookmarking it to come back to it later. Well, it is later and I am glad I had it bookmarked. “Submit” takes place in an alternate universe, “where BDSM is the cultural norm.” This itself, was intriguing, but then she goes on to suggest that “male/male and female/female relationships (bisexuality basically), is completely acceptable, so 'homophobia' does not exist.” What a beautiful and peaceful world that would be!

Edward is the new kid at school, and Jasper is the royal Dominant; which to me is similar to captain of the football team in other schools. Their lives collide, literally, when Edward runs into Jasper in the hallway, bouncing off Jasper’s hard body. Even though he is intimidated by Jasper’s appearance (black leather pants!) Edward gives Jasper a few choice words before leaving. Unfortunately, Edward is partnered with James, another Dominant in the school with his sights set on taming Edward, for a science project. Jasper approaches Edward, informing him that he fully intends on making Edward his sub and that he will take him body and mind. Constantly having to ward off James’ advances tires Edward and when Jasper offers him a break from those advances, Edward jumps at the opportunity. Little does Edward know what he has gotten himself into.

My only complaint about “Submit” would the chapters are too short, they certainly leave you wanting more. There are a few grammatical errors, but nothing that can’t be ignored for the promising plot this story definitely has. There are only three completed chapters, and while there has not been any smut, I have a feeling there will be some incredible slashy goodness between Jasper and Edward. A story I recommend and look forward to continuing to read.

Come on, who doesn’t love some Domsper?


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

When Val suggested “Submit” I was a bit leery, but I was busy and agreed to open it up and give it a go.

While “Submit” is short in chapter length and story length, the premise is fucking stupendous. An alternate universe where the world is ruled by the rules of BDSM and Jasper is a fuckhot Dom! OH HALE FUCKING YEAH! SIGN THIS GIRL UP!

Jasper is the reigning Dom at Forks High and he wants Edward, but he doesn't just want Edward's body. He wants Edward's mind, as well. To be honest, I don't think Jasper will settle for Edward's mind and body. To me, Jasper will not rest until Edward submits to him mind, body and soul.

I can't wait to walk the path that Lovum-N-Leevum is building for us in “Submit”. It's bound to be a fabulous journey.


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veddersgirl said...

I've read Submit too. I'm sitting on the fence about. I need a few more chapters to read before I decided whether I like this story or not. I do like how the author has created a unique AU. I just hope she continues this story and has done some research into BDSM. I've read a few stories featuring BDSM themes and was disappointed in them. They just seemed to be about belittle someone and having angry sex.
Agree with Donna about the short chapters. I feel like they could be a little longer. I need more.

Whitlock's Girl said...

I'd love to read more. I put the story on alert because even with the few errors and short length I think it's got HUGE possibilities.

I can't wait for the next update.