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Tuesday's Best~July 14th, 2009

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Miss Cella is still under the weather. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The remaining three TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Girly Action of the week...

by rickyc717 & lovesanime92

"An Unfinished Affair" is a one shot featuring Bella as the epitome of a 1950's housewife. She is the dutiful little woman that cares for her husband and keeps their home in the manner in which he approves. She makes weekly menus and lists then does the grocery shopping. She ensures that her darling husband, none other than Dr. Edward Cullen, is kept well fed and healthy, no doubt packing his lunch with nutritious leftovers so that he won't be forced to eat takeout which would give him an early heart attack. She greets him at the door at the end of a long hard day with a kiss and a sweet hello. The only thing missing is his slippers and a couple of fingers of good whiskey and a shoo-ing off to the living room while she puts dinner on the table at precisely 6pm.

While his every need, want and whim is met, Bella is left wanting. Her requests of her husband are ignored or forgotten. He is a pampered prince and she a poor pauper. He drives a new car every few years whereas hers leaves her stranded, if it starts for her at all.

When someone new moves into the neighborhood, will all the dissatisfaction and frustration lead Bella astray? Will she finally stand up for herself with Edward? These are all questions you'll be able to answer yourself when you read "An Unfinished Affair" a new story by rickyc717 and lovesanime92.

The story is just getting started, but if you remember I recommended another rickyc717 story called "Lessons in Learning" a few weeks ago, so if "An Unfinished Affair" is half as good, you will not be disappointed. If the first chapter is anything to go by, then it has got 'half as good' beat by a mile.


The Master brings you...

by C Me Smile

I was lucky enough to have come across this story last week on my mission for another blog. I instantly, immediately fell in absolute complete love with it. I am not sure the last time I was so moved, to the point of tears, by a story. But damn, this story did just that in one chapter. “Begin Again” by C Me Smile has everything you could ever want in a story, angst, longing, love, devotion, and loyalty. At the time of reading it, “Begin Again” was a Jasper and Edward one-shot, an author trying out her skills and feeling out the fandom with her work. Since then, not only will it continue to a multi-chapter piece, but C Me Smile has developed a devoted fanbase, including other slash authors, and all with good reason.
Begin Again” fucking rocks.

I am not sure where to even begin in expressing on my adoration for this piece. Not often am I compelled to private message an author and beg for more, even using my art to barter for additional chapters, but I stooped to both levels with C Me Smile. Begging and bartering were both included in those PMs.

The story begins with a married Edward seeing his former lover and still love of his life, in a bookstore. He quickly hides, not wanting Jasper to spot him, but he is too late. There is that instant connection you always have with your first love, but theirs goes beyond than that. Their love was one of lifelong devotion, loyalty, and physical passion-until Edward left Jasper to pursue his career. Even though it was Edward’s decision to walk away, Edward’s pain at his loss of Jasper runs so deep in him, you can actually feel your heart breaking as you read it. Their nervous, awkward reunion conversation is typical, Edward feels relieved and guilty after hearing Jasper is no longer in a relationship. Relieved to know Jasper is single, guilty for wanting Jasper to be alone if he is not with him. That night, Edward receives an unexpected phone call from an overwhelmed Jasper. At the end, they agree to meet the next day to…begin again.

This story just blew me away, plain and simple. It had everything I could ever want in a story, and C Me Smile’s style is so fluid, soft, and smooth; her descriptions are filled with incredible imagery that is rare to find. Needless to say, when she said she was continuing with the story as a multi-chapter piece, I kissed her virtual feet. I am not sure I could ever get enough of her two beautiful, thoughtful, and sexy boys. I highly, highly recommend “Begin Again”; once you get to the end, you will want to go back to the beginning and begin again.


Rosella's Poly Pick....

by Mrs Ronald Weasley

When considering a smutty slash fic it needs to have three components, in my opinion. First, it must be well-written and easy to follow. Second, the lemons must ignite some sort of tingle or fire within me. And third, Jasper usually has to be present. When two of these factors are present I find myself enjoying the story, but it is rare to find a story without Jasper that I actually feel aroused by. My rec this week is one of those rare times.

This one-shot features Edward & Bella as the main couple, with a helpful serving of Carlisle on the side. Bella has just moved in with Edward and is sensing a reluctance and disconnect from him upon her arrival. She misunderstands his reaction to her questions and overreacts, storming away like an ill-tempered child. What Bella doesn't know is Edward has quite the unorthodox request to make. He is willing to finally give in to her and her sexual needs, but has decided having Carlisle there will provide them a better opportunity to have things go smoothly.

I think you can guess what ends up happening. Although, it doesn't end with a beautiful threesome, nope. We get a taste of the threesome, and then it's on to much better things. Bella requests to see Edward and Carlisle together and gets more than she could have anticipated. She can't help but pleasure herself while watching the two vamps in action.

Honestly, I was heated from the very beginning of the lemon, when a vision of Edward was described deliciously,

"After my tremors had subsided, Carlisle broke our kiss and Edward stood. His bronze hair was disheveled from my hands, his eyes dark.

Carlisle looked at him for a second, and then let go of me. I watched as he reached for Edward and pulled him forward, locking their lips together."

Even if this pairing isn't usually your thing, give it a try. I did, and I'm still reeling from the desire I felt while reading this fabulous little story. That being said, this story may not be for everyone because Carlisle is Edward's adoptive father and Bella does lose her virginity. So, if you're not into those kind of things than maybe you stay away from this one. For rest of you pervs who don't care about all that and just want to read a short, well-written one-shot to give you some inspiration for happy time, then consider this your happy time read of the day.


Cella's Secret Craving...

With Miss Cella out sick, we didn't want our Secret Craving readers to be left out in the cold, so please check out the Twilight BDSM Community on Fanfiction.net. It is sure to be filled with some naughty good times.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for Cella and Rosella's turn at Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

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I'm so happy that someone else found Begin Again. As soon as I read this I had to run here to see if it had already been recommended and if not to tell someone about it. Love the blog and you ladies for bringing it to us.