Thursday, July 2, 2009

Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 2nd!

Icon by Cella Cullen

Broke by Pashtess

Pashtess is a new writer when it comes to Twilight FF, but she is definitely not new to Fan Fiction itself. With currently six stories in four different categories it's obvious Pashtess is one of those writers who writes what she loves, and has very diverse taste buds.

Lucky for us her first venture into Twilight Fan Fiction included a succulent little slash story involving Edward, Jasper, and the desire for some quick money.

Pairing: Edward & Jasper
Description: Edward and Jasper are broke, and are in need of some cash. It starts at one hundred dollars. AH.


Cella's Opinion~

Have you ever gotten one of those naughty cravings to be able to see a straight boy turned gay threw manipulation and money?

Oh come on you can admit it, I know I sure have. Broke is based on exactly that sort of situation.

Edward and Jasper are both broke and have found themselves on a couch while a man they don't know stands behind a camera and offers them each $100 to simply jack off while watching porn. It's a simple enough request, and what guy could resist $100 to do what he does for free during his down time? Certainly not these two.

Things start off innocently enough with both guys dropping their pants and watching as a girl gives head on the television in front of them, but that's when their camera man decides to up the ante. $50 more for Jasper to reach over and get off Edward.

Will Jasper agree? Will Edward let him? And if they go threw with it, what will the camera man offer next?

All these questions and more will be answered when you read this tantalizing tale.

Personally, I think this one-shot has the potential to become a very fun little series if the guys pass on the news about how to make the quick cash to their friends, and as for the friend who recommended they go there to begin with, let's just say I wouldn't mind hearing about his experience as well.

Broke was hot and had me squirming in my seat, but unfortunately it stopped just a bit too soon for me. So, I give this story a four out of five on our sizzle scale because I think Pashtess was a tease for not taking the story as far as she could have, and I want to give her some incentive to give us a little more!


Rosella's View~

For some reason I had a hard time feeling a connection to any of the slash stories I found this week, but after reading this smokin' hot Jasper/Edward one-shot I knew this was the one to recommend! This short story is very well-written and hot as hell from the very beginning.

Jasper and Edward are looking to make a little money and do some 'unorthodox' things with each to gain the extra cash. Despite their unsanitary surroundings and the creepy Mike Newton watching nearby with a camera, it's actually very...stimulating.

You completely forget about the scenery the second you read this line, describing the yummy Jasper...

"He brought his hand to his mouth and spit into his palm. His eyes focused in on the porn, as his fingers wrapped around his shaft and he began to stroke himself."

This is the moment when everything began to feel warmer and I completely zoned out everything around me to fully concentrate on Jasper stroking his own cock.

And if that isn't hot enough, then throw in Edward sitting right next to him stroking his own cock as well. Do you see where I'm going with this? It just keeps getting better as they each accept more money to add more stimulating activities. *wiggles eyebrows*

The only thing that's a bit disappointing is we don't get to see a full on lemon, but I find it to be a very satisfying one-shot regardless. In fact, I think I enjoyed being teased. *smirks*

I give Broke a 4 out of 5 on the sizzle scale. This short story is sure give you a pleasurable tease, and you can finish off by having some play time of your own.


There you have it, both Rosella and Cella loved reading about our favorite male duo giving over their bodies for cash. With a rating of four each we highly recommend you lock those doors and grab a towel because the odds are you won't be able to resist unzipping those pants, pulling down those panties and having a little fun while reading this one-shot.

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Anonymous said...

WOW hot is right and DEFINITELY would love to hear more about the boys.. where EVER do you all find these lil gems!

Whitlock's Girl said...

Thanks LadyK. Glad you enjoyed it.

FYI~We're fixing the formatting that's hidden the last of the post.

Subtle Pen said...

i'd like to know how you fin'd em too, but until then, i'll just keep coming here... BROKE was awesome - gotta love the shit you can find on redtube.

off to read closer to god now...