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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 9th!

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We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. This week's Read, Rate & Review is brought to you by The Master and Whitlock's Girl. We didn't choose the story, the story chose them. It reached out from the bottom of a dumpster dive, grabbing them and just won't let go. Without further ado, we bring to you...

by Zulfiqar


The Master's summary and thoughts

I was actually on a mission for another blog when I came across this story and I while I was not able to use it for my original mission, I immediately forwarded it to Whitlock’s Girl and said ‘we got to review this fic’. I had not even read more than two paragraphs at that point, but I knew it was going to be good. When I finally sat down today to read it in its entirety, I realized I was wrong.

It is not good.

It was excellent. “Breathe” by Zulfiqar was not what I expected, and I have loved every minute of it.

Breathe” is an incredibly appropriate title, as the story begins with Jasper, a successful, slightly reclusive author, attempting a jog through the woods when he suffers an asthma attack. While he uses an inhaler to ward off the attack, it does not work and the attack progresses to severe, and just as he loses consciousness he finds himself being rescued by a complete stranger. When Jasper wakes in the hospital two days later, under the care of Dr Carlisle Cullen, Jasper promises to take better precautions with his health. However, Jasper immediately pushes himself once again, determined to meet his five mile goal, and suffers a panic attack. Again, he is rescued and brought to the hospital where Dr Cullen treats him and introduces him to his rescuer, Edward Cullen.

Edward and Jasper form an odd friendship, one born out of the necessity of Jasper having strict instructions to not be in the woods alone. Since Edward’s property borders the woods, he is volunteered by Carlisle to be Jasper’s running companion. Their friendship is uncomfortable at first, as Jasper is extremely shy and has not ever had a ‘real’ friend. He is eager to spend time with Edward, but finds himself questioning Edward’s reactions to certain questions and situations. They take hikes in the woods, where Jasper finds that in Edward’s company, he remains asthma and panic attack free. They learn that they share a love for classic books, Lincoln, Hitchcock and music. Jasper finally works up the courage to play the guitar for Edward, who joins him on the piano. Their friendship progresses into something more with the time they spend together. There are some cute moments of humor within this story, the cutest being when Jasper admits to Dr Cullen that he had a small panic attack in the shower one morning after ‘daydreaming and getting out of breath.’ Hmm…wonder what Jasper was doing in the shower that got him out of breath?

While this story focuses, at the moment, on developing a relationship between Edward and Jasper, there is a mystery to be solved as well. Hints are dropped throughout the story that Edward, and Carlisle, are vampires. Their cold skin, Edward’s reluctance to eat with Jasper, and his sensitivity to odor are all key indicators. However, he does eat with Jasper (although we don’t know what happens after), and appears to be your normal everyday guy. Another mystery is what led to the scars Edward’s sees covering Jasper’s back. Jasper has, so far, refused to talk about them.

This is one story that I think will be enjoyable all the way through, with unseen twists popping up along the way. Zulfiqar has done a wonderful job with developing their friendship before moving it into a romance, her pace has flowed nicely, as has her dialogue. While there has not been any smut yet, there has been a few sweet, heart racing kisses and some cuddling. If the kisses are any indication, when, and if, she moves their physical relationship along, it will be hot. This story really does have it all, romance, friendship, love, angst and most definitely, some mystery. “Breathe” is an Edward and Jasper slash story I would definitely recommend to anyone enjoying a story behind what smut might be to come. I would easily read this story all the way through even without smut, as her characters, especially Jasper, have captured my heart. They don’t come much sweeter or more vulnerable than her Jasper.


Donna's thoughts

Val did such a great job summarizing this story that I'm not even going to go there, but I am going to tell you what I thought of "Breathe". I can't keep my mouth shut over this story. I was even messaging Val while reading it.

When Val sent it to me, I opened it up and was immediately engrossed, enthralled, pulled into the awesomeness that is "Breathe". I just couldn't stop reading it. It was like every word, fuck every letter, was like a hook and I was just a mere unsuspecting fish.

The story builds slowly as the two begin a camaraderie and tenative friendship, slowly learning each other's subtle nuances. What I like about "Breathe", is that it's not an instantaneous love connection. It's about being friends first and learning to know one another, learning that love can grow from that friendship.

"Breathe" is just starting to get to the romantic magnificence I know that Zulfiqar will deliver. How do I know this will be magnificent? The entire story is magnificent. From the very beginning it was elegant and I find myself struggling for words that will do it justice. The last chapter was beautiful and sweet with the acknowlegdgement of their feelings and desires. Their first kisses and cuddles were heartfelt, touching and simply perfection. So, how can it not be absolutely magnificent?


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread.

Also, remember to leave Zulfiqar some love, as well. It is well deserved.


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