Thursday, July 16, 2009

Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 16th!

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We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. This week's Read, Rate & Review is brought to you by Rosella Whitlock and Whitlock's Girl.

The story we chose this week in just one chapter, but it is definitely worth the time, especially since the author plans on continuing the story. We hope that with all of your love and ours as well, that we can convince the author to continue writing sooner, because this one NEEDS to go on.

Beyond All Imagination
by Lolavella


Rosella's summary & thoughts~

This is one intensely written chapter. It features a poly pairing of Jasper/Alice/Edward and seriously does one hell of a fine ass job getting the reader all worked up. I was hot, bothered, panting, and swearing under my breath, and that was before Jasper brought Alice to her climax in the middle of class with Edward watching.

These vamps use their abilities to tease and taunt each other, with Edward and Jasper mostly gearing their focus on each other. By the time the end of the school day approaches, you end up with three very turned on, aggressively sexual vampires. Yum-my! The best part is towards the end when one of these vamps gets pushed to the side lines while the other two get hot and heavy. I'll let you find out who for yourselves. *winks*

Just to warn you -- there is no full on lemon, but the bits and pieces are such tempting little teases that it’s even more erotic that way. Beyond All Imagination is supposed to continue, so let’s give Lolavella the love and support she deserves and maybe she’ll continue this even sooner.

I give this a 4 out of 5 on the sizzle scale,...only because we didn’t get the full lemon…yet.


Donna's thoughts~

Beyond All Imagination really delves into the minds of Edward and Jasper, giving you an amazing look at what seems to be common practice between Edward, Jasper and Alice. Jasper's teasing of Edward is FUCKHOT and panty wetting. Edward's frustration is palpable and sexy as hell.

Give Beyond All Imagination a shot. Remember the best presents come in small packages and you don't want to miss opening this one.

On the sizzle scale, Rosella and I are in agreement. I give Beyond All Imagination a 4, just because we've not reached the lemon, yet!


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