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Show Me a Garden that's bursting into life
by atypical-swan

OFFICAL AUTHOR SUMMARY: Isolated and lonely, Dr. Jasper Whitlock, Ph.D., finds himself taking a temporary position at the boarding school, Forks Academy. There he meets Edward Cullen and his tight knit group of friends and family. AU-Human


The Master's thoughts

Honestly, when I first came across “Show Me a Garden that's bursting into life”, I bookmarked it, although I realized might never read it. Since I’ve been burned by a few Edward/Jasper/Bella storylines, I tend to shy away from anything E/J/B. Actually, shy is an understatement, run like hell is more like it. Irrational? Yes. As some of you know, I am Team Jasper, in every story, in every way. So, when I see this genre of storyline, I automatically fear for Jasper’s little broken heart. With my OCD, I need to be fully aware of what I am getting into before becoming invested in a story, as I have a difficult time stopping a story once I have started to read it. Thus, I tend not to start a story that I know might be difficult for me to complete. I do not have much time to read, so when I do, I want it to be enjoyable.

Show Me a Garden” introduces us to PhD Jasper, who has accepted a position teaching history at private high school. It is there that he meets Edward, a music teacher; Bella, an English professor; and the rest of the Cullens. Jasper lives on campus in a dorm-type-apartment with his roommate, Emmett, and he is quickly accepted in the close -knit group of friends. He attends dinners, movie nights and school functions with them all.

Jasper is quiet, observant and relaxed; and he catches the eye of bisexual Edward. Edward suffered a traumatic accident a few years ago that left him injured and a more than a bit bitter. Jasper has his own troubled past, from which results some serious trust issues. A friendship develops between the men as they gradually move into a deeper relationship. They feel more comfortable with each other than they have felt with anyone else in a long time.

Bella, who will factor into Edward and Jasper’s relationship, is dealing with the stress of having an emotionally and verbally abusive boyfriend. While the group of friends had suspected James, Bella’s boyfriend, was abusive, it was not until Jasper caught James threatening Bella that they had hands-on proof. While Jasper didn’t necessarily hurt James, much, there could be some aftermath, as James is a police officer.

Show Me a Garden” by atypical-swan is slower-paced than what you might be used to; I admittedly found myself reading quickly over some of the finer details. However, if you are a Jasper/Edward slash lover, and are intrigued (and not scared, as I am) by how Bella will fit into their possible relationship, this is might be a story for you.


Rosella's thoughts

This weeks RR&R is not your usual hot, smutty, lemony one-shot or short story. Nope. This story is something much deeper. It begins with Jasper relocating to a new town as Dr. Whitlock, professor of history. He meets several different characters, all very accepting of his presence, but what lurks in the background is something we see a lot in our society today. Jasper ponders his previous career as a marine and the lack of support he got from his comrades and family when they found out his sexual preferences. This may put a damper on your mood at first (ignorant minded people suck), but soon after we find out that this new school is very accepting of all lifestyles.

We are led through his daily life with such detail that you really feel as if you are a part of his world. I felt a connection with Jasper within the first paragraph, and not just because he's my favorite character either. Atypical-swan does such an amazing job of leading us through his trials and tribulations. And the friendships he makes only help to further expand the emotional bond to each of the characters in this story.

Upon meeting Edward, Jasper is completely taken aback by his beauty and intense gaze. He is enamored with him and finds it difficult to even look away from him. This was when I started to wiggle in my seat in anticipation of what was to come. The potential for the two of them as couple is a path of discovery that is very intriguing as each of them has their own pasts/issues to work through. Bella's involvement with the two men leads to a potential poly pairing, and you all know I have a thing for the poly stuff, especially E/J/B. I'm really looking forward to see where this all goes.

Honestly, the Master did a great job summarizing the details, so I don't want to sound repetitious. All I can say is this is truly an amazing storyline, even if the deeper stories aren't your thing and you're more into the lemony one-shots. Give it a try and make sure to leave atypical-swan some love and a review.


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veddersgirl said...

I'm reading this story too and really like it. I’m really torn about whether or not I want Bella to be put into the mix. I know the author has said this story will eventually go that way. I can see her working towards that now. I really just want Jasper and Edward to be together. Forget Bella. Also it seems whenever Bella gets in there she becomes so whiney and needy. Go Team Gaspward!!! (That’s Gay Edward/Jasper if you couldn’t figure out my super secret code. ;) ).

I agree with the master about poor Jasper always being left out in the cold. Jasper is becoming my favorite fanfic character.

Master Jasper said...

ITA! I have issues with Bella being brought into the mix, especially with Edward being Bi and Jasper being gay. I see Jasper being left out in the cold in more than one way here. Edward gets the best of both worlds while Jasper has to stand by and watch while E/B get it on? I dont think so.
Japser is my favorite character, fanfic or books, so I hate to see him mistreated.

I also agree that Bella tends to get whiny when in these situations, I can think of at least 2 stories where that happened.

Zulfiqar said...

I'd like to compliment the author on the really excellent story that's to be found with "Show Me A Garden (that's bursting into life)" - it's an enjoyable, well-written take on our favorite "Twilight" characters.

In regards to some of the other comments and concerns raised by readers, please allow me to say that Jasper is a very sympathetic character, a fact with which I am all too familiar, but I have faith in this writer to not harm him needlessly.

As a very real fan of Jasper and Edward pairings, I'm also intrigued with how Bella will enter into the relationship (if that is indeed what happens). However, I think we would all be a little remiss if we didn't accept the author's right to tell the story as he or she wishes to. And let's face it - I think deep down we all suspect Edward's got a freaky 'anything goes' side to him... Why else would we all be writing such fun, smutty fanfics all the time? ;)

I'll recommend this one quite heartily, and point out how much I respect the author's attention to detail and to the intellectual life. Bravo!