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Tuesday's Best 7-27-2010

Good morning, lovelies. I hope you're all well rested and ready for another beautiful day? Do you have all your supplies at hand? Kleenex? Towels? Change of undies? Yes? Alright, let's see what the good Captain and I have been able to scrounge up for you this week then, shall we? (Can I put any more sentences that end with a ? in the beginning of this post? ;-))


Greetings and lots of kisses to my slashy peeps. Captain Jezebel back again with the pleashuh of recc’ing  another slashstanding story for ya.  So many awesome drabbles and one shots debuted on fanfic.net these past few weeks, and I have loved reading so many of them. I had a little trouble trying to figure out which one I wanted to feature this week, but as the ever wonderful Naelany advised: Do one now and then you’ll have something ready for your next rec. Oh she is ever so wise, so that’s what I did.

Today’s fic of choice was written by the lovely ArcadianMaggie . White Blaze to Lone Star was her contribution to the Fics for Nashville flood relief compilation. I have to say, those that donated, and got to read this story sooner are quite lucky fandom folk. ArcadianMaggie is the amazing writer behind I Wept Not , a fic that has seemed to capture the slash reading population of this fandom, including the ladies here. Needless to say I was very excited to read this piece.

White Blaze to Lone Start is E/J, all human, all scruffy (more on that later), and all sexy. While getting his undergrad at Dartmouth, Edward became an outdoors-man of sorts, falling in love with backpacking on his first hiking trip. From the very first paragraph you can tell the author knows what she is talking about, and I suspect she is partly what gives Edward his love of the trail.

His latest outing is to do a 900 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail with his brother Emmett and Em’s girlfriend Rosalie. Emmett and Edward have hiked before and enjoy each other’s company, enjoying the terrain, always making good time. This time Edward is nervous how the usually ‘high maintenance’ Rosalie would be an unknown factor for their group. The unknown factor makes for some funny moments that made me chuckle.

I heard more rustling from the tent and Rosalie climbed out, grunting in our direction. Not a morning person, I gathered.

Hey babe," Emmett greeted her. "There's coffee."

She gave another grunt then came over to sit next to him while he poured her some coffee. She drank a few sips then looked at me in surprise. "This isn't bad," she said, seeming to perk up. We ate breakfast—some muesli with dried fruit—then started to break camp. While Emmett and I rolled up the sleeping bags and dismantled the tents, Rosalie sat on the log with a small make-up bag in her lap, cleaning her face with some sort of moistened pad. Then she squeezed some lotion onto her fingers and smoothed it over her face and neck. Next she took out a small compact and dabbed her nose, forehead and chin with make-up. Finally, she pulled out a tube of bright red lipstick and applied it precisely to her lips.

There was no question about it; Rosalie was a gorgeous girl. Still, I couldn't help but stare at her with incredulity. We were backpacking. What the fuck did she need make-up for?
She noticed my look.

"What?" she asked with irritation. "Just because we're camping doesn't mean I have to look like some crunchy granola, hairy pitted, mother earth type hippie chick." This was going to be a long two months.

Over the next few weeks on the trail Emmett and Rosalie seem to be getting along a little too well, and Edward starts to feel lonely every night when he heads to his tent alone. After reading through the Shelter registers every night, Edward finds himself enthralled with the entries left by Lone Star, a hiker that is a few days ahead of them on the trail. When Lone Star’s hiking buddy goes home, Edward makes a plan to push forward and try to catch up with him, hoping they can be the cure for each other’s loneliness.

Two beautiful, dirty, scruffy (unf, they’ve been on the trail for weeks, of course they are scruffy), hot, athletic men meeting on the Appalachian Trail. Both far from home, both lonely, could they just be the cure for each other’s blues? Could they find something more than just the feeling of accomplishment on the AT? I don’t want to ruin it for ya but I’ll give you a little peek.

I grabbed my toiletry bag from my pack and headed into the bathroom. I searched for my razor, thinking a shave was a great idea. I saw a small scrap of paper in the bag and pulled it out, curious what it could be. Written in Emmett's handwriting were the words, "In case he's hot and you get lucky…" Examining my bag more closely I saw a small bottle of lube and a strip of condoms. Fucking Emmett.

But as I shaved off my beard and washed away the grime in the shower, I couldn't help but think about Emmett's generosity. Jasper was hot and I definitely wouldn't mind getting lucky with him. My dick immediately responded to the thought. Fuck. I needed to get a grip. I had no idea if he was even gay. And besides, he was leaving tomorrow. One night stands weren't really my thing, even if he was fuckhot and it had been months since I'd been laid.

Is he? Is Jasper gay? Yeah I know I’m evil for leaving you there, but you really have to read this story to appreciate how cool it is. I loved the concept, it was something I had never seen before, and I enjoyed learning about the joys of backpacking all while dreaming of Edward, Jasper and Emmett exerting themselves on the trail. Ya know all sweaty, seeing muscles clench and unclench, drinking water watching their Adam's apples bob in their throat...oops I think a little of the water dribbled out of their mouths, past their scruffy jaws...ohhh over their beautiful necks.....down over their shirt...oh no now they’re wet....fuuuuck so am I . Wait? what? *looks around* sorry I got carried away again.

My point...go read the fic, it’s just really good, and so original. Plus Scruffward and Scruffsper = yummy.
Some of you may have figured out by now that I’ve developed a strong fondness for drabbles - both writing them and reading them. I love it even more when an author can string them together and make an actual story come to life, 100 words at a time.

One author who does just such a thing is ahizelm. She’s currently posting a story that had me in tears when she first shared it with me, but I absolutely love it. It’s called Learning to Breathe, and it’s going to be about 50 or so drabbles by the time it’s done. Right now, there are already 37 up and she's posting daily - yes, you read it right. Daily.

The POV is left to discover, so I won’t give anything away there. It’s a story of love, loss, angst, discovery, and...well, you’ll have to read for yourself to find out. I want to give you something to take with you but can’t give much more than this from the first “chapter”:

My self-imposed exile began of necessity, continued out of comfort, and exists because of my inability: to change, to move, to make a difference. I'm curled up in bed, the only noise that of the sheets shifting as I move my limbs. I should get up, do... something.

But I won't.

Life hasn't truly called for me in ages.

As you can see, it starts off in a dark place, so bring along a box of Kleenex when you check it out. Hang in there, it’s a rough ride, but soooo worth it. 


Don't forget to check out the Slash/Backslash 2.0 contest that's going on right now. They've had some great entries already, but I just know y'all have some goodies to contribute, too. Right? Right?

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Tuesday's Best 7-20-2010

Good morning, my lovelies. I hope you're ready for another week of two fantabulous reads, because Aradi and Captain Jezebel are ready to rock 'n roll with you. Towels at the ready? Then let's go!


Aradi presents:

Jasper and Edward have somehow ended up as the canon couple of Slash.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  They're my two favorite characters in canon and my two favorite characters in twific (even if I don't read very many Jasper/Alice fics).  I'd be silly not to enjoy them together.  However, while much Slash seems to focus on Jasper and Edward, there are excellent fics of other pairings if you go digging.  My neverending fic-diving led me to...

Tracking Redemption by shoefreak37

I did a double-take when I saw this fic labeled as "Edward & Demetri."  Demetri?  Really?  Oookay.  And me being me, I started reading.

The story picks up as a New Moon AU.  Alice has visions of Bella's death and absent future, so Edward runs off to Italy to Volterra-cide himself.  He's quickly picked up by the Volturi guard, but luckily for us (and Demetri), Aro decides that another mind-reader is far too valuable to waste.  A little bit of extortion later, Edward is the newest member of the guard.

The plot spins from there with the developing relationship between Edward and Demetri, the unfortunate reality of Edward's new job, and the obvious issue of Edward's ubiquitous self-loathing.  Edward also has to deal with the possibility that after a hundred years of asexuality, his chaste romance with Bella was a doomed step in the wrong (team's) direction.

"I-I don't think I can. After Bella, I just really shouldn't….I've never even thought of a man in that way," Edward blubbered out, shuffling his feet uncomfortably.

You're lying, Demetri thought. "You can't pretend that your body has never reacted when I am near you. You cannot hide the confusion evident on your face when you wonder why you feel this way," Demetri growled out heatedly, rising to his feet and approaching Edward.

Edward finally found it in himself to look at Demetri 's face, expecting to see it twisted in frustration. Instead, his gaze was met with a tender, empathetic expression. Demetri's eyes shone with feeling, the golden facets winning the battle against the red. He cautiously brought the hands that had so thoroughly pleased yet tormented Edward to the younger man's cheeks, one remaining stationary as the other one reverently traced the lines of his jaw, before settling on the side of his neck. Edward leaned into Demetri's touch, his eyes closing in the overpowering rightness of the smooth skin against his. Demetri used the new leverage to bring Edward within inches of his welcoming lips.

"I know you're confused, E. Let me help you understand," Demetri breathed, the soft whisper of his utterance tickling Edward's trembling lips. Edward parted them slightly, inviting in the exquisitely scented air as it graced his curious tongue, tasting Demetri there. His prior convictions to quell his desires for Demetri were dissolved by the warm, soothing palms on his face, and the only thought in his mind was more.

Yes!  More please! 

The background characters are a bonus in this story, as the Volturi more than make up for the absence of the usual Cullens.  Heidi is a good friend to both boys.  Felix is crass comedic relief.  Jane is her usual sociopathic self, while Aro is wonderfully manipulative.  When Edward finally thinks of his family again, I realized I hadn't missed them at all.

Having Demetri in the pairing is a bit like having an "Other Character."  I mean, how much do we really know of Demetri from canon?  Not much.  But this Demetri is an interesting character in his own right, and fits what little we do know.  He's charming and worldly, and fortunately for us has plenty of experience that he really, really wants to share with Edward.  

Tracking Redemption is no fluff piece.  There's drama and angst (after all, this is Edward), but with plenty of "more" to soothe away the misery.  Best of all, this is a completed fic (with a couple of outtakes).  No need to whine until the next update like I once did.

Hello my lovely slash paramours. Captain Jezebel here, and I am happy to be back this week with a new rec for you. Today’s story is a fic that had made it onto my radar a few weeks back, but because it is a multi chapter I needed to set the time aside to read it. So I decided to save it for a week when I could devote said time. Whatta ya know ? Due to the fact that the wonderful Aradi has joined our staff, I had a week off to read making this the perfect time to direct your attention to Til Summer Comes Around by mrsyt31 .

The Keith Urban song with the same name as the title sets the stage for us in the prologue. The story of love found during the lazy months of summer. A love that ran almost as hot as the burning sun. A kiss, the boardwalk, the Ferris wheel, the Fourth of July, a whirlwind romance that slips away too soon, and the long years of waiting that follow. What would you do if the warmest months of the year brought you both happiness and pain? How would you handle the joy of the memories you hold on to only to have the pain of losing your love seep in and take hold of your heart? This is where we find Edward in present time. 
It's been two and a half years since he left, and it wasn't long after that when he cut off contact with me altogether. And yet, here I am in Boston, still waiting for him to come back. The beginning of the summer always brings back the pain of his loss. My friends and family have all tried to convince me to move on, and I understand their concern. I've never been someone who stayed alone for very long.

But ever since Jasper, I feel stuck. Our relationship was different than others I had before him; I loved him. I still love him, and so I find myself once again visiting the places we went to during the early part of that summer. It's a ritual of sorts that I have repeated each year, hoping to maybe find some closure, but it never comes.

I loved the way this story is crafted because the author takes us back after the prologue. She gives us a chance to follow along with Edward and Jasper as they fall in love. We get to understand why after only a few months together, two men feel so strongly about each other that even when it seems like they have parted forever, they can not move on. They remain haunted by the perfect summer love. The POV changes between Jasper and Edward for each chapter, so we get the best of both worlds when trying to decipher what these boys are feeling and how fast they are falling.

Sleep did not come easily. Jasper's scent still lingered on my skin, his taste still on my tongue. And it was with thoughts of him writhing beneath me that I finally gave in and stroked myself into oblivion, cumming harder than I ever had before.

His effect on me was like nothing I had ever felt. I had only known him for a matter of hours, and yet, he occupied every corner of my mind. Every touch of his hand had sent shock waves through my body. It was similar to the way the air turns static right before a thunderstorm; when he was near to me, it was as if the air shifted somehow, and I would have known that he was close even if I couldn't see him.

I wanted him badly; I wanted to fuck him senseless and then have him return the favor, but it was more than that. I felt connected to him somehow, more than I had ever felt connected to anyone, and I didn't really even know him. I sighed in frustration as I finally rolled over and allowed my exhaustion to pull me under. Hopefully the morning would bring some clarity.

Wrapping his arms back around my waist, he pulled me close. My fingers found their way to the hair on the back of his head, and I sighed as he kissed me slowly, showing me with his mouth all of the things he couldn't yet say. We both knew on some level that whatever was happening between us would change us both forever; we were inexplicably tied together now. I had never experienced anything of this intensity before, and it was exhilarating, if not a little frightening.

"What's wrong, Jasper?" he whispered against my lips. "You seem tense; not at all like the outgoing, confident guy I met Friday night. Tell me?" he implored.

"I'm afraid that once you leave here that this will all disappear." His expression softened when I confessed my insecurity. "This is so unlike me, I'm sorry. It's just that..." I couldn't finish. I wasn't even sure what I was trying to say.

"Jasper..." he pleaded for me to continue.

"I've known you for two days, Edward. And this?" I said, pointing between the two of us, "This is more intense than anything I have ever felt in my life. I want you, Edward, for more than just this weekend. I've never really wanted anyone, but the thought of losing this scares the shit out of me."

*swoon* Oh those boys are falling hard real fast, and I am stumbling along with them, and I know you will be as well. The fic is still a WiP that is leading up to the point of their separation right now, so there will be heart fail soon, but since mrsyt31 set us up to know this from the prologue, it shouldn’t be that hard to deal with...right?? *looks around nervously* Well if it gets too bad meet me back here, and I’ll pass around the Kleenex while we drown our sorrows in ice cream....deal? Hope to see ya guys just as caught up in the sweet, summer lovin.  ;)

P.S. I would just like to say thank you to my amazing friends Naelany and SorceressCirce for being so sweet, and writing two amazing little slashtastic drabble fics for my birthday. (If you haven’t checked those out yet you should peeps, they’re awesome, links in the last Tuesday’s Best post.) Once again ladies you made my day, and they were just what I needed. Love you guys. Also thank you to everyone in the fandom that gave me birthday wishes on twitter, gmail, and reviews I appreciate every single one, and had a big smile on my face all day.


There you have it, folks, two more lovely stories to sink your teeth into. 

Don't forget, there are still contests going on that I just know you could give a slashy swing to. One's easy, since it's the Slash/Backslash 2.0. There's already some amazing reads there, but I just know you can come up with some fuckhot stories, too. Come on...you know you want to!
And the other is the Plot Bunny Contest. Submit (hehe) plot bunnies, or apply to get some. Either way, you can still join in on the fun. Contest closes on July 31st!

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Slash Guest Author Rec - SorceressCirce

When I was invited to write a rec for TwiSlash Unveiled, I was a little overwhelmed because there are too many amazing stories to choose from, and I am admittedly a slow reader because I let myself get completely lost in a story.

Many of my favorites have already been recommended here, but I decided to do a little something different and talk about an author I think is severely – and sadly – underappreciated.  She’s one of those authors that flies under the radar…the sort of author the Indie awards were created to celebrate.

She goes by the name IngenueFic, and each of her stories has something that leaves me gaping.  Her characters and situations are unique.  I never know what I’ll encounter when I click on a link to a new story from her, but I know it will be well-written, descriptive, and filled with characters that I’ll fall in love with – or love to hate.

I have to admit that she holds a special place in my heart because we bonded over Broadway and a million other similarities, and she has written a few things specifically for me that make me squeal and melt – and wonder why the hell everyone isn’t fawning over her stories.  That last part, though, is because of the quality, not because I love her as a person.

A glance at her fanfiction page will show you everything from secret societies in Brand New You to a future ruler of the Underworld in disguise in Return to My Side.  Her range is far-reaching and her stories well-executed, but since I don’t have the room to talk about all her stories in detail, I wanted to focus on two of my favorites.

These slashy one-shots are the beginning of a loose collection of stories known as the “Boys of a Decade” series.  Each story features Edward and Jasper in a different setting crafted with authentic details that really draw the reader in.

Pulse was the first of these stories.  It features my two favorite boys in Studio 54 – yes, the Studio 54 in its heyday of drugs and rock ‘n roll.  The boys’ sexuality is slightly ambivalent, as there is clearly another option for at least one of them, but there is no doubt about the desire the two of them feel for each other:

The shock of deep red and black hair was easy to find, even in the strobe lights, and Jasper pulled Alice towards it, letting go only when he stood behind the couch. He leaned over, sliding his hands over a sculpted chest. "Starting without me?"

"Jazz." Edward turned his upper body, smiling the second his eyes met Jasper's. "You're here."

"Always am." He caught Edward's mouth with his own, biting the alcohol-flavored lips until he felt the rumble of a groan emerge from Edward's chest. He pulled away, leaving the shirtless man breathless and panting and nodded towards the table, "What've you got?"

One of the things I love most about this series is that no matter the decade, there is an obvious, palpable connection between Edward and Jasper that trumps everything else.  They might be just meeting, or they might be old lovers, but there is a bond between them that pulls them together.  And, of course, the passion between them is hot, and these two boys clearly don’t care who sees them.

They didn't make it any further than the small hallways next to the bar. Jasper's grip tightened around Edward as they pushed against bodies writhing against the walls and dodged wandering hands that wanted to touch more bare skin. Near the end of the hall, there was a tiny space against the wall next to two girls moaning against each other's necks and a man and woman grabbing at each other's clothes. In one swift move, Jasper had Edward against the wall.

The second story in the series, “Hypnotiq,” follows the boys through the pounding, pulsing music scene.  Edward is a celebrated DJ spinning at a club with his sidekick Rosalie – DJ Hale Storm – when he spots a slender, blond-haired man dancing in the middle of the floor.  He smirks at the guy and heads to the bar, only to find that the dancer isn’t so keen on being dismissed:

After the bartender left a glass of gin in front of him, Edward suddenly felt a body press against his back, trapping him against the counter. Warm air hit his neck as a low voice spread over his skin, "Think you can give me that look and walk away?"

Picking up his glass, Edward shoved backwards enough to break free, though he had to pause to appreciate the strength he had to use. He turned and met icy blue eyes, almost clear in the bright neon lights. "I did." Again, he let his gaze drift down the tall body then back up. Edward licked his bottom lip. "And I'm doing it again."

I can’t give too much away, so I’ll give you a taste of what left me squirming in my seat with my mouth hanging open:

There was a low rumble of laughter by his ear, suddenly, and the deep timbre of Jasper's voice laced its way into his brain, "You'll let it out. That's a promise." And then he disappeared and Edward suddenly felt warmth, tightness, oh god, with Jasper's mouth on him, his lips sliding downdowndown.

"Mmm, fuck," Edward murmured deeply and his fingers pressed against Jasper's scalp. "Take me deeper," he said in a low command and he almost kicked the table when Jasper's mouth tightened and he felt muscles contract around his dick. Jasper slid his mouth up, his eyes finding Edward's in the darkness.

With such a little taste, you know you’re hungry for more – so go, check out IngenueFic’s works.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Tuesday's Best 7-13-2010

Good morning ladies and gents! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Aradi and I are back this week with a lighter offering than you might be used to (especially from me, since we all know I love - and dole out - angsty stories). With everything that's going on though, we thought it might be nice to bring out a smile or even a giggle today. Especially because today happens to be the birthday of one of our own lovely ladies - Captain Jezebel. More on that in the end note. For now, let's see what's in store for you today, shall we?


I see a lot of Slash that I'd call fluffy, or light, or even humorous, but I don't see a lot of Slash that I'd label "comedy."  Luckily I saw some glowing references to Said and Done by ICMezzo, and I was on it faster than you can say "alt-tab."  One vampire, two boys falling in love, and a triple shot of comedy is a recipe for success.

Edward is the lonely, virginal vamp we've come to expect, only here he's in grad school with human classmate Jasper.  He's also delightfully inept at the most simple interactions with humans and, initially anyway, blissfully unaware of both his and Jasper's sexual orientations.

"So Edward, is it that you don't know that I'm gay, or you don't care that I'm gay?" he asked.

"You're gay?" I replied. I didn't care, but he'd never mentioned it.

"Well, I guess that answers that," he sighed. "Wait. Do you think a straight man would wear this shirt?"

"I suppose not. But whatever you are is fine with me. Really." Who was I to be judgmental? I wasn't even human.

The boys have made slow, steady progress over the course of the current 13 chapters.  Edward naturally has a million reasons why they shouldn't even be friends, nevermind anything more than that.  Fortunately, being anywhere near Jasper seems to make Edward forget all about why he shouldn't be with Jasper.  Jasper is persistent, and is as perceptive as Edward is clueless.  Jasper seems to know who he is and what he wants, and he's sweetly patient about waiting for Edward to wake up to the idea that they want the same things.

"The same things" make for great laughs.  Edward is learning from scratch, and luckily all of the Cullens are as eager as Jasper is for him to get with the program.  Esme and Alice are quick to offer help and encouragement.  Poor Carlisle muddles through conversations that no father should have to have with his century-old son.  Emmett rescues Carlisle, and generously schools Edward on the mechanics of boy/boy love (in what is probably the most hysterical exchange of the story so far... but I wont spoiler that part).

Luckily, he seemed as eager as I was glad to leave the subject behind after that. I just wasn't sure I was ready for any of this after all. I mean, everyone always seemed to indicate that sex was so great, but, I could barely think about it and I certainly couldn't imagine Jasper considering such a thing.

Emmett must have read the doubt written across my features. "Trust me, Eddie-boy, he's thought about it."

I looked up. How could he know that? Emmett swatted me on the ass and took off even faster toward the east. "You're the only male who doesn't think about sex constantly. And if you're the way he swings, he's envisioned it many a time, bro."

And thinking about that made me run directly into a large spruce, damaging my second tree in about four hours.

With the encouragement of the Cullens and Jasper, Edward quickly warms up to the idea of this potential relationship with Jasper.  Naturally, Edward's progression from asexual novice to one-half of a happy couple takes a scenic detour through perverted stalkerdom.

And later, when he was deep asleep, I may have sneaked in to watch him, but only for an hour, and always maintaining at least a few centimeters of distance between our bodies, except for that one point when my hair must have brushed his nose, because I barely had time to make it back to the couch before he started sneezing violently.

After that, I stayed glued to the couch like a good vampire, waiting for Jasper to wake. And I swear, I only touched myself once, but his sleepy moan was so perfect, I just couldn't help it.

Really, first love and first sex are both already ripe with potential laughs.  When it's slashy, and there's a vampire involved?  Comedy gold.  I want sooo badly to fast forward to the "significant firsts" since they should be a riot.  In the meantime, ICMezzo keeps us busy with one laughable scenario after another.  If you like your Slash to hurry up and earn its M-rating, this may not be the fic for you.  If you love the crazy, this fic delivers enough laughs to ease the discomfort of the slow build.

SnowWhiteHeart had me hooked to her writing when I first read Falling For The First time (it’s AU of the geekiest variety). She has a great sense of humor, and she’s always letting her geek out. She manages to twist and turn things in a most wonderfully nerdy fashion, without ever missing a beat. So when she tweeted one day that she’d had a little plot bunny about a vampire Edward looking for a Domme, and a Domme Bella who never can seem to hold on to a sub...I just had to read it. 

She did not disappoint.

In Sub Plans, Edward is his usual virginal vampiric self - but with a twist. He longs to be dominated. He’s been trying to find someone to fit the bill for years, but everything seems stacked against him. He cannot bleed or be hurt in any way, due to his marble skin. Which also causes many an instrument to break. There’s also the fact that he’s ice cold. The few Dommes that have given him a chance, are too freaked out by him for various  reasons. And yet he keeps looking, hoping...yearning.

Bella is a notorious Domme. Why do I say notorious? Because she’s a Domme with a twist of her own. She wants her subs at her disposal Monday through Thursday only; she gets off not on bondaging or punishing per se, but on roleplay. She demands her subs to provide scenes that challenge her...and none have lived up to her high standards. Their imagination is simply not up to snuff. She’s at an event, interviewing potential subs - again - and is about to give up hope of ever finding the right sub.

Enter Edward. Of course. She puts him to the test by demanding he come up with their first scenario on the spot. She offers five minutes to do so, but Edward being Edward...well, you get the idea.

So, the men who usually make it to this round never make it out. Unoriginal pricks.

Why isn't this guy getting up? I wondered.

"I have one now, if I may," he said politely.

I must be dreaming. "Go on," I said, both anticipating and dreading what was going to come out of his lips next. Please don't be a student-scene…

"I'm a vampire who has endured decades of loneliness. All I want is a woman who I can worship—who will look past all my flaws. I need a fearless Dominatrix who will punish me
 for all my past misdeeds."

This guy was either insane, or a fucking genius. And to be perfectly honest, I don't care.

"Sold," I said. "I like that kind of originality, and seriously, you're going to need it with me." I stood up and offered him my card so we could make arrangements. He rose with me, took my card, and looked me in the eyes.

I almost fell over.

This story is BDSM-lite, so if that kind of story isn’t your usual thing, give this a try anyway. The humor and characterization of Edward and Bella are well worth it.

We hope that you've enjoyed these stories, and that you've left the authors some lovin'. We'll be back with more goodies next week. In the meantime though, take a gander at the entries for the Slash/Backslash contest that's going on again. Or better yet, enter the contest yourself! We all could use some more boy-lovin', and I just know there's a good slash story hiding among you somewhere.

Okay. So as I mentioned in the note at the beginning, today is Captain Jezebel's birthday. SorceressCirce and I both wrote her a little somethin', somethin' for the occasion. Check out Parley, by SorceressCirce, and A Whole Latte Lovin' by naelany.

Happy birthday, Jezzie!!! *mwah!*

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Tuesday's Best 7-6-2010

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope y'all are ready for some awesome reads, because Captain Jezebel and I are here to deliver! And it appears that the good Captain and I both have offerings of first time slash authors today. Mmmm, lovely! Let's get started, shall we?



Kisses to my fellow slash loving peeps. Captain Jezebel back again with another rec for you lovelies. Found this when checking out the Slash Backslash 2.0 contest, there were links to all the winners from the first contest and this sweet little ditty won the judges pick for best lemon.

I loved this one shot because it was the author’s first foray into writing slash and she did it with great style marking another first for herself....vamp. Out Loud by allysue08 was so interesting to read because it followed vampire Edward in the darkest time of his life, when he left the Cullens to try being a ‘normal’ vampire.  Of course we all know that Edward chose to make up for the fact that he was taking human life by choosing for his victims evil people who had done despicable things. But what would happen if Edward wasn’t the only one trying to make up for being a monster by becoming a vigilante? What if there was another vampire choosing his meals the same way? And what would happen if they crossed paths?

When a strange vampire beats Edward to his latest meal, he is taken aback by the odd musings in his mind upon seeing this beautiful creature. Edward decides to let it be and move along due to the fact that this vampire seems to have fought and won many battles....but there was something else there...something more. But when they meet up again they realize they are tracking the same men thus begins their partnership and slow friendship, and eventually they begin to see the connection and feel the emotions between them.

What was more, was I could actually feel the lust that he was giving off, whether intentionally or not. Just feeling his desire for me made me more aroused than I had ever imagined I could be.

I began unbuttoning his shirt, trying to tease him by moving slowly, when it was obvious he was not in the mood for taking his time. Though, he did ease my suspenders from my shoulders so they, like his, hung around my legs. As soon as I had finished with the last button of his shirt I felt his hands wrap around the hanging straps on either side of me and roughly pull me into him. Our solid bodies made contact, leaving no arousal to the imagination. We both groaned aloud in pleasure.

This story is so much more than just this, I mean when have Edward or Jasper ever made decisions easily? Why would it be easy for these two boys to accept that they are each others fate? Especially both being born in a time when loving someone of the same sex was never an option. I don’t want to give to much of the storyline away but I will say that after their love affair there will be need for some Kleenex, while the boys go through a bit of heartfail, but have faith slash readers , true love should always prevail ....right?

I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I love the way the author incorporated so much of the canon story line weaved within hers. I know you will just love it as well, so many recognizable moments should put a smile on your face, especially how Jasper finds himself to be looking into a pair of eyes he tried to forget, and who helped him get there. Give it a read, and don’t forget to leave her some love if ya do. xoxo



Now, I will admit something up front. I was privy to these writings before they were posted. In fact, I begged, pleaded, attempted to bribe and coerce in order to get these published. You may know EchoesOfTwilight as the wonderful author of AU fics, such as Behind The Clouds or Marionette (yes, both non-slash). I’ve known her for a while now, and know that she’s very talented and knows how to wield her pen - especially when it comes to either AU or Darkfics. And for the longest time I’ve tried to get her to try her hand at slash, too, but she resisted. Until one day, there was a surprise in my gdocs - she’d written slash! Cue me doing a little happy dance (no, not kidding). 

It took a while, but eventually she relented and posted her slashy goodies, under Arclight. Now I need to note something else. She tells her slash stories (at least the ones to date) in drabble form, but as always she does it so well, it works. Down to the lemons, even! Trust me!

So far, she’s posted three of her slash-arcs. The first one is called Between Flight And Fancy, which is told from Edward’s point of view. He and Jasper have a chance encounter at the airport as Edward is leaving to Chicago. Nothing comes of it, but Edward is left feeling off balance because there was just something about the guy (at that point he obviously doesn’t know his name yet).

And then fate throws them together again. Just to sample, I’ll give you this:

Suddenly, I am seeing in slow-motion, but I'm not looking at the mug tumbling to shatter on the coffee shop floor. It will make a mess, and I can't bring myself to care.

Because he is here. Improbably...impossibly...but I am completely certain of the face I have seen once before in reality and countless times in my dreams.

I won’t give you more than that, since these are drabbles and all and I don’t want to give too much away. 

EchoesOfTwilight has two more arcs like this one. The second one is called Won’t You Make A Plan To Love Me? and it’s Jasper’s POV we get as he and his best friend Edward go through daily life - and love. Only they aren’t together, and Jasper desperately wants to be, but he’s afraid to tell him. The timing’s just never seemed right. 

"So, I...uh...I broke up with Mike," he says, and I drop the phone. I wonder if this means we can go back to normal. Edward and Jasper.

I realize I don't want us to. I have no idea why it was so much harder this time to see him with someone else, but I know I can't ever watch it again.

But he and Mike were together for six months; I can't tell him now.

Can they figure things out? Is there more to their friendship than Jasper believes - and wishes - there to be? Read it to find out.

And last but not least, there is Appetite. This is quite possibly my favorite one yet...but I’ll be honest and admit that I’m more than a little biased on that one, as I’m the one that gave her the setting, pairing, and prompts for it. She did an amazing job with it though, and gave me so much more than I had even dreamed of.

Jasper’s a chef in the restaurant he owns. Edward is a guest, wishing to pay his compliments. Both men are alone, but not lonely. They each sense the same ease in their solitude and develop an easy friendship. Both come with baggage. Will they be able to get past it enough to make an attempt at love again?

A small frown purses his lips. "My dinner a few weeks ago was...a family reunion of sorts. It's never easy, but your food gave us something to talk about other than..." Edward clears his throat. "It made it easier."

He doesn't elaborate further, but I understand now. There are lingering darknesses in our pasts, and perhaps it's this that makes me enjoy his company.

"I'm glad I could help," I say softly.

If you’ve never read drabbles before, or never been partial to them, I suggest you give these a chance. EchoesOfTwilight brings so much depth and feeling with so few words, it’s hard to accurately describe. Be sure to give her some love, I have high hopes we’ll be hearing more from her in the future :-)

Ah, I hope y'all remembered to bring along a towel before reading these, because you'll likely need them. Be sure to leave these lovely authors lots of love, and we'll see you again next week with more slashy goodness!