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Slash Guest Author Rec - EJSantry

When it came time to do this, it took me a while to decide what it was that I was going to rec here. I am actively reading 53 stories. Yes, you heard correctly. I read THAT much. So, I have been monitoring which stories I am all over like white-on-rice as soon as they hit my inbox, and those are the ones that I am sharing today.

This is Hockeyward. I am a big hockey fan, so this just totally wins it for me to begin with. Plus, you occasionally get a bunch of grown men mixing amazing finesse and grace with raw manly aggression...I'm sorry what were we talking about?  Ah yes.

Take the Ice is really a Bella story more than anything. She is a professional ice skater who has recently  taken a major fall. She has moved back to Minneapolis to recuperate, and work with a top orthopedic surgeon. Bella has been completely sheltered her whole life up to this point by mother/manager, Renee. I enjoy this so much, because it is a story of self-discovery. She is trying to figure out who she is off the ice, and whether she has the courage and desire to return to it. Bella is making real friends for the first time in her life (at 24). Finally, she is experiencing having a man attracted to her, and eventually being in love with her. This makes for great reading.

I love the realism of the scenes of Edward and Bella both in their professions as well. Her hard work trying to return to her profession, and Edward's games are explained in a detail that has to be by someone who watches the sport. Best of all, though, is when these two find themselves alone on the ice. *fans self*

I am positive this one has been mentioned before on TwiSlash, because I think that is where I picked up the rec, but it is so worth mentioning again! Edward is returning to Chicago after serving the last eight years over seas in the Navy, working as a doctor on the front lines. Edward has also spent the last eight years hiding his sexuality. He arrives to work as an ER surgeon, and one of his first cases that rolls in happens to be a one-night stand he had before leaving, policeman Jasper.

This story is watching two people find a connection that they felt that had eight years ago finally get it's chance to bloom. The relationship seems to unfold easily as both men struggle with recuperation, Jasper, physically; Edward, mentally. The love in this story just emanates off the page, and fills me with the warm and fuzzies. Not that the situation itself is always that way.

First of all, I am a complete dork for letters. I love reading letter writing. I devour any historical biographies that are centered around letters. That being said, it will come as no surprise, that this is a modern day romance based around letters, or in this case, emails.

After a one-night stand on Spring Break, VERY socially awkward Edward (who is a super nerd and I LOVE it) seeks out the girl who he shared an amazing night with. Going off of the few sparse details he gathered, he hacks into her college's system to find her email address. The emails kick-off with one from him inquiring if she is, in fact, the girl he is seeking. These two are currently in college on opposite sides of the country, so a virtual courtship begins. We see their personalities unfold in their letters, and see what compliments they are for one another. Despite the fact that phone calls and text messages add to their communication, they continue to email one another.

This is romance with the humor of Edward's pop culture unawareness and his seriousness. Bella balances him well with her quirky ways, yet intelligent mind. It just makes me smile.

Sometimes a girl just needs a wholesomely wonderful T rated fic. That is what this one is for me. Not only that, but it plays to some of the geekiest parts of my being, my love of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

This story kicks off telling you right where they are, “The first time I met Edward Cullen I was twelve years old.” Edward and Bella are meeting in yearbook class on her first day of school after moving to Forks. He gives her his business card, and she asks if he is gay. If that is not an opener, I don't know what is. Watch how these two grow, sometimes together and sometimes apart. This is sweet and innocent. It takes you back to a time you were a little of that, too.

My favorite thing is the voice that m81170 writes these characters. It is not 13 year olds written as miniature adults. These are 13 year olds being 13 year olds. The dialog, the journal entries, and even their quarrels are over the stupid shit you find so damn meaningful when you have yet to experience much of life. This is one of those stories I can read and say, I knew that person, or I WAS that person. :)

When looking through my list, I realized that I am reading very little vamp canon or AU fics these days. What is up with that? One that I AM reading and absolutely love is Stranger Than Fiction. These two ladies have taken the “what if Edward stayed gone” to a new level. Bella has gone on to become a successful author, chronicling her experience with Edward as fiction. Edward comes across the thoughts of the book where his family is in Alaska and decides to seek Bella out after almost a decade. Around the time he does this, Charlie dies, sending Bella back to Forks and giving Edward his excuse to make an appearance in her life by showing to give his respects.

What is great about this story is a Bella who doesn't rush back to Edward's arms. Well, his arms, maybe, but not his heart. She is bitter and jaded by the past. She is willing to give Edward a little action in person, and in her dreams (causing him to fall out of his peeping Tom perch in a tree near her house at one point), but she is keeping her heart at arms length.  It is great watching Edward have to work for it.


In the meantime, I did go diving for a few new (to me, and maybe you) slash one-shots. I've been in a Jasper mood, and these two just happen to be JxE. Sorry there wasn't more variety in the players this go around.

Major Whitlock and Doctor Masen seem to be in a loving long term relationship, but there is something more to this story. I share it, because I think how it reveals itself will have mixed emotions for people. I know it did with me.

We enter this story as Jasper is packing his bags to leave Edward. Watch through flashbacks how their story begin, and wait with baited breath (as I did) to see how it concludes.

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