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Slash Guest Author Rec - SorceressCirce

When I was invited to write a rec for TwiSlash Unveiled, I was a little overwhelmed because there are too many amazing stories to choose from, and I am admittedly a slow reader because I let myself get completely lost in a story.

Many of my favorites have already been recommended here, but I decided to do a little something different and talk about an author I think is severely – and sadly – underappreciated.  She’s one of those authors that flies under the radar…the sort of author the Indie awards were created to celebrate.

She goes by the name IngenueFic, and each of her stories has something that leaves me gaping.  Her characters and situations are unique.  I never know what I’ll encounter when I click on a link to a new story from her, but I know it will be well-written, descriptive, and filled with characters that I’ll fall in love with – or love to hate.

I have to admit that she holds a special place in my heart because we bonded over Broadway and a million other similarities, and she has written a few things specifically for me that make me squeal and melt – and wonder why the hell everyone isn’t fawning over her stories.  That last part, though, is because of the quality, not because I love her as a person.

A glance at her fanfiction page will show you everything from secret societies in Brand New You to a future ruler of the Underworld in disguise in Return to My Side.  Her range is far-reaching and her stories well-executed, but since I don’t have the room to talk about all her stories in detail, I wanted to focus on two of my favorites.

These slashy one-shots are the beginning of a loose collection of stories known as the “Boys of a Decade” series.  Each story features Edward and Jasper in a different setting crafted with authentic details that really draw the reader in.

Pulse was the first of these stories.  It features my two favorite boys in Studio 54 – yes, the Studio 54 in its heyday of drugs and rock ‘n roll.  The boys’ sexuality is slightly ambivalent, as there is clearly another option for at least one of them, but there is no doubt about the desire the two of them feel for each other:

The shock of deep red and black hair was easy to find, even in the strobe lights, and Jasper pulled Alice towards it, letting go only when he stood behind the couch. He leaned over, sliding his hands over a sculpted chest. "Starting without me?"

"Jazz." Edward turned his upper body, smiling the second his eyes met Jasper's. "You're here."

"Always am." He caught Edward's mouth with his own, biting the alcohol-flavored lips until he felt the rumble of a groan emerge from Edward's chest. He pulled away, leaving the shirtless man breathless and panting and nodded towards the table, "What've you got?"

One of the things I love most about this series is that no matter the decade, there is an obvious, palpable connection between Edward and Jasper that trumps everything else.  They might be just meeting, or they might be old lovers, but there is a bond between them that pulls them together.  And, of course, the passion between them is hot, and these two boys clearly don’t care who sees them.

They didn't make it any further than the small hallways next to the bar. Jasper's grip tightened around Edward as they pushed against bodies writhing against the walls and dodged wandering hands that wanted to touch more bare skin. Near the end of the hall, there was a tiny space against the wall next to two girls moaning against each other's necks and a man and woman grabbing at each other's clothes. In one swift move, Jasper had Edward against the wall.

The second story in the series, “Hypnotiq,” follows the boys through the pounding, pulsing music scene.  Edward is a celebrated DJ spinning at a club with his sidekick Rosalie – DJ Hale Storm – when he spots a slender, blond-haired man dancing in the middle of the floor.  He smirks at the guy and heads to the bar, only to find that the dancer isn’t so keen on being dismissed:

After the bartender left a glass of gin in front of him, Edward suddenly felt a body press against his back, trapping him against the counter. Warm air hit his neck as a low voice spread over his skin, "Think you can give me that look and walk away?"

Picking up his glass, Edward shoved backwards enough to break free, though he had to pause to appreciate the strength he had to use. He turned and met icy blue eyes, almost clear in the bright neon lights. "I did." Again, he let his gaze drift down the tall body then back up. Edward licked his bottom lip. "And I'm doing it again."

I can’t give too much away, so I’ll give you a taste of what left me squirming in my seat with my mouth hanging open:

There was a low rumble of laughter by his ear, suddenly, and the deep timbre of Jasper's voice laced its way into his brain, "You'll let it out. That's a promise." And then he disappeared and Edward suddenly felt warmth, tightness, oh god, with Jasper's mouth on him, his lips sliding downdowndown.

"Mmm, fuck," Edward murmured deeply and his fingers pressed against Jasper's scalp. "Take me deeper," he said in a low command and he almost kicked the table when Jasper's mouth tightened and he felt muscles contract around his dick. Jasper slid his mouth up, his eyes finding Edward's in the darkness.

With such a little taste, you know you’re hungry for more – so go, check out IngenueFic’s works.  You won’t be disappointed!

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