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Tuesday's Best - March 30th, 2010

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your hearts to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by Alister Eternia

*shuffles in blushing*

Hey everyone! I'm back from my short temporary hiatus and I'm thrilled to be here with an awesome story for you.

City of Dancing Lights was one of the very first slash stories that I ever read. Edward, a teacher, moves to Vegas to get away from an abusive lover. Unfortunately, he isn't able to stay hidden for long and James finds him. The violent attack that ensues leaves Edward unable to walk. Refusing to stay in the hospital he asks Dr. Carlisle Cullen for help in locating a full-time, live-in physical therapist.

Enter from stage left, big, brawny and devilishly sexy, Emmett Cullen. Alister's Emmett is a beautiful, funny soul much like Stephenie Meyer's Emmett. While some may not love a gay Emmett, thanks to Alister, I fell in love with gay Emmett. Not only is he big and brawny, but he's also sexy as hell and I just can't get enough of him.

Here's a taste to whet your appetite...

Not a moment later, he pulled me by the neck to meet his exquisite mouth again, resuming our passionately heated embrace. He started grinding his hips into mine, and while I was more than enthusiastically willing to return these actions; I needed to feel more of him.

Edward released the hold that he had unwaveringly claimed on my ass, and while I was stricken with a sense of loss; that feeling was all too fleeting. As if he had plucked the want… no, the need out of my head, he started to sit up pulling his shirt over his head. The movement broke our erotically provocative kiss, but it was a price I was willing to pay to see the treasure of utter beauty that lay just above our straddling hips.

I took a moment to take in everything held before my eyes. Edward's body was the most amazing sight that I had ever had the pleasure to behold. He had a slim waist that his jeans clung to in a lovely manner, and God how I envied that damned article of clothing. My gaze traveled over the lengths of his abdomen that sloped and curved in all the right places, giving the emerging outline of a six pack that suited him. Then my eyes strayed to the scar that marred his perfect body, but somehow added to his beauty, giving a rugged look to an otherwise aristocratically regal appearance.

A sudden urge over came me and I could not help but to plant a loving kiss where the scar began just beneath his right nipple; which was taut with arousal. Edward gasped suddenly when my lips met his flesh, and I peered up to see his emerald eyes shining down at me in wonderment. I began to kiss my way down the marred flesh, my own arousal growing with each touch of his skin I was granted. I was blessed with an elicited moan from my love with every other caress. I was doing my best to kiss away all his demons.

As I reached his shoulder I silently thanked whichever god that had allowed this man to live, and be brought into my life. Edward's hand caressed my hair, lightly pulling like a cat. All I could think at that moment was, 'My Little Sadistic Lion'.

Hope you enjoy and leave Alister Eternia some love!


Naelany brings you...

by Sweetp-1

So a couple of weeks ago, someone did a shout out for pre-readers, because they weren't sure about their story. It was for a contest (the Black Balloon Contest, it closes on April 2nd, so if you're quick you can still enter), and it was slash, so I said I'd give it a once over. And then I told her to go post. Not just to enter the contest, but damn I wanted to rec that thing! So here I am.

If you haven't read Once We Were Kings by Sweetp-1, you need to rectify it, like...now. It's about Seth and Edward, and it's AU so they're wolf and vamp. You wonder how it can work? So did I, but it does. Very well, in my opinion. And I've already begged her for more (and maybe gave her a plotbunneh or two in the process).

Seth has transferred from the QTS to Forks High, to keep his promise to his dying father - that he go to college. QTS doesn't have AP classes, hence the move to FH. And who should be in his biology class other than...Edward Cullen. The two become lab-partners and strike a reluctant friendship.

We get to watch as they grow from maybe-friends, into true-friends, into...well, you get the idea. But wait...wasn't there something about wolves mating? And isn't there something about the way vampires mate?

Edward looked up at me. His eyes were amber today. Sometimes they were darker, like liquid gold. I used to think they were vile, but actually, they kind of suited him. He was already too handsome to be a mere mortal; too chiseled, too perfect. The eye color was just another thing that set him apart.

A soft smile passed over his face as he caught my thoughts.

"Why don't you have a partner?" I blurted out, horrified at what he had heard me think. "I mean, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper…they've all hooked up and you haven't. So, I was just wondering, doesn't it get a bit weird being the only single one in a house full of couples?"

"If you mean, do I ever feel awkward and lonely? Then the answer is yes." Edward's stark honesty sent a little pang of pain through my chest.

"So, how does it work? Do you go looking for a human chick that you like, and then ask her parents if you can bite her and make her immortal? Or are there ways of meeting vampire girls? For all I know, there could be an online dating service for your kind. "Pale cold one seeks equally undead mate," or some shit like that." I laughed at my own joke, even though it really wasn't that funny, or at least, Edward didn't seem to think so .

A flash of something painful passed over his face, but it was gone before I could figure out what it was.

"Vampires mate for life. I guess I just haven't found the right someone yet," he said quietly.

"We're like that too, you know," I said, wishing I had realized what a stupid question it was to ask in the first place. The last thing I wanted to do was make Edward upset.

"Like what?"

"We mate for life. Sometimes this thing, imprinting, happens. It's basically love at first sight, but I've heard it's harder and bigger. Like, you can't function if you're too far away from your imprintee. Or you literally die of a broken heart if they die. Like, you're bonded to this person; bewitched. And you don't have any control over it, it just happens to you. It's almost creepy when you think about it. It's supposed to be rare, but it happened to Sam. He imprinted on Emily, even though he was shacked up with my sister at the time." I cringed as the words vomited out of me.

Now how will this end up for these two? That, you're going to have to read to find out. If you're anything like me, you'll be clutching at your heart while begging for more.

So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's One Shot contest. The deadline for casting your vote is April 15th. For more information, click the link on the top right hand side of the page, or shoot us an email to twislash@gmail.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Now, seriously...why are you still here? Go and read these fics. Like, right now. Run!

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Slash Guest Author Rec - YogaGal

A big, sweet spanks to the TwiSlash Unveiled ladies for having lil old me on to rec some fine fic. Many of my favorites have already been pimped hard on this blog, so I thought I'd rec a few one shots that have recently crossed my path. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the FML Contest (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2187120/FML_Contest) where we sent out prompts to willing participants who then needed to create a one shot based off of them. Not many of the prompts actually had a slash feel to them, but a good handful of the authors who submitted stories went that extra mile and made their fics super slashy, while still adhering to their prompts. Now that the contest is officially over and the winners have been announced, I can proudly share with you a few of the one shots that stood out to me.

theladyingrey42/bmango The More Things Change http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5750654/1/The_More_Things_Change

Things almost came to blows between me and SorceressCirce since she nominated this fic for her Host Mention before I was able to. However, knowing that I'd be able to pimp it on this blog, I was happy that I'd still have my chance to gush over how much I enjoyed it. Theladyingrey42 and bmango worked together beautifully to create a fic that weaves together two points of view in a fluid, realistic manner. They took their FML prompt and went in a direction I wouldn't have anticipated, but found to be perfectly fitting. An angsty beginning gives way to tension and more angst between Jasper and Edward. After Jasper walks in on his parents having sex, despite his father having recently remarried, he freaks out and runs away. Regardless of being on the outs with Edward, Jasper still finds himself on the doorstep of the one place he knew he could find solace. I found myself holding my breath along with both Edward and Jasper, waiting to see what would happen and who, if anyone, would make the first move. When it finally happens and they get past the confusion and anger surrounding them, we are treated to this exchange, which seriously sent my heart a flutter:

"Edward," he breathed, and I felt it and tasted it. "Look at me, Edward."

"Why?" I whispered, still safe behind my eyelids.

"Because I want you to know who's kissing you."

*Thud* If that doesn't have you clamoring for more, I'm not sure what will.

FarDareisMai2 Epiphanies and Grenades http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5737317/1/Epiphanies_and_Grenades

Some of the prompts we gave out were vague and could have easily gone the slash route. However, with a prompt like this:

"Today, I had a dream I was in World War II. I pulled out a grenade pin with my teeth. I woke up to a screaming girlfriend with a bloody nipple and a ring in my mouth.

FML" it takes real balls (ovaries?) to turn it into slash. Yet, that is exactly what FarDareisMai2 managed to do. She skillfully worked with her prompt to provide not only an accurate take on her prompt but also provided a hot, slashy lemon. In addition, this one shot is well written and includes lots of wonderful detail to help set the scene to draw the reader in to the WWII scene. Between the historical aspect and the tasty lemon, this fic is a definite read and it's no wonder it won second place in the open vote.

Lexiecullen17 Cell Mates http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5704985/1/Cell_Mates

I haven't come across much Femme slash that not only holds my attention but also makes me laugh out loud. Cell Mates managed to do both, and even left me wanting a bit more. This was Lexiecullen17's first foray into slash, and she managed to do a fabulous job. Not only did she break outside her comfort zone with this one shot, she did it in a way that had me intrigued the entire time. While the main relationship in this fic is Edward and Bella, we find that Bella ends up doing a little experimenting of her own while celebrating her bacherlorette party in Vegas. All throughout the fic we get teases as to who her make out partner was, but we don't find out until the very end, making the entire story in and of itself quite the tease. I won't go ruining the awesome surprise of spilling the beans on who she tests those boundaries with, though. You'll have to read it to find out yourself!

Dark Nights and Better Days http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5750969/1/Dark_Nights_and_Better_Days

Dark Nights and Better Days won second place in the Judge's Round and I was beyond giddy to see a slash fic take one of the top spots. This fic will make you mad, sad and go 'awwwwwwwwww.' all at once. As if getting cheated on isn't bad enough, after kicking his boyfriend out, Jasper comes home to find that all of his favorite game stations have been tossed out the window and shattered...much like his love life. Somehow, Coolbreeze still manages to give Jasper a very happy ending in this one shot that captured the attention of all the judge's.

ICMezzo Jasper and the No Longer Remotely Private Parts http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5680016/1/Jasper_and_the_No_Longer_Remotely_Private_Parts

We've all had crappy moments - ones that we wish we could forget about and cringe anytime it's mentioned. ICMezzo was saddled with just one of those situations for her prompt: Today, my boyfriend handcuffed me to the bed, naked. Someone pulled the fire alarm, and my boyfriend couldn't find the key. So he left me, and the Resident Advisor found me. The fireman had to cut the chain. FML. I almost feel that the knowledge of that prompt alone is reason to run off and read this fic. Not only is it well written, but ICMezzo does a wonderful job of making you laugh and cringe all at the same time. You can't help but snicker at the mess Jasper has gotten himself into, and just when you think the situation can't get any worse...it does. And really...Jasper in handcuffs? Need I say more?

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Tuesday's Best on Wednesday 3-24-2010

Good morning/afternoon all. So sorry to bring this week's recs a day late again. It seems life is simply intent on making things difficult for us, but I'm here, I'm here. Whitlock's Girl still appears to have some trouble with the whole Real Life thing, so send her some good thoughts?

For now though, let's see what I have in my bag of tricks (*snicker*) today, shall we?


Maybe if all shopping trips ended the way The Dressing Room by rmhale does, I wouldn't mind shopping for clothes so much.

Edward just got a new job and is out shopping for clothes. Like me, he hates shopping for new clothes, and he's a little grumbly about it. Can't say I blame the man, really. He's contemplating his new job, as well as his shopping endeavor. Here's a little peek.

I walked in and immediately started looking at the black pants. So far I have struck out all over the board in finding any that looked good on me. There was a certain way I wore them. Fitted, sitting low on the hips and accentuating my assets. I was good looking and I knew it, I also knew what to wear that drove all the guys fucking wild.

Here's to hoping that there are some fine fucking guys at work and that they are at least bi-curious.

There was nothing I loved more than getting my hands on a beautiful, supposedly straight boy and making him scream my name out in pleasure as I took him to heights he never knew possible. I loved to give head and to fuck and be fucked; it didn't matter to me either way.

Grabbing a few different styles of pants, I walked over to the button-down shirts. Opting to go for colors that brought out the wicked gleam in my green eyes, I went about gathering a few shirts to try on as well. Then, a husky voice with a southern drawl stopped me cold.

Could he possibly find what he wasn't looking for? Read it to find out. Oh, do bring towels. This might be a one-shot, and not very long, but you know what they say - size doesn't matter ;-)

And just because I can, I have a little something sweet to give you, too. It's Kiss Me, by
My Name Is Seren Dipity. It's her first attempt at slash (not counting the French translation she's doing for At The Deep End), and only her second story ever. I just read it, and simply had to share it.

It's very short, and very sweet, but so worth reading. Edward and Jasper are trying to just reconnect and relax after a trying couple of weeks. The story is very short, so I can't really give you a sample, but trust me. Go check it out and leave her some love :-)


Hope you enjoyed this week's recs. Whitlock's Girl will definitely be back with a rec next week.

On another note, the TU-contest fics will be posted today, so be sure to check those out.

See you next week!

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Tuesday's Best...on Wednesday 3-17-2010

Sorry this is late once again. Life seems to delight in throwing us for a tailspin lately, and this week was no exception to that. Hope to have you with us again next week, Whitlock's Girl!

Rather than making you go completely without, I thought I'd go ahead and give you a little something today. As always, I advice you to bring a towel, and this time also Kleenex. You have been warned.

Now I know that this story was rec'ed just last Monday by Domward's Mistress, but that's the drawback of being ahead with your rec's, I suppose. I wanted to give you my take on it anyway though. And I left you a little something extra below.


What could be better than men in tights? Edward in tights, of course! Zigster wrote Little Margot: Matchmaker for the No Bella Allowed contest.

Alice is a ballerina who injured her ankle and is trying to get back into the swing of things,,,so to speak. *gasp* Yes, I said Alice. Don't worry, all is well, just be patient ;-)

Edward is her dance partner. He's good, beautiful, and he knows it. And uses it to his fullest advantage. He also has an attitude to match his skill, and no small measure of bravado to hide behind.

Jasper is Alice's big brother. He just moved back to the States after living in the Netherlands for a while. When he meets his sister's dance partner, he's immediately intrigued - if not outright swept off his feet.

But will Edward stop dancing around him long enough to let Jasper take the lead? That, you'll have to go find out for yourself.

"Jasper, I'd like you to meet Edward. Edward, this is my brother, Jasper." Alice stepped back towards the far hallway wall after her polite introductions and eyed the empty space between us as if she could absorb it through her eyes and make it disappear. Before she had a chance to burn a hole in the flooring with her intensity, I stepped closer to... Edward, and extended my hand.

"It's nice to fin'lly meet you, Edward. Alice here talked about you a lot over these past months."
Instead of acknowledging my greeting, Edward turned to Alice, his eyebrows raised up to his hairline. A mischievous glint appeared in his eyes. "I knew I spotted a twang to your speech, little missy." Alice's face flushed red before she squared her shoulders and shot him a look.

"I am a New Yorker now. It doesn't matter."

I had to hold back a laugh as I retracted my unshaken hand. "Alice has been attempting to cut the accent out of her voice since we were teens. She's always considered herself a Northerner."

"That's a pity. It's such a lovely accent," Edward said to no one in particular. It was my turn to flush. Was that a compliment?

I have to agree with Edward...it is indeed a lovely accent. So, did they ever shake hands? What is Edward up to? And how will Jasper take it? And then, there's Alice. Don't let her presence scare you off, remember, she's Jasper's sister here...no funny business ;-)


I want to give you something else to read, too. It's not TwiSlash, but Criminal Minds, but it is slash. The beautiful CMAli aka MomBailey has only recently ventured into the world of writing fic, and has dipped her toes in the CM realm. I really, really hope she will at some point give the Twi-lads a go as well, for she writes wonderfully, and though she's yet to write lemons, she has a way with her words that still lets you feel the bond and love between her characters.

One such example, and the one I want to leave you with most, is one that had me in absolute tears (that's right, Kleenex required for this one - don't say I didn't warn you!). It's Just Let Go, and it's about the final moments of Spencer Reid's life. He has pancreatic cancer and Aaron Hotchner is by his partner's side as he breathes his last. Yes, I did just give away the story. But it's better, in this case, I think. Please do read it, because trust me, it is well worth it.

Fingers gripped Hotchner's shoulders as he wiped the sheen of sweat forming on Spencer's forehead in an honest effort to ease his discomfort, and he smiled hypocritically to think the act was actually doing any good. He felt so helpless and needed to do something. Anything. However, there was nothing that he could successfully do, and Aaron's brain was starting to realize that the suffering boy's struggle was about to end.

See what I mean? Go read the rest. You will cry, your heart will ache, but you won't want to miss this. Please, after you read it, make sure to give MomBailey plenty of love and encouragement.


I hope you enjoyed these stories, and that you've left the authors plenty of lovin'. See you next week for more of the best of the best. Thanks for checking us out ;-)

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TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH Contest

The deadline for the Slash contest expired last night and Nae and I are very please to see some familiar and not so familiar faces in the late entries. We will be spending this next week validating the newest entries and posting them on the FF.net acct. Be on the look out for the poll to go up next Tuesday.

Whitlock's Girl

Slash Guest Author Rec - Domward's Mistress

Uber thanks to the Twislash ladies for giving me the chance to pimp out my favs and for all the awesomesauce of this blog. Nipple twists and wicked licks to you all!

Here are a few of the stories that I'm reading right now.

Lost & Found by Touchstone67

*sigh* You see, this story has my favorite Edward ever written. I call him my Perfectward because that's exactly what he is. Perfect. I haven't found a flaw yet and I hope it stays that way! This story is actually an AU Edward/Jasper to an AU Jasper/Bella story called Safe & Sound. Same characters, same timeline, different love story. Angst, love, humor, the hottest freakin' smut ever written, and well established characters are what you will find in this story. As seamlessly as the story is weaved with Safe and Sound, it is helpful to read S&S in order to understand some of the timeline. While you can read L&F on its own, it will make more sense when read in partnership to S&S.

The way Touchstone writes these lovely boys is so potent that you'll be thinking about the latest update long after you've finished reading it. If you like boylovin' of the Edward/Jasper sort, this is a story you must read!

Little Margot: Matchmaker by Zigster http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5763297/1/Little_Margot_Matchmaker

Edward as a ballet dancer = FTMFW! I can't even begin to count the ways that I love this story. Edward is cocky and confident and Jasper can charm the pants off just about anyone. The way Zig writes the ballet scenes makes you feel like you are actually watching it. And trust me, it is something that needs to be seen! As of right now, it is only a one-shot, but I have every intention of pinging her every two minutes until she finally gives in and writes more Balletward.

Of Love and Silence by RobsLostSoul http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5672870/1/Of_Love_and_Silence

This was originally an entry for the Devirginizing Edward contest and actually won Judge’s Choice for Best Blow Job. It's vampire canon, well, canon except Carlisle giving Edward a blow job. It takes place during Edward's rebellion. Lost did such a phenomenal job, everything fits perfectly with the era of the setting and this is easily one of my favorite Carlisle stories. Also, she is currently working on an outline to continue it. *SQUEE* It's intense and sexy and totally worth a read if Edward/Carlisle is your thing.

Two Vampires and a Mental Patient by fiberkitty http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5716647/1/Two_Vampires_and_a_Mental_Patient

I am normally not a fan of uber dark or uber angsty stories. I like rainbows and sunshine and Strawberry Shortcake riding a unicorn...that sounded dirty. Anyway, I am mostly a HEA kind of girl. So, when fiberkitty told me she was writing a story that made Dark Salvation look happy, I was a little afraid to read it, but I am so happy I did! She wasn't joking when she said it was dark, it's easily the darkest thing I have read on fanfiction but it is so well done and the story line is so enthralling that even for a rainbows and sunshine kind of girl, it's completely addicting. The smut is amazingly delicious as well.

I would recommend some non-slash stories except that I don't read any. Yeah, I'm a total slash h00r.

Also, if any of the authors that I have just mentioned are reading this, please feel free to send me extra chapters or outtakes as thanks. :)

Kisses and gropes,

Domward's Mistress

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I understand that over time a Dom/me and their sub will learn to take queues from each other and will learn to read the other very well, but does that lack of knowledge and familiarity make scening with a new partner difficult?

I don't think it makes it difficult, I think that more verbal communication would need to be involved. After care would also be particularly important, especially if they are going to be working together again.

Ask me anything

Is there a difference between chastisment and punishment or is it 2 different words with the same meaning?

I think it really depends on who you're dealing with. To me, I think they're relatively similar, though chastisement has more of a verbal feel, where punishment in this sense would be more physical. But as to definition, I think they're very similar.

Ask me anything

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Tuesday's Best - March 9th, 2010

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your hearts to sing and your juices to flow.

Sorry this is late. Donna aka Whitlock's Girl got sidetracked by her poor abandoned Emmett/Jasper story Second Chance at Forever and kinda forgot about the blog for a bit. OOPS! *blushes*


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by hexumhunnie311

Hexumhunnie's Red Corvette is my story for the week. Now I know this story is just a two-shot, but it's so fabulous. I love Emmett and Jasper stories, as most of you know, and they are few and far between. So, when I came across this one I just had to jump on it.

The way that hexumhunnie311 has told of Jasper's feelings for Emmett and Emmett's awakening knowledge of his sexuality and orientation is just so sweet and beautiful. Unlike Jasper, who outted himself in his early high school years, Emmett doesn't realize that his disinterest in girls is due to him being gay and not that the girls just aren't that interesting to him. Once Jasper is on the scene though, Emmett's attraction to him is so strong and the feelings that Jasper evokes in him are undeniable.

Give hexumhunnie311's Red Corvette a go. It's so great that it took home the Slash BackSlash contest's Best Kiss award.


Naelany brings you...

by TheLadyInGrey42

Who here doesn't love themselves a hot Geekward?

Or a hot Geeksper?

How about both?

Yeah, I figured that would get your attention. SorceressCirce loves them, too, and TheLadyInGrey42 took SC's love for them, added in some D&D and a bit of UST and came up with this fuckhot diddy as a birthday present for SC. Now, it's been a few weeks, of course, but damn if it isn't something to come back to. Again. And again. And again...I'm sorry...where was I?

Oh, yes! A Roll of the Dice! Edward and his friends are playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons, for those of you who don't know what that means, it's a role-playing game...no, not that kind, ya pervs!) at his house. Only Edward has a minor problem. He has a crush. On his best friend. And his DM (okay, I'm throwing lingo around here, but trust me, read the fic and you'll get the explanations at the end. That alone is worth it, right? Well, okay, maybe not, but the story will be!).

What would happen if you let your decisions in life be based on a roll of the dice? Literally? That is what Edward is going to find out. The result of his cast? Well...let's just say that it's a good thing Edward has a DM that knows his modifiers.

I finger the edges of the dice repeatedly. Compulsively, really. From time to time I let the D20 roll out over the padded surface of the table, pretending that life has will saves and that if I just roll high enough then maybe somehow I'll be brave. But every time I roll to try to get up the conviction to kiss him, I always roll a one. A botch.

Because kissing my dungeon master - my best friend - my Jasper - would be the definition of a botch.

Frustrated, I push away from the table, needing air. The other boys at the table scarcely acknowledge the motion, too involved in calculating damage and planning future moves.

I remember how I used to be at our monthly games. How I too would obsess over the stats on my gear, the attacks I would use, the best place to put my points when I leveled up. Pushing my glasses up my nose and rubbing my hands over the stubble on my chin, I obsess about his body now, about the way his ass looks in his jeans when he gets up to stretch. About what it might be like to put my hands through the curls of sweet blond hair and nuzzle my nose there.

I grab a Mountain Dew from the fridge, and seeing that his glass is empty, I pick another one up for him. The cold sweat of the can is a relief against my forehead, an attempt to tame the flush on my face and the aggravating arousal that stirs in my jeans every time his tongue darts out between his lips. He licks his thumb so he can flip through the pages in the Dungeon Master's Guide, and watching him from behind the bar, I stifle a moan. My hand palms my cock through my pants, shifting it to a more comfortable position before I prepare myself to return to the table.

Chasing calm, I set the soda down beside him and try not to let the longing on my face show through when he smiles his thanks, a vision of dimples and piercing blue eyes making everything in me clench and my hard-on swell.

"Thanks, Ed," he whispers, and there's a fraction of a second when our fingertips are brushing against each other on the side of the can. I linger with my hand next to his for just a second too long, looking for something in those eyes, only it's still not there.

The die slips from between my fingers.

A two.

A two is better than a one. But it's still not enough.

Mmmm, seriously...why are you still here? Go and read this fic. Like, right now. Run! And don't forget to bring your towels!!


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's One Shot contest. The deadline for submitting your FuckHot Slash stories is March 14th. For more information, click the link on the top right hand side of the page, or shoot us an email to twislash@gmail.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter. We'll announce contest info, blog posts and other TwiSlash news there.

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Tuesday's Best - March 2nd, 2010

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by pulsepoint

Every week I try to find and bring to you little known stories from fabulous, yet unheralded authors, and this week I think I've found us a doozie.

Brand of Skin is a story of Jasper and Edward's first time with each other. The weird thing is that NEITHER of them are virgins and Carlisle, Felix, Alice and Tyler are all involved.

{insert smiley shaking head in shock here}

Yes, you heard me right. Now, granted on this site, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes aren't that uncommon. Hell we fucking love them, but with pulsepoint's Brand of Skin you're in for a bit of a twist. See, Jasper is a amateur porn star and he's initiating Edward into the life in style with his massive cock leading the way.

Here's a taste to whet your whistle...

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jasper wants to know.

Edward nods sheepishly.

"You're big," he offers, rubbing the back of his neck and blushing.

Jasper has to laugh at that – who doesn't like being told they've got a big dick? Jasper knows that already, of course, and it's one of his major selling points on the company's website. They took the time to measure it and list the length in Jasper's profile, even though it's really the girth that makes it stand out.

"I'll go really slow," Jasper reiterates, once again getting ready to penetrate Edward.

This story is funny and sexy and sweet and I, for one, LOVE it. I only wish that pulsepoint would expand it into a multichapter fic. I think it would make a fucking awesome one. ENJOY, leave pulsepoint some love and let them know we sent you!


Naelany brings you...

by SubtlePen

Y'all should realize by now that I'm an absolute sucker for sweetness, and our beloved SubtlePen never disappoints to deliver it. This time she's doing it for the Devirginizing Edward contest, in My Favorite Way To Wake Up.

You get to follow Edward and Jasper from the moment they meet, up to when they first make love - and make no mistake, it is truly love-making they do. It is sweet, tender and perfectly beautiful for a first time. Come on, it's for that contest, so you know they're going to get some good lovin'. I'm not spoiling anything there. How they get there though, that you'll have to read to find out.

“Jasper,” I said, to which he looked bewildered. I stuck my hand out and said it again.

“Like the rock?” he asked, taking my hand in his.

I rolled my eyes, cursing silently. “Like the rock, and my great-grandfather.”

He smiled at that. “Edward, like my grandfather,” he said. “Nice to meet you, Jasper.”

I smiled, and felt his warm thumb graze my knuckles as we reluctantly released each other’s hand.

“Where you headed?”

“I’m done for the day,” I said, glad to have the afternoon free.

He nodded. “Me, too.”

We walked across campus, comparing majors, home towns and living arrangements. We parted ways a few blocks from my apartment, and I watched him for a minute as he walked toward his own, slightly embarrassed when he caught me admiring the view.

Curious yet? Thought so. Go check it out.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's One Shot contest. The deadline for submitting your FuckHot Slash stories is March 14th. For more information, click the link on the top right hand side of the page, or shoot us an email to twislash@gmail.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest Slash Author Rec - Starfish422

Thank you to the TwiSlash Unveiled chicas for inviting me to contribute to the Slash Author Recs feature! I love pimping my favourite stories, both the slashy and the non-slashy.

Here's what I'm reading right now in the slash category:

Errors & Omissions, by Oh Jasper My Jasper

This story begins with Edward's take on what happened in , then continues beyond the end of that story. I'm kinda lucky in that I had a preview ahead of time, of some of the story plot points of OJMJ's plans for Edward in this story. I've been anxiously awaiting the revelation that took place in Chapter 11; and I think she did it so much justice. Make no mistake: these stories are not light, fluffy reading - not at all. But Liz's writing style is deep and detailed; the characters' emotions are palpably real. Read with a vodka-valium latte in hand.

Begin Again, by C-Me-Smile

Sometimes a relationship ends for the right reasons. Love, if it existed, ends, the parties get closure to the relationship, and they go on to find someone better suited for them.

But sometimes one person makes the decision to leave because they can no longer support the choices made by their partner. It's a difficult decision to make, especially when you're leaving someone you still love. Even if years pass, the memories of a love that has never died can torture both lovers. Edward and Jasper are this couple; and when they meet again after several years apart, it seems many things stand in the way of them having a chance at happiness together.

C-Me-Smile has a wonderful, rich narrative, describing the characters, settings and emotions in such vivid detail that I find myself completely enthralled and immersed in the pathos and hoping for glimmers of redemption for the relationship.

Thank You, Elvis, by Klytie

When Alice and Jasper show up and adopt the Cullen coven, Edward and Jasper begin to experience some decidedly non-canon emotions and feelings towards each other. Edward's response is very much in keeping with his canon character; that is to say, massive overreaction. His decision brings heartbreak and regret to both he and Jasper. Meanwhile, Jasper and Alice have to deal with the fallout from what Alice has already seen for their future.

Klytie has had me enthralled from the first chapter; I particularly enjoy her use of period vernacular. I'm really hoping for some happiness to return for the characters, and maybe even a happily-ever-after resolution.

Yesternight, by Pastiche Pen

Brand spanking new story that has Carlisle and newborn Edward meeting up with Jasper much earlier than the canon story does. It's only on Chapter 2, so I can't say much yet! But from Pastiche Pen, I know we can look forward to something amazing.

A Roll of the Dice, by theladyingrey42

Snaps for this brand-spanking new one-shot from theladyingrey. Can we say how happy we are that she writes slash? Happy enough that it makes us speak of ourselves in the plural form. :) I'm a total sucker for geeky boys to begin with...geeky + gay + UST = omgyeahrighttherebabyyeah.


I would love to recommend some of the one-shots from the current FML contest, but since the contest isn't yet closed it wouldn't be fair to recommend some of the stories over their competitors. When the contest is over, watch my blog for my favourites. In the meantime, visit the contest C2!

My non-slash faves are:

The Cannabean Betrothal, by ItzMegan73 - Thank the goddess for a very unique, beautifully-written story, thick with unresolved sexual tension. So delicious you can roll it around on your tongue.

Edward Wallbanger, by feathers_mmmm - Alice's gift for humour is doubly-enjoyable in this story as she adds UST to the mix. I think this Edward is my current favourite Straightward in the fandom.

Twice As Long As Yesterday, by Hopeful Wager - I have seen this story around the fandom for almost as long as I've been reading here, and never, ever clicked on it until just two weeks ago. To my delight, the final three chapters were posted this week. The story developed quickly into so much more than I thought it would, based on the summary. I loved the ending.

And while I have your attention, I'd like to beg for updates for The Vampire in the Basement, Resident Geek, and Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary. PLEASE. :)

Smooches infinity,

Katie Starfish xoxo