Monday, March 15, 2010

Slash Guest Author Rec - Domward's Mistress

Uber thanks to the Twislash ladies for giving me the chance to pimp out my favs and for all the awesomesauce of this blog. Nipple twists and wicked licks to you all!

Here are a few of the stories that I'm reading right now.

Lost & Found by Touchstone67

*sigh* You see, this story has my favorite Edward ever written. I call him my Perfectward because that's exactly what he is. Perfect. I haven't found a flaw yet and I hope it stays that way! This story is actually an AU Edward/Jasper to an AU Jasper/Bella story called Safe & Sound. Same characters, same timeline, different love story. Angst, love, humor, the hottest freakin' smut ever written, and well established characters are what you will find in this story. As seamlessly as the story is weaved with Safe and Sound, it is helpful to read S&S in order to understand some of the timeline. While you can read L&F on its own, it will make more sense when read in partnership to S&S.

The way Touchstone writes these lovely boys is so potent that you'll be thinking about the latest update long after you've finished reading it. If you like boylovin' of the Edward/Jasper sort, this is a story you must read!

Little Margot: Matchmaker by Zigster

Edward as a ballet dancer = FTMFW! I can't even begin to count the ways that I love this story. Edward is cocky and confident and Jasper can charm the pants off just about anyone. The way Zig writes the ballet scenes makes you feel like you are actually watching it. And trust me, it is something that needs to be seen! As of right now, it is only a one-shot, but I have every intention of pinging her every two minutes until she finally gives in and writes more Balletward.

Of Love and Silence by RobsLostSoul

This was originally an entry for the Devirginizing Edward contest and actually won Judge’s Choice for Best Blow Job. It's vampire canon, well, canon except Carlisle giving Edward a blow job. It takes place during Edward's rebellion. Lost did such a phenomenal job, everything fits perfectly with the era of the setting and this is easily one of my favorite Carlisle stories. Also, she is currently working on an outline to continue it. *SQUEE* It's intense and sexy and totally worth a read if Edward/Carlisle is your thing.

Two Vampires and a Mental Patient by fiberkitty

I am normally not a fan of uber dark or uber angsty stories. I like rainbows and sunshine and Strawberry Shortcake riding a unicorn...that sounded dirty. Anyway, I am mostly a HEA kind of girl. So, when fiberkitty told me she was writing a story that made Dark Salvation look happy, I was a little afraid to read it, but I am so happy I did! She wasn't joking when she said it was dark, it's easily the darkest thing I have read on fanfiction but it is so well done and the story line is so enthralling that even for a rainbows and sunshine kind of girl, it's completely addicting. The smut is amazingly delicious as well.

I would recommend some non-slash stories except that I don't read any. Yeah, I'm a total slash h00r.

Also, if any of the authors that I have just mentioned are reading this, please feel free to send me extra chapters or outtakes as thanks. :)

Kisses and gropes,

Domward's Mistress

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