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Slash Guest Author Rec - YogaGal

A big, sweet spanks to the TwiSlash Unveiled ladies for having lil old me on to rec some fine fic. Many of my favorites have already been pimped hard on this blog, so I thought I'd rec a few one shots that have recently crossed my path. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the FML Contest ( where we sent out prompts to willing participants who then needed to create a one shot based off of them. Not many of the prompts actually had a slash feel to them, but a good handful of the authors who submitted stories went that extra mile and made their fics super slashy, while still adhering to their prompts. Now that the contest is officially over and the winners have been announced, I can proudly share with you a few of the one shots that stood out to me.

theladyingrey42/bmango The More Things Change

Things almost came to blows between me and SorceressCirce since she nominated this fic for her Host Mention before I was able to. However, knowing that I'd be able to pimp it on this blog, I was happy that I'd still have my chance to gush over how much I enjoyed it. Theladyingrey42 and bmango worked together beautifully to create a fic that weaves together two points of view in a fluid, realistic manner. They took their FML prompt and went in a direction I wouldn't have anticipated, but found to be perfectly fitting. An angsty beginning gives way to tension and more angst between Jasper and Edward. After Jasper walks in on his parents having sex, despite his father having recently remarried, he freaks out and runs away. Regardless of being on the outs with Edward, Jasper still finds himself on the doorstep of the one place he knew he could find solace. I found myself holding my breath along with both Edward and Jasper, waiting to see what would happen and who, if anyone, would make the first move. When it finally happens and they get past the confusion and anger surrounding them, we are treated to this exchange, which seriously sent my heart a flutter:

"Edward," he breathed, and I felt it and tasted it. "Look at me, Edward."

"Why?" I whispered, still safe behind my eyelids.

"Because I want you to know who's kissing you."

*Thud* If that doesn't have you clamoring for more, I'm not sure what will.

FarDareisMai2 Epiphanies and Grenades

Some of the prompts we gave out were vague and could have easily gone the slash route. However, with a prompt like this:

"Today, I had a dream I was in World War II. I pulled out a grenade pin with my teeth. I woke up to a screaming girlfriend with a bloody nipple and a ring in my mouth.

FML" it takes real balls (ovaries?) to turn it into slash. Yet, that is exactly what FarDareisMai2 managed to do. She skillfully worked with her prompt to provide not only an accurate take on her prompt but also provided a hot, slashy lemon. In addition, this one shot is well written and includes lots of wonderful detail to help set the scene to draw the reader in to the WWII scene. Between the historical aspect and the tasty lemon, this fic is a definite read and it's no wonder it won second place in the open vote.

Lexiecullen17 Cell Mates

I haven't come across much Femme slash that not only holds my attention but also makes me laugh out loud. Cell Mates managed to do both, and even left me wanting a bit more. This was Lexiecullen17's first foray into slash, and she managed to do a fabulous job. Not only did she break outside her comfort zone with this one shot, she did it in a way that had me intrigued the entire time. While the main relationship in this fic is Edward and Bella, we find that Bella ends up doing a little experimenting of her own while celebrating her bacherlorette party in Vegas. All throughout the fic we get teases as to who her make out partner was, but we don't find out until the very end, making the entire story in and of itself quite the tease. I won't go ruining the awesome surprise of spilling the beans on who she tests those boundaries with, though. You'll have to read it to find out yourself!

Dark Nights and Better Days

Dark Nights and Better Days won second place in the Judge's Round and I was beyond giddy to see a slash fic take one of the top spots. This fic will make you mad, sad and go 'awwwwwwwwww.' all at once. As if getting cheated on isn't bad enough, after kicking his boyfriend out, Jasper comes home to find that all of his favorite game stations have been tossed out the window and shattered...much like his love life. Somehow, Coolbreeze still manages to give Jasper a very happy ending in this one shot that captured the attention of all the judge's.

ICMezzo Jasper and the No Longer Remotely Private Parts

We've all had crappy moments - ones that we wish we could forget about and cringe anytime it's mentioned. ICMezzo was saddled with just one of those situations for her prompt: Today, my boyfriend handcuffed me to the bed, naked. Someone pulled the fire alarm, and my boyfriend couldn't find the key. So he left me, and the Resident Advisor found me. The fireman had to cut the chain. FML. I almost feel that the knowledge of that prompt alone is reason to run off and read this fic. Not only is it well written, but ICMezzo does a wonderful job of making you laugh and cringe all at the same time. You can't help but snicker at the mess Jasper has gotten himself into, and just when you think the situation can't get any does. And really...Jasper in handcuffs? Need I say more?

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