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Tuesday's Best 8-31-2010

Well good morning, everyone. I hope y'all are ready for another day of fabulous recs, brought to you by our lovely Aradi and Captain Jezebel. Be sure to bring your towels and pantie-changes, because you're likely going to need them. Let's see what they have in store for us today, shall we?


I’m going to step outside my box a little this week.  Brace yourselves!  I’ve put down my angsty-sized bottle of tequila and set aside my compulsion for the odd pairs or themes.  This week I prove I can love a sweet and straightforward Jasper & Edward fic.

Ready For You (by bmango) is being written as a birthday gift for theladyingrey42, who is both lucky and deserving.  It is a little bit unusual as some of the chapters are drabbles.  The story features a guitar-playing Jasper and a British Edward, so really, whats not to like?

I barely blink as I watch him watching me. The noise of the room fades away and there's only this beautiful man before me, stealing my very breath.

His shoulders slump as he releases a large sigh, and he rakes his fingers through his hair before shaking his head and turning back to the game.

I stay for a few more minutes, wondering what kind of spell this man from the other side of the world has put on me.

Eventually, I can't resist the pull of sleep and decide I've stayed up late enough to be less jetlagged tomorrow. I wander past the bulletin board in the lobby, looking for postings for rides. There are several offers, but most seem to be heading to Cradle Mountain. I have a tour booked to see the parks, so I'm more interested in exploring the east side of the island.

And then I see it.

"Wanted. Man or woman to ride share to Bicheno Backpackers, leaving Tuesday, returning Friday. If interested, please text at +01 697-555-9431."

The boys meet in a youth hostel in Tasmania.  Edward has just started his trip, but Jasper is nearing the end of his.  They end up traveling and sightseeing together, which launches their friendship (and more).  Their travels provide for a quasi-courtship (lots of time for talking, dinners, wine, and guitars) even before they figure out the is-he-or-isn’t-he and the does-he-feel-the-same.

The sunshine of their tale is clouded by the fact that we know they have a finite amount of time together, among other complications.  Whether or not they figure each other out and act on it, they will end up thousands of miles apart in a matter of days.  Luckily the boys don’t think much about this, as they are too busy with the aforementioned is-he-and-does-he.

I glance at his sleeping form while I drive, aching to touch him, to have him touch me.

When I thought he was straight, I could pretend I just appreciated the view. Found a new friend.

But he's not and I'm not. And he's more wonderful than anything I could have imagined.

Currently there are twenty chapters, alternating JPOV/EPOV, and I don’t know how close we are to the end of the tale.  Either way, the chapters have been going up with joyous frequency, so soon you’ll be able to know where Jasper and Edward’s travels took them.  In the meantime the story is sweet and UST-y and romantic, and just perfect to offset the miserable, angsty fics you may be reading.

Not that I’d know anything about that.

If you read Ready For You, be sure to give bmango plenty of love for her generous gift (to us all).


Hallo, slash Liebhaber! Captain Jezebel back again with a tasty rec for you E/J lovers. One thing fanfic is known for is the many wonderful contests to enter. With a fandom this size, it is quite possible that many contests are similar to others. In my opinion, The Plot Bunny Contest was one of the most original contests this fandom has ever seen.

The concept was fun for both readers and writers alike. Readers who don’t write fic, but had a plot bunny stuck in their head got a chance to submit it to the contest. Writers got a chance to flex their writing skills, fleshing out a plot bunny they didn’t think up themselves. Also writers got a chance to submit plot bunnies that they didn’t get a chance to write about yet.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to peruse all of the stories yet, but one of them has become a favorite of mine; I just had to share with you guys.

The Plot Bunny: Edward, Seth, Jasper & Emmett are in a touring band together. Two of the four end up hooking up. How/why/when is up to you!
The Story: A Night In Vienna.
The Author: The lovely and talented Zigster

Lucky for me, she decided to make Edward and Jasper those two sexy boys that hook up. E and J have been the very closest of friends for 6 years, but something went wrong, and now they can barely stand each other. It’s tough for E to think about, and he often pinpoints the spot where things changed between them; an argument after spending time with E’s old university buddies in Dublin.

Being on tour in Europe is making it even harder for these two, because they are often in close quarters, but are too stubborn to work out their differences. The other band members; Seth, and Emmett, and their manager Billy are reaching a breaking point with them. They decide to take matters into their own hands and force E and J to spend time with each other.

Emmett's message was loud and indiscernible through the phone. Seth's was apologetic and not very forthcoming. And Billy's...Billy was the last person I wanted to hear from and the only one who had any answers: a necessary evil. I pressed the phone to my ear in concentration and prepared myself for the verbal tongue lashing that was about to befall me.

"'Morning Edward. Change of plans it seems, since neither you nor Jasper are here at the airport with us. I've scheduled you a new flight for tomorrow. The desk clerk has your train and e-tickets, and we have your bags. The only problem is that come noon, you're checked out of that hotel. Sorry bout that, but last minute scheduling and all. Hope you and Jasper can work something out. See you in a day or two." Click.

What. The. Fuck?

He wasn't mad. In fact, he sounded apologetic. Concerned even. And did he say noon? By noon we had to be out of here? Until tomorrow? Billy just left his two guitarists stranded on the streets of Vienna for a day?

Oh yes he did. Billy, Em and Seth left them stranded in a strange city, hoping they would have to talk, and discover what the real root of the problem is. Apparently to everyone but themselves these boys have been quite blind on the true cause of friction between them.

It is no where near easy going at first. Of course these two were not going to simply see. They fight and split up when what they should really be doing is sticking together. A stranger in a strange land, is never a stranger when he has a friend. ;)

I really don’t want to give too much away, but there is a beautiful mystical force working on the side of these boys, even if they do not know it. This beautiful magic peels away the blindfold from their eyes and helps them see clearly, and helps them find just what they need.

I do have to say if you are a 100 Monkeys fan you are going to LOVE this piece. As a fan myself it helped to have images of Jackson singing and playing guitar in my mind, when trying to picture this Jasper...he is beyond yummy, and Edward...UNF! Go...Read...Now....It’s so good, and so worth it. Don’t forget to leave Zigster some love if you do.


There you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed these stories as much as we have here at TU. Be sure to check back with us next week, when The Captain will be back with another great rec. Oh, and I'll have a little somethin' somethin', too ;-) Be sure to leave the authors some love, and have a great rest of your week.

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Slash Guest Author Rec - mynameisserendipity

Hi Twi-Slashers!

I just can’t believe that I am actually doing a rec’ for TwiSlash Unveiled! I am incredibly nervous about it, especially as I am reading lots of incredible stories and had to choose only a few among them. That was by far the hardest.

So here is my selection of fics for today:

The Bad Boys Fics:

“Dark Salvation” by Kittenmischief (aka Fiberkitty and mischief-maker1) was one of the very first fics I read that contained slash.

Edward is a surgeon, who is completely depressed after the loss of one of his patients. He turns to Jasper, an unconventional therapist with a very dark past, to heal. The story is VERY dark and about a Dom/sub relationship. The plot twist is just amazing! The authors had me addicted to their story so much that I stayed awake a whole night to get to read the last chapter and then shared on forum with the others readers.

The storyline is very interesting; the whole thing is beautifully written and sexy as hell. And you get to read the Sequel “Dark Jewel”, which describes Edward’s life in Jasper’s universe.
So if you missed this story or didn’t start the sequel yet, go, read, and review these two ladies!

If you are not into D/s fiction, no worries, here is another kind of bad boys that will surely satisfy you!

Always fantasized about a Gangsper/Bondward story? Are you attracted by danger and lust? Well, this is the perfect story for you:

Edward Cullen is an undercover British agent in charge to bring down Jasper Whitlock, one of the most dangerous and powerful mob bosses.

The storyline is incredibly exciting and full of sexual tensions. The author manages to slowly get you inside the perilous and dark world of crimes, while driving you crazy with frustration. The attraction between the two main characters is palpable and so well written that you will soon join me to beg her for the next chapter!

I love how the author created such complex characters. Edward is constantly struggling between his duty and the attraction he has for the man he is supposed to put in jail. Jasper is a real criminal, not afraid to kill, with a mysterious and traumatizing past that Edward has to discover.

The whole story is very compelling, keeping you on edge, always wanting for more.
So if you want to lose yourself in the arms of some sexy and dangerous men, run and devour this fiction!

The Angst Fics

I know how much some of you love dramas, heartbreaks, and make-up sex, so I have two amazing fictions for you that will completely fit these requirements.

Jasper and Edward met on a plane and spent the next twenty-four hours having sex before one of them disappeared, just leaving a note. The next time they see each other, they finally get more time together and fall deeply in love with each other. But one of them disappeared, once again just leaving a note. What will happen the next time they meet?

I can’t tell you, but I can swear it is worth reading it! The author is able to mix angst and hot lemons to create a perfectly heartbreaking plot. You want to know more about these two characters, especially Edward, who stays a mystery for quite some time. You want to hug them or shake some sense in them. You want them to be happy, and at the same time you can’t get enough of their misfortune.

It’s a delight to read, so click on the link, enjoy, and review!

The story begins with a devastated Edward leaving Jasper, certain that the man he loves is in fact in love with someone else. The author bravely pushes you directly in the heart of the drama before telling you, little by little, what happened to her characters.

This is a brilliant family drama, where true love fights against first love, where misunderstandings lead to pain and cries and you wish you could jump inside the story and tell them all what is really happening. But all you can do is sit back and enjoy this awesome ride.

This well-written fiction is certainly worth reading, so give the author some love while you’re discovering her story.

The Sweet Fic:

I want to finish with a light and fluffy note, because sometimes, real life drama is just too much to handle and all you crave is something funny and sugary.

“Mismatch Made in Heaven” by Mrs Agget is just what you need then!

Rough cowboy Edward is falling hard for shy and geeky Jasper, helping him to get out of his shell and getting more confident to face the world.

The plot is full of tenderness, delicious lemons, and funny moments. The author invites you into the world of barrel races and country music, where the Cullens are finally less refined to just be more human, playful and teasing. I just love the humor of the story and how the characters evolved. The storyline is well done too, mixing sweetness and drama, but always keeping you contented.

If you want to end your day with a smile on your face, this fiction is perfect for you.

VoilĂ !

I am done.

I hope you will find something to your liking in this rec! And Thank You Nae for giving me the chance to share some of my fave fics with you all!

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When Fiction Comes To Life

 Fiction comes to Life – Literally

So far we have explored several real life topics related to our slash stories, but this time we are going to look at a slightly reverse angle.  Slash fan fiction has had an impact on real life.  Its readers have become invested in the gay community, and the industry has even recognized slash is a fact of life.

What effect has slash had on the gay community?  Well, according to the author of the following article, the answer is “plenty”.   

Has Slash Made the World Better for Gay Men?  

I saw myself in pieces of that article.  Prior to slash fan fiction, I could have been best described as ‘neutral’ in LGBT issues.  I was not opposed to any of the issues, but I was not a champion of them either.  I didn’t even understand the difference between civil unions and marriage equality.  Prop 8 was off my radar.  I certainly did not think I would find the slash lemons appealing… (Oh my, how things have changed!)

My first slash fan fiction was “All I Ever Knew” by manyafandom. Not only did I enjoy it, I found myself addicted.  I sought out more stories.  I became informed and aware of the issues.  I sought more knowledge, and I learned the truth!   I went from just merely ‘neutral’ to protesting NOM, and contributing to several organizations that address LGBT concerns.  

Even more interesting, I heard my mantra repeated over and over as I read slash reviews and comments on the forums.  More and more women who were not aware that they would enjoy slash were now converts, and were now fully supporting the LGBT community.

Slash authors:  You have been changing hearts and minds!!

So, in the real world, what does the industry think of slash?  Well, I haven’t heard anything negative.  I would guess that anything that draws attention and keeps the fans interested is going to be tolerated at least, and embraced at best.  Fan fiction was embraced and incorporated into the story as evidenced in these two clips from actual episodes of “Supernatural”, where in the first clip Sam and Dean discuss slash, and in the second clip Sam and Dean meet a fan fiction author:  



Were you one of the ones converted by slash?  If so, what story popped your slash cherry?  Has it changed your attitude and/or involvement in LGBT issues?  Please leave a comment!

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Tuesday's Best 8-24-2010

Good morning, you fine folk out there in Twidom. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Aradi and I have found another couple of gems to share with you, so I hope you're well prepared with the usual amenities required for recs from TU: towels, fresh panties, and plenty of Kleenex. Oh yes, you will need those. Here we go!



I’m a firm believer that everything is improved with a little bit of slash.

True Blood seasons one and two?  Definitely good.  Slashtastic season three?  The best yet.

Black Dagger Brotherhood?  Sure the early books were good, but things got way more interesting after the Vishous/Butch tease.

Supernatural?  Enough said.

Why shouldn’t fanfic be the same way?

Twinned (by Conversed) is labeled “slash” in the summary, but it isn’t (yet, at least) what I’d call a true slash story.  There isn’t (yet... at least...) a main slash pairing, and who knows if there will be.  But you know, that’s okay, because what’s there is a little bit slashy allllll over the place.

I confess I first tried this fic with skepticism.  The premise, that Edward has a twin brother Masen, seemed a quirky way to give us two Edwards, but I was immediately sucked in by the glory that is Jasper.

I had to mash a few heads, truth be told, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do and most likely, as my Daddy said, wearing a kilt weren't always going to be a crowd pleaser. I don't care what anyone says, once you've worked a skirt, propped your shitkickers up on the highest rung on one of Mr. Banner's biology lab stools, and just let your junk hang in full view of the first soul who bends to pick up a pencil, it's all worth it.

That shit never gets old.

I've gotten more sex, of all varieties, wearing a skirt in this motherfucking, sorry assed school than the rest of the jocks combined. Y'all know it.
While this story is supposedly about the twins, it’s the pansexual Jasper who carries the show.  He sees all and knows all (and ogles all and kisses all).  His voice is hilarious, wise, and irreverent, and when he isn’t too busy eye-fucking someone, he does whatever he can to help out his messed-up collection of friends and family.
My main worry with Edward and Masen was that they would literally be two Edwards, but the characters are distinct and developed.  They’re damaged (swoon) and end up bonded beyond what twins normally are.

Their adoptive parents encouraged them to try out for different teams or to excel in different instruments, reminding the boys that they would need to forge individual identities eventually. Perhaps because of their early profound loss they resented and resisted any efforts, no matter how kindly composed, to part them.

In all things, Edward chose Masen and Masen chose Edward.
Until they don’t, and that’s where this story picks up.  When something (guess who!) finally comes between this particular set of twins, it’s a devastating Pandora’s box of fallout.  Luckily Jasper is there to recognize everyone’s defect and try to sort it out.  Jasper’s way of “sorting” just happens to be very handsy (and lips-y and cuddle-y...).


His voice is a hot, damp command in my ear. I'm pinned and realize that my face is wet, my chest is heaving but I can't get any air in. None at all. He lifts himself off my chest and the rush of air is such a fucking relief. I choke and roll onto my front, feeling the damp grass under my face, cooling it.

Jasper is still on me though; he's stretched out alongside me with one long leg across the backs of my thighs, one arm heavy across my back, hand on my far shoulder. When he talks I realize that his mouth is right against my ear. His hot breath coasts over me as he speaks and for a while I don't hear what he says.

I just feel.

I feel the weight of him anchoring me down while my brain spins out of control, I feel his hand against my shoulder; patting, then rubbing, then running down to the small of my back as he talks. I can barely hear him as his hand slips under my shirt and travels slowly up my spine, fingers tracing each vertebrae so lightly that I'm not sure whether I'm imagining it.
This seems to be Jasper’s approach to just about everyone, boy or girl, and honestly it’s fantastic.
If you need your slash with a clear, slash main pairing and NC17 action, this may not be the fic for you.  I can’t say if any of these boys end up together, or if we get any action beyond kissing and the rampant UST and lust.  I don’t want to ask Conversed either and spoiler it for myself!  But if you read non-slash stories, and agree that everything would be better if the world were a little slashier (and Jasper wore a kilt and guyliner) then you should try Twinned.
One thing to add...  I’m part of a “generation” of twi-fic readers who hated slash, for whatever reason, until All I Ever Knew.  Twinned might also be a good fic to ease the slash-virgins over to the dark side.


Our sweet, loveable TwiBoy has done it again! He’s managed to sweep me completely up in his latest story, and it’s chaptered, to boot! Which means, there’s more coming. Woohoo!

What story is it, you ask? Why, it’s
Dear Agony, of course! It’s going to be a slash story, though it doesn’t start out as one.

Emmett and Rosalie are happily married, and parents to an adorable two-year old Bella. They end up in a very bad car accident. Rosalie and Bella don’t survive it, leaving a crushed Emmett - in more ways than one - to pick up the pieces of his life. Jasper, Rosalie’s brother, is constantly by his side, even though he’s been anything but friendly to Emmett throughout the years of Emmett’s marriage to Rosalie. They’re all they have left, and that’s why they end up leaning heavily on each other.

Or is it?

I give fair warning now. You will need Kleenex, and lots of it. Twiboy manages to wrench your heart in so many ways, you’ll be left gasping and begging for more. At least I was. The emotions portrayed run deep, and though there are several times where I want to smack the shit out of both Emmett and Jasper, you can’t help but want to hug them, too.

"Shhh, I'm here," he says, tightening his arms around me. "Everything's gonna be okay, Emmett."

I break down then, pulling him completely against me as I sob into his t-shirt. "That's what I told my Bella...right before...and it wasn't. I lied...I couldn't help her, Jasper!"

"Em, the accident wasn't your fault-"

"I shouldn't have called for a ride. I shouldn't have ridden with Jake to work, I should have driven myself. If I drove, Rose and Bella would never have been in the car, wouldn't have had to come get me-"

Jasper grips my shoulders and shakes me, hard. "Emmett, stop! You can't keep doing this! Do you hear yourself? If it was you, my sister would be widow, my niece wouldn't have a father. Do you honestly think that would be a good thing?"

"They'd still be here," I growl, shoving him away before rolling over to the edge of the bed to sit up.

Not thinking, I stand up off the mattress before crippling pain in my hips causes me to drop like lead to my bedroom floor. Jasper is immediately at my side assessing the damage.

"Christ, Emmett, what were you thinking? You can't just hop up like you're Superman."

"Don't you think I fucking know that?" I snap. "I'm in a broken pile on the floor, I think that establishes the fact that I'm anything but Superman."
The grief both these boys feel runs deep, and yet Jasper is there for Emmett, time and again. Though Emmett is a stubborn shit, refusing to heal because he feels it’s his penance for their death. Jasper tries to help as best he can, but you can only tell a brick wall to move so many times, before you have to get a wrecking ball to do some of the work for you ;-). This wrecking ball goes by the name of Edward Cullen, who’s Emmett’s new physiotherapist.

 And that’s all you’re going to get out of me. The rest you’ll have to read for yourself. Remember to grab that box of Kleenex!
That's it for this week, folks! Hope you enjoy these reads as much as we do! Be sure to leave both authors some love.

Voting is on for the Slash/Backslash 2.0. Be sure to get yours in! Every single one counts :-)

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Tuesday's Best 8-17-2010

Good morning, ladies and gents! Are y'all seated? I hope so; and I hope you're ready for some really sweet recs, because the Captain and I have a couple of good ones for you. Let's get down to it, shall we?


Greetings, slashaholics! Captain Jezebel here again to share another slashnomenal fic with you. Sometimes it’s hard to be a fic recc’er with all the great Twific blog sites that recommend stories. Sometimes you get scooped by another site. Other times you find a great story and before you can get it up...it explodes onto the scene. *twhs*

That is exactly what happened to me last week when I chose How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay by Lou-La for this weeks rec. It seemed that as soon as I had resolved to write about it, it was upon everybody's lips er...fingers lol. I wanted to let everyone know how much I was loving it too, so what better way to tell you guys than right here, right now? *looks around with excited grin fixed in place*
Jasper Whitlock is a gay man. Jasper Whitlock does NOT fuck gay men. He finds other gay men attractive, but he doesn’t want them. If a man shows any sign that he is gay, bi or curious Jasper wants nothing to do with them. Scratching your head yet? Wondering how this boy ever gets any? Well Jasper is a master in the art of teaching straight boys the ‘pleasure of cock’ as  he so eloquently puts it.

He lives for the game of finding a dyed in the wool, straight as an arrow boy and turning him into a cock loving fiend. The thrill of the challenge keeps him coming back for more, finding boy after boy, and making him stray from his straight path.

Edward Cullen is a angry, rigid, straight as they come future lawyer. He’s a rich kid interning at his dad’s law firm stuck living the life his strict father has mapped out for him. Edward also lives his life in the shadow of a famous Cullen scandal. It seems he wants to be free of his past and his set future, which causes him to be a grouchy, sour young man.

When Jasper (with an assist from Emmett...more on him later) sets his sights on Edward as his latest conquest, things start to get interesting. How do you seduce a man that is just so unmovable? Too bad Jasper is quite taken with his beauty and wants Edward and the challenge he presents.

"Nice to meet you, Edward," I say, offering him my hand over the table.

He's staring at me dubiously. He offers his own hand slowly and grips mine firmly, shaking once then pulling me closer to him over the table.

I get an instant erection from his bold move, though it's really stupid because I know it's entirely too soon for a straight boy to be making advances. It's still hot.

He doesn't kiss me, or lick my neck, or even touch my hair, but he steals my bottle of beer and gives me his own.

"I don't trust you, Jasper," he says.

I quirk an eyebrow and try to calm my breathing. "You shouldn't," I admit. I take a deep swallow out of the bottle he has traded me and he does the same.

I am a bit transfixed by the way his Adam's apple bobs when he swallows. I continue to stare as his jaw unhinges and he speaks. I love the way his neck flexes; I can imagine myself licking, sucking, and biting the corded tendons as he arches his head back whilst we make love.

It’s a dynamic power struggle from the beginning with these two. A struggle that has you laughing and panting at the same time. The story is achingly funny, as well as sexy, plus it has the awkward and sweet moments as well. I don’t really want to give too much away by going on and on, but I did promise you more about Emmett.
HtTaSGG boasts one of the most flamboyantly, and fucking hilarious Emmett’s out there. He really steals the scene at many moments, and he is often a much needed comic relief when things get too serious between Edward and Jasper.

"Now are you interested?"

I roll my head towards the ass-muncher who can't take a hint and groan, snapping my hand away from his dick. "Fucking Christ, Emmett, would you give it up already?"

Emmett laughs because he realizes that I had no idea it was him as I hadn't been looking. "Sweetie, it's you who needs to give it up," Emmett says back, sidling up beside me and trying to be covert as he makes a grab for my ass.

I sigh and sit down at an empty barstool because I know smacking Emmett around is only going to make him more feisty. He's a relentless oaf and his eyes have been locked on my balls since the first time we met, three years ago. He has it bad, but I kind of love him a little bit for it.

"Sweetie," I say back mockingly, "I'm hunting for virgin ass, so go away. You'll blow my—"

"I would blow you, if you let me," Emmett interrupts, giving me a saucy wink.

"Seriously," I deadpan, not asking if he is serious, because I know he is, but warning him to cool the fuck down. He will blow my cover. He's huge and... flamboyant, really hard to miss.
Emmett is also a sweetheart, and he helps E and J to see things that either of them aren’t able to see yet. So I have to tell you I just love this Emmett. And if Jasper’s inner dialogue, and Emmett’s funny ass don’t get you laughing there is always Jessica. Edward’s house cleaner is a petite latina that spits out hilarious one-liners, that might have you doing a spit take.
All in all it’s a very enjoyable read that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Come join me and see if Jasper can turn a straight guy gay...and if you do...don’t forget to leave Lou-La some love ;)
For the past month or so (a little longer, but still), I’ve had the pleasure of getting an update a day in my inbox from SorceressCirce. She’s written a delightful story told in drabbles, called Paper Faces. It’s in Jasper’s POV, it’s angsty, smexy as hell, and simply wonderful. It’s 70 drabbles long, and almost finished, so there’s plenty to read, and still a little to look forward to.

Jasper is at a party, he’s more than a little bored when he seeks refuge on a balcony and finds someone unexpected. Someone from his past. Whether there is any future here, you’ll have to read for yourself, but needless to say the present is filled with tension. Both of the sexual and the angsty variety. But there’s definitely something there.

To give you a very small taste:

Solid weight presses into my back as a hand snakes around my hip, cupping my cock. I can smell him, impossibility mixed with musk and citrus, and my mind recoils from the violation even as my body betrays me, seeking his warmth.

Obviously, there isn’t a hell of a lot more I can give you, since each “chapter” is only 100 words long. The story is well told though, and absolutely worth reading. It’s like morsels of dark chocolate. Taken in small doses, and savored like the sweet treat that it is.

Oh, and just to let you know, there’s a good chance that we’ll be getting the other POV as well, at some point. ;-) Trust me, you’ll want it, too ;-)
 I hope y'all enjoyed these stories as much as we did. Be sure to check back next week when Aradi and I will have more goodies to share.
In the mean time, voting is open for the Slash/Backslash 2.0 edition. Go check out the entries, and cast your ballot! 
See you next week!