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Slash Guest Author Rec - mynameisserendipity

Hi Twi-Slashers!

I just can’t believe that I am actually doing a rec’ for TwiSlash Unveiled! I am incredibly nervous about it, especially as I am reading lots of incredible stories and had to choose only a few among them. That was by far the hardest.

So here is my selection of fics for today:

The Bad Boys Fics:

“Dark Salvation” by Kittenmischief (aka Fiberkitty and mischief-maker1) was one of the very first fics I read that contained slash.

Edward is a surgeon, who is completely depressed after the loss of one of his patients. He turns to Jasper, an unconventional therapist with a very dark past, to heal. The story is VERY dark and about a Dom/sub relationship. The plot twist is just amazing! The authors had me addicted to their story so much that I stayed awake a whole night to get to read the last chapter and then shared on forum with the others readers.

The storyline is very interesting; the whole thing is beautifully written and sexy as hell. And you get to read the Sequel “Dark Jewel”, which describes Edward’s life in Jasper’s universe.
So if you missed this story or didn’t start the sequel yet, go, read, and review these two ladies!

If you are not into D/s fiction, no worries, here is another kind of bad boys that will surely satisfy you!

Always fantasized about a Gangsper/Bondward story? Are you attracted by danger and lust? Well, this is the perfect story for you:

Edward Cullen is an undercover British agent in charge to bring down Jasper Whitlock, one of the most dangerous and powerful mob bosses.

The storyline is incredibly exciting and full of sexual tensions. The author manages to slowly get you inside the perilous and dark world of crimes, while driving you crazy with frustration. The attraction between the two main characters is palpable and so well written that you will soon join me to beg her for the next chapter!

I love how the author created such complex characters. Edward is constantly struggling between his duty and the attraction he has for the man he is supposed to put in jail. Jasper is a real criminal, not afraid to kill, with a mysterious and traumatizing past that Edward has to discover.

The whole story is very compelling, keeping you on edge, always wanting for more.
So if you want to lose yourself in the arms of some sexy and dangerous men, run and devour this fiction!

The Angst Fics

I know how much some of you love dramas, heartbreaks, and make-up sex, so I have two amazing fictions for you that will completely fit these requirements.

Jasper and Edward met on a plane and spent the next twenty-four hours having sex before one of them disappeared, just leaving a note. The next time they see each other, they finally get more time together and fall deeply in love with each other. But one of them disappeared, once again just leaving a note. What will happen the next time they meet?

I can’t tell you, but I can swear it is worth reading it! The author is able to mix angst and hot lemons to create a perfectly heartbreaking plot. You want to know more about these two characters, especially Edward, who stays a mystery for quite some time. You want to hug them or shake some sense in them. You want them to be happy, and at the same time you can’t get enough of their misfortune.

It’s a delight to read, so click on the link, enjoy, and review!

The story begins with a devastated Edward leaving Jasper, certain that the man he loves is in fact in love with someone else. The author bravely pushes you directly in the heart of the drama before telling you, little by little, what happened to her characters.

This is a brilliant family drama, where true love fights against first love, where misunderstandings lead to pain and cries and you wish you could jump inside the story and tell them all what is really happening. But all you can do is sit back and enjoy this awesome ride.

This well-written fiction is certainly worth reading, so give the author some love while you’re discovering her story.

The Sweet Fic:

I want to finish with a light and fluffy note, because sometimes, real life drama is just too much to handle and all you crave is something funny and sugary.

“Mismatch Made in Heaven” by Mrs Agget is just what you need then!

Rough cowboy Edward is falling hard for shy and geeky Jasper, helping him to get out of his shell and getting more confident to face the world.

The plot is full of tenderness, delicious lemons, and funny moments. The author invites you into the world of barrel races and country music, where the Cullens are finally less refined to just be more human, playful and teasing. I just love the humor of the story and how the characters evolved. The storyline is well done too, mixing sweetness and drama, but always keeping you contented.

If you want to end your day with a smile on your face, this fiction is perfect for you.


I am done.

I hope you will find something to your liking in this rec! And Thank You Nae for giving me the chance to share some of my fave fics with you all!

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