Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slash Guest Author Rec - TwiBoy

*clears throat nervously* Howdy folks. Ummm, yeah...So I kinda dropped the ball on Monday and forgot to post TwiBoy's rec (and he even sent it in early, too). I hope y'all will forgive my scatterbrained self, and have a look-see into what floats one of our favorite Twi-boys' boat. 

So without further ado: TwiBoy's Guest Rec:


*looks around all nervous-like and taps the mic* Hello? Is this thing on?

*epic feedback screech*

Crap. Sorry about that.

Hello! *grin* I've been asked to write a rec for Twislash, and since the business of rec writing is a little new to me, I'm a bit nervous. So, please, be gentle, mkay? Thanks.

So, what is this boy reading? Well, a bunch, actually, but I want to fanboy a little on one piece in particular, because I'm kind of in love with it, and it doesn't get the amount of attention it deserves. The fic I'm referring to is Potential by Rosmarina.

This story was originally written as a one-shot entry for the Slash/Backslash contest, and while quite satisfying as a one-shot, it's lent itself really well to a wonderfully developed multi-chapter story. While I love Edward and Jasper fics as much as a the next Twislash fan, I can't help but be intrigued when I discover a story that strays from this pairing, and I can't help but fall in love when such a story is so incredibly well written.

Edward is a journalist for the UW daily, and Emmett is the decathlete to whom Edward has been assigned to interview. Having poor experiences with jocks in the past, Edward's not too keen on the prospect of working with Emmett for his assignment. Jocks are all egotistical, muscle-bound, gay-bashing straight men, right? Enter Emmett, who will come to challenge everything Edward thought he knew about the wide world o' sports.

When Edward asks about Emmett's stance on homosexuality in sports, Emmett's quick to assure him that he believes one's sexual orientation should never be an issue.

"Being an athlete, being physically strong, is no excuse for being a goddamn bully.”

It's after this conversation that Edward begins to understand how playing into stereotypes can hinder him as both a reporter, and a person.

This story not only tackles the relationship between Edward and Emmett as they get to know each other through the interview process, but it also addresses self-awareness, self-truths, and what it means to be a positive role model. The title “Potential” is a pretty flexible and all inclusive one with this piece. The potential to learn something new, the potential to be something great, the potential for new relationships, and the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy.

Um....TJ? What's with the random physics jargon?

Emmett is a decathlete, a complete study in the conversion of potential energy into kinetic. The bending of a pole, right before a pole vaulter is launched into the air. The spin of a shot putter right before the shot is slung across a field. The coiled muscles in a long jumper's legs just before he takes his leap.

The same concept of energy conversion is present in Emmett's relationship with Edward. The massive build up of potential energy between the two is just as beautiful as when it's converted. (read: UST converted into lemons, ya feel me?)

But really, as much as I love that small yellow fruit we all go nuts over, the entire story is fantastic. It's vividly descriptive, and while I'm usually a bit iffy on fics that go into minute detail about every...freaking...thing, this story is just perfect. Rosmarina engages all your senses out on the field, and if you're not able to accurately picture every fluid movement Emmett makes throughout his events, you may need to see about getting your eyes uncrossed. Just saying. In all seriousness, the story draws you in, it hits on so many real and important issues, and it's so intelligently written. So, I urge you to check, it out, devour it, then put it on alerts and pimp the hell out of it.

And, of course, maybe pester the gal for a quick update. *grin*

A little side note regarding athletic stereotypes: My fiance was a defensive lineman on his high school's football team.

Have I mentioned how much I love this story?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I loved this when it was a one shot...and I had no idea it had been extended.

I'll be checking it out today :)

Anonymous said...

Twiboy you are so freaking cute damnit. Nicely done for your first rec...I know it's a bit scary I was nervous my first time too. First time recc'ing *looks at TU readers* get your mind out of the gutter people.

But seriously I loved your little TJ very funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Woah!

I just saw this today and there was an embarrassing amount of squealing and fist-pumping. :)

Thank you TwiBoy. It means a lot to me to see your kind words. I especially loved this: "The potential to learn something new, the potential to be something great, the potential for new relationships, and the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy." You get it! ;)

Thank you thank you thank you!