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Tuesday's Best 11-30-2010

Good morning,  my sweets. Are y'all recovered from your turkey comas? Or are you snuggled up under a blanket, sitting by the fireside with your cup of hot cocoa? No? Well shoot. You need something else to warm yourself with? I think Captain Jezebel and Stolenxsanity have just the ticket for you. Let's check it out, shall we? Just remember to grab fresh panties, and a towel, first ;-)


Hello my lovely slash nuts, lol that sounds quite apt. Anyway...Captain Jezebel back again with another lovely little tale of boy loves boy for you. My choice this week was an entry in  the Many Faces of Jasper Contest hosted by Jasper's Darlins . Voting for the contest has just ended this week and the results should be posted soon, if not up already.

Just the Way You Are by mw138 is the sweetest tale of a Geeksper/Shysper beginning his career as the Director of IT at a major company, and what  happens when he meets the beautiful VP of Corporate Communications; one Edward Cullen.

Jasper, being the geeky, shy man he is, can not see himself being anything that Edward Cullen would be interested in. In fact his self esteem often needs to be pumped up by his loving, supportive best friend Alice. When a chance meeting in Alice’s office leads to an appointment for Jasper to fix Edward’s computer troubles, Jasper discovers he has a bit more in common with the Adonis than he originally thought.

Edward's eyes lit up.

"Are you serious? You go to Comic Con?"

I smiled. "Yeah, I've gone for the past four years. Some buddies of mine from college always go, but for various reasons I'll be flying solo this year."

He started bouncing on the balls of his feet and looked like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open his first gift.

"I've been wanting to go to Comic Con for the past three years, but I can never make it because of work. I told myself I'm going to make it there even if I have to move heaven and hell to do it."

"Cool," I replied.

Hmmmm *scratches chin* seems to me that Edward may have a bit of a geek in him as well. *coughs*orhewantstohaveageekinhim*coughs* What did I say? *looks around innocently*. Jasper and Edward become fast friends, but Jasper finds himself falling deeper for the beautiful Edward everyday. Sadly he is always afraid to take that step, afraid that someone like Edward could not seriously find anything special in a geek like him.

A budding friendship, a trip to Comic Con together, a shared hotel room with only one King size bed, a run in with an ex boyfriend....hmmmm I wonder what this spells for our favorite couple of Twislash. There is only one way you will find out....read it my lovelies, it’s such a sweet story; you won’t regret it. Plus Edward and Jasper as so freaking adorable, oh and Eric Northman may or may not make an appearance...just saying. Give it a read, and don’t forget to leave the author some love if you do.


Goodness, this week just flew by ... and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in pumpkin pie over the past few days. That being said, I hope your Thanksgiving holidays - if you celebrate it - were filled with wonderful food and even better company. One out of two isn't so bad, though.

I feel like I should preface this rec by saying that, while I do read slash!fic, I'm really rather picky. So, some of the stories that I'm rec'ing, this one included, I'm just finding - and kicking myself over for the fact that I hadn't found them sooner.

Anyway, I'm here again this week to bring you yet another rec. This time, it comes in the form of the one-shot The One Time Emmett Was Right by the lovely bmango. This story is a nice mix of humor - take a moment to consider the title - and ohmygodthatwasfuckinghot-ness.

We stop at the camp store and get a map to our site before driving around the loop. Our spot is premium, right on the water with a tiny little sandy beach just for us. Emmett maneuvers the SUV into the small space and we all get out to stretch our legs before setting up camp.

"Jesus Christ, this is a nice spot!" Emmett yells, apparently trying to scare away any wildlife or small children in the area. "Who did I have to blow to get this?"

"Me," comes a smooth voice I would recognize almost anywhere.

We all turn to see a tall, shirtless, rugged man with piercing blue eyes, a chiseled jaw,and slightly curly blonde hair strolling into our campsite with his muscular arms full of firewood. His board shorts are low on his hips and his back muscles ripple as he shifts the load in his arms. He is sex on legs.

I am so fucked.

"Jasper!" Emmett yells and rushes the poor guy, who drops the wood on the ground as he's tackled.

Garrett nudges me with his shoulder. "Um, Edward. You might want to close your mouth and wipe off your chin."

Now that you've got a little glimpse into the head of our narrator, Edward, and seen who it is our lead guy will be lusting after, let me attempt to wax poetic about this lovely little gem.

I love a story where the main characters aren't throwing themselves at each other right off the bat. The UST is where it's at for me. If the build up isn't a believable slow burn, it leaves me wanting - no, craving - more. This, and more, was accomplished by bmango's wonderful story telling abilities.

Either I lean or he leans, but we are somehow closer, almost touching. My skin pulses with the heat radiating from his body, and my need to feel his skin with my fingers is nearly overwhelming. Then I stumble over a log on the ground, scrambling to stay upright, and he clears his throat, turning slightly. I can still feel the shaking in my fingers, the pounding in my chest, but the moment seems to be gone. We need to get back before I do something stupid.

"Um, yeah, I found these logs. Already cut and...yeah," I stumble over my words, my inner awkward teenager making an unwelcome appearance.

He looks back towards me, his brow furrowed slightly, and then down at the ground. "Great. This should be plenty for tonight and maybe even tomorrow."

We gather up the wood in silence and tramp back to the campsite, greeted by smirks and knowing winks.

"Well, hello, boys. Find anything good out there?" Emmett asks with a goofy smile on his face.

"Just some firewood, Emmett," Jasper answers, his voice less smooth than I'm used to. I glance quickly at his face, wondering if he's embarrassed or disappointed or angry, but he looks to Seth and then picks up his guitar again, sitting quickly and strumming, effectively ending any conversation.

Cockblocking awkwardness, I shake my fist at you ... or something like that. But, it's cute and it's perfect - at least for this story. Sure, that could have gone an entirely different way - and I'm sure no one would have complained if it had - but the awkward stumbling and fumbling and should I or shouldn't I? is what makes these guys all the more endearing - and real.

And while I could give you a glimpse at the lemony goodness that does eventually come - no pun intended, promise - I'll leave you with this instead:

"Listen Jasper. I know that last night was...well, intense, but I understand." I avoid looking at him and back away slightly, but he grabs my hand, keeping me there.

"Understand what, Edward?" he asks, challenging me, stepping toward me as he continues. "That I want to keep seeing you after this weekend, if you'll have me? That last night was more than 'intense', it was one of the best experiences I've ever had?"

I stand, mouth open, no words of my own forming. But his words keep circling in my brain. Have me. Best experience.

I continue to be frozen in place as he closes the remaining distance between us, grabbing my biceps and pulling me into him. He kisses me soundly as I grab onto his belt loops, returning the fervor of his mouth.

I'm sure you want to know how they stumbled their way from point A to point B, and I don't blame you. For that, though, you'll have to click that little link up top and give this story a read. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Mmmm, those really are quite lovely. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we have. Don't forget to leave these wonderful authors some love, and be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. In the mean time, keep safe and warm. 

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Tuesday's Best 11-23-2010

Good morning, my lovelies. Hopefully you're all snug and warm and safe. Just to make sure you have something...nice... to warm up with, Aradi and Stolenxsanity have scrounged up a couple of goodies. Believe me...they'll do the trick ;-) Let's begin, shall we?


I was so shocked that nobody here had recc’ed One February Friday by LyricalKris, that I had to doublecheck with Naelany to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.  A completed Jasp(Peter)Ward fic and none of us had spotted it?  How does that happen?

Nae, equally surprised by the situation, asked me what the story was about.

“OMG hot boy threesomes OMG,” was my literary critique.

(Yeah, I’m classy like that.)

Better than just a hot boy threesome, One February Friday is a lovely, angsty story about relationships and deciding what you want, and how badly you want it.  Musician Jasper and business Peter have a stable relationship of weekends-only.  Peter steps out of the closet, only on weekends, only in Jasper’s town, and both men think they’re both content with the situation.  Wandering Edward drifts into town and ruins their oblivious balance.

The stranger reached up and pulled the hoodie off of his head, unleashing the most absurdly perfectly disheveled, bronze colored hair. Some of it immediately fell into his eyes in an endearing fashion. Jasper was struck by how strongly he wanted to go to the stranger and brush his hair back with gentle fingers.

And, also, how he wanted to run both of his hands through the stranger's long locks as he shoved his tongue down his throat.

But mostly, Jasper felt a sort of tenderness toward the stranger. Despite the bravado he was attempting, he looked like a little lost boy and Jasper wanted to make him feel safe.

Then Jasper noticed he wasn't the only one looking. Of course he wasn't, this boy was beautiful. But Jasper felt an uneasy inkling in the pit of his stomach at the predatory way some of the bar's other patrons were staring at the kid - like ravenous hyenas licking their chops in anticipation. Jasper knew a thing or two about some of the other guys in here; guys who were looking for a pretty, innocent, easy face. They'd have him strung up on every kind of drug, doing exactly what they wanted before he could blink.

Peter's hand squeezed his thigh. "I know that look," he said quietly, slightly disapproving. "You can't save everyone from themselves, Jasper."

(Friendly TwiSlash PSA:  Don’t go home with strangers for hot threesome action.  However, fictional accounts of such activities are approved, and even encouraged, as long as you share with the class.)

Jasper and Peter have gotten this far by actively ignoring the fact that their relationship isn’t equitable, or even fully satisfying for both of them.  Dropping Edward in the middle serves to shine a spotlight on the problems, as well as ramp up all the emotions (good and bad).

I love this Edward more than I can explain.  He’s innocent-but-not and green-but-wise.  (Where is Alanis Morissette when I need her?)  Peter calls him “kid,” but it ends up being Edward who sees and understands the most.  

My raving about the threesomes in this story isn’t because it is jam-packed with them (it isn’t).  I rarely like them in fics (stop laughing) because they so easily go off the rails.  This story made me “omg” because I didn’t end up skeeved or underwhelmed like usual.

It is difficult enough to write a good lemon, and all you good-lemon-writers have my admiration and appreciation.  But a threesome?  A thousand times harder, no pun intended.  The distance from gymnastics to just-nasty is shorter than you think.  Non-pornstars usually don’t have choreography or mad yoga skills.  They do have feelings, and those should show in their actions instead of getting buried in the logistics of it all.

And sometimes a third wheel just sits there and watches.  (Which is kind of hot.  Just sayin’.)

If you skipped this story because it is labeled Jasper/Peter, be assured there is plenty of Edward.  The relationship between Jasper and Peter is the core of the story, but don’t let it keep you away if you are a JaspWard fan.  Also, everyone has baggage here, so be prepared for some angst and fail.

If you missed all 16 chapters of One February Friday for no apparent reason, join me in feeling oblivious, then go read it all in one sitting like I did.  I recommend bringing a fan, an adult beverage of your choice, and someone to cuddle.  Be sure to leave LyricalKris some review love as you swoon at her boys.


Has it been two weeks already? Jesus ... where does the time go?! Yea, I don't know either. In any case, here I am back with another rec this week, just in time for Thanksgiving at that. Can I add slash to the short list of things I'm thankful for this holiday season? Better yet, will you?

This week, I bring you Learning to Breathe by the lovely, and extremely talented ahizelm. It's a story told in fifty drabbles (five-thousand words, even) and, before you discount this story on the fact that the chapters won't be more than a hundred words each, rest assured that I would never lead you astray. Drabbles, though short, aren't as easy to write as one would assume. The fact that you have a very strict word limit to adhere to forces the writer really think about what they're writing - the words they use, how they explain things, what can and cannot be cut.

In the author's own words:

The truth of the matter is that I adore a well-crafted drabble. So many people shrug them off as easy, but I would submit to you that a quality drabble is thought-provoking and well written, and it conveys a ton of information while moving a plot forward.

That being said, I will admit that I had difficulty reading this story. Not because it wasn't well written, as is usual for ahizelm's stories, but because of the subject matter toward the middle of the story. I should add, though, that was for completely personal reasons.

Learning to Breathe starts off with the readers not knowing who the narrator is, so I won't give that away - it's something you have to experience while reading it. And it starts off dark, and continues on that way for some time.

It's angsty-romance done to perfection, and served with a side of hot boy lovin' - and then the angst sets back in.

He kisses me back. Edward's hair tickles my skin, and I part my lips, inviting him in. I ignore everything else: my past, the fact that I don't know him, the numbness that is creeping back up my form.

Not to worry, though. There will be more hot boy lovin', and trust me when I say it's well worth the wait. The story that ahizelm weaves through these drabbles, and snapshot-esque peeks into the lives of our main characters, is amazing and well-done and, really, you should just stop listening to me ramble and go read it already. You won't be disappointed - though you might need some tissues.

 And there you have it. We hope you'll enjoy these stories just as much as we have. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Captain Jezebel and Stolenxsanity have in store for you.

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Slash Guest Author Rec - elusiVjacob

Okay, so if you don’t know me (and I’m assuming that you don’t cause I’m really not that interesting) we begin my little romp here at a cute coffee house at let’s say...oh...7am. There’s the hustle and bustle of all the corporate sheep getting their *insert ridiculous Starbucks coffee terms here* and then there are a few college students counting out their pennies before getting in line. There are a few old men playing whatever game they’re playing and sipping on some cold coffee that they’ve had since the joint first opened at five. Wait, there he is, can you see him? That’s me, sitting down with my regular coffee only because I was lazy that morning and didn’t brew a fantastic pot of mine own. Yes, I’ll admit I’ve donned the acceptable “business casual” and am currently trying to rub all of the sleep from my eyes still. For added effect, let’s hack and cough something up just to get a few looks. That way, you can give them a few looks back and scowl in the process. Did you hear that? That was the beautiful start-up sound of a MacBook. What time did I say it was? Oh yes, 7.  Now let’s see, I’ve got about an hour and a half before I have to report to the cubicle farm. Hear those clicks? That’s me browsing to fanfiction because I just can’t seem to get enough. The world as I know it stops as I click on the link that will take me to....

Sketchbook Revelations by PolkaDotMama

PolkaDotMama has to be one of the most passionate authors in the fandom. Her eloquent use of words and her strikingly vivid imagery give this story vigor and unbridled intensity. PolkaDotMama follows the lives of Jasper and Edward as they fall in love and we as the reader try to hang on as the bumpy ride only gets bumpier. Both men are artists and they use their art to communicate their emotions. In this story, the saying is definitely true that a picture is worth a thousand words, if not more in these men’s lives. Nobody said loving was easy and who better to tell you than Jasper and Edward themselves as they try and figure out the fickle emotion. Buckle up, grab some tissues and open all of your senses as PolkaDotMama is sure to give you the ride of your life, true slashtastic style.

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Tuesday's Best 11-16-2010

Good morning, my lovelies. Hope you're all surviving the fall weather out there. Pull up a chair, cuddle under a blankie, maybe have some hot cocoa, and just to top things off...something sweet 'n spicy to read. We can't provide you with all the other stuff, but the Captain and I did manage to squirrel up a few good reads, so let's get on with that, shall we?


Hello my sweet slash lovers. Captain Jezebel here with a sweet little tidbit that has me all goofy over our favorite slashy boys...Edward and Jasper. Marvel by Lou_La is a short story told in a series of 65, 100 word drabbles. I have to admit I loved the concept and found this fic a lovely and easy read.

Jasper knows he is gay, he’s being raised by a single mom; who is his biggest supporter and champion when it comes to his sexuality. After moving to small town Forks, he quickly becomes friends with sweet but nerdy Edward Cullen. Only Jasper sees him for more than what is on the exterior, Jasper sees Edward’s inner beauty as well as his outer beauty.

After encouraging Edward to embrace his true self, Jasper begins to feel guilty for never telling Edward his biggest secret. The problem....Jasper is falling for Edward so hard. How do you come out to someone you are in love with? Someone you are pretty sure isn’t gay? What do you do when your greatest supporter tells you it’s time to tell him?

If there was anyone in this world I expected to understand me, it was my mom, but she didn't. She had no idea what it felt like; she didn't know the insecurity that came with being gay.

I ignored her advice for the first time in my life because she was wrong. I didn't have to tell him. I wouldn't lose him if I just kept lying. Having him as a friend was better than not having him at all.

She stridently disagreed. She said lying wouldn't get me anywhere and that if anyone deserved the truth, it was Edward.

Follow these quick but powerful drabbles to find the answers to these questions and so much more. I mean how can you go wrong with a fic that begins this way:

As I cracked my eyes open, I groaned at the brightness breaching my heavy lids and rolled away from the offending sunlight streaming through the window. I came into contact with his hard body and sighed happily, snuggling against his warmth.

He smelled so fucking good. I hoped like hell he didn't regret last night because I wanted to do this again. I wanted to do this a lot again, preferably every night. Waking up to him was much better than waking up to an empty bed every morning. Going to bed with him couldn't even compare to being alone.

I hope you decide to give this sweet little gem a read, and if you do, don’t forget to leave her some love. ;)

I don’t read a lot of femslash - mostly because I rarely seem to happen across any. But come across one I liked, I did. Innocence by Isabel0329 is a very sweet tale of Bella and the new girl, Alice.

Bella is very taken with Alice when she first spots her in one of her classes. She seems to have a certain air about her that draws everyone in; she’s a natural flirt - with boys and girls alike - but keeps herself at a distance at the same time. Bella takes it upon herself to learn what she can, but can not bring herself to take any steps to get closer to the object of her desire.

Bella couldn't get enough.

She moved a few desks closer to hear Alice's conversations. She began to walk a few steps behind her when she left class, just to see what she would do when she left. When Bella went out, she hoped she'd see the other girl out and a few times she'd been rewarded.

A few times Bella thought she'd caught something in Alice's eye. Like there was something behind those spectacular pools of color that was aching to get out. A ghost of a past perhaps. But as soon as the specter had come, it was gone, replaced again with the careful fa├žade that the short girl had apparently cultivated.

Bella longed to learn what went on behind those eyes. To see into the girl's head and know what was going on. She wanted to talk to her, listen to her, share everything with her.

After awhile, Alice was all she could think about. She tried to do other things to distract herself, but nothing helped. Normal activities that would distract her from life for a few hours proved fruitless, Bella's thoughts always straying back to the spiky haired pixie.
It bordered on an obsession. She was transfixed.

When she was away from her, she wondered what the other girl was doing. Where she was. Who she was with. If she was enjoying herself. If she was okay. If she was happy.
She wondered if Alice thought about her. If Bella's image ever crossed her mind like Alice's did in Bella's.

Does Alice think about Bella? Is she happy? You’ll have to read for yourself to find the answers to the questions that plague Bella. Be sure to leave the author some love when you do.  
There you have it, folks. Remember to bring along towels, and a fresh pair of panties before you head off to read. Check back next week for more slashy goodness, I'm sure that Aradi and Stolenxsanity have something great in store for you. In the meantime, don't forget to leave this week's wonderful authors some love.

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Thank You...

TwiSlash Unveiled apparently received an Honorable Mention in The Pusherman Award section of The Fandom People  Awards, as well as a mention for "inspiring pictures", and The Hooka Sista Up Award. Thank you to those who put TU forth, and thank you Rose Arcadia, for making the banner, and to whom ever made the other blinkies,

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When Fiction Comes To Life

The Kinsey Scale

One of my favorite slash awards categories is “but I thought I was straight”.  I love reading those stories!   My very first slash story involved a very confused popular ladies’ man named Jasper who questioned everything he ever knew when he fell hard for a man named Edward in All I Ever Knew by manyafandom .  Then there was Edward, who had a steady girlfriend, yet fell for Jasper in Secrets and Lies by OCDJen and in Masks by HopelessRomantic79

Then there is gay Jasper who only dates straight men and who snares Edward in

So are these scenarios possible, and do they happen in real life?  Just ask gay Will and an actual “but I thought I was straight” RJ…

Such a sweet couple!  They actually went as a “pitcher” and a “catcher” for Halloween this year.
But does a straight person “turn gay”?  Well, not exactly, not if we study and understand the Kinsey Scale, a sexuality indicator from 0 – 6 developed by Dr. Alfred Kinsey.  This concept was discussed in The Kinsey Scale by Pastiche Pen, written for the intheclosetcontest

Personally I think the Kinsey Scale is pure genius.  It was revolutionary in its day.  It was a major breakthrough in studying human sexuality.  Genius, revolutionary, and breakthrough….  but only the tip of the iceberg.   It is so complex, and there is so much more yet to discover.  However, since our society is just barely coming out of the dark ages in this regard, we have only just scratched the surface.

The Kinsey definitions of the scale can be found at

And much of Kinsey’s research continues on:

And there has been some attempt by Dr Fritz Klein to expand on the basic principal: http://www.bisexual.org/kleingrid.html

To understand the history of the Kinsey Scale a little better, there is a 2004 Movie about Dr Alfred Kinsey:  “Kinsey” (available at Netflix).  It is excellent and offers a great appreciation for just how far ahead of his time Dr Kinsey was.  There is also a PBC documentary:  “Kinsey: American Experience” that I have not seen yet, but is on my list.

I find it very frustrating when people appear ignorant of the Kinsey Scale.  Sometimes they claim that straight people can be turned gay, or that gay people can be “cured” (as if there is anything wrong with them in the first place).   Recently one such person who promoted gay “therapy” showed us all just how well it really works…  see the plight of George Rekkers   http://www.sunjournal.com/node/844399

I think ZJemptv provides a very nice summary of Kinsey scale:

Of course seeing ZJ brings other questions to mind!  I think it is important to note that
sexual orientation does not dictate gender identification and vice versa.  Nor does cross-dressing.  For example, Drag Queens are not necessarily transgender, nor are they always gay for that matter.  Those are topics for another day.

In the meantime, there is a very sweet story about a cross dressing Edward in The Measure of a Man by PolkaDotMoma

So where does the population tend to fall on the Kinsey Scale?   That turns out to be another very frustrating question.  Generally experts do not even agree yet.  I suspect it can still be pretty hard to get accurate information from people.  The following is the most recent study numbers I’ve seen, and it does not even incorporate the Scale:

I think most people don’t even understand the Scale, or their own sexuality, well enough yet.  I don’t think they can determine where they are on the scale; much less provide accurate information for a study.   There is still just too much left to learn.

So our favorite Twi-slash characters did not actually turn gay instantly.  They were probably low on the Scale (between 1 and 2 maybe?) and just happened to meet that one special person who rocked their world.  Have you ever played the game “who would you go gay for?”  Then you probably aren’t at “0” either.  Personally I believe we are all born with our own unique spot on the Kinsey Scale - which makes for a lot of decimal places....   and for a very interesting world.   

What do you think?

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Tuesday's Best 11-9-2010

Good morning, everyone! I trust you're all doing well, and are enjoying the delights the change in weather can bring.

Speaking of changes, I'd like to introduce y'all to our latest addition to the TU-team: Stolenxsanity! She so enjoyed writing her guest rec (and I enjoyed reading it, much as I expect you did, too), that I asked her to come on board, and she said yes. So please welcome her as warmly as you've done Captain Jezebel and Aradi, and let's see what goodies she has to bring us all. Starting right now!


Well, well, well, here I am again. I know you missed me, right? Just say you do, it'll make me happy and as I currently want to commit homicide on my annoying, but apparently well-meaning, brother, I need all the happiness I can get. I'll start this off by saying that I was exceedingly flattered when Naelany asked me if I'd come  on-board to as a permanent fixture to the TU group. Well, flattered and nervous as all get out. But, here I am with a brand new rec for you, and here I will stay for the foreseeable future. That being said, let me get on with what I’m here to do because I’m sure you don’t want to listen to me stumble my way through some awkward introduction type greeting. Or maybe that’s just me. Whichever the case may be, I’m here for a reason.

That reason?

Engraved Invitation by the lovely ladies that go by the penname of Whitlock-Masen.

This is not your typical slash story. How is it not typical, you ask? Well, it’s a threesome featuring two of our - or maybe just my, I don’t know - favorite men of Twilight: Edward and Jasper. They are gay and in a relationship. They also like to have a little bit of fun on the side, together, with others. The other in this case? Bella Swan.

Neither of us has any desire to be with anyone else, not in the sense of a relationship, anyway. But we don't mind sharing and do so regularly, always taking turns deciding who to invite home with us. The spice of bringing in a third person is exhilarating, and with or without them, the sex Ed and I enjoy is through the roof. Never before did I enjoy it as much, and there is no doubt in my mind that no one'll ever be as good as we are together.

Edward's nails scrape my back lightly, and his eyes are fixed on a spot somewhere behind me and to my left. I grin as I notice the catch in his breath - a tell-tale sign he's found his mark for tonight. Pulling him closer, I murmur in his ear, "Show me."

He turns us slightly and nods toward a group, leaning in as he says, "The girl there, in the red PVC dress and the white knee-high boots."

His arm is around my hips, his fingers teasing my skin even though his eyes remain on her. I grin as I take in her brown hair, streaked with pink and put up in anime buns that trail down to her shoulders. She's beautiful, and the way she's moving on the dance floor is enticing enough. I can see why Ed's eye fell on her.

Not your typical Bella. Nope, not at all. Which is one reason I absolutely adore this story. I don’t like “typical” Bella’s in the least. But that’s another story for another day so let me get back to this story in all it’s fuck hot glory.

Let me just say that these ladies know how to weave words together in a way that will leave a bumbling, incoherent mess at the end. Engraved Invitation was no different than other tales they’ve penned - err, typed? - in the past and I swear to you on all that is good and holy in the world, this is the hottest goddamn threesome story that I have ever read. Ever. It’s made even hotter by the subtle - or maybe not so subtle - reminders throughout that Edward and Jasper are a couple.

She turns her head to look at me, a playful grin on her lips as she asks if I do, too. I raise a brow, smirking as I take her by the shoulders and turn her around to face me. Cradling her face in both hands, I dip my head and fuse my lips to hers in a sensuous kiss - it's not heated, like Edward's was, but I know how to fan the flames, too.

The feel of her lips on mine is nice, her taste similar to Edward's, thanks to tequila and lime and the kiss they shared just before. It's not him, though; it's not stubble and the bite of metal and raw urgency.

It's not home.

Another component that amps up the fuck hot factor is the fact that the boys aren’t just in this to get off - though they do, eventually. They’re extremely attentive of Bella and continually work together to make sure she’s taken care of, and not just sexually either (though they do take care of her in that way, too).

That being said, as well as being an amazingly fucking sexy story, it’s also a beautiful story that I think you all should definitely check out if you haven’t already, even if threesomes aren’t your usual cup o’ tea. I promise, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.
Okay. I’ve been a good girl, waiting (not-so) patiently for the SBS 2.0 to be finished before rec’ing stories. But this one...this one I just can not hold back on anymore. I’ve been dying to rec it from the very first glimpse I was given (and I’ll grant that was very early on, as EchoesofTwilight allowed me to pre-read). I’ve also been very good about seeing if the other girls might want to jump on it, since I was ahead on recs.

Well, not anymore. I can
not hold back for another week, and keep this very hot, sweet little diddy (which happened to win first place, congrats!) from you any longer.

What is this story, you might ask (well, if you’ve been living under a rock and not been reading all the slashy goodness that SBS 2.0 delivered on)? Why, it’s I Just Have To Ask.

Jasper is lead singer in a band, containing Edward, Emmett, and Ben. The boys have been friends for years, and have made it from backyard to international tours together. Jasper writes most of the songs they sing, and he uses the lyrics to convey messages. His fans love it, but the true meanings behind them are lost - to them, and to the one person he’s writing for. His bass guitarist - Edward.

Jasper’s been in love with him for a long time now, and it’s getting more and more difficult for him to keep up the pretense that everything is okay, and they’re just friends. Edward, after all, is straight. Or is he?

When Jasper decides enough is enough, he’s done pining for what he can’t have, things change. And not necessarily for the better.

For once, I am grateful to the deference granted by having sold millions of albums. People approach me cautiously, politely, even warily, not knowing I've tried to never forget that I'm here because of them.

 One is bolder than the rest. There always is, and it was this one person I was waiting for.
We talk, though I'm not particularly interested in conversation. Her name is forgotten by the fourth shot, everything else she has babbled by the sixth.

It doesn't matter. It's clear we want the same thing, and what the rules are. I'm not required to remember anything in the morning, only to give her an experience she'll value enough for both of us.

Emmett is in the corner with Rose and the venue's manager; my eyes search the room for Ben, but he's nowhere to be found, no doubt having found a quiet place to phone Angela. I feel Edward's gaze on me as loudly as if he'd spoken my name above the din, and it is this more than anything that decides my actions for me.

This reminder that I do not want him to call from across a room but whisper across inches.

She laces her fingers through mine when I reach for her hand, and together we half-push, half-stumble through the room, my ears buzzing with tequila-haze and eyes blinded to the envious looks I know must be shooting her way.

If only they knew how pathetic a conquest I really am. The landscape of my body is utterly unguarded, the walled city around my heart impenetrable.

What happens next? Will Jasper finally overcome his heart’s desires, or will everything fall apart? You’ll have to go read to find out. Trust me though, it’s worth it. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote (and I know it’s not just mine):

Like that?

Just like that.

There you have it. Two fuckhot stories. I hope you remembered to bring along your towels, fresh panties, and whatever else you might...err...need. ;-)
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