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Tuesday's Best 11-16-2010

Good morning, my lovelies. Hope you're all surviving the fall weather out there. Pull up a chair, cuddle under a blankie, maybe have some hot cocoa, and just to top things off...something sweet 'n spicy to read. We can't provide you with all the other stuff, but the Captain and I did manage to squirrel up a few good reads, so let's get on with that, shall we?


Hello my sweet slash lovers. Captain Jezebel here with a sweet little tidbit that has me all goofy over our favorite slashy boys...Edward and Jasper. Marvel by Lou_La is a short story told in a series of 65, 100 word drabbles. I have to admit I loved the concept and found this fic a lovely and easy read.

Jasper knows he is gay, he’s being raised by a single mom; who is his biggest supporter and champion when it comes to his sexuality. After moving to small town Forks, he quickly becomes friends with sweet but nerdy Edward Cullen. Only Jasper sees him for more than what is on the exterior, Jasper sees Edward’s inner beauty as well as his outer beauty.

After encouraging Edward to embrace his true self, Jasper begins to feel guilty for never telling Edward his biggest secret. The problem....Jasper is falling for Edward so hard. How do you come out to someone you are in love with? Someone you are pretty sure isn’t gay? What do you do when your greatest supporter tells you it’s time to tell him?

If there was anyone in this world I expected to understand me, it was my mom, but she didn't. She had no idea what it felt like; she didn't know the insecurity that came with being gay.

I ignored her advice for the first time in my life because she was wrong. I didn't have to tell him. I wouldn't lose him if I just kept lying. Having him as a friend was better than not having him at all.

She stridently disagreed. She said lying wouldn't get me anywhere and that if anyone deserved the truth, it was Edward.

Follow these quick but powerful drabbles to find the answers to these questions and so much more. I mean how can you go wrong with a fic that begins this way:

As I cracked my eyes open, I groaned at the brightness breaching my heavy lids and rolled away from the offending sunlight streaming through the window. I came into contact with his hard body and sighed happily, snuggling against his warmth.

He smelled so fucking good. I hoped like hell he didn't regret last night because I wanted to do this again. I wanted to do this a lot again, preferably every night. Waking up to him was much better than waking up to an empty bed every morning. Going to bed with him couldn't even compare to being alone.

I hope you decide to give this sweet little gem a read, and if you do, don’t forget to leave her some love. ;)

I don’t read a lot of femslash - mostly because I rarely seem to happen across any. But come across one I liked, I did. Innocence by Isabel0329 is a very sweet tale of Bella and the new girl, Alice.

Bella is very taken with Alice when she first spots her in one of her classes. She seems to have a certain air about her that draws everyone in; she’s a natural flirt - with boys and girls alike - but keeps herself at a distance at the same time. Bella takes it upon herself to learn what she can, but can not bring herself to take any steps to get closer to the object of her desire.

Bella couldn't get enough.

She moved a few desks closer to hear Alice's conversations. She began to walk a few steps behind her when she left class, just to see what she would do when she left. When Bella went out, she hoped she'd see the other girl out and a few times she'd been rewarded.

A few times Bella thought she'd caught something in Alice's eye. Like there was something behind those spectacular pools of color that was aching to get out. A ghost of a past perhaps. But as soon as the specter had come, it was gone, replaced again with the careful fa├žade that the short girl had apparently cultivated.

Bella longed to learn what went on behind those eyes. To see into the girl's head and know what was going on. She wanted to talk to her, listen to her, share everything with her.

After awhile, Alice was all she could think about. She tried to do other things to distract herself, but nothing helped. Normal activities that would distract her from life for a few hours proved fruitless, Bella's thoughts always straying back to the spiky haired pixie.
It bordered on an obsession. She was transfixed.

When she was away from her, she wondered what the other girl was doing. Where she was. Who she was with. If she was enjoying herself. If she was okay. If she was happy.
She wondered if Alice thought about her. If Bella's image ever crossed her mind like Alice's did in Bella's.

Does Alice think about Bella? Is she happy? You’ll have to read for yourself to find the answers to the questions that plague Bella. Be sure to leave the author some love when you do.  
There you have it, folks. Remember to bring along towels, and a fresh pair of panties before you head off to read. Check back next week for more slashy goodness, I'm sure that Aradi and Stolenxsanity have something great in store for you. In the meantime, don't forget to leave this week's wonderful authors some love.

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