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Tuesday's Best 11-9-2010

Good morning, everyone! I trust you're all doing well, and are enjoying the delights the change in weather can bring.

Speaking of changes, I'd like to introduce y'all to our latest addition to the TU-team: Stolenxsanity! She so enjoyed writing her guest rec (and I enjoyed reading it, much as I expect you did, too), that I asked her to come on board, and she said yes. So please welcome her as warmly as you've done Captain Jezebel and Aradi, and let's see what goodies she has to bring us all. Starting right now!


Well, well, well, here I am again. I know you missed me, right? Just say you do, it'll make me happy and as I currently want to commit homicide on my annoying, but apparently well-meaning, brother, I need all the happiness I can get. I'll start this off by saying that I was exceedingly flattered when Naelany asked me if I'd come  on-board to as a permanent fixture to the TU group. Well, flattered and nervous as all get out. But, here I am with a brand new rec for you, and here I will stay for the foreseeable future. That being said, let me get on with what I’m here to do because I’m sure you don’t want to listen to me stumble my way through some awkward introduction type greeting. Or maybe that’s just me. Whichever the case may be, I’m here for a reason.

That reason?

Engraved Invitation by the lovely ladies that go by the penname of Whitlock-Masen.

This is not your typical slash story. How is it not typical, you ask? Well, it’s a threesome featuring two of our - or maybe just my, I don’t know - favorite men of Twilight: Edward and Jasper. They are gay and in a relationship. They also like to have a little bit of fun on the side, together, with others. The other in this case? Bella Swan.

Neither of us has any desire to be with anyone else, not in the sense of a relationship, anyway. But we don't mind sharing and do so regularly, always taking turns deciding who to invite home with us. The spice of bringing in a third person is exhilarating, and with or without them, the sex Ed and I enjoy is through the roof. Never before did I enjoy it as much, and there is no doubt in my mind that no one'll ever be as good as we are together.

Edward's nails scrape my back lightly, and his eyes are fixed on a spot somewhere behind me and to my left. I grin as I notice the catch in his breath - a tell-tale sign he's found his mark for tonight. Pulling him closer, I murmur in his ear, "Show me."

He turns us slightly and nods toward a group, leaning in as he says, "The girl there, in the red PVC dress and the white knee-high boots."

His arm is around my hips, his fingers teasing my skin even though his eyes remain on her. I grin as I take in her brown hair, streaked with pink and put up in anime buns that trail down to her shoulders. She's beautiful, and the way she's moving on the dance floor is enticing enough. I can see why Ed's eye fell on her.

Not your typical Bella. Nope, not at all. Which is one reason I absolutely adore this story. I don’t like “typical” Bella’s in the least. But that’s another story for another day so let me get back to this story in all it’s fuck hot glory.

Let me just say that these ladies know how to weave words together in a way that will leave a bumbling, incoherent mess at the end. Engraved Invitation was no different than other tales they’ve penned - err, typed? - in the past and I swear to you on all that is good and holy in the world, this is the hottest goddamn threesome story that I have ever read. Ever. It’s made even hotter by the subtle - or maybe not so subtle - reminders throughout that Edward and Jasper are a couple.

She turns her head to look at me, a playful grin on her lips as she asks if I do, too. I raise a brow, smirking as I take her by the shoulders and turn her around to face me. Cradling her face in both hands, I dip my head and fuse my lips to hers in a sensuous kiss - it's not heated, like Edward's was, but I know how to fan the flames, too.

The feel of her lips on mine is nice, her taste similar to Edward's, thanks to tequila and lime and the kiss they shared just before. It's not him, though; it's not stubble and the bite of metal and raw urgency.

It's not home.

Another component that amps up the fuck hot factor is the fact that the boys aren’t just in this to get off - though they do, eventually. They’re extremely attentive of Bella and continually work together to make sure she’s taken care of, and not just sexually either (though they do take care of her in that way, too).

That being said, as well as being an amazingly fucking sexy story, it’s also a beautiful story that I think you all should definitely check out if you haven’t already, even if threesomes aren’t your usual cup o’ tea. I promise, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.
Okay. I’ve been a good girl, waiting (not-so) patiently for the SBS 2.0 to be finished before rec’ing stories. But this one...this one I just can not hold back on anymore. I’ve been dying to rec it from the very first glimpse I was given (and I’ll grant that was very early on, as EchoesofTwilight allowed me to pre-read). I’ve also been very good about seeing if the other girls might want to jump on it, since I was ahead on recs.

Well, not anymore. I can
not hold back for another week, and keep this very hot, sweet little diddy (which happened to win first place, congrats!) from you any longer.

What is this story, you might ask (well, if you’ve been living under a rock and not been reading all the slashy goodness that SBS 2.0 delivered on)? Why, it’s I Just Have To Ask.

Jasper is lead singer in a band, containing Edward, Emmett, and Ben. The boys have been friends for years, and have made it from backyard to international tours together. Jasper writes most of the songs they sing, and he uses the lyrics to convey messages. His fans love it, but the true meanings behind them are lost - to them, and to the one person he’s writing for. His bass guitarist - Edward.

Jasper’s been in love with him for a long time now, and it’s getting more and more difficult for him to keep up the pretense that everything is okay, and they’re just friends. Edward, after all, is straight. Or is he?

When Jasper decides enough is enough, he’s done pining for what he can’t have, things change. And not necessarily for the better.

For once, I am grateful to the deference granted by having sold millions of albums. People approach me cautiously, politely, even warily, not knowing I've tried to never forget that I'm here because of them.

 One is bolder than the rest. There always is, and it was this one person I was waiting for.
We talk, though I'm not particularly interested in conversation. Her name is forgotten by the fourth shot, everything else she has babbled by the sixth.

It doesn't matter. It's clear we want the same thing, and what the rules are. I'm not required to remember anything in the morning, only to give her an experience she'll value enough for both of us.

Emmett is in the corner with Rose and the venue's manager; my eyes search the room for Ben, but he's nowhere to be found, no doubt having found a quiet place to phone Angela. I feel Edward's gaze on me as loudly as if he'd spoken my name above the din, and it is this more than anything that decides my actions for me.

This reminder that I do not want him to call from across a room but whisper across inches.

She laces her fingers through mine when I reach for her hand, and together we half-push, half-stumble through the room, my ears buzzing with tequila-haze and eyes blinded to the envious looks I know must be shooting her way.

If only they knew how pathetic a conquest I really am. The landscape of my body is utterly unguarded, the walled city around my heart impenetrable.

What happens next? Will Jasper finally overcome his heart’s desires, or will everything fall apart? You’ll have to go read to find out. Trust me though, it’s worth it. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote (and I know it’s not just mine):

Like that?

Just like that.

There you have it. Two fuckhot stories. I hope you remembered to bring along your towels, fresh panties, and whatever else you might...err...need. ;-)
Come back next week to see what Captain Jezebel and I have in store for you then. In the meantime, be sure to leave some love after reading this week's pics (really, I'm not begging for reviews for W-M, honest. But feel free to prod EchoesofTwilight for more slashy goodness ;-))

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