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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 29th!

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Without further ado, we bring to you our newest find...

by Lovum-N-Leevum


Author's Summary

BDSM AU: Submissive Edward Mason is a tough, snarky jackass. Popular, sought after Jasper Whitlock is the dominant king of the high school. After a close encounter, Jasper is set to make Edward submit to him. But will Edward allow himself to break? SLASH


Val aka The Master:

Submit”, by Lovum-N-Leevum, was one of those stories I happened to come across while searching for something else, bookmarking it to come back to it later. Well, it is later and I am glad I had it bookmarked. “Submit” takes place in an alternate universe, “where BDSM is the cultural norm.” This itself, was intriguing, but then she goes on to suggest that “male/male and female/female relationships (bisexuality basically), is completely acceptable, so 'homophobia' does not exist.” What a beautiful and peaceful world that would be!

Edward is the new kid at school, and Jasper is the royal Dominant; which to me is similar to captain of the football team in other schools. Their lives collide, literally, when Edward runs into Jasper in the hallway, bouncing off Jasper’s hard body. Even though he is intimidated by Jasper’s appearance (black leather pants!) Edward gives Jasper a few choice words before leaving. Unfortunately, Edward is partnered with James, another Dominant in the school with his sights set on taming Edward, for a science project. Jasper approaches Edward, informing him that he fully intends on making Edward his sub and that he will take him body and mind. Constantly having to ward off James’ advances tires Edward and when Jasper offers him a break from those advances, Edward jumps at the opportunity. Little does Edward know what he has gotten himself into.

My only complaint about “Submit” would the chapters are too short, they certainly leave you wanting more. There are a few grammatical errors, but nothing that can’t be ignored for the promising plot this story definitely has. There are only three completed chapters, and while there has not been any smut, I have a feeling there will be some incredible slashy goodness between Jasper and Edward. A story I recommend and look forward to continuing to read.

Come on, who doesn’t love some Domsper?


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

When Val suggested “Submit” I was a bit leery, but I was busy and agreed to open it up and give it a go.

While “Submit” is short in chapter length and story length, the premise is fucking stupendous. An alternate universe where the world is ruled by the rules of BDSM and Jasper is a fuckhot Dom! OH HALE FUCKING YEAH! SIGN THIS GIRL UP!

Jasper is the reigning Dom at Forks High and he wants Edward, but he doesn't just want Edward's body. He wants Edward's mind, as well. To be honest, I don't think Jasper will settle for Edward's mind and body. To me, Jasper will not rest until Edward submits to him mind, body and soul.

I can't wait to walk the path that Lovum-N-Leevum is building for us in “Submit”. It's bound to be a fabulous journey.


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what ya'll thought about it, so leave us some love!


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Tuesday's Best~July 28th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different.

First off, Jenn has had to take an indefinite hiatus from fanfiction. We wish her loads of luck and love and hope she can return to us soon.

So, that leaves Val and I. We've put our heads together and have decided to switch it up a bit. Instead of picking stories from certain categories, we are each going to bring you a story that has us quivering with need, something so fucking fabulous you'll hate yourself for skipping over it.

We won't be foresaking any of the categories. The stories we bring you will always be from one of the 4 original categories and remain true to our mission. To bring you the best slash we can find.

We hope you enjoy!


Donna's Pick of the week...

by stolenxsanity

After entering the Tattward and Inkella contest, I subscribed to their Community on FFnet. Verum Quod Eventus hit my inbox and I went nuts after reading. I decided to recommend it today for one reason and one reason only.


That is it, in a nut shell. The angst and lust are abso-fucking-lutely amazing. You can FEEL the emotions and the angst. It twists you up and demands that you read and continue to do so until you get to the end and once there you're pissed that the >> button is missing.

As some of you know, my hubs is a slash lover. He's an avid fan of DefinatelyStaying's and when I read this story I literally threw my laptop in his lap and said, "READ THIS NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! AND MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW!" I think it's the first time I've ever recommended a story to him or anyone else in such a forth right manner. If I were able I'd do it, I'd do the same exact thing to each and everyone of you.

If you don't read this...I might just round up a posse with Major Whitlock at the helm and hunt you down.

OH! Be sure to leave stolenxsanity some love.


The Master brings you...

by SubtlePen

Even though “Simple” by SubtlePen is a one-shot, there is nothing simple about it. It is one of the most unique premises for a story I have read, leaving the reader to guess the characters involved. SubtlePen drops clues throughout the story to the character identities but their names are not revealed until the end. This is so cleverly done, that when you are finished reading the story, you immediately want to read it again, to see if you can spot the hints along the way. The clues start off small and get more obvious as the story continues.

SubtlePen pushes the envelope by also dealing with controversial subject matters. First, the story hints at underage consensual sexual activity, but both characters are willing (very) participants. While agreeing to keep things ‘simple’, not involving emotions behind the physical act, they soon learn that this is much more difficult than they originally intended. Second, also involves incest; as the two characters are adopted siblings of Carlise and Esme. If this is something you are not comfortable reading, I suggest skipping this one. Personally, while both these matters are controversial, you get so wrapped up in the characters, and who they are, that you completely forget their situation…until one of them reminds you.

I recommend “Simple” for the simple reason that SubtlePen manages to weave mystery, sex, and controversy all into a brilliant one-shot.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.


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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 23rd!

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We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. This week's Read, Rate & Review is brought to you by Rosella Whitlock and The Master!

Without further ado, we bring to you...

Show Me a Garden that's bursting into life
by atypical-swan

OFFICAL AUTHOR SUMMARY: Isolated and lonely, Dr. Jasper Whitlock, Ph.D., finds himself taking a temporary position at the boarding school, Forks Academy. There he meets Edward Cullen and his tight knit group of friends and family. AU-Human


The Master's thoughts

Honestly, when I first came across “Show Me a Garden that's bursting into life”, I bookmarked it, although I realized might never read it. Since I’ve been burned by a few Edward/Jasper/Bella storylines, I tend to shy away from anything E/J/B. Actually, shy is an understatement, run like hell is more like it. Irrational? Yes. As some of you know, I am Team Jasper, in every story, in every way. So, when I see this genre of storyline, I automatically fear for Jasper’s little broken heart. With my OCD, I need to be fully aware of what I am getting into before becoming invested in a story, as I have a difficult time stopping a story once I have started to read it. Thus, I tend not to start a story that I know might be difficult for me to complete. I do not have much time to read, so when I do, I want it to be enjoyable.

Show Me a Garden” introduces us to PhD Jasper, who has accepted a position teaching history at private high school. It is there that he meets Edward, a music teacher; Bella, an English professor; and the rest of the Cullens. Jasper lives on campus in a dorm-type-apartment with his roommate, Emmett, and he is quickly accepted in the close -knit group of friends. He attends dinners, movie nights and school functions with them all.

Jasper is quiet, observant and relaxed; and he catches the eye of bisexual Edward. Edward suffered a traumatic accident a few years ago that left him injured and a more than a bit bitter. Jasper has his own troubled past, from which results some serious trust issues. A friendship develops between the men as they gradually move into a deeper relationship. They feel more comfortable with each other than they have felt with anyone else in a long time.

Bella, who will factor into Edward and Jasper’s relationship, is dealing with the stress of having an emotionally and verbally abusive boyfriend. While the group of friends had suspected James, Bella’s boyfriend, was abusive, it was not until Jasper caught James threatening Bella that they had hands-on proof. While Jasper didn’t necessarily hurt James, much, there could be some aftermath, as James is a police officer.

Show Me a Garden” by atypical-swan is slower-paced than what you might be used to; I admittedly found myself reading quickly over some of the finer details. However, if you are a Jasper/Edward slash lover, and are intrigued (and not scared, as I am) by how Bella will fit into their possible relationship, this is might be a story for you.


Rosella's thoughts

This weeks RR&R is not your usual hot, smutty, lemony one-shot or short story. Nope. This story is something much deeper. It begins with Jasper relocating to a new town as Dr. Whitlock, professor of history. He meets several different characters, all very accepting of his presence, but what lurks in the background is something we see a lot in our society today. Jasper ponders his previous career as a marine and the lack of support he got from his comrades and family when they found out his sexual preferences. This may put a damper on your mood at first (ignorant minded people suck), but soon after we find out that this new school is very accepting of all lifestyles.

We are led through his daily life with such detail that you really feel as if you are a part of his world. I felt a connection with Jasper within the first paragraph, and not just because he's my favorite character either. Atypical-swan does such an amazing job of leading us through his trials and tribulations. And the friendships he makes only help to further expand the emotional bond to each of the characters in this story.

Upon meeting Edward, Jasper is completely taken aback by his beauty and intense gaze. He is enamored with him and finds it difficult to even look away from him. This was when I started to wiggle in my seat in anticipation of what was to come. The potential for the two of them as couple is a path of discovery that is very intriguing as each of them has their own pasts/issues to work through. Bella's involvement with the two men leads to a potential poly pairing, and you all know I have a thing for the poly stuff, especially E/J/B. I'm really looking forward to see where this all goes.

Honestly, the Master did a great job summarizing the details, so I don't want to sound repetitious. All I can say is this is truly an amazing storyline, even if the deeper stories aren't your thing and you're more into the lemony one-shots. Give it a try and make sure to leave atypical-swan some love and a review.


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread. We want to know what our readers like!


Check out atypical-swan's blog Real Life Band Geek for sneak peaks.


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Tuesday's Best~July 21st, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The remaining three TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Girly Action of the week...

by AHelm

This week I chose a story that my good friend and FUCKAWESOME beta, Naelany recommended to me. "Phoenix" stars Rose Hale, a young woman raised by a bigoted father and a doormat for a mother. She's denied herself for too long. From the moment she received her very first kiss, Rose knew she was into girls, but because of the hate lessons taught to her by her father, she runs from her first kiss, a girl named Tanya, tears streaming down her face.

She meets a great guy, one her parents approve of that she tells herself she loves, but she still thinks of Tanya. When he finds out, an argument ensues and her mother and father find out. She lies, not once but twice, telling Royce that it was no big deal and then to her father about the girl's kiss. Not long afterward her father throws her from the house because she finally admits that she's a lesbian.

Rose never looks back, but as she exorcises the past, wanting to move on, she meets Alice, at tattoo artist. Rose goes to Alice to remove the tattoo she'd had done with Royce, wanting all the reminders gone. She doesn't count on her reaction to Alice. Which is swift and intense starting with Rose's first glimpse at Alice in a painting done by Edward.

AHelm wrote "Phoenix" for the Tattward & Inkella contest, and it's fabulous! Leave her some love.


The Master brings you...

by treee

Occasionally, you come across a story that finds you, reaching out through the depths of FFnet to snag you and drag into its subversive little world. This is exactly what “Passion Fruit” by treee did to me. I cannot I recall the last time a story filled me with wonder and amazement as much and as quickly as this one did. I am not sure where to being describing the wonderful tale that is “Passion Fruit”.

The first few paragraphs suck you in with curiosity. Who is the man? Who is the slender boy? Are they more than casual lovers? By the end of the first chapter, we learn that the ‘effeminate boy’ is fifteen-year old orphaned Edward and he is a prostitute for Aro in 1800’s France. Edward’s next john is James, who excites and terrifies him at the same time. James takes Edward home, to sample the fruit of Edward’ s body, and what follows is an erotic night with the mysterious James, whose cold, hard skin, but gentle touch fascinates Edward. I am not sure I have ever enjoyed a scene with James as much as I did when he was with Edward. While he is paying for Edward’s services, he treats him with respect and gentle touches. I did not get nearly as squeamish about them together as I thought I might; not because of the age difference but because it was James. Even Edward confesses to never experiencing something so erotic in his short life.

While this is a Jasper and Edward story, Jasper does not appear until the very end of chapter three, but the wait is worth it, trust me. Alice is Edward’s younger sister, and is also one of Aro’s employees. She has the curious ability to see the future, often telling, or warning in some cases, Edward of his next job and exactly how long it will last. Edward has the ability to read minds, making him wonderfully apt at his job, allowing him to service his customers by knowing exactly what they want. This talent has made him the most requested charges of Aro’s brothel.

This story is filled with beautiful, poetic and erotic writing. What amazes me more than anything about this story is the young age of the author, tree. For such a tender age, barely older than Edward himself, Treee has a wonderful grasp on her characters. She has chosen a unique setting, one I have never seen before in Twilight fanfiction, and put young Edward into a controversial lifestyle and we haven’t even gotten to Jasper yet. Plus, you add in the sixth sense abilities of Edward and Alice, the strange circumstances surrounding the disappearance of their parents, along with the hints that James is a vampire and you have one of the most unique and interesting stories I have ever read. If you are looking for something different, a bit off the beaten path of typical slash stories, I recommend giving “Passion Fruit” a shot; I don’t think you will be sorry you decided to taste this forbidden fruit.


Rosella's Poly Pick....

by sirenastarot

This weeks poly slash rec features Alice, Bella and Jasper. Some of you may have read this before since it was part of a KittenMischief Contest, but I figured I may as well recommend this for those of you who haven't had a chance to read it.

Sirenastarot has produced a very well-written story that peaked my interest from the very beginning. Alice and Bella are a couple who are out and about enjoying a day at the fair when they get a reading from a psychic. This psychic tells Bella she will find her "King of Cups" soon, and has Alice a bit nervous and weary because of it. Not long after, Bella stumbles her way into the arms of her "King of Cups", a man by the name of Jasper.

All three hit it off immediately and end up making their way to Jasper's house for a bit of a wrestle & romp. (<-- don't ask why I decided to refer to it that way. LOL) The lemon that follows is sultry as hell, and only fuels my obsession with Jasper. Having Alice and Bella lip locking and groping at every corner also helps trigger the heat you will no doubt feel as you read this. If this sounds like a pairing you'd like to see, then head on over and make sure to give Sirenastarot some love and support. I promise you'll get the warm and tingly feeling that we all lust after when we read these fabulous little smutty slash one-shots.


TwiSlash's Secret Craving...

by LionLambForever

This week, TwiSlash Unveiled reveals to you "Forever My Love" for you secret craving fantasies. We give fair warning, this story requires a towel. One that you can use to dry your tears. The three chapters draw you in and squeeze your heart.

Jasper and Edward have been best friends many, many years, but as the story opens, Jasper reveals two major secrets to Edward. 1. Jasper is dying. 2. Bella is not only Jasper's wife, but also his slave. Edward is at a loss for words learning of not only his best friend's impending death, but also of Jasper and Bella's involvement in the world of BDSM and Shibari, which is Japanese Rope bondage.

Realizing what he's dumped into his best friend's lap, Jasper invites Edward to dinner the next night, but only after asking Edward to move in with he and Bella, so Jasper can train him to be Bella's Master.

Why is Jasper adamant that Edward do this? Will Edward agree? Will there be FUCKHOT lemons including our favorite threesome? You'll only find out the answers to these questions, if you read Forever My Love. Don't forget to leave LionLambForever some love and tell them that TwiSlash Unveiled sent you.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. Stay tuned until Thursday for when Rosella and The Master bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 16th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. This week's Read, Rate & Review is brought to you by Rosella Whitlock and Whitlock's Girl.

The story we chose this week in just one chapter, but it is definitely worth the time, especially since the author plans on continuing the story. We hope that with all of your love and ours as well, that we can convince the author to continue writing sooner, because this one NEEDS to go on.

Beyond All Imagination
by Lolavella


Rosella's summary & thoughts~

This is one intensely written chapter. It features a poly pairing of Jasper/Alice/Edward and seriously does one hell of a fine ass job getting the reader all worked up. I was hot, bothered, panting, and swearing under my breath, and that was before Jasper brought Alice to her climax in the middle of class with Edward watching.

These vamps use their abilities to tease and taunt each other, with Edward and Jasper mostly gearing their focus on each other. By the time the end of the school day approaches, you end up with three very turned on, aggressively sexual vampires. Yum-my! The best part is towards the end when one of these vamps gets pushed to the side lines while the other two get hot and heavy. I'll let you find out who for yourselves. *winks*

Just to warn you -- there is no full on lemon, but the bits and pieces are such tempting little teases that it’s even more erotic that way. Beyond All Imagination is supposed to continue, so let’s give Lolavella the love and support she deserves and maybe she’ll continue this even sooner.

I give this a 4 out of 5 on the sizzle scale,...only because we didn’t get the full lemon…yet.


Donna's thoughts~

Beyond All Imagination really delves into the minds of Edward and Jasper, giving you an amazing look at what seems to be common practice between Edward, Jasper and Alice. Jasper's teasing of Edward is FUCKHOT and panty wetting. Edward's frustration is palpable and sexy as hell.

Give Beyond All Imagination a shot. Remember the best presents come in small packages and you don't want to miss opening this one.

On the sizzle scale, Rosella and I are in agreement. I give Beyond All Imagination a 4, just because we've not reached the lemon, yet!


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread .


Voting for the Bellies began yesterday. Remember to go vote! The slash is finally getting some love, babies! The competition is tough, though! Six of the top slash stories in the fandom have been nominated.

Also, don't forget that our very own Val aka Touchstone has a piece of artwork in the running for Best Banner. Show her the love!


The TwiSlash Unveiled FemSlash OneShot contest is still going on, and will be accepting entries until midnight EST on August 15th. All story submissions should be done via email to For more information, please click the links at the top right under the blog header.


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Tuesday's Best~July 14th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Miss Cella is still under the weather. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The remaining three TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Girly Action of the week...

by rickyc717 & lovesanime92

"An Unfinished Affair" is a one shot featuring Bella as the epitome of a 1950's housewife. She is the dutiful little woman that cares for her husband and keeps their home in the manner in which he approves. She makes weekly menus and lists then does the grocery shopping. She ensures that her darling husband, none other than Dr. Edward Cullen, is kept well fed and healthy, no doubt packing his lunch with nutritious leftovers so that he won't be forced to eat takeout which would give him an early heart attack. She greets him at the door at the end of a long hard day with a kiss and a sweet hello. The only thing missing is his slippers and a couple of fingers of good whiskey and a shoo-ing off to the living room while she puts dinner on the table at precisely 6pm.

While his every need, want and whim is met, Bella is left wanting. Her requests of her husband are ignored or forgotten. He is a pampered prince and she a poor pauper. He drives a new car every few years whereas hers leaves her stranded, if it starts for her at all.

When someone new moves into the neighborhood, will all the dissatisfaction and frustration lead Bella astray? Will she finally stand up for herself with Edward? These are all questions you'll be able to answer yourself when you read "An Unfinished Affair" a new story by rickyc717 and lovesanime92.

The story is just getting started, but if you remember I recommended another rickyc717 story called "Lessons in Learning" a few weeks ago, so if "An Unfinished Affair" is half as good, you will not be disappointed. If the first chapter is anything to go by, then it has got 'half as good' beat by a mile.


The Master brings you...

by C Me Smile

I was lucky enough to have come across this story last week on my mission for another blog. I instantly, immediately fell in absolute complete love with it. I am not sure the last time I was so moved, to the point of tears, by a story. But damn, this story did just that in one chapter. “Begin Again” by C Me Smile has everything you could ever want in a story, angst, longing, love, devotion, and loyalty. At the time of reading it, “Begin Again” was a Jasper and Edward one-shot, an author trying out her skills and feeling out the fandom with her work. Since then, not only will it continue to a multi-chapter piece, but C Me Smile has developed a devoted fanbase, including other slash authors, and all with good reason.
Begin Again” fucking rocks.

I am not sure where to even begin in expressing on my adoration for this piece. Not often am I compelled to private message an author and beg for more, even using my art to barter for additional chapters, but I stooped to both levels with C Me Smile. Begging and bartering were both included in those PMs.

The story begins with a married Edward seeing his former lover and still love of his life, in a bookstore. He quickly hides, not wanting Jasper to spot him, but he is too late. There is that instant connection you always have with your first love, but theirs goes beyond than that. Their love was one of lifelong devotion, loyalty, and physical passion-until Edward left Jasper to pursue his career. Even though it was Edward’s decision to walk away, Edward’s pain at his loss of Jasper runs so deep in him, you can actually feel your heart breaking as you read it. Their nervous, awkward reunion conversation is typical, Edward feels relieved and guilty after hearing Jasper is no longer in a relationship. Relieved to know Jasper is single, guilty for wanting Jasper to be alone if he is not with him. That night, Edward receives an unexpected phone call from an overwhelmed Jasper. At the end, they agree to meet the next day to…begin again.

This story just blew me away, plain and simple. It had everything I could ever want in a story, and C Me Smile’s style is so fluid, soft, and smooth; her descriptions are filled with incredible imagery that is rare to find. Needless to say, when she said she was continuing with the story as a multi-chapter piece, I kissed her virtual feet. I am not sure I could ever get enough of her two beautiful, thoughtful, and sexy boys. I highly, highly recommend “Begin Again”; once you get to the end, you will want to go back to the beginning and begin again.


Rosella's Poly Pick....

by Mrs Ronald Weasley

When considering a smutty slash fic it needs to have three components, in my opinion. First, it must be well-written and easy to follow. Second, the lemons must ignite some sort of tingle or fire within me. And third, Jasper usually has to be present. When two of these factors are present I find myself enjoying the story, but it is rare to find a story without Jasper that I actually feel aroused by. My rec this week is one of those rare times.

This one-shot features Edward & Bella as the main couple, with a helpful serving of Carlisle on the side. Bella has just moved in with Edward and is sensing a reluctance and disconnect from him upon her arrival. She misunderstands his reaction to her questions and overreacts, storming away like an ill-tempered child. What Bella doesn't know is Edward has quite the unorthodox request to make. He is willing to finally give in to her and her sexual needs, but has decided having Carlisle there will provide them a better opportunity to have things go smoothly.

I think you can guess what ends up happening. Although, it doesn't end with a beautiful threesome, nope. We get a taste of the threesome, and then it's on to much better things. Bella requests to see Edward and Carlisle together and gets more than she could have anticipated. She can't help but pleasure herself while watching the two vamps in action.

Honestly, I was heated from the very beginning of the lemon, when a vision of Edward was described deliciously,

"After my tremors had subsided, Carlisle broke our kiss and Edward stood. His bronze hair was disheveled from my hands, his eyes dark.

Carlisle looked at him for a second, and then let go of me. I watched as he reached for Edward and pulled him forward, locking their lips together."

Even if this pairing isn't usually your thing, give it a try. I did, and I'm still reeling from the desire I felt while reading this fabulous little story. That being said, this story may not be for everyone because Carlisle is Edward's adoptive father and Bella does lose her virginity. So, if you're not into those kind of things than maybe you stay away from this one. For rest of you pervs who don't care about all that and just want to read a short, well-written one-shot to give you some inspiration for happy time, then consider this your happy time read of the day.


Cella's Secret Craving...

With Miss Cella out sick, we didn't want our Secret Craving readers to be left out in the cold, so please check out the Twilight BDSM Community on It is sure to be filled with some naughty good times.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for Cella and Rosella's turn at Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's One Shot contest. The deadline for your FemSlash story submissions is August 15th. For more information, click the link on the top right hand side of the page, or shoot us an email to We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Congratulations are in order!

Join us in congratulating two of our very own.

Recently, two of our Southern Belles, Whitlock's Girl and Rosella Whitlock, have received the honor of being nominated for The Indie Twific Awards. Their stories are Desperation by Whitlock's Girl and Make You Feel My Love by Rosella Whitlock. The first round of voting ended at midnight last night, but please keep your fingers crossed that our girls make it through to the next round.

In addition, Whitlock's Girl and her story, Desperation, was featured on The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster in an article entitled "FanFriction-The Sex That Wasn't" with an emphasis on the friction. We want to congratulate Whitlock's Girl on writing the thigh riding dry hump and thank AngstGoddess for giving her story a shot.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 9th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

We really appreciate you coming back week after week to see us. This week's Read, Rate & Review is brought to you by The Master and Whitlock's Girl. We didn't choose the story, the story chose them. It reached out from the bottom of a dumpster dive, grabbing them and just won't let go. Without further ado, we bring to you...

by Zulfiqar


The Master's summary and thoughts

I was actually on a mission for another blog when I came across this story and I while I was not able to use it for my original mission, I immediately forwarded it to Whitlock’s Girl and said ‘we got to review this fic’. I had not even read more than two paragraphs at that point, but I knew it was going to be good. When I finally sat down today to read it in its entirety, I realized I was wrong.

It is not good.

It was excellent. “Breathe” by Zulfiqar was not what I expected, and I have loved every minute of it.

Breathe” is an incredibly appropriate title, as the story begins with Jasper, a successful, slightly reclusive author, attempting a jog through the woods when he suffers an asthma attack. While he uses an inhaler to ward off the attack, it does not work and the attack progresses to severe, and just as he loses consciousness he finds himself being rescued by a complete stranger. When Jasper wakes in the hospital two days later, under the care of Dr Carlisle Cullen, Jasper promises to take better precautions with his health. However, Jasper immediately pushes himself once again, determined to meet his five mile goal, and suffers a panic attack. Again, he is rescued and brought to the hospital where Dr Cullen treats him and introduces him to his rescuer, Edward Cullen.

Edward and Jasper form an odd friendship, one born out of the necessity of Jasper having strict instructions to not be in the woods alone. Since Edward’s property borders the woods, he is volunteered by Carlisle to be Jasper’s running companion. Their friendship is uncomfortable at first, as Jasper is extremely shy and has not ever had a ‘real’ friend. He is eager to spend time with Edward, but finds himself questioning Edward’s reactions to certain questions and situations. They take hikes in the woods, where Jasper finds that in Edward’s company, he remains asthma and panic attack free. They learn that they share a love for classic books, Lincoln, Hitchcock and music. Jasper finally works up the courage to play the guitar for Edward, who joins him on the piano. Their friendship progresses into something more with the time they spend together. There are some cute moments of humor within this story, the cutest being when Jasper admits to Dr Cullen that he had a small panic attack in the shower one morning after ‘daydreaming and getting out of breath.’ Hmm…wonder what Jasper was doing in the shower that got him out of breath?

While this story focuses, at the moment, on developing a relationship between Edward and Jasper, there is a mystery to be solved as well. Hints are dropped throughout the story that Edward, and Carlisle, are vampires. Their cold skin, Edward’s reluctance to eat with Jasper, and his sensitivity to odor are all key indicators. However, he does eat with Jasper (although we don’t know what happens after), and appears to be your normal everyday guy. Another mystery is what led to the scars Edward’s sees covering Jasper’s back. Jasper has, so far, refused to talk about them.

This is one story that I think will be enjoyable all the way through, with unseen twists popping up along the way. Zulfiqar has done a wonderful job with developing their friendship before moving it into a romance, her pace has flowed nicely, as has her dialogue. While there has not been any smut yet, there has been a few sweet, heart racing kisses and some cuddling. If the kisses are any indication, when, and if, she moves their physical relationship along, it will be hot. This story really does have it all, romance, friendship, love, angst and most definitely, some mystery. “Breathe” is an Edward and Jasper slash story I would definitely recommend to anyone enjoying a story behind what smut might be to come. I would easily read this story all the way through even without smut, as her characters, especially Jasper, have captured my heart. They don’t come much sweeter or more vulnerable than her Jasper.


Donna's thoughts

Val did such a great job summarizing this story that I'm not even going to go there, but I am going to tell you what I thought of "Breathe". I can't keep my mouth shut over this story. I was even messaging Val while reading it.

When Val sent it to me, I opened it up and was immediately engrossed, enthralled, pulled into the awesomeness that is "Breathe". I just couldn't stop reading it. It was like every word, fuck every letter, was like a hook and I was just a mere unsuspecting fish.

The story builds slowly as the two begin a camaraderie and tenative friendship, slowly learning each other's subtle nuances. What I like about "Breathe", is that it's not an instantaneous love connection. It's about being friends first and learning to know one another, learning that love can grow from that friendship.

"Breathe" is just starting to get to the romantic magnificence I know that Zulfiqar will deliver. How do I know this will be magnificent? The entire story is magnificent. From the very beginning it was elegant and I find myself struggling for words that will do it justice. The last chapter was beautiful and sweet with the acknowlegdgement of their feelings and desires. Their first kisses and cuddles were heartfelt, touching and simply perfection. So, how can it not be absolutely magnificent?


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread.

Also, remember to leave Zulfiqar some love, as well. It is well deserved.


Don't forget to vote for your favorite Indie stories in the Indie Twific Awards. There is a link to their site in the Affiliates section. There are two TwiSlash girls with stories nominated; Rosella Whitlock and her story Make You Feel My Love and Whitlock's Girl and her story Desperation. If you have a free vote, they'd appreciate you giving it them them.


The TwiSlash FemSlash OneShot contest is going on. TwiSlash Unveiled will be accepting stories until midnight EST on August 15th. All story submissions should be done via email to For more information, please click the links at the top right under the blog header.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday's Best~July 7th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

First off, we need to send Get Well Soon wishes to one of our Southern Belles. Cella is very ill. So, her Secret Craving will just have to remain a secret this week, because she's too ill to drag herself to the computer. Secretly, I think she's lying in bed tearing up that new toy the peen just bought her, but don't tell her I said so.

Get Well Soon, Cella! We miss you!

Now, let's get down to business. Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The remaining three TwiSlash girls are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Girly Action of the week...

by awriterscorned

In my weekly search through the muck to find y'all a fuck-tabulous lesbian love story I just happened to stumble across this little gem of a story. "After Dusk" is only three chapters long, but it has the potential to be epic.

"After Dusk" is a post-Breaking Dawn story that features Alice as the object of Leah's imprint. The two try to deny their feelings, because having been the subject of heartache, Leah doesn't want to be the 'homewrecker' and Alice doesn't want to hurt Jasper. As Stephenie Meyer says, "it's hard to resist that kind of devotion" and eventually Jasper asks Alice for a divorce.

I read the three chapters of "After Dusk" so quickly that I can only describe it as literally devouringly this story. I had to go back and re-read it, not once, but twice, because I was certain I missed a flaw or something. Something that would detract from it's awesomeness. I hadn't. It's beautifully written, the plot is spot on and totally unique.

There have been four post-Breaking Dawn stories that have piqued my interest; "The Tie That Binds", "You Wanted More", "When You're Broken", and now, "After Dusk". Leah is featured in the last two and this one grabbed my heart and it's just three freaking chapters.

While there's no smexin, yet, there are some fabulous kisses shared between Leah and Alice. So, give awriterscorned some time, because I'm sure she didn't rate "After Dusk" M for nothing.


The Master brings you...

by dannie7786

Closer to God” was actually recommended to me by a fellow slash fan about two weeks ago, I immediately bookmarked it and placed it in my “blog slash to read” folder. Since then, a few more have sent it my way, only to have me reply, ‘yeah, I have it on my to-read list already’. Well, I finally sat down, read it, and was pleasantly surprised. After a long day, I was feeling a bit negative in general and thought that a little Jasper and Edward slash might just do the trick to bring me out of my funk and “Closer to God” did just that.

Edward is in college, has come out to family and friends, but has very limited physical experiences with men. He has convinced himself that he is fine alone, instead concentrating on his studies. Alice is his best friend, adopted sister and confidant that forces him to attend parties to at least be somewhat social. Edward’s frustration with these parties grows, but he always makes an appearance because he cannot deny Alice anything. It is at one of these parties that Edward’s life changes almost immediately when tall, blonde, tattooed Jasper walks into the room. They are introduced by Alice and strike up a conversation, during which Edward is constantly attempting to hide his hard on from Jasper. At first, Edward has no idea if Jasper is straight or gay, only that he is sexy as hell. When Jasper has to leave, he leans over Edward, whispers in his ear that next time maybe he can take care of Edward’s ‘problem’, as he runs his hand up Edward’s erection. Over the next few days, when Edward is not debating on whether or not to call Jasper, he is masturbating to Jasper induced fantasies. He finally decides to call, thinking one night of sex with Jasper will work him out of Edward’s system. However, Edward soon realizes that one night with Jasper is definitely not going to be enough to satisfy anything.

This story is more fluff than angst, which given my mood for the day, was perfect! So far, there has been very little drama, only small conflicts and a lot of hot sex between these two beautiful boys. I do think dannie7786 will work in some more angst, but feel this story will mostly be a light romance filled with great sex. I have found a few small issues with the story, such as a slight continuity problem, but nothing major enough to distract me from enjoying a lovely tale of Edward and Jasper meeting, fucking and falling in love. I would definitely add this story to your ‘to read’ list, and try not to wait as long as I did before reading it!


Rosella's Poly Pick....

by starfish422

This one-shot is so well written and has a very developed plot as well, but what else would we expect from starfish422? I'm sure most of you are familiar with her story "Over The Top" and know what an amazing author she is. Honestly, I'd like to see her turn this into a full story as well.

It all starts back in 1918 when Edward is sick with the Spanish Influenza. Carlisle is in turmoil as Edward's days are numbered. Carlisle feels such a deep connection with this 'beautiful boy' that he convinces himself that "an eternity of service to the human race" is a rational enough reason to take him, turn him, and make him his.

The two vampires spend some time together as a couple, enjoying the easy companionship. Until one day they are out hunting and come across another vampire who's depressing suicidal thoughts have Edward concerned. Edward calls to this lonely vampire, letting him know they will not hurt him and that they can show him a better life, one without violence. Of course, this vampire is none other than Jasper Whitlock.

Jasper moves in with them and over the months Edward & Carlisle get to know him and help him discover a better way to 'live'. Jasper also knows that the two are a couple, and keeps his distance when they are in a coupling mood. Eventually, the lust and love he feels coming from them is overwhelming and he can't keep away any longer, so he asks if he can join them.

This is the point where you stop to make sure you have a towel ready. The sexin' described is so good. It's passionate, sensual, steamy and all kinds of tantalizing. The bond strengthens between the three of them into something poetic and beautiful. Starfish422 truly has a gift and she's sharing it with us all, so take advantage of that and read this beautifully erotic tale.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for Donna and the Master's turn at Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.

Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's One Shot contest. The deadline for your FemSlash story submissions is August 15th. For more information, click the link on the top righthand side of the page, or shoot us an email to We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, July 2nd!

Icon by Cella Cullen

Broke by Pashtess

Pashtess is a new writer when it comes to Twilight FF, but she is definitely not new to Fan Fiction itself. With currently six stories in four different categories it's obvious Pashtess is one of those writers who writes what she loves, and has very diverse taste buds.

Lucky for us her first venture into Twilight Fan Fiction included a succulent little slash story involving Edward, Jasper, and the desire for some quick money.

Pairing: Edward & Jasper
Description: Edward and Jasper are broke, and are in need of some cash. It starts at one hundred dollars. AH.


Cella's Opinion~

Have you ever gotten one of those naughty cravings to be able to see a straight boy turned gay threw manipulation and money?

Oh come on you can admit it, I know I sure have. Broke is based on exactly that sort of situation.

Edward and Jasper are both broke and have found themselves on a couch while a man they don't know stands behind a camera and offers them each $100 to simply jack off while watching porn. It's a simple enough request, and what guy could resist $100 to do what he does for free during his down time? Certainly not these two.

Things start off innocently enough with both guys dropping their pants and watching as a girl gives head on the television in front of them, but that's when their camera man decides to up the ante. $50 more for Jasper to reach over and get off Edward.

Will Jasper agree? Will Edward let him? And if they go threw with it, what will the camera man offer next?

All these questions and more will be answered when you read this tantalizing tale.

Personally, I think this one-shot has the potential to become a very fun little series if the guys pass on the news about how to make the quick cash to their friends, and as for the friend who recommended they go there to begin with, let's just say I wouldn't mind hearing about his experience as well.

Broke was hot and had me squirming in my seat, but unfortunately it stopped just a bit too soon for me. So, I give this story a four out of five on our sizzle scale because I think Pashtess was a tease for not taking the story as far as she could have, and I want to give her some incentive to give us a little more!


Rosella's View~

For some reason I had a hard time feeling a connection to any of the slash stories I found this week, but after reading this smokin' hot Jasper/Edward one-shot I knew this was the one to recommend! This short story is very well-written and hot as hell from the very beginning.

Jasper and Edward are looking to make a little money and do some 'unorthodox' things with each to gain the extra cash. Despite their unsanitary surroundings and the creepy Mike Newton watching nearby with a camera, it's actually very...stimulating.

You completely forget about the scenery the second you read this line, describing the yummy Jasper...

"He brought his hand to his mouth and spit into his palm. His eyes focused in on the porn, as his fingers wrapped around his shaft and he began to stroke himself."

This is the moment when everything began to feel warmer and I completely zoned out everything around me to fully concentrate on Jasper stroking his own cock.

And if that isn't hot enough, then throw in Edward sitting right next to him stroking his own cock as well. Do you see where I'm going with this? It just keeps getting better as they each accept more money to add more stimulating activities. *wiggles eyebrows*

The only thing that's a bit disappointing is we don't get to see a full on lemon, but I find it to be a very satisfying one-shot regardless. In fact, I think I enjoyed being teased. *smirks*

I give Broke a 4 out of 5 on the sizzle scale. This short story is sure give you a pleasurable tease, and you can finish off by having some play time of your own.


There you have it, both Rosella and Cella loved reading about our favorite male duo giving over their bodies for cash. With a rating of four each we highly recommend you lock those doors and grab a towel because the odds are you won't be able to resist unzipping those pants, pulling down those panties and having a little fun while reading this one-shot.

Don't forget to leave Pashtess a review and tell her we sent you! Then meet us over on the Twislash Unveiled thread over on Twilighted and give us your own take on this week's Review.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congrats are in order!

Rosella Whitlock, one of the Major's Southern Belles and the author of TwiSlash Unveiled's Poly Pleasures, was featured on The Perv Pack's Smut Shack today for her One-Shot, Conflicted Soldier.

The post was done by none other than The Future Mrs. Nina Facinelli, Ninapolitan, herself. Here's the excerpt...

Title- Conflicted Soldier
Author- Rosella Whitlock
Chapters- One-Shot
Words- 4,841
Reviews- 32
Summary- Jasper is still part of Maria's army and has not met the Cullen's.He's forced to change a young girl into a vampire due to her unique ability to resist vampire powers. They despise each other at first,but feel an intense connection as well. AU/OOC/NC-17 J/B

“Fuck, Bella. You’re so wet for me already, darlin’”
“Don’t fucking call me darlin’!” she yelled. “And fuck me already, Jasper!”

From the quotes she's chosen to highlight, it looks as if Ms. Nina likes a dirty talking Jasper and a pissed off horny Bella.

Congratulations, Rosella, baby! You totally deserve it!

Announcing the TwiSlash One-Shot Contest

TwiSlash One-shot Contest Rules

1. Contest is open to everyone, including TwiSlash authors.

2. All entries will be anonymous to encourage unknowns to post their stories without being intimidated. Not accusing anyone of being all mafia like, but it's hard to post against well known slash authors without feeling a bit intimidated.
*All entrants are welcome to promote the contest itself, but not their own story. Stories may not be published/posted on any site other than the TU FFnet page until the commencement of the voting and the announcement of the winner for the category entered. THIS INCLUDES TEASERS OF ANY SORT!
*Any entrant that deviates from this rule will be disqualified and their story removed from the contest. In addition, they will not be permitted to enter the subsequent contests.

3. All entries must be a one-shot with a 5k to 10k word limit and must be free of any major spelling and grammatical errors.
*Entries not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.
*Entries may NOT be an outtake of a current story nor can it have been entered into any other contest. This is to ensure anonymity.

4. All entries must be geared towards the category being showcased. There are 4 categories and each category will have a winner.

Secret Cravings

5. A new contest will be held every three months with a different category showcased in each contest. This will allow for ample time for plot development, beta-ing and voting. The next contest's category will be announced when the current category's winner is announced.
*The first contest will be open beginning July 1st and we will accept entries until August 15th. Voting will begin on August 16th and will continue until August 31st. Winners will be announced on September 3rd.
*The second contest will open beginning October 1st and continue to November 15th. Voting will begin on November 16th and end on November 30th.
*The third contest will open beginning January 1st and continue to February 15th. Voting will begin on February 16th and end on February 28th.
*The fourth contest will open beginning April 1st and continue to May 15th. Voting will begin on May 16th and end on May 31st.

6. All stories must include a developed PLOT. This means a beginning, a middle and an end. Smut for Smut's sake will NOT be accepted. Otherwise we'd just read Penthouse Letters and be done with it. Slash, in our opinions, isn't just the act of same sex intercourse but the emotions that go along with it. We want mature stories, not just porn.

7. All entries must include a full fledged lemon that includes slash of some variety. We are TwiSLASH for a reason.


~ All entries must be submitted via email to
*While the contest is anonymous to the public, please be sure to include the following in your submission.
-Story Title
-Author's Name
-Category Title (M, F, P or SC)
-Link to FFnet account

~ All entries will be posted to the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account as soon as they have been received via email.
*Prior to the blind public vote, all entries will be read and validated by TU and the stories that have NOT met the contest criteria will not be included in the poll.
*After the commencement of the contest and the announcement of the winner, Entrants are free to add their stories to their individual FFnet accounts.

~ Voting will be done by Reader's Choice in a blind poll on the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account.

~Special awards will be given by the TwiSlash ladies.
*Special Award categories may or may not include Best Lemon, Best Kiss, etc.
*These awards will be given at our discretion and any story entered by a TU author will not be eligible for these awards.

~ The winner's story will then be showcased on the TwiSlash Unveiled blog and the author will have the opportunity to choose a story to review as a guest reviewer. In addition, the winner will be given a button to sport in their signature!

~ All winners will be added to the TwiSlash Unveiled Favorite Stories and Favorite Authors.

The first category up is...


We want all the girly action you can give us!