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Tuesday's Best - Jan 26th, 2010

Welcome To TwiSlash Unveiled!

Tuesdays we bring you the best slash stories we can find, and we have come up with some good ones today. Get ready, grab some towels, get comfortable and enjoy! We have, and we know you will, too.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

Yes, Master
by fiberkitty

As a huge fiberkitty fan, I, of course, have her on author alert and so, when Yes, Master hit my inbox I was giddy for another FK story. Especially once I read the pairing - y'all know how much I like unusual pairings - and the summary was freaking fab, but nothing compared to the actual oneshot.

Here's a tiny excerpt of Master Edward and the deliciousness that is Seth.

As if he read my mind, his teeth plucked the wedge from my mouth and he pulled back, dropping the lime to the side of my body. Edward smiled, almost predatorily. “I bet you'd like to earn my lips on you again, wouldn't you, Seth?”

I nodded and he smirked. “You've wanted me a long time, Clearwater. Tonight's your night. Follow me.”

Now, GO! READ, ENJOY and REVIEW! I hope you'll also follow me in begging fiberkitty for MORE!


Naelany brings you...

Ya gotta love contests. Mistrezboo pointed me towards this story, and I'm so glad I checked it out. It's another entry for the Slash/Backslash contest, called Uncomfortable and it popped Savannah-Vee's Slash-cherry.

When Jasper goes to meet his girlfriend's family for the first time, he's a little uncomfortable with how her brother is continually watching him. You follow Jasper as he has several interactions over a span of time, all of them awkward and...well...uncomfortable. I can't really say too much more about it, as it would give far too much away. It is just a one-shot, after all.

Here's a little something though, and I hope you'll check out the rest for yourself.

I try to ignore the way I notice those eyes boring into my skull as we sit around the dinner table. I try to ignore the way he watches me closely as I eat the strawberry ice cream his mom has made for dessert. I try to ignore the way his eyes are following the spoon as it makes its way into my mouth, and the way he intently watches my lips as they close around it. I try not to be conscious of the way he stops eating his own ice cream, his spoon frozen in mid air, to gaze at me as my tongue licks my lips after I swallow, and the way his pink tongue pokes out and trails over his own lips languidly when I do.

I for one, am really hoping this gets continued. I would love to know what's going through the brother's head (yes, I am mean and not giving away who it is, read that for yourself ;-)). I would love to see some resolution to this. What do you say, Savannah-Vee? ;-)

A little addendum here, Savannah-Vee's continued the story, though I haven't yet managed to read it (been a little busy with the writing), I have had a little look-see and it's looking good. I still wonder about the brother though, S-V. Just sayin' ;)



click the pic for more information

The TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH contest!
The one-shot contest where Spontaneous Combustion is Guaranteed!

Forever My Love by LionLambForever

Jasper and Edward have been best friends many, many years, but as the story opens, Jasper reveals two major secrets to Edward. 1. Jasper is dying. 2. Bella is not only Jasper's wife, but also his slave. Edward is at a loss for words learning of not only his best friend's impending death, but also of Jasper and Bella's involvement in the world of BDSM and Shibari, which is Japanese Rope bondage.

Realizing what he's dumped into his best friend's lap, Jasper invites Edward to dinner the next night, but only after asking Edward to move in with he and Bella, so Jasper can train him to be Bella's Master.

Why is Jasper adamant that Edward do this? Will Edward agree? Will there be FUCKHOT lemons including our favorite threesome? You'll only find out the answers to these questions, if you read Forever My Love. Don't forget to leave LionLambForever some love and tell them that TwiSlash Unveiled sent you.

Do y'all remember this story? It was a rec here at TwiSlash Unveiled several months ago and then all of a sudden it just disappeared. I loved the story, as did my peen and a lot of the TU readers but alas, we were duped. It was a plagiarized story and the author got caught in the web of deceit. I've not posted anything about it until now, because while I was told it was plagiarized I was never able to find the original. Well, thanks to DefinatelyStaying, we now know where to find the rest of the REAL story.

You can get Tymber Dalton's The Reluctant Dom for your Kindle on Amazon.com or you can go right to the source, Lyrical Press.

We here at TwiSlash Unveiled apologize to Tymber Dalton and our readers for recommending Forever My Love. However, I hope that by rec'ing the REAL book and author here that those of you that loved the story will give the author her due and purchase a copy of her beautiful book.

Thanks ever so much,
Whitlock's Girl

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Tuesday's Best - Jan 19th, 2010

Welcome To TwiSlash Unveiled!

Tuesdays we bring you the best slash stories we can find, and we have come up with some good ones today. Get ready, grab some towels, get comfortable and enjoy! We have, and we know you will, too.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

Posting this story for a rec today came about in a bit unorthodox way. See, I had planned to rec a different story, and while it's a fabulous story that's beautifully written, I have issues with it and would never want to take away from all the hard work that the author has put into the story by letting the issues I have with the story to get in the way. So, that left me at a loss. At least until I found Forever Shattered. This story was written for the Slash/Backslash contest and recently updated with a second chapter.

Jasper has loved Edward since he was 16 and other than one brief, yet fucking hot as hell encounter at Edward's parent's New Year's Eve party their junior year of high school, Edward has never shown an interest in Jasper as anything other than friendship. Now, Edward is getting ready to marry Bella and Jasper is forced to watch the love of his life slip away from him forever.

...Or is he?

Go check out Forever Shattered and leave rmhale some love!


Naelany brings you...

So about a month ago it was AHelm's birthday. In honor of this, a few authors wrote some short stories. A few even popped their slash cherries for her. One such was ilsuocantante, with Backstage. Since it's indeed a very short story, there's little I can tell you about it. I won't give away who the pairing is, that's one joy you'll get to discover on your own.

I will give you this one little snippit though.

He looked up at me, caught my eye through the crowd and smirked. Every muscle in my body tightened at the sight, at what I knew it meant. His mocking glance told me he knew all about my blatant eye fucking, could read my body's signals, and knew exactly what he was doing to me. His tongue's deliberate swipe of his bottom lip and the excited light in his verdant eyes told me he planned on making good on his teasing. He shifted a bit on his stool and brought his guitar to rest more fully on his lap. He ran his hand through his sweat-dampened hair, the reddish strands nearly standing on end as he blew out a long breath and bent to his strings once more.

Now go read the rest for yourself and enjoy it. I am certain that you will be asking ilsuocantante for more slash in the future, just like I am ;-)


So there you have it, ladies and gents. Another Tuesday with more awesome tales to read. Now just keep in mind that we warned you ahead of time, so any drycleaning that needs doing after reading this week's recs...you're on your own!



The TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH contest!
The one-shot contest where Spontaneous Combustion is Guaranteed!

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Slash Guest Author Rec - MasterJasperWhitlock

I’m bacccck! Well, for a guest author spot anyway. Did you all miss me? Of course you did! Color me surprised that I am now defined as a ‘slash author’.

Needless to say between the writing, beta’ing, and the occasional artwork, my reading time has been limited, but I still read some slashy goodies, as well as few non-slash (and of course, NON-canon) fics as well.

The Bronze Prince

By Twiboy


My first recommendation a one-shot by a newcomer to Twilight fic writing, but because he’s new doesn’t mean he isn’t, er…experienced. The Bronze Prince by Twiboy starts off as a dark tale about Edward, a boy of the night who makes his living servicing those that require his body. One night he is approached by an incredibly gorgeous man, and while all of Edward’s instincts tell him to fear the beautiful vision, his body can’t help but be dazzled. Meanwhile, Jasper is just as attracted to Edward, but first plays a cat and mouse game, encouraging Edward to run just so Jasper can have fun with the chase. When the mouse gets a cut, the cat has a taste, leading to a revelation that shocks him. Once Alice enters the picture, and confirms Jasper’s concerns, things take a drastic turn for Edward.

Not only does this story capture your attention with the sheer hotness factor-his Jasper rules-but because for a new writer, it is very well written, containing just about everything you would look for in a story, such as humor, suspense, smut, and my biggest requirement, a fucking hot Jasper. This story is a must read for those looking for a quick, but very satisfying, slash fix!

Go read, send some Twiboy some love by leaving a review and keep your fingers crossed that his next story is nice long multi-chapter.

Where my fic pleasure reading time is so limited, most of those that I attempt to keep up with have already been recommended by Twislash. That list includes Lessons Learned, Ink Street and Your Biggest Fan.

For some non-slash fun, go check out the wonderful Change Heartache into Courage by Pixistick cc, and Jasper/Bella story that starts the end of Eclipse after a tragic ending for Edward and Alice in the fight. This story is almost complete, and has easily one of my favorite vampire Jaspers ever, she nailed canon Jasper. Also, two canon fics near and dear to my heart are Resident Geek by Cdunbar, which contains the best Geekward ever written. It is sweet, romantic and geeky all wrapped into one, she has a great Jasper too!

My next canon rec is If You Could Read My Mind by bella cella luna. This Edward/Bella story weaves a past secret they share along with their current relationship, or lack thereof. Tons of angst, suspense, and fucking hot smut make this one a must read for canon fans.

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TwiSlash Unveiled Slash Contest


TwiSlash SLASH One-shot Contest Rules

1. Contest is open to everyone, including TwiSlash authors.

2. All entries will be anonymous to encourage unknowns to post their stories without being intimidated. Not accusing anyone of being all mafia like, but it's hard to post against well known slash authors without feeling a bit intimidated.

~All entrants are welcome to promote the contest itself, but not their own story. Stories may not be published/posted on any site other than the TU FFnet page until the commencement of the voting and the announcement of the winner for the category entered. THIS INCLUDES TEASERS OF ANY SORT!

~Any entrant that deviates from this rule will be disqualified and their story removed from the contest. In addition, they will not be permitted to enter the subsequent contests.

3. All entries must be a one-shot with a 5k to 10k word limit and must be free of any major spelling and grammatical errors.

~Entries not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.

~Entries may NOT be an outtake of a current story nor can it have been entered into any other contest. This is to ensure anonymity.

4. The SLASH contest will open beginning January 15th and continue to February 28th at 11:59pm. Voting will begin on March 15th and end on March 31st.

5. All stories must include a developed PLOT. This means a beginning, a middle and an end. Smut for Smut's sake will NOT be accepted. Otherwise we'd just read Penthouse Letters and be done with it. Slash, in our opinions, isn't just the act of same sex intercourse but the emotions that go along with it. We want mature stories, not just porn.

6. All entries must include a full fledged lemon that includes slash of some variety. We are TwiSLASH for a reason


These submission rules are for the SLASH contest and may be changed for subsequent contests.

~ All entries must be submitted via email to twislash@gmail.com.
Since the contest is anonymous to the public, please be sure to include the following in the body of your submission email.

-Story Title

-Author's Name
-Link to FFnet account

~All entries must include the following header.

TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH Contest



Rating: ALL stories submitted for this contest are rated M.


Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight.

TwiSlash Unveiled, this contest, and the authors of the stories submitted do not intend any copyright infringement.

Anonymity Disclaimer:

This story is the work of its author and not TwiSlash Unveiled.
It has been submitted under the TU pen name for the TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH contest only.
It remains the work of the author.

~ All entries will be posted to the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account as soon as they have been received via email and validated.

-All entries will be read and validated by TU and the stories that have NOT met the contest criteria will be returned to their authors. Authors are encouraged to rework their submissions and resubmit them prior to the deadline.

-After the commencement of the contest and the announcement of the winner, Entrants are free to add their stories to their individual FFnet accounts. Please include an author's note in the story that it was an entry into the TwiSlash contest.

This was not done by a few entrants in the Femme Slash contest and they were reported to TwiSlash Unveiled as plagiarizers.

~ Voting will be done by Reader's Choice in a blind poll on the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account.

~Special awards may or may not be given by the TwiSlash ladies.
Special Award categories may or may not include Best Lemon, Best Kiss, etc.
These awards will be given at our discretion and any story entered by a TU author will not be eligible for these awards.

~ The winner's story will then be showcased on the TwiSlash Unveiled blog. In addition, the winner and the 2nd and 3rd place stories will be given a button to sport in their signature.

~ All winners will be added to the TwiSlash Unveiled Favorite Stories and Favorite Authors.

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Tuesday's Best 1-12-2010

Another week brings another fabulous Tuesday, filled with recs. Today is a little different though, as I am on my own (life happens, and Whitlock's Girl is dealing with hers, so I'm stepping up and doing my bit). Don't fret though, you'll still be getting your two stories, just like you're used to!

Also, there will be an announcement after the recs, so be sure to read it all (as if you wouldn't)!

Okay, let's get this party started, shall we?


So did y'all know that tjbaby wrote slash? No? I didn't either. Oh, and not only slash, but AU? And not just that, but Darkward to boot? No? Well, she does! It's called After The Storm, and I found it to be quite promising. Now, I'm normally not one to search out darkfic (oh hush, I know what you're going to say! Why did I do the whole Les Femmes Noires-thing then? I said I didn't search it out, but I do enjoy a good one every now and then. So there :-P), but I am very glad I was linked to this one.

It's only seven chapters in so far, and as far as smut goes, there hasn't been a whole lot. Yet. There's been some, and it is definitely...interesting. Anyway... tjbaby is painting an intriguing picture of Edward, and I can not wait to find out all his dark secrets. And then there's Jasper. Poor, confused, grieving, sleep deprived Jasper.

Here's a little snippet for you:

One story below from where Jasper stands, Edward has stopped pacing. He stands with his head cocked to one side, frowning as he listens intently to Jasper mentally berating himself. Edward smiles as he hears Jasper thinking about his parents.

'That was our best idea yet,' congratulates the voice in his head. Smirking a little, Edward intones lowly, "Yes, I daresay it was one of our better plans." Ignoring the voice shortly, he concentrates on the thoughts of Jasper. The smile turns into a self-satisfied grin, growing wider as he hears Jasper hoping that he will return his feelings. Elation spreads through his body like wildfire and he pivots on the spot for a moment, celebrating this success. As he hastens to tamp it down, he smugly tells the silent room, "Jasper is mine now. As he should always have been. I will take care of him."

Edward's intentions included being the only source of solace available to Jasper; believing it when he tells himself that he is doing what is best for Jasper, he chooses to ignore the nagging thoughts in his mind. He does not wish to recognize the warning that screams at him.

With his mind set, Edward waits for Jasper to appear. Jasper will not be pleased once he finds out what it is he wishes to do. He pushes that thought further away as he hears Jasper's footfalls at the base of the stairs.


Smiling, he approaches the young man. Jasper has finally returned downstairs, but to Edward's annoyance, he is quiet, and refuses to meet Edward's eyes. This avoidance chafes at him.

There you go. Catch up, and leave her some love... and then wait patiently with me for the next chapter ;-). Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I am!

By the by, that spiffy little banner up there? That's courtesy of SorceressCirce. We figured it would be a fun thing, and I hope it's self-explanatory enough.


Okay, y'all should know me well enough by now to know that few fics leave me in tears. And that when they do...well, I just gotta share. Now I realize that the story I'm about to rec is by one of our own lovely ladies, and I know some folks may have issue with that. To you I say: I'm sorry, but get over it.

This story is a must read.

Yes, it will break your heart.

Yes, it is very difficult to read.

But hell if it isn't worth it.

The subject DefinatelyStaying writes about here is a heavy one. One that I wish, with all my heart, wasn't a reality. But it is, and too often it is forgotten, too easily ignored or downplayed. It is something we all could stand to be reminded of, so that we can make better choices. For ourselves, our families, our friends...even for the people we haven't met yet or just plain do not know.

You're going to have to read what happens for yourself. I also won't post a teaser that will give away why I was crying. I will, however, leave you a small glimpse into the life of these boys.

As he was changing Eric, Jasper stopped in to tell Edward that he was going to go down and bring the bikes in out of the rain and put them in the storage area. Edward and Jasper had been in such a rush to spend time together while Eric was finally sleeping, that they’d left their mountain bikes outside. Jasper had just enough time to pay the sitter before Edward had pulled him to bed. Before he left the room, he came up behind Edward and wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist. Pressing his damp forehead against Edward’s bare shoulder, he whispered, “I love you both,” and kissed Edward’s neck. Edward smiled as he snapped the sleeper back in place on his beautiful child.

I normally don't do this, but for this story (oh yeah, hey, titles might help, huh?), Rights of the Fallen, I will do it. I'm asking you to please go and read this. I know it will be hard for many of you to deal with, but if you do nothing else, do this at least. Read it. Open your mind a little, if not your heart. And maybe, just maybe, somewhere, somehow... something might change, because someone read this and took something away from it. After all, a lot of what happens here hinges on votes, or just on love and acceptance.

See, DS, you got me in tears and some heavy thinking ;-). Sorry folks, I didn't mean to go all heavy and stuff on you. Seriously, grab yourself some tissues and go read this though. It's worth it.

P.S. here are a few links with regards to LGBT and the issues mentioned in the story.

Michael's Gay Thought

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
List of LGBT-related organizations
List of LGBT periodicals


Alright, still with me here? Yes? Okay, good :-) Now, I believe I said something about having an announcement to make, so here it is. It's One-Shot time again.

TwiSlash Unveiled's Slash (m/m) Contest will accept submissions starting 1-15-2010!

Remember, this contest is anonymous. Details will be available later this week on the TU profile, so be sure to check there. We will accept entries until 2-28-2010, 11:59 PM PDT. Voting will open after we have validated all entries.

So bring us your Jaspers, Edwards, Emmetts, Carlisles and who ever else you can think of. We're looking for some awesome boy-lovin' here and I just know y'all can deliver!

That said, I hope that you've remembered your tissues and your towels through all of this. Our standard disclaimer applies ;-). Have a great day!

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Tuesday's Best - Jan 5th, 2010

Welcome To TwiSlashUnveiled!

Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesdays we bring you the best slash stories we can find, and we have come up with some good ones today. Get ready, grab some towels, get comfortable and enjoy! We have, and we know you will, too.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

Master of Disaster by Tropical Sorbet & TheRani1981

My name is Edward Cullen and I am a Dom.

I am not a Dom by choice. I did it for her. When I first saw her at one of Jasper’s play parties, I felt my world changing and I decided to do anything to be with her.

So, I know I may be roasted for this, but no this story isn't slash, but it is a BDSM story featuring Edward and Bella. Although, there is an implied Dom/sub relationship between Bella and Victoria. So, while this story isn't slash, it has intrigued me to no end.

Edward Cullen is a playboy pilot for his father's airline. He jets all over the world and just as the cliche goes, he's got a girl at every port. He has no desire to change anything either. He's perfectly happy with his life. The only pain in his ass is his sister's Alice's relationship with his best friend, Jasper Whitlock.

Jasper is a Dom and was prior to meeting Miss Alice, but tried to walk the straight and narrow for his Girl Friday. Alice, however, is intrigued with the lifestyle and against her brother's wishes becomes Jasper's sub. Master of Disaster begins three years after they've entered into their relationship. They've grown closer, falling in love, Jasper's proposed and they are leaving the scene. At their Goodbye Party, Alice demands her brother Edward's attendance and just as with canon Alice, what Alice wants, Alice gets.

This is where the fated meeting between Edward and Bella takes place. Alice having met Bella, a slave, in the lifestyle Alice knows that once she and Jasper leave she'll never see her friend again. She wants to say farewell so, she invites James and Victoria, Bella's Master and Mistress, to the party.

Now, I have to warn you. This story shows the darker side of BDSM. There is torture and pain, but as a fan of The Red Line by Winndsinger, I have to say that the darkness that's written in Master of Disaster hasn't come close to that. Well, not yet anyway. I would suggest this story as a great way to pass the time.

Naelany brings you...

So a few weeks ago, this little ditty came to my attention, I forget how, exactly. But it pulled me in and I've been keeping up with it (which isn't easy for me to do, since I don't have that much time to read anymore). I love it though.

A Tangible Dichotomy by PerfectlyPersuasive

Edward and Jasper are college students, both living in in dorms and extremely unlucky in the roommate department. Edward is a quiet guy, a bit of a self-imposed loner due to what he's had to deal with early in life. Jasper is, well... a closeted gay guy. As luck would have it, they end up rooming together (after some changes in room assignments. Why they were made, you'll have to read for yourself). Edward and Jasper are perfect roommates for each other. But is there more? Jasper is immediately smitten by Edward, but tries very hard to suppress his feelings for his straight roommate. In Jasper, Edward finds his first best friend.
Both boys end up on a journey of self-discovery of sorts, and we get to tag along for the ride. Here's a little titbit just to wet your whistle with.

In the shower, after I jerked one out to images of Edward on his knees before me, his ass spread wide and fucking pulsing for me, I decided that I needed a new strategy. As immature as it sounds, I figured the silent treatment was the best way to go about it. If I was an ass to Edward, then he would want to stay away from me. It would make everything... less hard. If you know what I'm getting at.

What I wasn't prepared for, was his hurt voice and stricken face when he came up to me in the cafeteria Monday. It fucking broke my heart to hear him ask me what he did wrong. The problem was that he did absolutely nothing wrong! How could I explain that it was all me, that he is just too damn perfect for me to resist? It's a rather hopeless situation, it seems.

Once I apologized, all was forgiven which speaks volumes for Edward's character. If someone was blowing me off like that, I would hold a grudge for a long ass time, but not Edward. It's funny; after we started talking, we just clicked. That's never happened before. I mean, it's easy for me to make friends. I can change myself to whatever I need to be, whatever is expected of me, but those friends are always expendable. I could toss them aside and find new ones, and it wouldn't bother me at all. I don't want that with Edward. I have a feeling he's going to be more important than I even realize, but I'm scared to fucking death to let him in. It's a lot harder to lose something you never had than to lose something truly important to you. I've learned that the hard way.

I won't tell you which chapter this is from, you'll have to read it to find out. Enjoy, I certainly did.


So there you have it, ladies and gents. Another Tuesday with more awesome tales to read. Now just keep in mind that we warned you ahead of time, so any drycleaning that needs doing after reading this week's recs...you're on your own!



The TwiSlash SLASH contest will begin soon!!
Check here in next few days for more details!

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Slash Author Guest Rec - TwiSlash Admins

The author who was slated for today had to reschedule, so I thought that it would be a good time to pimp the girls of TwiSlash. We are all authors as well, and so decided to turn the spotlight on us to let you get to know us a little better. The other admins for TwiSlash have no idea this is coming, so let’s hope they don’t kill me.

Let’s start off with the newest author in the bunch:
Into the Arms of Oblivion
Six years after leaving Bella in the forest, Edward lives a life of abject misery, grasping at the shreds of oblivion rarely within his reach. Edward x Bella. Rated M for lemons and other disturbing things. This story is very dark, you’ve been warned.Twilight - Rated: M - English - Angst/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,633 - Reviews: 62 - Published: 9-18-09 - Edward & Bella

Rarely in Fanfiction have I found a story that is so dark, so edgy, so sexy that I wish I’d have written it. Into the Arms of Oblivion is the best New Moon AU one-shot I’ve ever seen because it takes Edward to a place that most people wouldn’t have thought to go. It’s plausible, it’s real, and it’s definitely a must read.

Next, we’ll go to one of my favorite authors – Naelany
At The Deep End

After an encounter at camp many years ago Jasper thought he would never see Edward again but little did he know who his new teammate would turn out to be.......
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 101,591 - Reviews: 1861 - Updated: 12-21-09 - Published: 3-30-09 - Jasper & Edward

Yes, I know that she has written other things since this first foray into Fanfiction, but it’s my favorite of hers. It’s also the story that brought us together as friends because this story inspired me to write Little Boy Lost. Her boys’ sweet innocence at camp was something that I wanted to capture and expand upon. It’s near the top of my list of must read stories.

Finally, we head over to the brave soul who started the blog – Whitlock’s Girl
Second Chance at Forever
What happens when your life changes before your very eyes? Do you move forward or do you dwell on the past, on what your future should have held? How do you cope with your new life? SLASH! RATED NC-17 or MA
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 26,707 - Reviews: 154 - Updated: 8-30-09 - Published: 7-17-09 - Jasper & Emmett

I could have chosen Desperation, her full length Bella/Jasper story – but not many people have the balls to write Jasper/Emmett slash, so I chose it instead. Jasper has been my very favorite of the Cullens, ever since I read LillieCullen’s A Lesson in Release, or JannaBanana’s When Darkness Turns to Light. To watch his utter devastation in this story broke my heart. Most of the slash that I read is Edward/Jasper – it’s amazing how well she pulled off this pairing, not by making Emmett overly gay, but by portraying him as realistically as she could.

Wait, there’s one more blog admin…. Oh yeah … me – DefinatelyStaying
Community Service
In the final installment of the TFR/HoC series, Edward and Jasper have finally found peace in each other. But, with Jane and Alec enlisting Felix’s help in order to exact revenge on Edward and Alice for their banishment, will that peace last? MA/AH/BDSM
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,202 - Reviews: 221 - Updated: 1-2-10 - Published: 10-31-09 - Edward & Jasper
Community Service is the final installment of the Forbidden Room series. It came about as the result of a mind-blowing bid during the last Support Stacie auction. The story follows a Master and his sub through the trials and tribulations of working through their own demons and finding happiness in each other.

The first book in this series, The Forbidden Room, has been published and can be found in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon.com.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


How does one find out about the Dom/sub community in their area?

Carefully. First, you have to find a BDSM community in your area. Obviously if you live near a larger city, you're going to have an easier time finding one. I would use the internet intially to find the names and contact information of groups.

Use your common sense - meeting people in a BDSM community is the same as meeting any other strangers. Make sure it's a public place, and that you feel comfortable. Check out anyone that you decide to play with - you can run background checks online. Your safety should take precedence over your other priorities for the meeting.

Also, be careful of people that only play online that suddenly want to meet in person. These people have a bare minimum of experience. You don't want them to practice on you.

Ask me anything


Mistress my wife and I were watching fetish porn while we’re getting each other off and we spied an anal hook being used in the vid. We both are still rather unclear about its usage in BDSM play? Care to enlighten us?

First, I need to preface this answer with the following:
1. I have never used an anal hook on a submissive nor have I had one used on me, however I have seen it done.
2. This is more advanced BDSM, harder core, for experienced players – don’t try this at home.
Okay, an anal hook is used basically for the same reason as breast and hair bondage – it’s another form of dominance. However, it also serves other bondage roles in that it is also used for restraint and pleasure. For example – I have seen an anal hook used for women to hold them still during sex. I have also seen it used on a man where his penis and testicles were bound with a rope toward his feet, and the anal hook going in the opposite direction. This is an effective way to teach a submissive patience and discipline without complete immobilization.

As to pleasure, the hook can also be attached with a rope to a sub’s collar or other movable binding (wrist cuffs, etc). During intercourse, the sub can have control over the movement of the hook causing heightened stimulation much like a dildo or a plug can be used.

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