Monday, January 18, 2010

Slash Guest Author Rec - MasterJasperWhitlock

I’m bacccck! Well, for a guest author spot anyway. Did you all miss me? Of course you did! Color me surprised that I am now defined as a ‘slash author’.

Needless to say between the writing, beta’ing, and the occasional artwork, my reading time has been limited, but I still read some slashy goodies, as well as few non-slash (and of course, NON-canon) fics as well.

The Bronze Prince

By Twiboy

My first recommendation a one-shot by a newcomer to Twilight fic writing, but because he’s new doesn’t mean he isn’t, er…experienced. The Bronze Prince by Twiboy starts off as a dark tale about Edward, a boy of the night who makes his living servicing those that require his body. One night he is approached by an incredibly gorgeous man, and while all of Edward’s instincts tell him to fear the beautiful vision, his body can’t help but be dazzled. Meanwhile, Jasper is just as attracted to Edward, but first plays a cat and mouse game, encouraging Edward to run just so Jasper can have fun with the chase. When the mouse gets a cut, the cat has a taste, leading to a revelation that shocks him. Once Alice enters the picture, and confirms Jasper’s concerns, things take a drastic turn for Edward.

Not only does this story capture your attention with the sheer hotness factor-his Jasper rules-but because for a new writer, it is very well written, containing just about everything you would look for in a story, such as humor, suspense, smut, and my biggest requirement, a fucking hot Jasper. This story is a must read for those looking for a quick, but very satisfying, slash fix!

Go read, send some Twiboy some love by leaving a review and keep your fingers crossed that his next story is nice long multi-chapter.

Where my fic pleasure reading time is so limited, most of those that I attempt to keep up with have already been recommended by Twislash. That list includes Lessons Learned, Ink Street and Your Biggest Fan.

For some non-slash fun, go check out the wonderful Change Heartache into Courage by Pixistick cc, and Jasper/Bella story that starts the end of Eclipse after a tragic ending for Edward and Alice in the fight. This story is almost complete, and has easily one of my favorite vampire Jaspers ever, she nailed canon Jasper. Also, two canon fics near and dear to my heart are Resident Geek by Cdunbar, which contains the best Geekward ever written. It is sweet, romantic and geeky all wrapped into one, she has a great Jasper too!

My next canon rec is If You Could Read My Mind by bella cella luna. This Edward/Bella story weaves a past secret they share along with their current relationship, or lack thereof. Tons of angst, suspense, and fucking hot smut make this one a must read for canon fans.

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