Monday, January 4, 2010

Slash Author Guest Rec - TwiSlash Admins

The author who was slated for today had to reschedule, so I thought that it would be a good time to pimp the girls of TwiSlash. We are all authors as well, and so decided to turn the spotlight on us to let you get to know us a little better. The other admins for TwiSlash have no idea this is coming, so let’s hope they don’t kill me.

Let’s start off with the newest author in the bunch:
Into the Arms of Oblivion
Six years after leaving Bella in the forest, Edward lives a life of abject misery, grasping at the shreds of oblivion rarely within his reach. Edward x Bella. Rated M for lemons and other disturbing things. This story is very dark, you’ve been warned.Twilight - Rated: M - English - Angst/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,633 - Reviews: 62 - Published: 9-18-09 - Edward & Bella

Rarely in Fanfiction have I found a story that is so dark, so edgy, so sexy that I wish I’d have written it. Into the Arms of Oblivion is the best New Moon AU one-shot I’ve ever seen because it takes Edward to a place that most people wouldn’t have thought to go. It’s plausible, it’s real, and it’s definitely a must read.

Next, we’ll go to one of my favorite authors – Naelany
At The Deep End

After an encounter at camp many years ago Jasper thought he would never see Edward again but little did he know who his new teammate would turn out to be.......
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 101,591 - Reviews: 1861 - Updated: 12-21-09 - Published: 3-30-09 - Jasper & Edward

Yes, I know that she has written other things since this first foray into Fanfiction, but it’s my favorite of hers. It’s also the story that brought us together as friends because this story inspired me to write Little Boy Lost. Her boys’ sweet innocence at camp was something that I wanted to capture and expand upon. It’s near the top of my list of must read stories.

Finally, we head over to the brave soul who started the blog – Whitlock’s Girl
Second Chance at Forever
What happens when your life changes before your very eyes? Do you move forward or do you dwell on the past, on what your future should have held? How do you cope with your new life? SLASH! RATED NC-17 or MA
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 26,707 - Reviews: 154 - Updated: 8-30-09 - Published: 7-17-09 - Jasper & Emmett

I could have chosen Desperation, her full length Bella/Jasper story – but not many people have the balls to write Jasper/Emmett slash, so I chose it instead. Jasper has been my very favorite of the Cullens, ever since I read LillieCullen’s A Lesson in Release, or JannaBanana’s When Darkness Turns to Light. To watch his utter devastation in this story broke my heart. Most of the slash that I read is Edward/Jasper – it’s amazing how well she pulled off this pairing, not by making Emmett overly gay, but by portraying him as realistically as she could.

Wait, there’s one more blog admin…. Oh yeah … me – DefinatelyStaying
Community Service
In the final installment of the TFR/HoC series, Edward and Jasper have finally found peace in each other. But, with Jane and Alec enlisting Felix’s help in order to exact revenge on Edward and Alice for their banishment, will that peace last? MA/AH/BDSM
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,202 - Reviews: 221 - Updated: 1-2-10 - Published: 10-31-09 - Edward & Jasper
Community Service is the final installment of the Forbidden Room series. It came about as the result of a mind-blowing bid during the last Support Stacie auction. The story follows a Master and his sub through the trials and tribulations of working through their own demons and finding happiness in each other.

The first book in this series, The Forbidden Room, has been published and can be found in paperback and Kindle formats on


naelany said...

Aw bb, thanks for that! No worries, not coming after you to kill you. Hug the stuffing out of you, maybe... but never to kill you ^_~

Bouncy72 said...

Yeah thanks for the rec's. It's cool to see what you guys have written. I've put them all on my list to read except "Into the Arms of Oblivion" (sorry DarkAbsynthe, but I am the biggest wuss in history)
thanks again to all of you

Brittany said...

What happened to Touchstone67?

I thought she was one of the creators for this website....

Naelany has been around all of 3 weeks and she gets a rec?

Definately Staying has been around a month and she gets a rec?

Then again, DS has her nose in everything in this fandom.

Doesn't make much sense to me to have two people who just came along, but not one of the originals.

Playing favorites, much?

naelany said...

Bitchy much? Seriously? First off, Touchstone67 is taking a break due to RL stuff. I'm not privy to details, and even if I were they'd be no one's business but hers. She has not worked on this blog at all for about 2 months now.
About the same amount of time I've been working on the blog.

DS has been with this blog for months (4, 5?) and has been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff for it. She deserves the recognition, even if you don't think so. She's awesome and always there for us all. You don't like that, deal with it and take your fit elsewhere.

DarkAbsynthe has also been with this blog for months, and also deserves the recognition.

That leaves Whitlock's Girl as the last active member of this blog. She's been pulling the weight the longest and has had very little (if any) recognition for it from anyone outside of the few of us who work the blog with her. She's often forgotten and frankly she deserves the recognition for her stuff above the rest of us in my opinion.

So no, this was not a matter of playing favorites. This was DS acknowledging those of us who are actively working on putting this blog out to you for you all to enjoy. I'm sorry you don't feel that that should be allowed.

And by the way, we didn't just "come along". We were asked to join, and happy to do so and to help out where there was need for it. So as I said, if you don't care for it, that's fine. But coming here and being rude about it is not. It is unnecessary and uncalled for.

The next time you don't like something you read, might I suggest clicking that little x at the top right corner of your page. That will solve all your problems.

Whitlock's Girl said...

See, I was going to post this long message, but Naelany beat me to it, so I'm just going to say...


I totally agree with Nae's above comment. (Well, other than I deserve more recognition than the others, yeah, I don't think so.)

I have no problem with people voicing their opinions, but get the facts straight first.

Brittany said...

Wow, lol. Did I hit a nerve? That usually happens when someone talks about the 'almighty' DS.

So, apparently, you girls kiss her ass just as much as everyone else does. Can't say that I'm surprised.

Oh, and also, it's kinda pointless to say 'I dont mind people expressing their opinions' and then go off about someone doing just that. It's probably better just to admit that I pissed you off and you want to go off on me for it. Don't try to cover it up with pretty phrases.

Whitlock's Girl said...

Not covering anything up with pretty phases, just saying like I said before, I have no problem with people expressing their opinions, IF they have their facts straight and you did NOT.

As for kissing DS's ass, well, there's a time and a place for that and as the Lead Admin and the lone standing creator of this blog, I don't kiss anyone's ass. Not DS, nor anyone else for that matter.

You are more than welcome to be pissed about who and what we rec here. That's your right. It's also your right to bitch and moan about it. I, however, have the right, as the admin, owner and creator of this blog to highlight whatever in the fucking hell I choose and if you don't like it, you can take yourself off elsewhere.

Have a nice night!

Bouncy72 said...

Um Brittany, not to bring yr wrath down on my head too. But even if you did have a problem with the post, did you need to be so aggressive? You could have been a bit more diplomatic in yr comments, and not all of that was nessesary to get yr point across either.

naelany said...

First off, thank you Bouncy72 for your support.

Second. Brittany. I will say this once and once only. I do not kiss anyone's ass. You would have garnered the same response from me if it hadn't been DS you were talking about but another one of the blog-ladies instead. You were (and still are) rude and frankly, obnoxious and coming here with a chip on your shoulder is not the way to go if you're looking for me to pussyfoot around your sorry ass. Ain't happening.

You've insulted a member of the blog, you've insulted the admin and you've pretty much alluded to not believing us worthy enough of any acknowledgment.

Let me point you in the right direction. Last time I have to do so, I hope. That little red X in the top right corner. Click it, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

If you have any beef with anyone, do not bring it here. Your spite is not welcomed or wanted.

Good bye.

DefinatelyStaying said...

Brittany -

I'm sorry if you were offended by the post. As stated in the first paragraph of the post, the person who was supposed to do rec for the day was unable to do so. I needed to fill the space with something.

The authors on this blog work hard week after week to bring exciting and fresh content to our readers, and as such deserve some recognition for their other work.

The authors highlighted in the post are the active admins at the time of the post.

Furthermore, Touchstone67/MasterJasperWhitlock is my beta. She means everything to me and to my work. It is offensive that you would attempt to condemn me for her absence.

As to your comments of "almighty" and "nose in everything". I do not know to what you are referring. I volunteer in the community on blogs and in auctions and assist other authors with their work because I care about promoting a positive atmosphere in the fandom.

If you would like to take further issue with me, please feel free to email me. My address is on my fanfiction profile. But the other admins and I will not allow this to continue on the blog. Any subsequent hostile comments will be deleted.

Thank you,

Bouncy72 said...

Hey DS don't stress. There was NOTHING wrong with the's ridiculous to get this sort of reaction to it. Also THANK-YOU for wanting to create a more positive atmosphere in the fandom. I'm sure EVERYONE you help appreciates it greatly.

Emily said...

DefinatelyStaying, as a very happy Kindle owner, I would love to download and read your book, it sounds totally awesome. However, I have this huge problem with starting something that has sequels, because I get desperate to know what happens next and can't wait... So, if there are sequels, will they be coming out soon? Please let me know. I'd truly appreciate it. Also, thanks to all you ladies for your recs, they are awesome!

naelany said...

Emily, DS is currently in the process of getting the second installment out. I believe she mentioned something about it being released this summer. The third installment is also being worked on, but no idea when she's planning on the release of that one yet. Hope that answers your question.
(And DS, I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty to answer lol)