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Tuesday's Best - Jan 26th, 2010

Welcome To TwiSlash Unveiled!

Tuesdays we bring you the best slash stories we can find, and we have come up with some good ones today. Get ready, grab some towels, get comfortable and enjoy! We have, and we know you will, too.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

Yes, Master
by fiberkitty

As a huge fiberkitty fan, I, of course, have her on author alert and so, when Yes, Master hit my inbox I was giddy for another FK story. Especially once I read the pairing - y'all know how much I like unusual pairings - and the summary was freaking fab, but nothing compared to the actual oneshot.

Here's a tiny excerpt of Master Edward and the deliciousness that is Seth.

As if he read my mind, his teeth plucked the wedge from my mouth and he pulled back, dropping the lime to the side of my body. Edward smiled, almost predatorily. “I bet you'd like to earn my lips on you again, wouldn't you, Seth?”

I nodded and he smirked. “You've wanted me a long time, Clearwater. Tonight's your night. Follow me.”

Now, GO! READ, ENJOY and REVIEW! I hope you'll also follow me in begging fiberkitty for MORE!


Naelany brings you...

Ya gotta love contests. Mistrezboo pointed me towards this story, and I'm so glad I checked it out. It's another entry for the Slash/Backslash contest, called Uncomfortable and it popped Savannah-Vee's Slash-cherry.

When Jasper goes to meet his girlfriend's family for the first time, he's a little uncomfortable with how her brother is continually watching him. You follow Jasper as he has several interactions over a span of time, all of them awkward and...well...uncomfortable. I can't really say too much more about it, as it would give far too much away. It is just a one-shot, after all.

Here's a little something though, and I hope you'll check out the rest for yourself.

I try to ignore the way I notice those eyes boring into my skull as we sit around the dinner table. I try to ignore the way he watches me closely as I eat the strawberry ice cream his mom has made for dessert. I try to ignore the way his eyes are following the spoon as it makes its way into my mouth, and the way he intently watches my lips as they close around it. I try not to be conscious of the way he stops eating his own ice cream, his spoon frozen in mid air, to gaze at me as my tongue licks my lips after I swallow, and the way his pink tongue pokes out and trails over his own lips languidly when I do.

I for one, am really hoping this gets continued. I would love to know what's going through the brother's head (yes, I am mean and not giving away who it is, read that for yourself ;-)). I would love to see some resolution to this. What do you say, Savannah-Vee? ;-)

A little addendum here, Savannah-Vee's continued the story, though I haven't yet managed to read it (been a little busy with the writing), I have had a little look-see and it's looking good. I still wonder about the brother though, S-V. Just sayin' ;)



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