Sunday, January 17, 2010

TwiSlash Unveiled Slash Contest


TwiSlash SLASH One-shot Contest Rules

1. Contest is open to everyone, including TwiSlash authors.

2. All entries will be anonymous to encourage unknowns to post their stories without being intimidated. Not accusing anyone of being all mafia like, but it's hard to post against well known slash authors without feeling a bit intimidated.

~All entrants are welcome to promote the contest itself, but not their own story. Stories may not be published/posted on any site other than the TU FFnet page until the commencement of the voting and the announcement of the winner for the category entered. THIS INCLUDES TEASERS OF ANY SORT!

~Any entrant that deviates from this rule will be disqualified and their story removed from the contest. In addition, they will not be permitted to enter the subsequent contests.

3. All entries must be a one-shot with a 5k to 10k word limit and must be free of any major spelling and grammatical errors.

~Entries not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.

~Entries may NOT be an outtake of a current story nor can it have been entered into any other contest. This is to ensure anonymity.

4. The SLASH contest will open beginning January 15th and continue to February 28th at 11:59pm. Voting will begin on March 15th and end on March 31st.

5. All stories must include a developed PLOT. This means a beginning, a middle and an end. Smut for Smut's sake will NOT be accepted. Otherwise we'd just read Penthouse Letters and be done with it. Slash, in our opinions, isn't just the act of same sex intercourse but the emotions that go along with it. We want mature stories, not just porn.

6. All entries must include a full fledged lemon that includes slash of some variety. We are TwiSLASH for a reason


These submission rules are for the SLASH contest and may be changed for subsequent contests.

~ All entries must be submitted via email to
Since the contest is anonymous to the public, please be sure to include the following in the body of your submission email.

-Story Title

-Author's Name
-Link to FFnet account

~All entries must include the following header.

TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH Contest



Rating: ALL stories submitted for this contest are rated M.


Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight.

TwiSlash Unveiled, this contest, and the authors of the stories submitted do not intend any copyright infringement.

Anonymity Disclaimer:

This story is the work of its author and not TwiSlash Unveiled.
It has been submitted under the TU pen name for the TwiSlash Unveiled SLASH contest only.
It remains the work of the author.

~ All entries will be posted to the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account as soon as they have been received via email and validated.

-All entries will be read and validated by TU and the stories that have NOT met the contest criteria will be returned to their authors. Authors are encouraged to rework their submissions and resubmit them prior to the deadline.

-After the commencement of the contest and the announcement of the winner, Entrants are free to add their stories to their individual FFnet accounts. Please include an author's note in the story that it was an entry into the TwiSlash contest.

This was not done by a few entrants in the Femme Slash contest and they were reported to TwiSlash Unveiled as plagiarizers.

~ Voting will be done by Reader's Choice in a blind poll on the TwiSlash Unveiled FFnet account.

~Special awards may or may not be given by the TwiSlash ladies.
Special Award categories may or may not include Best Lemon, Best Kiss, etc.
These awards will be given at our discretion and any story entered by a TU author will not be eligible for these awards.

~ The winner's story will then be showcased on the TwiSlash Unveiled blog. In addition, the winner and the 2nd and 3rd place stories will be given a button to sport in their signature.

~ All winners will be added to the TwiSlash Unveiled Favorite Stories and Favorite Authors.

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