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Tuesday's Best - 2-22-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. I hope you've had a great weekend, and that you survived the Monday drags okay. To help you along your week, the good Captain and Stolenxsanity have found you some slashy goodness. So grab a towel or two, a fresh pair of panties, and let's check it out, shall we?


Love and kisses to all my slashies. Captain Jezebel back again with something a little different, but still so very yummy for you. Now, Naelany can tell you I am a BIG fan of odd pairings as long as it does not include Jasper or Edward with anyone but each other. Yeah I know that makes me a slash snob, but I can’t bear to see those boys with anyone else. However I do make up for it with my love of other crazy pairings, and this one shot is no exception.

Written for SorceressCirce’s birthday blog; BeCullen  really knocked it out of the park with her pairing and tale of boy/man love in  The Copy Boy and the Editor. Cap’n, you ask, what is this odd pairing you keep hinting about? Why it’s Emmet/Charlie of course...feel free to cringe now. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. For those of you threatening to make a run for it, I do beg you to give it a try, it is so worth it. For those on board...let’s plow.

Emmett McCarty was a high school hotshot. Starting quarterback for his state-winning, high school football team, and a college scholarship that was his ticket out of his small town. A small town where he had to hide his sexuality; unfortunately a torn ACL made his scholarship disappear and his future look bleak. That was until he pulled himself together and decided to take a different route in his life.

Moving away from home, taking a job as a copy boy for the Seattle times and planning a future in journalism, Emmett is happier with his life than he thought he could be given its drastic change in so short a time. The one thing missing...that connection with someone. Being on his own has helped him to emerge more confident sexually, but he still doesn’t  have someone to begin a relationship with.

Enter Charlie Swan, the older, masculine, dominant, fit, sexy as fuck, way out of Emmett’s league, and his presumedly straight boss. Yep that’s right; Mr. Swan is the editor in chief, but even with all the reasons not too, Emmett still develops a major crush on Charlie and it isn’t until he hears certain rumors about Mr. Swan that he decides to make his move.

Exhaling a long sigh, he pushed himself away from the glass. Turning away from the windows towards his desk and to where I was standing, his steps faltered. As he realized someone was in the room with him, he stilled. My entrance had gone unnoticed. His eyes grew wide as they locked with mine. His breath came out in a rush as he clinched the phone in his hand. My palms were sweating and my heart was trying to pound out of my chest. We stood there staring at each other for several long minutes.

Feeling my courage waver, I decided that I was going to have to make the first move. Mr. Swan had not even twitched a muscle since he realized I was standing there. Slowly, I ran my tongue across my lips to moisten them as I looked from his eyes down his torso to the front of his slacks. Hesitating there, I could see the outline of his bulging cock as it grew under my gaze. My eyes widened a bit at the sight as my own erection started to rise. These jeans I wore were chosen specifically to showcase my package and I hoped that he would take notice.

Ohhhh please stick with me. This pairing is surprisingly fuckhot. The way the author wrote them is so deliciously yummy, you can’t help but drool as you read. This is NOT your canon type Charlie Swan...noooo way.  I was breathing heavy and licking my lips the entire time. Pretty sure I let out a few whimpers as well, which caused the Cabin Boy to look at me with the “Whatever” face.

I enjoyed this tale so much. It was an incredible idea, a great risk, it took balls, and talent, but was executed perfectly; making Emmett/Charlie a large blip on my slash map. I am smiling all wide and goofy as I type this because I really liked it that much. Please give it a shot and if you do, and enjoy it as much as I did, don’t forget to leave love for the author.


Greetings to all! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to grace you all with my presence but, fear not, I am here and I come bearing a new rec for every one of you. Never let it be said that I am not a giver because I most certainly am, and I especially love giving when the gift is a little bit of boy-on-boy lovin’ for you all to voraciously consume.

… that came out sounding a lot dirtier than I intended it to, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m writing this at 4:30 in the morning in between doling out medications to sick children and a sick husband. Whatever the case, it was only meant to sound that dirty if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, I do have a story to share with all you lovely, lovely people. What is that story, you ask? Secrets in Seattle by sapphirescribe, a very nice little one-shot written for the From the Boardroom to the Bedroom contest, and winner of the public poll. So, that said, let’s get to it!

Secrets in Seattle is another Edward/Jasper slash!fic (but of course) that had me at hello - or, well, the first sentence, I guess? Then again, I think it’d be much more accurate to say that it was the eighth paragraph, or thereabouts … but, enough of my babbling, I’ll let the story speak for itself -

I don't meet the VP of our division until the middle of my second week. Rosalie hadn't wanted to interrupt him, but apparently Emmett has no such reservations. When I mention to my brother that I haven't met the boss, he practically drags me to Whitlock's office when we get back from lunch.

I hear him introduce me to Mr. Jasper Whitlock as his little brother and Rose's newest intern, and I somehow manage to raise my arm for an introductory handshake, but I completely tune Emmett out after that. Whitlock is fucking gorgeous.

His dirty blonde hair is longer than normal for professional standards, but it suits him perfectly. His eyes are somewhere between steely gray and sky blue, and I think they might change color depending on the lighting or maybe his moods. His lips are pink and full, and I'm paralyzed when his tongue darts out to moisten them.

I'm vaguely aware that I'm being asked a question, and I hope that some part of my brain is functioning because I feel my mouth moving, but I have no idea what I'm saying. It's a good thing that Emmett's arm is around my shoulders because if it wasn't, I would probably launch myself at Mr. Whitlock to get a taste of those lips.

Somehow Emmett gets us out of Whitlock's office, and I really hope that I haven't ruined all chance of success in this company because of my blatant display of idiocy.

Ahem, where was I now? Right, it had me hello, or something along those lines. At the moment, all I can think is: Can I get one order of Whitlock to go? Please and thank you!

The story spans a time frame of just over two years, and highlights the ups and downs of not only an employee-employer relationship (damn those unspoken rules!) but a nice dose of confusion with a ten-plus year age gap thrown in for good measure (I can’t be the only one thinking of how absolutely devastating Jackson will be in ten years, unless I’m the only one that pictures Jackson and, if that’s the case, carry on …)

I don’t want to give too much away because then what would be the point of you reading the story? But, I will leave you with this for incentive:

"God, I want you." I hear the words but they don't make sense. It doesn't matter though because in the next second his mouth is on mine, and then his tongue is lapping at my lip, and who am I to stop the tongue that I've dreamt about from entering my mouth?

Our hands are everywhere – pushing, pulling, tugging, teasing. I hear a button pop off and hit the floor but I have no idea whose shirt it belongs to, nor do I care. His body is hot and hard against mine, and it's better than the thousands of times I've fantasized about this very thing.

I'm unaware that I'm moving until Whitlock pushes me against and then onto the desk. His hands are undoing my belt and zipper, and then his strong, incredibly-warm hand is wrapped around my cock. My head falls back, and I can't contain the moan that builds from the pit of my stomach and consumes me from the inside out.

"I need to have you," he breathes into my mouth. "Please let me have you."

"God, yes," is all I can say. There is a buzz of activity, and my mind is so far gone that all I hear is swishing cloth, unzipping, the tearing of foil, and then his moist fingers are at my entrance, and thank God, because I think I might die if he doesn't fuck me soon.

Whitlock moves me so that he's holding up one knee with his elbow, and my other leg is wrapped around him, and then he leans forward to plunge his tongue into my mouth as he enters me. I relish the slow, burning stretch as he takes his time, making sure I'm ready. As soon as he feels me relax, he's pounding into me. It's a harsh, relentless rhythm, but it's absolutely fucking perfect.

Our hands move and touch and tease of their own accord. He pinches my nipple as I reach for his ass to pull him farther and harder into me.

All too soon I feel myself coming undone embarrassingly quickly, but I know it has nothing to do with my age and everything to do with just how thoroughly I'm being fucked. I don't want this to be over, but I can't help it, and when he wraps his hand around me and cries, "Come for me, Edward," I'm completely lost, coming for all I'm worth and clenching around him.

As soon as I'm spent, he collapses on top of me, hips barely moving, but I can feel his entire body tense and relax repeatedly as he releases inside of me, and I never want to leave. I don't want to leave this moment, or this desk, or this office.

Too soon he is pulling out and I am suddenly winded as I realize what I've just done.

I've just fucked my boss's boss in his office.

Fuck. I'm so screwed.

While I will readily, and easily, admit to this story being a hot little number - because, let’s face it, that’s a big part of the reason we read slash, am I right? - it is also a nice mix of sweet and angst-light (copyrighting this word right now if it hasn’t been done already). So, give the story a shot and, if you’re disappointed I assure you, though, that won’t be the case.


As you can see, they've done a great job once again at finding some deliciousness for us all. Be sure to check it out, and leave some love for the authors. 

On another note: The Twilight No Stress Love Fest is a great success, with 33 entries! Head on over, and make sure to read every entry. I'm in there somewhere. Can you find me? Polls to put author/artist to fic/banner will open on the 28th, so there's plenty of time for you to go through them all. There's some wonderful stuff there. See you next week, when Aradi and Stolenxsanity have more boy-lovin' to bring you!

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Tuesday's Best 2-15-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! I hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day, and that you're ready to stock up on some chocolate and whatever other goodies that are available just now ;-)
Speaking of goodies! Let's check out what Aradi and I have in store for you today, shall we? Yes, I know Stolenxsanity's supposed to be sharing some lovin' with you today, but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to swap, so you get me, instead ;-) I promise, I'll make it good ;-)


It’s that time again.

You know... where I get kinda-stalkery and kinda-fangirly all up one side of Conversed and down the other.

The time where I only half-pretend I’m all seriousface and objective-y reviewer, and not totally living in her back pocket.

(When I’m not too busy stalking the other people I stalk.)

(I have to be fair.)

It’s easy to be this way though, when Conversed keeps cranking out the gems.  It’s like she wants us to love her fics or something.

It’s crazy.

So yeah I’ve told you all about Twinned and Seventeen Men.  We’ve also pimped I'm Listening.

Now Conversed has climbed on the drabble train with Age Gaps (or, Age Gaps On The Internet Are Completely Irrelevant).

Age Gaps is older Carlisle/younger Riley, and you know I love unusual pairings.  Their story is told in CPOV over 45ish drabbles.  It is silly... and hot... and sweet.

They meet in an internet forum, and this is why the story resonated so much for me.  I mean, I can already identify with the boylove stories because, hey, I love cute boys too.  I can also identify with the potential and perils of meeting on the internet.  

It shouldn't be easy to describe the essential mind-fuck that my online-friendship has become, but somehow it is.

I find the words and they're simple.

"I got to know someone online, he makes getting up a pleasure, and I can't wait to get home to talk more.

But he's young.

Too young. In real life we'd probably have nothing in common. I miss him terribly."

See thats the problem and the perfection of the internet;  we’re all equal parts old, young, and ageless here.

(Except you, Mom.  Close the browser and go play Minesweeper.)

So Carlisle feels a connection with Riley, but once he finds out he’s much younger, he decides it just wont work.  They haven’t even met “for real” and Carlisle has closed his mind to the possibility (and then completely New Moons poor Riley, fool).  The solution is hopefully in Riley’s unfailing persistence, and the conspiring of some amusing insiders in Carlisle’s life.

(The solution is possibly silly and sweet and oh-so-hot.)


(Conversed is definitely all three.  I know this from the interwebs.)

You know that awful heartache? That horrible hollow feeling that’s left in the wake of a break-up? Those days, weeks, months after, where you simply don’t want to deal with life anymore and you just want to wallow in misery?

Yeah, I think we all know that, don’t we? If we’re lucky, we have friends that help us out of that funk. Jasper was, when he and Peter broke up. Edward was there for him then, despite having a boyfriend of his own who was none too pleased with the extra attention Edward was giving Jasper.

So what do you think happens when Edward reaches that low-point? Well, bmango shows us just how Jasper steps up to the plate in Harbor In The Tempest. Through Jasper’s eyes, we get to see just how poorly Edward is coping with his break-up. And we also get to see how Jasper pushes past his own desire for Edward, in order to help the man who is first and foremost his best friend.

Inside his apartment it's completely dark. The lights are off and the curtains are drawn. The only noise is from the television, and I make my way cautiously toward the sound, stumbling over pizza boxes on my way.

I find him there, sprawled on the couch in his boxers, the lights from the television flickering across his face. Just as I predicted. The thing that I hadn't counted on is his vacant stare, his lifeless expression. Around him are more take-out containers and empty beer cans. A half bottle of whiskey is sitting between his legs and he has one hand wrapped around the neck. I continue to watch as he slowly lifts it to his lips and pours another swallow down his throat, never even acknowledging my presence.


What did that bastard do to him?

"Edward?" I start and then flinch when he turns his blank eyes to me. All the feeling has bled out of them and there's nothing left but a dull, lifeless green.

"Edward, you're scaring the piss out of me. What the fuck happened? Did James do something?" I ask in a soft, calm voice, slowly edging nearer and wondering how I'm going to pull him out of this. This is worse than after Allistair or Tyler or Erik or any of them. And I didn't think he actually liked James that much.

I kneel in front of him settling onto my heels, and his eyes follow me, a small flicker of light in the darkness.

He whimpers and curls in on himself, hugging his knees to his chest. As he's moving, I deftly remove the whiskey bottle before the alcohol ends up on him or the floor and set it on the coffee table. I rise and sit on the couch, pulling him into my lap and just holding him as close as possible, his warm weight pressing into my chest. And although recently I have had some small fantasies of doing just this with Edward, I definitely didn't want it to be under these circumstances.

Will Jasper be able to help Edward get past the feelings of inadequacy and loss that he’s feeling? Or could there be more at play here? To get the answer to that, you’ll have to go read for yourself.
There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Captain Jezebel and Stolenxsanity have in store for you. 

In the mean time, have a look at the wonderful entries for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. There's several slash stories there, as well as an array of other gems. Check it out, and see if you can guess who wrote/made what. Yours truly has even entered. Do you think you can find me?

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Slash Guest Author Rec - BeCullen

Well, here I am.  Surprising, I know.  When Naelany approached me about guest rec’ing on TU, my first instinct was to panic.  Not because I don’t like to pimp fics, no, just that I figured no one would want to read about a story that I liked.  Then, she went on to explain that it could be more than one story, slash or het, even in a different fandom altogether, if I wanted to, and my little brain starting buzzing with excitement.  Those of you that follow me on twitter know that when I am asked for a rec I sort of go overboard and rec as many as I can find that fits the criteria.  I love these stories, and I especially love to share them.  So, hold onto your privates and enjoy this crazy ride into my fav list.

I thought I would start an o/s that was one of the first that I read.  It’s Canon, het-E/B.

Author’s Synopsis:  “Set several years post-Breaking Dawn. After you've been through high school several times, biology starts to get really, really boring. And you start looking for other ways to spend the time... EdwardBella, of course.”  

This cool o/s is rated M and from BPOV.  This wonderful little story has been on my fav list for almost two years, and I rec it as often as I can.  This author does a great job of making a cool Bella and a very hot Edward. Definitely, one for the fav list.

My second rec is a multi-chap fic that everyone has probably heard of before.  It’s AU, AH and very OCC.   It’s a rated M, slash story with Edward/Jasper.  This fic was one of my first and will always be my favorite slash, E/J story.

Author’s Synopsis:  “Slash: Edward is an unabashed pleasure-seeker, one of the club kings of the Seattle gay community. One night at his favorite club, he meets an enigmatic man who rocks the world he has created. Explicit sexuality/language/mature themes.”  

Although most people have already read this amazing story, I just cannot leave it off my list.  This story is the one.  The one slash fic that after I read it catapulted me into the world of slash fan fiction and later into m/m romance books.  After reading the first chapter of OTT, I was hooked for life.  And, I have begged, pleaded and bought every word I could from poor starfish422 (I am surprised that she still talks to me at all-lol). There is a sequel to this story called Deep Dish. It is not an E/J story, but still a must read.

My next rec is my favorite wolfy fic.  It is a slash, Jacob/OC(Adam).  Rated M.

Author’s Synopsis:  “For Jake, the only thing that could make life any worse would be imprinting. The only thing that could make that any worse would be imprinting on another guy.”  

This story was my first wolf fic and one of the few that I actually like Jacob in.  Her original character, Adam, is wonderfully written and their love story shines.  I feel it is definitely worth the read.

These next picks are actually what I like to joke with the author about as the E&O Dynasty.  It’s actually four different fics that intertwine together.  I started reading the first one back on 6/27/2009 and I am still reading the series.  I think I will just list them in somewhat order.

Summary for Equal & Opposite: “They've been friends since the age of 10. Now they're seniors in High School and gay Jasper has a crush on his straight best friend, Edward. Will Jasper find love or will his heart be broken? AU/AH OOC Slash Rated M for coarse language/sexual content”  Now, these stories are very heavy on the angst so be warned.  I, personally, love the angst, but I know many people cannot take it.  

So, I guess that wraps it up.  I also want to mention that I read from several fandoms, but decided to not list my recs from them.  They include:  Duncan/Methos(Highlander), Spork(Star Trek), Logan/Remmy(X-men), Harry/Draco(HP), and maybe some others.  If anyone would like to see any of my recs from those fandoms just give me a shout on twitter(BeCullen).  In addition, if you want to see any of the other stories that I have in my favorites list on fanfiction.net check here BeCullen.  As of now, I have 494 stories on my list, so obviously I could not list every fic that I love.   Alright, goodbye everyone and I hope you enjoy my recs for you.

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Tuesday's Best 2-8-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're all having a good time, and are gearing up to a fantabulous Valentine's Day! It's less than a week away now :-) The Captain and I have scoured the web to bring you some goodies to tide you over until then. Let's go see what we've rounded up, shall we? Don't forget to bring the usual Kleenex, towels, and panties. 


*hugs and kisses to my slash peeps* Hello all, Captain Jezebel again, back with another delectable slash rec for ya. And believe me this one is extremely yummy. Those of you that know rmhale already know what I’m talking about on more than one level *wiggles eyebrows*

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down is her Fandom Gives Back auction piece starring the first couple of Twi Slash. Yep, our two favorite guys: Jasper and Edward. Edward is two years out of high school and tutors the students of Forks High. He is a quiet nerd, that has been hurt really bad by the one man he has ever been with, so he keeps a wall around his wounded heart.

Jasper is the troubled high-school senior that is spiraling out of control since his parent’s divorce hit him hard. His cocky attitude and life of the party personality make him a popular guy; but is that all there is to him?

It is clear, even with the rocky start in which Jasper pulls some dirty antics; clearly trying to shock Edward or make him run for the hills, that there is a genuine attraction between these men.

"I'm gonna save us both the time. I don't need or want your help with school and since I didn't call The Geek Strippers and order a hot nerd, I suggest you either get the fuck out or get on your knees and suck my cock. A mouth is a mouth, you know?"

I took a step back and faltered, dropping my books.

"Your choice." He snubbed out the cigarette and walked back into the house, leaving the door open. I quickly gathered up my materials and followed him in.

The door clicked shut as my eyes zeroed in on the image before me. Thank god I was holding something, because if I hadn't been, there is no doubt in my mind what I would have done.

Jasper was on the couch, jeans low on his lean hips, open at the waist. He was watching me, his hand in his pants. He was slowly rubbing his cock inside his jeans.

I couldn't have turned my head, even if I wanted too, the scene was mesmerizing.

"Good choice, Ed," he drawled, in a tone as lazy as his strokes. "Come here and get on your knees."

*wipes chin* Yeah that Jasper is sure a fire cracker right off the bat. *fans self* Is it hot in here? *looks around* No? Just me? *composes self* Any way, after Edward is able to toughen up and talk, no nonsense Jasper sees that Edward only wants to help him, and that is when the real fun begins.

I love the way their friendship is developed , and the sparks can be felt big time. But Edward still guards himself from taking a chance. Will Jasper be able to get past the wall around his heart? Will he help to heal Edward and in turn find someone worth more than just a fuck?

I won’t tell you the answers to these questions, but I will give you hope. If you read the story you will really love the way these two come together. I was just so …*swoons* It was...*sighs*...yeah it was incredible.

Give it a read; c’mon, it’s rmhale for christ’s sake...you know what that means *licks lips*....*looks around again* You mean to tell me you don’t know rmhale’s proclivities by now ? *shocked face* Enjoy and please don’t forget to leave her love if you do.


So here I am, doing some random ficdiving, and I stumble upon the following story: A Gift I Gladly Share, by luvrofink. When I first read the title, I had no idea what to expect, but boy oh boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

Carlisle is a Dom, and is married to Esme. Together, they have a live-in slave - Edward. Sounds like fun times, for sure!

So what happens when Bella, a colleague of Carlisle’s, confesses to Esme one night that her love life with her now ex-husband Jacob, left a lot to be desired? She’s feeling very much unfulfilled, and is trying to figure out what to do about it.

Of course, Esme and Carlisle have just the antidote, and invite her into their dungeon where Carlisle will show off their slave, Edward. Mmmmm, good times, trust me.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

"Now, show Miss Bella how good you are at sucking dick. You'd better make it good for me, slut," I growled as I fisted Edward's soft locks in my hand.

Edward moaned as I tugged on his hair while my other hand freed my throbbing dick. I pressed forward and filled his mouth, letting my cock slide to the back of his throat. I pulled back, letting the head of my cock slide just past his lips before pushing back in. Edward hollowed out his cheeks and sucked hard on me, using his tongue to massage the underside of my length.

"So fucking good," I groaned.

When I looked back over at Bella I noticed her skirt was hiked up to her hips and her panties were now pulled out of the way to make room for her fingers. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip, worrying the soft, plump flesh as she slid her fingers inside her body. Bella looked so beautiful.

Edward worked my dick expertly, using his teeth and his tongue to tease me. He scraped the head of my cock at each pass and I tugged his hair tighter. I looked down at him and his eyes were filled with lust as I fucked his mouth. I was so close, but I had plans for my orgasm that didn't include Edward swallowing tonight. I pulled out slowly and Edward whined as I left him empty.

"I'd much rather come in that tight ass of yours," I told him with a wink.

Bella moaned so loud that Edward whipped his head around to look at her. He gasped as his eyes zeroed in on what her hands were doing. Bella used one hand to part her swollen lower lips as she used three fingers from her other hand to fuck herself.

"Oh God," Edward croaked.

Unf! And there’s more! But for that, you’re going to have to check it out yourself. Be sure to leave some love. Maybe, if we get lucky, we’ll get a little insight as to what happens next. I know I wouldn’t mind reading more ;-)


There you have it, folks. Another couple of great reads for you to devour. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some lovin', and check back next week to see what Aradi and Stolenxsanity have in store for you.

In the mean time, there are still a couple of days left to enter a little somethin' somethin' for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest, so hop on over, grab a prompt, and get to steppin'! Use art or words to create some hot lovin', I know you've got plenty to share ;-)