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Tuesday's Best 2-8-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're all having a good time, and are gearing up to a fantabulous Valentine's Day! It's less than a week away now :-) The Captain and I have scoured the web to bring you some goodies to tide you over until then. Let's go see what we've rounded up, shall we? Don't forget to bring the usual Kleenex, towels, and panties. 


*hugs and kisses to my slash peeps* Hello all, Captain Jezebel again, back with another delectable slash rec for ya. And believe me this one is extremely yummy. Those of you that know rmhale already know what I’m talking about on more than one level *wiggles eyebrows*

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down is her Fandom Gives Back auction piece starring the first couple of Twi Slash. Yep, our two favorite guys: Jasper and Edward. Edward is two years out of high school and tutors the students of Forks High. He is a quiet nerd, that has been hurt really bad by the one man he has ever been with, so he keeps a wall around his wounded heart.

Jasper is the troubled high-school senior that is spiraling out of control since his parent’s divorce hit him hard. His cocky attitude and life of the party personality make him a popular guy; but is that all there is to him?

It is clear, even with the rocky start in which Jasper pulls some dirty antics; clearly trying to shock Edward or make him run for the hills, that there is a genuine attraction between these men.

"I'm gonna save us both the time. I don't need or want your help with school and since I didn't call The Geek Strippers and order a hot nerd, I suggest you either get the fuck out or get on your knees and suck my cock. A mouth is a mouth, you know?"

I took a step back and faltered, dropping my books.

"Your choice." He snubbed out the cigarette and walked back into the house, leaving the door open. I quickly gathered up my materials and followed him in.

The door clicked shut as my eyes zeroed in on the image before me. Thank god I was holding something, because if I hadn't been, there is no doubt in my mind what I would have done.

Jasper was on the couch, jeans low on his lean hips, open at the waist. He was watching me, his hand in his pants. He was slowly rubbing his cock inside his jeans.

I couldn't have turned my head, even if I wanted too, the scene was mesmerizing.

"Good choice, Ed," he drawled, in a tone as lazy as his strokes. "Come here and get on your knees."

*wipes chin* Yeah that Jasper is sure a fire cracker right off the bat. *fans self* Is it hot in here? *looks around* No? Just me? *composes self* Any way, after Edward is able to toughen up and talk, no nonsense Jasper sees that Edward only wants to help him, and that is when the real fun begins.

I love the way their friendship is developed , and the sparks can be felt big time. But Edward still guards himself from taking a chance. Will Jasper be able to get past the wall around his heart? Will he help to heal Edward and in turn find someone worth more than just a fuck?

I won’t tell you the answers to these questions, but I will give you hope. If you read the story you will really love the way these two come together. I was just so …*swoons* It was...*sighs*...yeah it was incredible.

Give it a read; c’mon, it’s rmhale for christ’s sake...you know what that means *licks lips*....*looks around again* You mean to tell me you don’t know rmhale’s proclivities by now ? *shocked face* Enjoy and please don’t forget to leave her love if you do.


So here I am, doing some random ficdiving, and I stumble upon the following story: A Gift I Gladly Share, by luvrofink. When I first read the title, I had no idea what to expect, but boy oh boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

Carlisle is a Dom, and is married to Esme. Together, they have a live-in slave - Edward. Sounds like fun times, for sure!

So what happens when Bella, a colleague of Carlisle’s, confesses to Esme one night that her love life with her now ex-husband Jacob, left a lot to be desired? She’s feeling very much unfulfilled, and is trying to figure out what to do about it.

Of course, Esme and Carlisle have just the antidote, and invite her into their dungeon where Carlisle will show off their slave, Edward. Mmmmm, good times, trust me.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

"Now, show Miss Bella how good you are at sucking dick. You'd better make it good for me, slut," I growled as I fisted Edward's soft locks in my hand.

Edward moaned as I tugged on his hair while my other hand freed my throbbing dick. I pressed forward and filled his mouth, letting my cock slide to the back of his throat. I pulled back, letting the head of my cock slide just past his lips before pushing back in. Edward hollowed out his cheeks and sucked hard on me, using his tongue to massage the underside of my length.

"So fucking good," I groaned.

When I looked back over at Bella I noticed her skirt was hiked up to her hips and her panties were now pulled out of the way to make room for her fingers. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip, worrying the soft, plump flesh as she slid her fingers inside her body. Bella looked so beautiful.

Edward worked my dick expertly, using his teeth and his tongue to tease me. He scraped the head of my cock at each pass and I tugged his hair tighter. I looked down at him and his eyes were filled with lust as I fucked his mouth. I was so close, but I had plans for my orgasm that didn't include Edward swallowing tonight. I pulled out slowly and Edward whined as I left him empty.

"I'd much rather come in that tight ass of yours," I told him with a wink.

Bella moaned so loud that Edward whipped his head around to look at her. He gasped as his eyes zeroed in on what her hands were doing. Bella used one hand to part her swollen lower lips as she used three fingers from her other hand to fuck herself.

"Oh God," Edward croaked.

Unf! And there’s more! But for that, you’re going to have to check it out yourself. Be sure to leave some love. Maybe, if we get lucky, we’ll get a little insight as to what happens next. I know I wouldn’t mind reading more ;-)


There you have it, folks. Another couple of great reads for you to devour. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some lovin', and check back next week to see what Aradi and Stolenxsanity have in store for you.

In the mean time, there are still a couple of days left to enter a little somethin' somethin' for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest, so hop on over, grab a prompt, and get to steppin'! Use art or words to create some hot lovin', I know you've got plenty to share ;-)

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