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Slash Guest Author Rec - BeCullen

Well, here I am.  Surprising, I know.  When Naelany approached me about guest rec’ing on TU, my first instinct was to panic.  Not because I don’t like to pimp fics, no, just that I figured no one would want to read about a story that I liked.  Then, she went on to explain that it could be more than one story, slash or het, even in a different fandom altogether, if I wanted to, and my little brain starting buzzing with excitement.  Those of you that follow me on twitter know that when I am asked for a rec I sort of go overboard and rec as many as I can find that fits the criteria.  I love these stories, and I especially love to share them.  So, hold onto your privates and enjoy this crazy ride into my fav list.

I thought I would start an o/s that was one of the first that I read.  It’s Canon, het-E/B.

Author’s Synopsis:  “Set several years post-Breaking Dawn. After you've been through high school several times, biology starts to get really, really boring. And you start looking for other ways to spend the time... EdwardBella, of course.”  

This cool o/s is rated M and from BPOV.  This wonderful little story has been on my fav list for almost two years, and I rec it as often as I can.  This author does a great job of making a cool Bella and a very hot Edward. Definitely, one for the fav list.

My second rec is a multi-chap fic that everyone has probably heard of before.  It’s AU, AH and very OCC.   It’s a rated M, slash story with Edward/Jasper.  This fic was one of my first and will always be my favorite slash, E/J story.

Author’s Synopsis:  “Slash: Edward is an unabashed pleasure-seeker, one of the club kings of the Seattle gay community. One night at his favorite club, he meets an enigmatic man who rocks the world he has created. Explicit sexuality/language/mature themes.”  

Although most people have already read this amazing story, I just cannot leave it off my list.  This story is the one.  The one slash fic that after I read it catapulted me into the world of slash fan fiction and later into m/m romance books.  After reading the first chapter of OTT, I was hooked for life.  And, I have begged, pleaded and bought every word I could from poor starfish422 (I am surprised that she still talks to me at all-lol). There is a sequel to this story called Deep Dish. It is not an E/J story, but still a must read.

My next rec is my favorite wolfy fic.  It is a slash, Jacob/OC(Adam).  Rated M.

Author’s Synopsis:  “For Jake, the only thing that could make life any worse would be imprinting. The only thing that could make that any worse would be imprinting on another guy.”  

This story was my first wolf fic and one of the few that I actually like Jacob in.  Her original character, Adam, is wonderfully written and their love story shines.  I feel it is definitely worth the read.

These next picks are actually what I like to joke with the author about as the E&O Dynasty.  It’s actually four different fics that intertwine together.  I started reading the first one back on 6/27/2009 and I am still reading the series.  I think I will just list them in somewhat order.

Summary for Equal & Opposite: “They've been friends since the age of 10. Now they're seniors in High School and gay Jasper has a crush on his straight best friend, Edward. Will Jasper find love or will his heart be broken? AU/AH OOC Slash Rated M for coarse language/sexual content”  Now, these stories are very heavy on the angst so be warned.  I, personally, love the angst, but I know many people cannot take it.  

So, I guess that wraps it up.  I also want to mention that I read from several fandoms, but decided to not list my recs from them.  They include:  Duncan/Methos(Highlander), Spork(Star Trek), Logan/Remmy(X-men), Harry/Draco(HP), and maybe some others.  If anyone would like to see any of my recs from those fandoms just give me a shout on twitter(BeCullen).  In addition, if you want to see any of the other stories that I have in my favorites list on check here BeCullen.  As of now, I have 494 stories on my list, so obviously I could not list every fic that I love.   Alright, goodbye everyone and I hope you enjoy my recs for you.

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