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Tuesday's Best ~ 12-29-2009

Welcome To TwiSlashUnveiled!

Tuesdays we bring you the best slash stories we can find, and we have come up with some good ones today. Get ready, grab some towels, get comfortable and enjoy! We have, and we know you will, too.


Whitlock's Girl's up first, and she brings you:

Time Turns Elastic
by YogaGal

Time Turns Elastic was written for the FML challenge as a sample writing and OH! MY! GOD! is it a perfect example of a FML moment in life. In high school, Edward Masen, after realizing he's gay, overhears a conversation between his parents about homosexuality. This conversation leads him to closet himself until college. After meeting his "Angel Boy", Jasper, he decides to come out to his parents. Unfortunately, his coming out doesn't go as planned.

Time Turns Elastic would be a beautiful story to continue into a full blown fic. I'd love to find out if Edward's wishes at the end come true and how he deals with the situation he's now in.

I loved Time Turns Elastic for many reasons, but I think that what I like about it most is how realistic it is and how well YogaGal writes this one shot. She's definitely not a novice. She's written multiple stories for the Southern Vampire Mystery fandom. She also has another slash story that she's written for the TwiFandom which features Edward and Jasper as well. According to Nae, she was a nervous wreck when writing slash, but I must say she has nothing to worry about.


Yeah, okay, so you should know I have to add my 2-cents' worth for just a moment. I'm with Whitlock's Girl on this one. I would love to see this story continued, too. I'm dying to know what happens next with poor Edward and Jasper.

So while I'm sitting right over here, crossing my fingers and anxiously waiting to find out, why don't I tell you about what I've found for you today? Sound good?

I am beginning to really, really like the contests out there right now. Or rather, the stories that have been coming from them. I found another - to me - precious gem, and I can't wait to share it with you. Not only is this Edward and Jasper, but there's tattoos and some BDSM involved, too. Can things get any better than that? Didn't think so ;)

His Mark Upon My Life
by theladyingrey42

Jasper is Edward's sub. It's hard to describe what's going on without giving anything away. I know, I know, I keep saying that, but dangit it's true! Here's something to wet your whistle with though.

As always, I keep my eyes averted, my gaze low. Anticipating the pain, I meditate on his feet, repeatedly tracing the lines of his black leather shoes, meticulously polished to a low and glossy shine. In the reflections of the scattered lights around the studio, I imagine I can see his cool green eyes, alive with the fire he is possessed by whenever he knows he owns me. Whenever he knows my submission to his desires is complete.

"Jasper," he breathes, low and husky, the very sound of it awakening me from my reverie, instantly alert and ready to react in whatever way it is that he demands of me.

"Yes, Sir?"

"I do not usually grant opportunities for … reconsideration … but given the nature of what I have planned for you, in this one case I will make an exception. Answer me truthfully; you understand what you have agreed to?"

I gulp, brushing aside my hesitation, knowing full well how it will displease him. The tone of his voice, the haughty, domineering quality of it only reminds me of my vulnerability here.

But it is only my permission, my submission, that allows him to behave like this.

It is my submission that gives me power.

"Yes, Sir," I reply, a calm steadiness to my words that surprises even me.

The fire and the pride in his voice rages, as he whispers quietly, resonantly, "You have no idea how much you please me."

What, exactly, is Jasper allowing to happen that pleases Master Edward so? What pain is Jasper about to endure as he submits himself to his Master? theladyingrey42 has done an excellent job portraying both Jasper, and Edward as we see him through Jasper's eyes. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know these two. And if you're like me, you'll wish that there were pretty pictures to go with this story so well told. ;)



So there you have it, ladies and gents. Another Tuesday with more awesome tales to read. Now just keep in mind that we warned you ahead of time, so any drycleaning that needs doing after reading this week's recs...you're on your own!

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Tuesday's Best, Delivered on Wednesday 12-23-2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different...well, except that it ended up being Wednesday. Again. Sorry folks! But never fear, Whitlock's Girl and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices flowing.

So as a peace offering for being a day late (but definitely not a dollar short!), we're bringing you not only our Twi-recs, but a QaF rec to sweeten the deal. Sound good? Sure does to us! So let's get to it, shall we?


Whitlock's girl presents:

Pegged by Subtle Pen

When I was neck deep in a dumpster dive, barely keeping my head above water, the powers that be intervened and sent Nae to the rescue. Just as I was about to throw my hands in the say "FUCK THIS SHIT!" Nae pings me with a story that fucking blew me off my god damned rocker. Pegged by Subtle Pen was that story.

Subtle Pen has been a TwiSlash fan since day one and most of the time you can find her drooling over DA's PPoD. DA normally leaves her speechless. This time however, Subtle Pen has done the impossible. She's locked my fucking jaws shut with Pegged. Since it is a one shot, I don't want to give the details away, but I have to say, if you haven't read it and you're into slash and kink then I well and truly believe you'll be adding this one to your favorites. It's just that fucking good.

So, with that said...I only have one thing else to add...REMEMBER TO GRAB YOUR FUCKING TOWEL AND BE SITTING DOWN WHEN YOU'RE READING THIS STORY. That is your only warning. I'm not responsible for your dry cleaning when you ruin your pretty unmentionables (wtf are you wearing panties for anyhow) nor am I responsible for the DR. bills from the trip to the ER if you weren't seated when you were reading.

***Check out this QaF story***

Thou Art To Me A Delicious Torment
by Minxie

This is a Season One AU story set after episode ten. Why am I rec'ing it here? It's fucking hot as hell and a definite must read for our BDSM fans. However, as Minxie says, if you are looking for simple D/s-style sex games, then this isn't the fic for you.

Minxie does in 7100 words what most can't do in two, three, or four times that. She grabs a hold of you by your nips and refuses to let go. At the end you are searching desperately for more because you just can't believe that's all of it. The great thing is...it's not. Thou Art To Me a Delicious Torment will be continued in That Which Yields Is Not Always Weak. However, it's not been posted, yet. So, we must play the waiting game.

You can find Minxie and her beautiful stories on InsaneJournal and LiveJournal. If you're a QaF fan, check her out.


Okay, jumping in real quick before I do my own rec for this week. As Whitlock's Girl mentioned, I pointed her to Pegged. It just blew me away and I knew, just knew she would love it...and so would y'all. So yes, definitely go check it out. Run, don't walk!

Now in return, she had shown me the QaF story...and though I don't really know QaF (hey, just watched the first two episodes today, k?), I did love this story and I want to read more of it. So even if you're not familiar with the QaF universe, check it out. It's well worth it.

That said, let's move on to my rec for the week. What to tell you about this week's rec, without giving things away? Hmm, well...the name of it would be a good place to start, wouldn't it?

Change of Heart by rachelcullen77

When the vision finished, my eyes shot open and I too began to scream.

“Jasper!” I yelled, not even knowing who I was calling for. “Jasper! Where is he? Help him,” I urged desperately to the two people at the end of the room. Your mother and father, a voice said. However, the recognition didn’t go through me.

“HELP HIM!” My voice frightened myself. It terrified me even more that I was scared for this Jasper. Again, without meaning, my voice screamed again. “JASPER!” I screeched, my voice surprisingly high. I felt my arms begin to tear at the wires attached to me.

Suddenly, the room was filled with people all shouting different orders. I felt hands grasp at me, but I pushed them away. All I could think about was Jasper. I had to get to him. I had to save him; he couldn’t die.

“JASPER!” I yelled again, the people right next to me cringing away. In that split second, I managed to get every hand off me, and I was sitting up, pulling at the wires again. Then I felt a short, sharp pain in my arm, and all the life was sucked from me. I could feel myself slipping slowly away, my head lolling onto my shoulders. Voices echoed in my ear, but one stood out above the others.

“Alice,” a golden voice whispered. I felt myself frown deeply. I wasn’t Alice; I was Edward.

This is a heartfelt fic (yes, pun intended). You can feel Edward's pain throughout, but you will have to read to find out why he's in it. Was Edward able to save Jasper? Read this at your own risk, this is not for the faint of heart (Sorry, couldn't help myself).

By the way, rachelcullen77, I for one would love to see this continued. At least a little more. I'm sure I'm not alone ;-) (what do you mean, peer pressure?)


So there you go. Another Tuesday rec, even if it got to you a day late. Worth the wait though, I trust ;-). Hope you remembered your towel, if not, you know who to blame (not us! We warned you ;-) ).

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Slash Author Guest Rec - Zulfiqar

Live Like No Tomorrow
By: Naelany

I have to admit that I am always amazed at the sheer volume of Fan Fiction that lurks on the internet. At the risk of being very politically incorrect, I think most of it is absolute garbage. Now, sometimes it’s supposed to be garbage. This isn’t “high literature” – though I sometimes wonder if some authors don’t believe it to be so. But there is a rather amazing amount of trash to sift through before you might get a chance to arrive at something authentic. So when it happens, landing upon a Fan Fiction work of genuine authenticity can be a great “find.” Now, what do I mean by “authenticity?” In this particular case, “authenticity” = Naelany.

When I first starting writing my own Fan Fiction “Twilight” story earlier this year, I steered well-clear of much more than simple, polite review replies. Somehow or another, I found myself engaging in a series of conversations with Nae. She proved to be a wonderfully supportive, caring, and reliable confidant. Soon I found myself revealing plot details and confessing concerns. It didn’t take Nae long at all to build me a kind of Fan Fiction support group. Soon the “TwiSlash Unveiled” gang followed suit, and the rest, as they say, is history. But in the process of all this connecting we were doing, Nae told me about a new story that she was working on that she thought I would really enjoy and might, just might, fly under the radar of her more widely-read works. “Live Like No Tomorrow” was that story.

Because of the fact that LLNT is less famous (if you will) than some of Nae’s other works, I wanted to highlight it in this particular review. I also think that it’s worthy of note because it’s a story that’s got a ton of potential to be complex and rich take on the lives of Edward and Jasper as they learn to love openly in a time of crisis (cancer). While this is not exactly a novel Fan Fiction approach (the illness battle), I adored the fact that Nae dispenses with the tedious and lengthy run-up to the events. In this story Edward and Jasper have been lifelong friends – naturally – and they waste little time (or angst) pulling the trigger on starting a relationship after the initial diagnosis. And why not? They love each other, as Edward and Jasper invariably do, and understand that they need to live like there’s no tomorrow because, well… Dolce et Decorum Est.

The commitment and love of the two boys for one another allows us, as readers, to share in what looks to be a tremendous, and curiously life-affirming, journey. Aiding in this adventure is a subtle sense of humor, stylish but uncomplicated prose, and a real sweetness sometimes missing from FF’s of the “angst” category (and what can be more angst-ridden than cancer battles?). Indeed, the only major complaint that I might make with this story is that it can be slow to update. Not that I am giving The Den Mother a hard time, mind you – Nae is busy keeping everyone in line more often than not!

So, if you have a few spare minutes this holiday season and wish to take a look at a genuine writer, writing genuine emotions, in a genuine story, be sure to check out Naelany for any of her writings, but especially the lovely, fledgling “Live Like No Tomorrow.”

If I may add one minor addendum to my review, I want to take a small moment to encourage something rather adventurous. There is an absolutely enchanting BBC series that has been broadcasting based on the adventures of one Price Arthur and his manservant, Merlin. It’s shaping into a brilliant bromance, and it is well-worth checking out. It’s even something the kids could enjoy. But, and here’s the kicker, there’s been some really, really excellent Merlin slash that has already been written.

The ladies at “Twislash Unveiled” encouraged something out-of-the-box for a review, and I figured that this would indeed be well-removed for the “Twilight” box. Nevertheless, I have little hesitation in recommending “Merlin” as a fun “Twilight” diversion. I think you’d all like it – especially during the holidays! Oh, and, um… the boys are cute and hot. Just saying…

Happy Holidays to you all!
Keep on keeping on!

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Tuesday's Best ~ 12-15-2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Whitlock's girl and I (yes, I get to post again today, yay!) are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.

naelany presents:

It's not always easy finding a slash story that's good, but not Edward/Jasper (don't get me wrong, you ought to know by now that I absolutely love those two together). But I came across one and wanted to share it with you. It's a one shot for the Slash/Backslash contest.

by Rosmarina

Edward is a journalist for UW Daily, and his latest assignment is not what he asked for. He doesn't write sports. But his editor wants a special interest piece. On Emmett McCarty, decathlete. Edward has some preconceived notions about jocks in general, gained from his own high school experience. Will Emmett be able to change Edward's mind? Is Edward able to see Emmett as anything but a big, bulky athlete?

“Love interest?” I kept my head down and eyes focused on my notepad as if the answer to the question was no more interesting to me than the number of hours he spent in the gym.

“I’m interested in love, love just doesn’t seem to be interested in me,” he deadpanned.

“No significant other? No better half?” I quipped.

He looked at me for a moment as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t make up his mind. “Let’s just say there’s… someone out there with potential and leave it at that for now, ok?” He smirked and his eyes glittered with mischief. This was the first question he had evaded.

What juicy little secret are you hiding Mr. McCarty?

Check it out for yourself. What is McCarty hiding? Could it be the bombshell blonde he runs into at the meet? Or something altogether different?

And Whitlock's Girl brings you:

As y'all know, I've been swamped by real life and treading water is starting to get old. However, I'm here - at least I think I am - with a very, very hot one shot featuring Edward and Jasper.

Rainy Day Rendezvous by C Me Smile

Edward and Jasper are on the way to Rose and Emmett's baby's christening when Jasper realizes they're lost. What will happen to put them back on the right path? I don't know and to be honest with the way C Me Smile's story goes, I have to agree with Jasper's second realization. He's right where he wants to be.

Just to give you a tiny taste of what C Me Smile's Rainy Day Rendevous will deliver...

Growling deeper - the sound as animal and primal as his movements, Jasper thrusts harder, rocking his sleek hips, twisting and rolling them with a sinuous grace against Edward, rolling his body smooth and tight to his, stretching him, fucking him lush and firm. He revels in this - the feel of Edward so tight and heated around him, the smell of his lover suffusing his senses, the sound of the rain, of the wind, the trees, the birds...all serving to make him feel so utterly wild and free - like a god of the forest. He growls with the sheer voluptuous pleasure of it all as he slides his hands around Edward’s rain-slicked, sweat-sheened waist and down to his firm, smooth buttocks, kneading and squeezing, biting into the tender flesh with his nails as he kisses him again hard and wet and full. With another husky growl, he rocks his hips, sliding nearly out, then slowly back in again, pumping slow, firm, liquid smooth inside that sleek embracing heat.

Moaning, Edward grabs tight to Jasper's hair, thrusting his own hips forward as he lunges to catch that hot, spicy-sweet mouth in another lush, wet kiss as Jasper near melts him with that thick driving cock that pushes mercilessly into him.

After you've read this one shot and thrown the towel in the wash, leave C Me Smile some lovin'! See you next week!!


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.

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TwiSlash Unveiled's PolySlash Contest

Where three, four or more is never a crowd!

Well, here it is, finally - I know, it's late and I apologize profusely - the announcement for the winners of the PolySlash contest. There were only four entries in this contest, but the competition was tough.

However, the readers and voters were very clear in their favorite. Choosing as the winner none other than...

Tempering Fire and Ice
by FiberKitty

Second Place goes to...

Three Hopeful Thoughts
by coldplaywhore

All of us at TwiSlash Unveiled would like to thank the TwiFic community for their continued love and support, not only in this contest, but also in the love and support you continue to show our blog on a daily basis. You'll never know just how much it means to us. THANK YOU!

The next contest will begin January 15th. It will be a category that we all know and love - THE GUYS!!!! That's right the guys are going to get their shot and I for one can't wait.

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Tuesday's Best ~ December 8, 2009

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find, and this Tuesday is no different. Well, perhaps a little, if only because I'm on my own today. Poor Whitlock's Girl has had laptop fail and is without internet until her new one arrives.

Don't worry though; I've got ya covered, darlin'!

You're all used to receiving two recommendations, so who am I to deny you two awesome stories? Okay, let's get this started, shall we?

First off, I found something really sweet the other day and wanted to share it with you. It's another one-shot, and it's short, but the glimpse it gives into the lives of the main characters is beautiful.

It's EJ_Santry's Coming Home

“I can taste our toothpaste,” I said, still smiling.

“Mmm. I taste…” he responded raising his eyebrow playfully before leaning in and thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, leaving me breathless before surfacing, “coffee. Knowing you, I taste a Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

“Indeed, you do,” I laughed, but then pulled him close to me. “I love that you know me so well.”

I know that this isn't much, but once you read the rest, I think you'll understand that just that bit paints a picture of home. At least, it did to me.

Now, a little birdy tells me that this may be continued. I'm seriously hoping that it does, because I've fallen in love already. I'm sure most of you will, too.


Now I promised you two rec's today, right? Let's see what else I've got for you, hmm?

So there's a story that started a few weeks ago that caught my attention. And shocker of shocks... it's not a one-shot! *gasps* I know! I actually read something new that was going to continue. And boy am I glad that it's continuing! ;-) It's one of the stories I'll read as soon as I am able, preferably while I'm waking up with my coffee. Don't know why, but this story is just perfect for it - for me, at least.

The story in question? Why it's by Darkira (you remember her, don't you? from Comfort in Pain?) and it's called Brand New Start.

When an event rider and his horse go through a serious trauma, a "horse whisperer" is needed to try and get the horse back on track. But is the rider beyond any help? How about the whisperer himself?

Curious yet? No? Want a little more? Well, let's see what we can come up with, shall we?

“Mrs. Cullen, nice to meet you, Ma'am,” I said in a low and calm tone, so the mare would see that I was friends with someone she knew.

“Mr. Whitlock, call me Esme. And it is nice to see you ignored my request to meet me for lunch in favor of meeting Calla. I appreciate the dedication,” she said, shaking my hand. Her handshake was firm and friendly, just like she seemed to be.

“Call me Jasper.” Smiling, I turned to look at the mare. “She is a lovely horse,” I said looking at the mare.

Hearing Esme sigh next to me, I looked at her and saw tears in her eyes and I wondered what I said to cause them.

“Oh...it's nothing...it's just...you're the first person that's come to see her who says she is lovely, not was.” She looked at me through her long, and thick lashes. Being she was a petite woman, I towered over her.

“Anyone can see that she is just that. I can't guarantee anything, though. You need to keep that in mind.” It was best that I was upfront with her about this fact right away.

“It's allright. I have a good feeling about this. At least you're willing to try. Usually, people take one look at her body language and decide she's not going to make it. Most say we should have put her down,” she said with a sigh.

“I don't think that would have been the right thing to do,” I replied as she placed her tiny hand on my forearm.

“Thank you for coming, Jasper.” She smiled at me warmly, and I truly felt welcome.

“There's no telling how long this will take. All I'm asking for are meals and a roof over my head for now. It might take a week or it could take months; I have the time. I can try to do this but it will be on my terms. If I tell you, at any point, that I think she's out of reach of my help, I will need for you to respect that,” I said in the same quiet and courteous tone.

If you want more (and come on, you know you do, because...well, where's the rider? Who is the rider?), you'll have to go check it out for yourself. When you do, be sure to check out her outtakes, too. Enjoy!


Okay, this was my first time posting recs, so hopefully I did okay ;-) If not, you have my sincere apologies. Whitlock's Girl should be back next week. *crosses fingers*

Oh! Almost forgot. I know that the contest is over, the polls have closed, and you're all anxious to find out who won. I hope that you can all be patient for just a little while longer, until WG is back again, because (being the New Kid) I'm not entirely sure what's what as far as 'procedure' goes. I promise that we will get back to you with the poll results as soon as possible, though.

Anyway, there you have it. Another Tuesday, another towel ;-) (don't blame me if you forgot, you oughtta know by now that you're likely going to need one).

Happy Holidays, y'all!

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Slash Guest Author Rec - mhl1115

Am I really here?

For those of you who don’t know my history, here we go: I went down the shore on vacation, wrote a one-shot on my BlackBerry in about two hours, got buzzed on champagne the following night, and posted without abandon…only to panic the next day when it was up. So, it seriously makes no sense to me that Trish would even think I am qualified to make a recommendation here, but I am thrilled anyway.

I don’t have time to read a ton of fics, but one was recently recommended to me and I became instantly addicted: Healing Heart, by OCDJen. [http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5420222/1/Healing_Heart]

Here’s the summary:
Jasper, confidant and friendly but a creature of habit. Edward, depressed and withdrawn. Can Jasper get close enough to Edward to heal his heart? Or will it push him deeper in to his pit of hell?

This story is right up my alley as I am the Queen of the Rescuers, meaning that if there is a sweet damaged boy within 10 feet of me, I have to try and be the girl that makes everything better. (God, that’s pathetic to admit out loud, but we’re all friends here, right?) From the first chapter, I wanted to scoop Edward up for a long snuggle. He’s lost and broken; so obviously, I was instantly in love.

If you need a taste, here’s one that made me melt (and yes, it made me a bit tingly).

Looking at Jasper I smiled, his dirty blonde curls hanging in his face. Without thinking I pushed them aside and looked at him. My heart was beating wildly in my chest as I felt his hot breath fan my face. I held his face in my hands gently, his sparkling blue eyes danced at me, the heat of his skin rushed through my hand and up my arm.

“Thank you Jasper.” I leant forward not giving him time to answer and captured his lips with mine. My lips felt on fire against his smooth and soft lips, the kiss was gentle cherishing the feeling of his lips on mine, moving against them. I smiled against his lips before pulling away. A very flushed looking Jasper stood in front of me, his face full of shock.

“Edward..... wow.” He said breathlessly at me, I smiled and took hold of his hand.

“Jasper I’m getting there slowly, will you wait for me?” I had butterflies in my stomach waiting for him to answer.

OK, I know there are those readers out there who are tired by the stereotypical gay characters who are weak and messed up. Although there are a ton of issues that these men have to work through, I can promise that they are truly amazing characters. Edward and Jasper are strong, passionate, driven, and fiercely loyal. They set out on an emotional journey filled with friendship, love, and yes, friends, truly delicious sex.

Run, don’t walk, and read this amazing fic!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday's Best~December 2, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday - ahem - Wednesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.

I know, I know. I'm late again. I'm so sorry. *blushes* Hope y'all will forgive me for keeping you waiting. Real Life is just kicking my ass. Not to mention that I'm living with a piece of shit laptop that refuses to charge cause my darling 2 year old has knocked it off the couch yet again.

So, to apologize for all this, I'm going to throw in two rec's from Naelany, cause unlike me, she's on the ball. I'm also going to throw in a Queer as Folk rec cause slash in any form no matter who the characters are is fucking faaaabulous!


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

by angelbethy

Today's rec just fell into my hands about a week ago and I just HAD to recommend it. As a child that was moved around a lot, I've been the "new kid" so many times I could probably give lessons. LOL! So, when I read this I could some what relate, you know? (Alas, I never got welcomed to the neighborhood quite like this, though.)

Anyway, when I read this, I just knew it would be a Pick of the Week. The UST is so fucking amazing and the frottage is simply H - O - T!!!! Give angelbethy a shot. She's a fucking awesome writer.

(FYI~ I didn't realize Nae was rec'ing her too. LOL! I told you she was awesome.)


This Queer as Folk rec isn't just for a single story, but for all the stories by a certain author. Qaffangyrl is a beautiful author. All her stories capture the QaF cast perfectly, beautifully. She has loads of fics that are open for public viewing, but my faves are her takes on QaF Season 6 and Season 7. These stories are flocked, so she has to add you to her flist on LiveJournal, but it is so freaking worth the wait to be added. You will not be disappointed.


Naelany brings you...

So I had fully planned to rec a chapter story. Really. I had. But then this story fell into my inbox. And it's a one shot. But so good, I couldn't let it pass.

What is it, you ask? It's Bound to Love You by angelbethy, and is written for the SLASH BACKSLASH ONE-SHOT CONTEST.

The long and short of it, since this is a one shot and I don't want to spoil it for you, is that Jasper fell quick and hard for Edward. You know that song, Hot and Cold, by Katy Perry? Yeah, that's pretty much Edward. He tries to take over Jasper's life, in a sense, and when push comes to shove, well... he screws up. Big time. And the results of that are well... hot. Minor cringe factor of no prep, but if you can put that aside...yeah, hot.

Leaning down over him, I let the tip of my tongue brush against the head of his cock, tasting the salty liquid seeping from it. His body remained clenched, anticipating what I would do next. I teased him with my tongue for a minute, never letting him feel any real pressure against his skin. Then I blew a stream of cool air across his head. His gasp was gratifying.

“Jazz, please, I don’t know how much more I can take,” he hissed.

I didn’t answer. I wanted to see how much he could handle, how far he would let me go.

I reached out one finger and delicately traced a spiral around his shaft from tip to base, spreading his lubrication as I went. With my other hand, I cupped his balls and fondled them. Edward gritted his teeth, grunting softly. I encircled him loosely with my thumb and forefinger, dragging my hand up and down with only slight pressure. His breathing quickened significantly. I wondered if he might hyperventilate if I let this go on much longer. Taking pity on him, I squeezed him and began pumping as I rolled his balls between the fingers of my other hand.

There's an element in the story that I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy. What that is, I'll leave for you to find out ;)


Okay, so you know me by now. Something moves me - for whatever reason - and I just have to share it with y'all. This time, it's another One Shot for the Slash/Backslash contest. I know, I know... but believe me, you'll want to read it. It's not your normal, average type of slash story. At all. It could be conceived as slightly controversial, even. But it's so good, so well written that you're right there with Edward. Oh, you want to know what the title is and who it's by? How could I forget. It's

Confession by Leon McFrenchington

Edward is struggling, trying to reconcile belief with being who he is.

A realistic approach at a boy who deals with his upbringing and his own personal demons. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been thirteen weeks since my last confession. I accuse myself of the following sins…”
I won't give away more than the summary. I hope you will read it, because the way Leon wrote Edward is just... yeah. Very moving. Give it a shot!


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