Monday, December 21, 2009

Slash Author Guest Rec - Zulfiqar

Live Like No Tomorrow
By: Naelany

I have to admit that I am always amazed at the sheer volume of Fan Fiction that lurks on the internet. At the risk of being very politically incorrect, I think most of it is absolute garbage. Now, sometimes it’s supposed to be garbage. This isn’t “high literature” – though I sometimes wonder if some authors don’t believe it to be so. But there is a rather amazing amount of trash to sift through before you might get a chance to arrive at something authentic. So when it happens, landing upon a Fan Fiction work of genuine authenticity can be a great “find.” Now, what do I mean by “authenticity?” In this particular case, “authenticity” = Naelany.

When I first starting writing my own Fan Fiction “Twilight” story earlier this year, I steered well-clear of much more than simple, polite review replies. Somehow or another, I found myself engaging in a series of conversations with Nae. She proved to be a wonderfully supportive, caring, and reliable confidant. Soon I found myself revealing plot details and confessing concerns. It didn’t take Nae long at all to build me a kind of Fan Fiction support group. Soon the “TwiSlash Unveiled” gang followed suit, and the rest, as they say, is history. But in the process of all this connecting we were doing, Nae told me about a new story that she was working on that she thought I would really enjoy and might, just might, fly under the radar of her more widely-read works. “Live Like No Tomorrow” was that story.

Because of the fact that LLNT is less famous (if you will) than some of Nae’s other works, I wanted to highlight it in this particular review. I also think that it’s worthy of note because it’s a story that’s got a ton of potential to be complex and rich take on the lives of Edward and Jasper as they learn to love openly in a time of crisis (cancer). While this is not exactly a novel Fan Fiction approach (the illness battle), I adored the fact that Nae dispenses with the tedious and lengthy run-up to the events. In this story Edward and Jasper have been lifelong friends – naturally – and they waste little time (or angst) pulling the trigger on starting a relationship after the initial diagnosis. And why not? They love each other, as Edward and Jasper invariably do, and understand that they need to live like there’s no tomorrow because, well… Dolce et Decorum Est.

The commitment and love of the two boys for one another allows us, as readers, to share in what looks to be a tremendous, and curiously life-affirming, journey. Aiding in this adventure is a subtle sense of humor, stylish but uncomplicated prose, and a real sweetness sometimes missing from FF’s of the “angst” category (and what can be more angst-ridden than cancer battles?). Indeed, the only major complaint that I might make with this story is that it can be slow to update. Not that I am giving The Den Mother a hard time, mind you – Nae is busy keeping everyone in line more often than not!

So, if you have a few spare minutes this holiday season and wish to take a look at a genuine writer, writing genuine emotions, in a genuine story, be sure to check out Naelany for any of her writings, but especially the lovely, fledgling “Live Like No Tomorrow.”

If I may add one minor addendum to my review, I want to take a small moment to encourage something rather adventurous. There is an absolutely enchanting BBC series that has been broadcasting based on the adventures of one Price Arthur and his manservant, Merlin. It’s shaping into a brilliant bromance, and it is well-worth checking out. It’s even something the kids could enjoy. But, and here’s the kicker, there’s been some really, really excellent Merlin slash that has already been written.

The ladies at “Twislash Unveiled” encouraged something out-of-the-box for a review, and I figured that this would indeed be well-removed for the “Twilight” box. Nevertheless, I have little hesitation in recommending “Merlin” as a fun “Twilight” diversion. I think you’d all like it – especially during the holidays! Oh, and, um… the boys are cute and hot. Just saying…

Happy Holidays to you all!
Keep on keeping on!


naelany said...

R, bb, I can't say anything but Thank You. I'm blown away by your words.

SorceressCirce said...

I'm so happy to see this story rec'd! You did a fantastic job, Zulfiqar, and I'm so excited for Nae!