Monday, December 7, 2009

Slash Guest Author Rec - mhl1115

Am I really here?

For those of you who don’t know my history, here we go: I went down the shore on vacation, wrote a one-shot on my BlackBerry in about two hours, got buzzed on champagne the following night, and posted without abandon…only to panic the next day when it was up. So, it seriously makes no sense to me that Trish would even think I am qualified to make a recommendation here, but I am thrilled anyway.

I don’t have time to read a ton of fics, but one was recently recommended to me and I became instantly addicted: Healing Heart, by OCDJen. []

Here’s the summary:
Jasper, confidant and friendly but a creature of habit. Edward, depressed and withdrawn. Can Jasper get close enough to Edward to heal his heart? Or will it push him deeper in to his pit of hell?

This story is right up my alley as I am the Queen of the Rescuers, meaning that if there is a sweet damaged boy within 10 feet of me, I have to try and be the girl that makes everything better. (God, that’s pathetic to admit out loud, but we’re all friends here, right?) From the first chapter, I wanted to scoop Edward up for a long snuggle. He’s lost and broken; so obviously, I was instantly in love.

If you need a taste, here’s one that made me melt (and yes, it made me a bit tingly).

Looking at Jasper I smiled, his dirty blonde curls hanging in his face. Without thinking I pushed them aside and looked at him. My heart was beating wildly in my chest as I felt his hot breath fan my face. I held his face in my hands gently, his sparkling blue eyes danced at me, the heat of his skin rushed through my hand and up my arm.

“Thank you Jasper.” I leant forward not giving him time to answer and captured his lips with mine. My lips felt on fire against his smooth and soft lips, the kiss was gentle cherishing the feeling of his lips on mine, moving against them. I smiled against his lips before pulling away. A very flushed looking Jasper stood in front of me, his face full of shock.

“Edward..... wow.” He said breathlessly at me, I smiled and took hold of his hand.

“Jasper I’m getting there slowly, will you wait for me?” I had butterflies in my stomach waiting for him to answer.

OK, I know there are those readers out there who are tired by the stereotypical gay characters who are weak and messed up. Although there are a ton of issues that these men have to work through, I can promise that they are truly amazing characters. Edward and Jasper are strong, passionate, driven, and fiercely loyal. They set out on an emotional journey filled with friendship, love, and yes, friends, truly delicious sex.

Run, don’t walk, and read this amazing fic!



Jen said...

I'm completley buzzing to see my little fic on here thank you so much for the rec!

OCDJen x

BeCullen said...

I just love OCDJen's stories. Great rec.