Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forever My Love by LionLambForever

Jasper and Edward have been best friends many, many years, but as the story opens, Jasper reveals two major secrets to Edward. 1. Jasper is dying. 2. Bella is not only Jasper's wife, but also his slave. Edward is at a loss for words learning of not only his best friend's impending death, but also of Jasper and Bella's involvement in the world of BDSM and Shibari, which is Japanese Rope bondage.

Realizing what he's dumped into his best friend's lap, Jasper invites Edward to dinner the next night, but only after asking Edward to move in with he and Bella, so Jasper can train him to be Bella's Master.

Why is Jasper adamant that Edward do this? Will Edward agree? Will there be FUCKHOT lemons including our favorite threesome? You'll only find out the answers to these questions, if you read Forever My Love. Don't forget to leave LionLambForever some love and tell them that TwiSlash Unveiled sent you.

Do y'all remember this story? It was a rec here at TwiSlash Unveiled several months ago and then all of a sudden it just disappeared. I loved the story, as did my peen and a lot of the TU readers but alas, we were duped. It was a plagiarized story and the author got caught in the web of deceit. I've not posted anything about it until now, because while I was told it was plagiarized I was never able to find the original. Well, thanks to DefinatelyStaying, we now know where to find the rest of the REAL story.

You can get Tymber Dalton's The Reluctant Dom for your Kindle on Amazon.com or you can go right to the source, Lyrical Press.

We here at TwiSlash Unveiled apologize to Tymber Dalton and our readers for recommending Forever My Love. However, I hope that by rec'ing the REAL book and author here that those of you that loved the story will give the author her due and purchase a copy of her beautiful book.

Thanks ever so much,
Whitlock's Girl


sandyquill said...

When I found out about the theft of this story, really, I immediately bought the book (a while back). It is TOTALLY worth your it.

I bought it in an e-Book through Fictionwise, so if you're into that sort of thing, it's available. It's also on my Kindle.

You'll smile to see the names of the original characters...

TwilightChicky said...

I completely agree with sandyquill. I loved this story so when I found out what happened went out and bought the book and finished it in no time. Totally worth it and I even got a very sweet response from the author when I sent a note apologizing for what happened with the story being plagiarized. She was very gracious and there is also a sequel that's out as well. :)

I did smile at the names sandy, but also made it a little difficult to concentrate at times.

J said...

Oh my gosh! I was so upset when this story disappeared. I am so happy to hear that in fact it is a book. I am going to buy it right now and can't wait to read it. Thank you Whitlock's Girl for letting us all know!

Monique said...

I also bought the book on Fictionwise as soon as I found out it was plagiarized. It was totally worth it! And thanks, TwilightChicky, for letting us know there's a sequel. I'll be buying that, too.